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Konaha High

"Sakura, come on schools over Tenten and Hinata are waiting for us!" Her best friend, Ino called to her from down the hallway. She closed my locker door, grabbing her backpack and pulling it over her shoulder. She ran to catch up to Ino, Tenten, and Hinata, as a came down the stairs she ran into the most unlikely person she thought she would never kiss. Sabaku Gaara. She had tripped coming down the stairs and having him catch her, then having there lips meet.

She stared in to his blue-green eyes as they grew with anger, Sakura quickly pulled away from him and he released her from his arms. Around the, where he's friends Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, and Kankuro staring at them with wide-eyes. Ino was standing between Sasuke and Shikamaru speechless at what she just saw. We stared in to our eyes for what seemed liked hours, She finally broke the silence "I-I'm sorry, Gaara." She said before she ran past him but he grabbed her arm pulling her back towards him.

Her face was three inches away from his, she raised her right hand slapped him across the face, turning around and running down the rest of the stairs behind her Ino ran after her calling her name. She had stopped running when she found Tenten and Hinata waiting for them, they looked at her face it was bright red "What happened?" they both asked at the same time. Ino ran though the doors, "Sakura what's wrong with you? Why did you slap him?" Ino asked.

"Ino will tell you, I don't want talk about." Sakura said walking away from them. Ino explained what had happened, Sakura blushed when Ino said they has kissed. Tenten and Hinata looked at Sakura, "Oooooo, someone's got a boyfriend!" Tenten yelled, Sakura's face turned dark red "He's not my boyfriend, he doesn't even like me." she yelled at them. "You never know Sakura." Hinata Said. Sakura walked ahead of them, as she crossed the street she didn't seem to notice monocycle coming towards her.

Ino, Hinata, and Tenten yelled at Sakura "Sakura look out!" they kept repeating, Sakura looked in the direction the monocycle was coming from. She screamed raising her arms getting ready for the crash, but it never came, she lowered her arms to see the monocycle a few inches away from her, the person on the motorcycle removed their helmet. The man looked at her, he had onyx eyes, and long black hair tied back. His frown turned to a small smile, "I am so sorry, I didn't see you coming and I wasn't paying attention, I'm really sorry." Sakura said to him. "Don't be." the man said taking her left hand and kissed it.

His blue- green eyes narrowed when he saw the two together- talking and laughing, and- dare he say it? Flirting...

Yes, a stranger who almost ran her over was flirting with her, and what actually annoyed him is she was flirting back! Not to mention, this guy kept moving closer to her as if he was trying to kiss her. He cursed under his breath, his grip on the strap of his bag tightening at every move the guy made towards her.

"So, Sakura you want to hangout sometime?" He had asked her, "Um, I just met you and." she said "You have a boyfriend?" he asked. Sakura shook her head no, "I guess I'll see you around then, you go to Konaha High right? "He asked "Yeah I do" she answered. "My name's Itachi." He said as he put his helmet on and drove off. Sakura sighed, she looked at Gaara was he standing there the whole time? She thought looking back at her friends who continued to walk towards her.

She looked back at where Gaara had been but had disappeared what was left in his place was a single red rose with a note attached to it. I wonder where he went. She thought as she picked the rose up "Hey, I'm going to take the long way, I'll see you guys tomorrow." She told her friends, they said goodbye when they were out of sight, Sakura went down an alleyway towards a deserted house. She opened the gate to the backyard where a cherry blooms tree stood; she sat on the ground leaning against the tree.

Sakura opened her backpack, searching for some food only do find a red apple. She sighs taking a bit out of it, swallowing it then throwing the apple over the fence and having it land on someone's windshield of there car. Sakura picked up the red rose she found, Why is it every time I look at red roses I see you? She asked herself lying down on the ground Gaara. She looked up at the sky, staring at the stars as they slowly appeared. She grab the note, opening it carefully reading the words written it the note.

As you go in to the darkness,

I'll be there to bring,

You back to,

The light,

Always there for you.

After reading the note several times, Sakura smiled looking back at the sky I wonder where you are, Gaara. She thought soon dozing off.

Sitting on the fence behind her, he smirked watching her sleep. Gaara looked at the sky, it's going to rain, and I should wake her up. He thought jumping of the fence, walking over to her. He kneeled down shaking her arm, "Sakura wakeup." He whispered. Sakura opened her eyes, looking up at Gaara. She sat up still looking at him "How did you find me?" she asked still looking at him. "I was just passing by, and it's going to rain soon." Gaara answered, Sakura stood up and gathered her stuff, she pulled her bag over her shoulder "I'll see you around Gaara." she said walking past him.

Gaara reached out and grabbed her hand "Sakura, are you homeless?"

To be contiued

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