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Chapter 19: Closure

"Ich lieben sie," he whispered as he felt his life fading away. To see her smile one more time, that was all he needed. His wish was granted as he watched her. She leaned over him and kissed his forehead, now he could die happy, and he did just that. As the machine let loose that horrible sound, he felt his body leaving his grasp, his eyes closed, and he was gone.

The darkness did not last for long, as a light suddenly flashed before him. Finding himself no longer in pain or feeling dreggy, Kurt looked around. There was only a white nothingness around him. Looking down at his hands, the boy soon realized that he wasn't wearing his uniform any more, but a simple pair of white pants and a white shirt. Touching his body, Kurt realized that it wasn't a dream. It was death.

Looking around, he tried to figure out whether he was in Heaven or Hell. However, he was soon to find out that it was neither. While his head turned here and there, there came a voice, a soft gentle one. One that he knew well. "Hallo Kurt," the blue teen turned around and looked upon the gentle face of a German girl. She was dressed just as he, nothing but white. "Carina, vhat happened? Did you die as vell?" Kurt asked, his easiness leaving him as he moved close to his friend.

Robin put up a hand, to settle the boy down. "Nein, I am still alive. You are still alive." Kurt looked at her confusingly and asked her how that could be. He remembered dying on the table. Robin shook her head and told him that was correct. So Kurt asked again, how he could not be dead. "Because I posses a second pover. I've only used it once, and I don't zink I vill be using it for a vhile. It takes a lot out of me. You knov?" Kurt nodded his head.

"So, vhat happened exactly?"

"Vell, I zink I'll ansver zat after we are boz feeling better," before the blue teen could ask anymore questions, he suddenly felt a sudden heaviness on his soul. Being pull down, he suddenly went into the darkness again, then he felt miserable, his body weak and his head spinning. Groaning, Kurt scrunched up his face in pain before opening his eyes, the beeping on the machine replacing the silent strain of his last heartbeat.

That's when Kurt noticed that no one had paid attention to that and Kitty was holding his now unstrapped body close to hers. Her tears were falling upon his face as the girl hugged him. "Kitty, I can't breathe," he whispered. Suddenly, the brunette's tears stopped and she held Kurt away from her. The blue mutant couldn't help but give a happy smile as he saw the shock in the girl's face. Her sudden movements had caught the attention of all the mutants in the room. Looking at a beaming Kurt, everyone put on their own overjoyed smiles. "Kurt!" Kitty cried in happiness as she pulled him across the table and into a large embrace. "I thought I'd lost you," she whispered in his ear, her eyes now shedding tears of happiness.

The two didn't stay in the embrace for long, as all the other X-men surrounded the two, all of them laughing and smiling at how happy they were to see him alive. Xavier sat back, a startled, but content Hank walking over by his side. "How did he… I thought he was gone for good." Charles didn't look up at him, but instead stared at a tired German girl, still holding onto a bit of Kurt's tail as she smiled up from her spot on the floor. "He had a little help," the older man said.


They stood there at the end of the drive, the afternoon sun causing the orange specks on the ground to dance as the trees moved in the slight breeze. The girl held a pack, which was slung over her shoulder. It had some money in it as well as food and a map of the area. A teenaged boy stood next to her, his eye looking out past the drive. Another girl, this time a brunette, stood behind him with her arm wrapped around his shoulders. It had been a few days, but he was still healing so she didn't put any weight on him.

Looking back towards each other, Kurt and Robin each gave a small smile. "I guess zis is it?" She said, not believing she was really free from Jack's grip. It was as Kurt had said, they had escaped together. "Ja, but only for nov." Kurt said, as Kitty slid her arm of his shoulders and put out her hand towards Robin. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Robin, even under the circumstances."

The German girl smiled and shook the brunette's hand. "Like vise, mein freundin. I hope to see you very soon." As Kitty let go of her hand, Kurt moved in and gave her a small hug. He then looked into her eyes and asked, "Are you sure you von't stay for a little vhile longer?"

Shaking her head 'yes' Robin turned back towards the open road. "Von and Catrina are out zere somevhere. I von't doubt zat zere togezer. Zey're still my friends, and ve still have an act." Kurt nodded and gave the girl a final goodbye. Robin quickly moved in and kissed him on the cheek, before she turned and took off into the sky.

As Kurt's image inducer wavered, he put up his hand and touched the spot where Robin had kissed him. Kitty just gave him a little scowl, which quickly disappeared. The two stood there in the silence of the afternoon for a moment, before Kurt turned back towards the manor. Kitty did the same, looping her arm in his. Leaning just the tiniest bit against him, the girl had a question for the teen. "Back in the infirmary, you said something to me. It was in German, could tell me what it means?"

Kurt nodded. "You said, 'Ich lieben sie.'" At this, Kurt only put on a smile, that spread across his face rather quickly. "What? What does it like mean?" Kitty asked, stopping in front of the Kurt, but still holding his hand as she looked into his golden eyes. "I zink I vill tell you later. I need to call Amanda," the boy said, walking past Kitty and up the drive. "Kurt!" the girl called, still wanting to know what he said. The boy took into a run, which caused the cat to chase. The two teens sped off towards the manor, the boy laughing as the girl shouted for him to tell her the meaning of the words.

Das Ende


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Face Off, Part I- Jack "Machen nicht sein besorgt" "Do not be worried"

Letting Go- Robin "Erlauben mich aus" "Let me Out" / "Vielen Dank" "Thank-you very much"

Closure- Kurt "Ich lieben sie" "I love you" / Robin "mein freundin" "My friend"

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