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Sam and Dean were driving to the next gig. Just a poltergeist, no big dead all things considered. They passed a car on the side of the road with the hood up and an obviously freaked out woman.

"You think we should help. Nearest town is pretty far away Dean."

"Damsel in distress..." Dean smirked. "Of course we should help Sam, it's our civic duty."

"If you're gonna fix a car you need an upstairs brain."

"Yeah sure Sammy." Dean didn't pay attention and pulled over. "Hey! Need help?"

"My car, it just stopped working. I don't know what's wrong. I barely know how to change my tires." She was really freaked.

Sam saw a tire in desperate need. 'I can see that...' He thought to himself.

"Just chill for a sec. What's your name?" Dean approached her.

"Marisa. Marisa Nordwind."

"I'm Dean, and this is my brother Sam. You mind if we help?"

"Go ahead. I'm stuck unless you try." She backed away from the car.

"Hey Dean!"


"This tire is ready to die. I'm gonna change it."

"You're an upstanding citizen Sammy." Dean said from under the hood.

"Oh God. Thank you, I don't know what I would've done if you didn't stop. There's no cell reception here. 'Can you hear me now?' my ass. So old it doesn't even have Onstar."

"No problem. We're not in a hurry to get anywhere." Dean smiled up at her and she blushed.

"How's the tire coming Sam?"

"About five minutes."

"Hey, I don't see anything really wrong with the engine from here. You mind if I check the inside of your car?"

"Be my guest."

Dean checked everything. Full tank of gas. Battery was good. Nothing really wrong with the gear shift.

"Done with the tire Dean. How are you doing?"

"I dunno... It seems fi-"

Black smoke started to come from the engine and Marisa backed away coughing from it. Dean jumped out of the car recognizing it for what it was.

"Marisa! Get back! Sam! A little help here?!'

Dean waved his hand to clear the smoke and it suddenly dissipated behind him in time for him to see her eyes turn black and slam the hood down on his head knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Sam had gotten up from the back tire. A man concealed by blankets in the back seat jumped out and held a rag to Sam's face. Sam fought hard at first but then started to go lax before passing out.

'Marisa' dragged Dean's body to the side of his car. And went over to help tie Sam up. "Put him in back with you so we can keep an eye on him." They climbed into the car and sped away.

"What do you want to do with him?"

"I've got a place for him. I have plans for this one."

"Where are we going? If you don't mind me asking...?

"The last place his brother would look. Take his cell and keep it. Check him for weapons too. We don't want the job to get messy."

Dean woke up next to the side of his car with a pounding headache. "Gah... Sam. What a bitch." Sam didn't reply. "Sam?" Dean got up leaning on the Impala for support. "Sammy!" It suddenly hit him. Sam was gone. "Holy Shit!" "SAM!" Dean climbed into the Impala and tried Sam's cell.


"Sam! where ar-"

'Really?... That's cool. Unfortunately I can't answer my phone right now. Leave a message at the tone and I'll get back to you. BEEP'

"Damnit Sam! You know I hate that message. Sikes me out every– Ok, just listen Sam, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? I swear to God this is the last time I come looking for you." Dean hung up and drove to the nearest town and used the motel system they used when they were separated.

"He's starting to wake up. There's no more stuff to keep him quiet."

"Knock him out then if you have to! We need to get him there quietly. Then we'll let him wake up."

"You're the boss." The guy threw a punch at Sam's head. He didn't move anymore for a long time.

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