Konaha High

Chapter Thirteen

After an hour or so past since they escaped from the Akatsuki. They were pulled up on the side of the road. Sasuke and Naruto were asleep in the back of the car. Gaara stared out into space while Sakura was sitting in his lap half-asleep. Playing with her hair, he became tired.

Sakura muttered something in her sleep that he couldn't understand, so he ignored it. Laying his head on the back of the car seat, he closed his eyes and fell asleep within minutes.

The dream wasn't pleasant. Many people were around him, beating him, throwing him, and attempting to kill him. But what surprised him was; he wasn't fighting back. He allowed them to beat him.

Then one of the figures grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him up, attempting to set himself free he looked up and the figure and froze. Uchiha Itachi.

"Get out of the city, your girlfriend isn't worth your time." He hissed in his face then throwing him on the ground. Then other figures and Itachi turned and walked away in to darkness.

Gaara lay on the ground battered and bruised. Pain shocked through his body. 'Wake up, it's just a dream. Wake up!' a voice screamed.

He obeyed it, his eyes opened. He was back in the car; Sasuke and Naruto were shaking him awake. "Gaara we got ten minutes to get to school!" Naruto yelled.

Almost immediately, Gaara started up the car and sped down the road, this time at the speed limit. They reached the school in five minutes. All jumping out of the car they quickly ran to their lockers and then to their classes to begin the day.

Erasers kept hitting her in the back of the head; Sakura turned her head and stared at Ino who stared at her innocently. Sakura rolled her eyes and focused back on the teacher.

Gaara sat beside Sakura with his hand resting around her waist. He glared at Ino before turning back to the board.