Candeh- Okay, so I just wanted one last thank you for reading 'Bonding'. This isn't a chapter, more of a thank you (again.) So…thank you. :) For the most part, I think where I ended was good, but someone said in a review that they wanted to have Snape get more respect for Remus. I would have agreed, and added it, but that's not how it is in the rest of the books, and I wanted to him to stay true to what he was in the last books.

You don't have to review to this, but I don't care if you do or not. I just really appreciate the amount of support I got on this – it really was not expected at all. There is no modesty in that whatsoever.

Here's to one last RESPONDING-2-REVIEWS


Soldier of Passion – Thank you for the excellent rating! A sequel would be really fun to write, and it's actually a possibility now that you mention it. Would you read it? I do need to do another story with Snape and Remus together. Madness and fun always ensues.

xlostangelx - You were the one who said Snape should have respected Remus more. The answer's above :P I was really thinking of that possibility, but then again, (for the reason above), decided against it.

Strange Magic – I can do AU in the sequel maybe…if there is one. Good idea. Thanks again for staying with the story :)

Glacierclaw – Thanks again. And thanks for sticking with me! It means a lot.

Judgement99 – Don't do slash. Ever. / Super sorry.

Summer Snowfall – Whoa, new reviewer. It would have been nice if you would have reviewed every chapter so I could see what you liked, but the story is over, so it's okay. I will so, so, so be making more Snape and Remus stories. For sure.

Alice Upturned – It was the ending to the STORY, sadly. :( Thanks for sticking with me through it though. I loved reading your reviews. Very nice Borat


TELL ME: (Which story would you enjoy reading?)

Just Remus underground.

'Bonding' Sequel /or/ Prequel

Snape is assigned by Voldemort to go spy on the werewolves…while Remus is there completing his mission. STARTED