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Dean was wandering around aimlessly. He wanted to find something anything that could possibly help Sam. As hard as it was, he finally went to the one place he had avoided looking. The stuff Joshua brought back...

He held started to gag but held it back. Everything was covered in sulfur or Sam's blood. But there was one thing that stood out. A black case. Dean opened it slowly there was a note inside.

"Hey! You all should see this!"

Joshua rushed in.

"Where's everyone?"

"Bobby's watching Sam, Ellen is in the shower, and Jo's unpacking."

"Oh." Dean was stuck with Joshua and still was refraining from beating his face in.

Inside the box were syringes lined up in some sort of order along with the note.

"You're going to want these. Withdrawal can be a bitch... Poor Sammy, hope you don't forget a dose. Get well soon Sam."

The note had instructions on how to ween Sam off the drug. Joshua and Dean were disgusted by the note. They would have ripped it into a million pieces if it didn't have instructions on it.

Dean read it over and over again before Joshua put a hand on his shoulder.

"Dean, Dean! Snap out of it."

"Why the hell are you not freaking out?"

"Demons lie Dean. Don't forget that. For all we know this might hurt Sam more than it'll help him."

"You're right."

Dean glanced at the note again and read the times that Sam should get a dose.

"Once every four hours for the first two days."

"Well... It's been longer than that. I guess demons do--"

They were caught off guard by moaning that turned into sobs that eventually turned into gasps and screams.

They looked at each other.


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