Never Truly



by Sandy Toes



The rains of Germany had settled only to leave a gray mist amongst a gray town. Puddles scattered here and there over the cobblestone street. Remains of the past shower dripped off of the corners of roof tops, turning into ripples as they hit the tiny ponds.

In between houses were allyways and gardens. All made darker with the fact that the townspeople were resting in bed, the lights in their house turned off till early morning. Yet street lamps created a yellow haze amongst the night air, allowing whomever was out to at least find their way home.

However, the street was empty and silent, not even a stray or a rodent were crossing the streets and allies. The silence was suddenly broken with the heavy breaths of a young boy and his frantic heart pounding away in his chest. Dirty, fawn like feet splashed in the puddles, as the child raced from what ever it was that was chasing him. With hands outstretched, the boy ran through the darkness of the town, turning into the closest ally.

Finding that the ally was a dead end, the child stood there, his heart beat growing louder and louder in his ears. The world seemed to grow darker as fear began to consume him. His hearing became suddenly acute as it captured the sound of a bird fluttering away, a cat yowling to its master, and a family of mice squeaking to each other about the sudden intrution of their home. All this was broken as his ears caught a more frightening sound. It was the click of hard shoes on the cobblestone.

Coming back to reality, the child moved further into the ally, finding a trashcan further down. Lifting the lid, and immediately recoiling in disgust at the smell, the child gave one agile leap and found his feet landing in something gooey as the lid clanked down on him. However, the falling of the lid was met with a hiss of pain as the child zipped his tail in. Taking the spade attachement and rubbing where the lid had fallen on it, the boy listened carefully for his pursuer.

All agian was silent.

Then light flooded the dark cylinder, as the boy snapped his head upward. A sneering face, which looked frightenigly satisfied, peered down at the boy for only a second before a white gloved reached down for him. Scrunching his face from the pain, the child reached up to his hair and tried to pry the fingers from it. The hand just pulled him up higher and held him in front of the pale face. The child finally opened his golden eyes to look at the one whom had caught him.

A pale face with pointed features, held the evil of a mastermind. An oddly wide, cocky smile greeted the boy as almost black eyes stared at him. There was a soft chuckle as the man held the squirming child in the air. He suddenly brought the boy's face closer to his own, allowing the boy to smell his revolting breath of ale and smoke.

"You zink you could escape from me?" his accent was that of a German. His tone was that of an angered man. He considered the boy property; it did not sit well with the man when he lost something of his. "You little brat. I should have done zis sooner." Dropping the child to the wet stone, the man reached into his black coat.

As he was doing this, the boy began to back away on his hands and knees. His golden eyes watched his capturer as he slid away. When he was sure the man was too busy trying to find something, the child crouched on his feet and turned away to flee. Unfortunately, the man had caught the sudden movement and reached out for the boy once again.

Pulling on his long hair, the man leaned down so his head was beside the child's. "Listen to me, elf. I vill not tolerate disobedience anymore. You are no longer controllable, and zerefore, no longer use to me." Pushing the boy back onto the ground, the man suddenly produced a gun.

The man's arm went straight as it pointed at the young boy, whom had just turned around to the weapon. There was a click as the man's thumb readied the gun.

The child was on his knees, looking up with only his eyes at the barrel of the gun. They soon followed along the top of the gun, up the man's arms and to the lifeless eyes of his hunter. Those horrible eyes showed no regret, no mercy, nothing. Becoming more afraid than he had ever been, Kurt cried out to the man, begging to spare his life. "Bitte! Bitte! Nein, bitte!" His small hands clasped together as if he were praying. The man shook his head and further straightened his wrist. "You've had your chance."

Kurt closed his eyes and waited for the shot, waited for the short pain, waited for death. He prayed to his lord and begged with all his might that his soul might be spared. Then he thought of his family; he thought how they would react to the news, if they hadn't already deemed him dead. He thought of his home, his dogs, his parents. The little friends he had. He thought of their house by the river, in the fields with the mountains surrounding them behind. He thought of the flowers in spring and how soft and delicate they looked.

Then, he felt different. There was no longer stone beneath him. The coldness of the night was no longer pounding down on him, but rather gently caressing his face. No, that was a breeze. But he hadn't felt one before in the... Kurt opened his golden eyes.


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