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Summary – During PoA. They both just wanted a cup of coffee, but after Remus and Snape get into a fight in the teachers-lounge, Professor Dumbledore officially makes them take counseling together. NO SLASH.

Chapter One-

Bitter Coffee, Sweet Revenge

Remus Lupin sat in the chair in the teacher's lounge closest to the coffee booth. He stirred his magically around with a finger, taking a long sigh in and a long sigh out. He knew that tomorrow he would start feeling ill again (since it was only three days from the full moon), and he really didn't feel like getting sick. He ran his fingers through his light brown hair and looked deep within the black, bitter coffee with a blank expression.

He felt a little out of place with the rest of the teachers, but hoped he didn't appear uncomfortable. He knew that some of them looked twice at him, deep into his yellow eyes and at his patched up, scrappy clothes. He knew that wearing fingerless gloves and that tattered scarf only drew to the whole 'poor' look, but they covered his scars. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and focused his eyes directly on his lap.

Suddenly, the door opened and Severus Snape appeared in the doorway with his usual glared expression. His jet black greasy hair shaped his pointed face and two black eyes loomed over a sharp, hooked nose. His slick, black robes enveloped him and made his motions bat-like as he entered the room. He sat down at the only available chair, inconveniently next to the clearly hunger deprived Remus Lupin, and made an annoyed face as though he would rather be anywhere then here right now.

"How's the employed life treating you?" he spat.

Remus sighed, moving a hand and resting his head on it. He clutched his hair, letting his anger out on it, grabbing hold. "Fine, t-thank you," he said, reluctant to add in the 'thank you' part, but he knew there was some part of Severus that had to be understanding. After all, he felt slightly bad for him, for what he put him through in their own school years, however much he tried to apologize.

Snape snorted, picking up a cup of coffee. He whirled it around with a finger and sighed to himself. After a moment of silence, Professor McGonagall sat down, with a smiling face.

"How's your classes going, Severus?" she said.

"I have some students who refuse to accept that they are horrible on the account of potions making, such students like Neville Longbottom – " someone cut Snape off in the middle of his sentence.

"Neville is trying," Lupin said, half smiling. "For one, he does very well in my class and I take pride in teaching him."

"Yes," Snape snapped. "I heard about the little Bogart in your class the other day. Some people thought it rather amusing while I, for one, thought your so called 'lessons' should be shoved up your ass."

McGonagall rolled her eyes. She stood up and walked out of the room, taking her coffee with her and not bothering to stick around for the rest of the conversation. She gave a warning to teachers that started to enter, and some just ignored the room completely.

Lupin sighed, "Yes," he said. "I'm really sorry about that, Severus." He looked up, hoping that if he looked straight in Snape's eyes, he would get the message across the his apology was truly sincere, but Snape glared him down.

"I'm so sure you enjoyed that," he said, instantly reaching behind him to grab a pair of silver fork and spoon. He played with them in his hands and made sure the werewolf saw them, then put on a devilish smile.

Lupin jumped back, out of his chair, which fell to the floor. Snape laughed at his immediate reaction. "It would be all too easy," he sneered. "You know how funny it is?" He watched Lupin's yellow werewolf eyes look from the fork to the spoon to him and then back to the fork and then the spoon. "Look how easy I can touch it? It would burn you if you tried to. How sad, not to be normal."

"Please put it down," Lupin said, his voice choking.

"Give me a reason why I should."

"Please, Severus," Lupin practically begged.

"I want you to beg me."

"A-are you serious?" Lupin said through unbelieving paranoid, nervous laughs.

"Do I look like I'm lying to you?"

Lupin sighed, "Please, Severus, I'm begging you," the words came out a little choppy, and he closed his eyes as he said them, "Put them down, please." Snape smiled; it was a smile of guilt and satisfaction, but instead of putting the silverware down, he stood, taking a step towards Lupin, who took one back.

"Get those things away from me," Lupin said, his voice now angry with the Potions Master waltzing towards him. He jumped to the left, Snape snickering with pleasure, and then dove towards a table. Suddenly, Snape lunged at Lupin, who lunged at him at the same time, and the silverware went digging into the only part of Lupin's next that the scarf didn't cover.

He cried out, and then quickly pushed the silverware aside with the palm of his covered glove hand and the two professors were wrestling on the ground, the two cursing at each other violently. Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore entered the room, and instantly, the two stopped fighting.

"See?" McGonagall said, "Look at them."

Albus sighed. "Alright, McGonagall. We'll do it."

"Do what, dare I ask?" Snape said, his hands still wrapped sharply around Lupin's neck, who was still gasping for air and trying to pry his hands off him.

"Therapy," McGonagall said. "You two. Together."

"What?" Snape said, releasing the grip on Lupin and standing, his face full of fury. It was not angry enough, however, to frighten Dumbledore or McGonagall, who stood perfectly poised. Lupin got up too.

"He threatened me with a spoon," he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I could tell he was going to attack me the moment I entered the room," Snape said. "Look at his eyes!" He pointed to Lupin's eyes, who at first looked taken aback, but then let out a rather wolfish growl, making his teeth sharpen.

"I realize that you have to worry about the upcoming full moon in five day, Remus, you're going to start feeling ill come the day after tomorrow or so, and I know how much you don't like confrontation," Albus started, "I also know that you are acting very unlike yourself today, and we'll settle that with the unusual position of the moon. Severus," he said. "I see where you could be uncomfortable with the situation you find yourself in." Remus turned away, pretending the words didn't sting him, "But the two of you have no excuse for acting as though you're in school again. You're both to report to the Counseling Room tomorrow morning for two weeks."

Snape and Lupin tried to protest, but Albus had already left the room. McGonagall raised an eyebrow. "I suggest you comply if you value your jobs," she said, and then she too, spun on her heel and left the room, leaving Snape and Lupin glaring at each other.

- - - - - -

"Mr. Severus Snape," the balding, overly plump therapist said with a slight smirk, "And Mr. Remus Lupin. I understand the two of you are having some communication struggle, that of which Dumbledore has made me your mentor."

Snape snorted, "I wouldn't take it as a compliment. Albus Dumbledore is willing to put any problem into the hands of anybody nowadays." Lupin tried not to snicker, but the therapist shot him a hateful look anyway.

"I understand I'm dealing with a werewolf," he spat. Lupin stiffened. "And I am completely willing to use silver if you make it necessary." Snape smiled at this making himself look smug.

"Sorry, sir," Lupin said, although unsure what he did, and ran fingers through his hair. It was the key to making him feel guilty; he hated it when people felt threatened by him, and he took the sign not to speak unless asked. He looked at his tattered shoes and sighed, then focused his gaze on Snape, who was sneering at him.

"Do you see what I have to deal with?" he said.

"I do, indeed," the therapist said, taking notes. "I'm Professor Plax, by the way and I will not be taking sides with either of you," he shot a look at Snape who returned it heavily. "First, we're going to do some small excersizes, and then I'm going to give you two your first assignment that I think will take the anger out of the both of you."

Snape glared. He hated being talked down to, and if his job weren't at stake, he would probably snap 'Professor Plax's' neck in two. He spit through clenched teeth, "Whatever you say, Professor," he said with a bit of sarcasm.

"I'm going to say a word, Severus," Professor Plax said, "and I want you to immediately say the first word that springs to your mind, okay?"


Remus shifted.

"Don't worry, Mr. Lupin, you'll get your turn next," Professor Plax said. "I understand that the full moon is in five days, correct?"

"Yes," Remus said, clearly embarrassed. Professor Plax talked to him as if he were an animal and Snape seemed to be enjoying himself. Turning away, Professor Plax focused his attention to Snape.

"Ready, Severus?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Right, your first word is," he said, pausing, "'moon'."

Snape answered all too quickly, "Delight."

Remus winced, Snape scoffed, Professor Plax took notes.

"Next word: 'wolf'."


"Alright, next: 'Remus Lupin'."

"Coward. Useless. Weak. Annoyingly pleasant – "

"Alright, Severus, that's enough." Professor Plax sighed. "We're going to skip the next lesson and go straight to pictures." He turned to Remus, who straightened up in his chair, daring not to look at Snape. He was shaking a bit, wondering if the therapist was frightened to have him there.

"I can see your embarrassment of your condition," Professor Plax said. Remus sputtered, amazed that he would say that.


"If it were up to me, you'd have a muzzle and a dog dish," Snape said.

"Now, Severus, that is not part of the excersizes," Professor Plax said calmly. He held up a picture. "Tell me what you see, Remus."

At first, Remus saw nothing but a blotch of ink, and he squinted his eyes trying to make something out of it. Not seeing anything in the slightest, Remus decided he better just make something up.

"A tree," he said.

Professor Plax stared at him a while, then moved on.

The next picture showed nothing either, and Remus felt like he was missing something. "Um – a lake?"

Professor Plax adjusted his glasses. "Alright, this is clearly getting nowhere. I'm going to assign you two your first assignment." Snape grunted, and Remus sighed. They were both not up for hanging around each other in the least. "Assignment Number One: You are to act as each other's slaves for one day each. Today is Remus' day. Tomorrow, Snape's." He got up to leave, but turned around once he got to the door. He suddenly pointed his wand at Snape, and sent out a spell, then did the same to Remus.

"What the bloody hell was the for?" Snape hissed, standing up and striding towards the professor, grabbing him by the collar. Remus had flown backwards from the blow of the spell, tangled in a mess from the chair legs.

"It's an obeying spell. It's only effective for a day each. Remus' won't kick in until he is your slave tomorrow." He raised an eyebrow. "Have fun." Snape turned around to Remus, the two now alone. He was not in the mood for taking orders from a werewolf, as low in class as you could possibly get.

Remus slowly got up. He sighed for what seemed to be the millionth time to Severus, who kept his usual glare. Remus tried to smile. "I'm not going to order you around."

"Good," Severus said.

"As long as you promise not to do it to me, tomorrow," Remus said.

"Fine," he said through gritted teeth.

"Good," Remus said, with a soft smile.

The two walked out the door towards the hall, Professor Plax eying them constantly. As they found their places at the Dining Hall, Remus noticed his gaze.

"He's looking at us," he said to Severus. "Um, quick, get me coffee or something."

Severus turned fast to him, "I'm not going to take orders from a disgusting half- breed - " he started, but instantly, he could feel his body rising. The spell was taking its toll, and he was walking by force over to the coffee. He watched in horror as his hands prepared Remus a drink and then walk back over to him. He slammed it down on the table in front of him.

Professor Plax seemed satisfied and looked away. Remus exhaled.

"Thanks, Severus," Remus said. "Sorry about that."

Snape could feel the vein in his neck throbbing. He had just obeyed a werewolf; Remus Lupin to be exact. A disgusting, half-breed and dirty, poor mutt. He sat down, trying to be calm, and shot him a glare. Remus looked shocked.

"I was only trying to make it look like – " he started.

"You'll regret that, wolf," Snape spat, then spun on his heels out of the Dining Hall, already plotting for tomorrow.

- - - - - -

"Get. Up," came Severus' shrill voice. Remus had been sleeping, and instantly, the spell kicked in. He could feel himself get up, his joints forcing his body to obey Snape's command, and suddenly, he found himself up from his desk he had fallen asleep at, his vision blurred form the sudden wake up.

"Severus?" he said.

"Who else?" Snape said, smiling. "I'm going to get you back for making me get you that coffee yesterday, wolf."

Remus' mouth dropped open, "Professor Plax was watching. I – I – I mean, it – we had a deal!"

Snape smiled. "You made me get you coffee."

"Alright," Remus said. "I'll get you coffee. Will we be even, then?"

Snape laughed. "I don't want coffee that you've touched with your disgusting hands." He stepped forward; Remus fell back in his chair, feel suddenly weak. He looked outside. The full moon was in four days, and already it was starting to affect him. He could feel his yellow eyes dance, his teeth suddenly sharpen and his skin paler.

"You are quite a revolting thing, aren't you?" Snape said, noticing.

Remus shuddered.

"Follow me outside," he said. The two walked outside, Snape looking as smug as ever and Remus quite pale from the thought of the moon or the look Snape had on his face. The walked to the Dining Hall for breakfast and sat down at the table.

"Make a toast," Severus said, in the middle of Albus' morning speech. Instantly, Remus felt his body lift, and his hand grip the fork and tap his glass. He instantly dropped the silverware, his hand now steaming, and looked nervously at the students looking up at him.

"Is there something you would like to say, Remus?" Albus said, looking at Severus to see what he was up to.

Snape whispered, "Say: Severus Snape is the greatest teacher at Hogwarts."

"Severus Snape is the greatest teacher at Hogwarts," Lupin said. There were a few whispers in the crowd. Remus forced a laugh, and a few escaped the audience, thinking it to be a joke. Snape kicked up his feet on the table.

"Say: Severus Snape is worthy of praise. He is great at everything he does, and he would be a much better Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher than I, and most of all, he most certainly does not have greasy hair," Snape whispered through laughs.

Remus tried to lock his mouth, but the spell forced it open. "Severus Snape is worthy of praise," he said. He tried to close his mouth, but the words audibly spilled out anyway. "He is great at everything he does, and he would be a much better Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher than I, and most of all, he most certainly does not have greasy hair."

The crowd looked up at him unbelieving and Albus started to laugh.

"Thank you, Remus," he said. "It's great to see you two getting along so…" he shot a look at Snape, "well." He turned back to the crowd and continued his speech, and Remus slumped down in his chair, covering his embarrassed face in his hands.

From the corner of his eye, Snape could see Professor Plax smile, then take notes furiously in his notepad.

"I should make you bark like the dog you are," Snape whispered.

"Please, don't," Remus said, his face still in his hands. He was aware that Professor McGonagall was staring at him in disbelief, Hagrid looked as if he was about to burst out in giggling fits, and the other teachers confused as well.

"I should make you drink out of a dog bowl in front of our little audience here," Snape continued.

"Severus, please," Remus muttered.

Snape continued with the 'I should' sentences throughout the rest of the meal and then, once the rest of the group started to get to their classes, finally stopped. "Put this on," he said, taking out an apron from behind his back.

"You've got to be kidding me," Remus said, taking the apron, and putting it on. It hung too big off his skinny body, and he looked as if he were wearing a sack over his already small clothes that dangled from his body.

"You will be making some potions today in my class and I take no responsibility if they happen to explode on you," Snape said.

- - - - - -

"I see that assignment didn't go too well," Professor Plax said once Snape walked through the door with Remus trailing behind him covered purple and black goop. He took notes and the two men sat down.

"I thought it went rather well," Snape said.

Remus sneezed, scratching at his arms that the potion seemed to have gave him a rash to. He glared at Professor Plax, who merely sneered back at him.

"I see you're staring to get weak, Remus," he said.

"It is rather obvious," Snape said.

"Well, I had a different plan of assignments for you two tomorrow, but I'm going to change it. Tomorrow, you two are to work together on making Remus' Wolfsbane." He paused, looking smug at Snape's half open mouth.

Remus shook his head slowly.

"Do you have a problem with that, Lupin?" Professor Plax said.

"I'm not very good with potions," Lupin said softly.

"I don't care," Professor Plax said. "You are to do it. Both of you." He smiled devilishly as Snape looked as if he was about to rip out his hair, and Remus look as if he was about to faint and throw up all at once.