Birds of Plague
The Introduction

The year is 2030 and the world has changed a lot over the past fifteen years especially in science and medicine.

With medical advancements it has become much better in curing different diseases; but there have been new diseases. These diseases are more deadly and dangerous leaving any survivors scared for the remainder of their lives, this has been seen across the world.

As the world changed so too has International Rescue, they had grown in size and in technology expanding to cover the world easily. But they couldn't help with the bigger threat, or what some of the world's population didn't want to accept and that was that the planet was dying.

Humanity was expanding and burning the planet's resources rapidly, with the world council formed and discussing a way to save the planet time was running out.

Maybe mankind could change their ways and save the planet.


"Today Dr Mishwa announces his new limb replacements, according to his report these are more realistic compared to the leading brands found in the clinics. As everyone knows in the last decade, limb replacements have become more and more necessary due to the excessive and progressive diseases that are sweeping across the world" Jesse Reese reported reading from the screen unseen by the audience.

This young blond, green eyed young reporter was once eager and enthusiastic about her job but as time went by, seeing the world's horror for her own self and the death of their lead reporter Lisa Lowe had changed that leaving her feeling cold to the audience.

"Dr Mishwa will be reading his report out fully at a special press confidence at 3pm at Tokyo later today, we will be there to report it to you live" Jesse continued to report, the noise of the television filled the quiet hotel room.

Sighing deeply, I rose up off the couch grabbing the half full beer bottle in front of me as I did so and glanced around the room. It wasn't like the luxurious ones I have stayed in the past when out on family business but things have changed in the past few years.

The paint on the ceiling was aging and peeling slightly from the damp seeping through, while the horrible brown wallpaper with yellow flowers were covering all of the walls including the kitchen.

Leaving the main room that included my bed; I moved into the grimy bathroom and put the beer bottle down on the side of the off white sink. Looking in the mirror, I could see that my appearance had aged and changed with the amount of depression I had suffered or how the plague had affected me.

Moving away from the mirror, my eyes travelled down to the big pill bottle that sat beside the mirror and I sighed deeply before opening it up to reveal the small yellow pills that were suppose to keep anyone alive.

The plague that swept across the planet was the new form of cancer, more deadly and surprisingly contagious. It was only contagious through direct blood contact, but it took a few years of panicking and killing to discover this.

The medicine was suppose to be able to fight back the symptoms of the illness after any attempts to fight it were successful, it tasted horrible but it had to be taken all the less. When I first went on the medication it took all of my will not to throw up every time, I still hate it now, but to continue to live in this dying world for a little while longer it was a must.

Swallowing two of the small pills and replaced the lid, I took a long swig of beer before shuffling back into the bedroom crashing down heavily onto the hard bed with a groan. I could feel the medication starting to take affect, making me drowsy and closing my thoughts down until I was fast asleep.

This is my story, of how a once happy member of a big family became isolated in all that he once knew in a new dying world full of death, fear and emptiness. Just thinking of those times makes me cry, even now but I know now that what has happened there is no turning back.

This is my story, and its not got a happy ending.

Hope you all liked this and will continue to stand by in this darkest adventure I've ever written!
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