Megaman NT Warrior: Requiem's Awakening


"Alpha Revolt"

In a small house on the outskirts of town, an old man sat typing rapidly away on a keyboard. Outside, a storm raged.

Lightning crackled, somewhere close. Seconds later, thunder roared over the house, shaking the walls. Moments later, a small girl with shoulder-length red hair came rushing into the room. "Grandpa! Grandpa!"

The old man turned in surprise. "April?" She ran into his arms, and he held his granddaughter close. "My dear April, you're not scared of the thunder are you?" She nodded, her eyes tightly squeezed shut.

"Now April." He said, holding her at arm's length and looking her straight in the face. "You are 11-years-old and very bright. Surely you know by now that thunder is nothing but noise?"

Slowly, April's eyes opened and she nodded slowly. "Is it wrong to be scared?" She whispered. Her grandfather smiled kindly.

"No my darling, it certainly is not. Why even I get scared sometimes!"

"You get scared Grandpa Cossack?"

"Why yes I do. Shall I tell you a story about a time when I was scared?"

The young girl nodded vigorously and settled herself more comfortably in her grandfather's lap.

The rain beat loudly against the window as he started his story by the bright light of a computer screen.

"It all began with the creation of the Net, over a decade ago. I was young at that time—"

"Was your hair still white, Grandpa?"

"No, no, darling. My hair was a red as yours. Back then I had also programmed the very first NetNavi capable of wholly independent function. He needed no help from anyone, and was only kind to me as his creator…"


"Dr. Cossack! Dr. Cossack!"

"Hm?" Dr. Cossack looked up from his cup of tea at a young man running with all speed towards him. His brand new lab coat blended in with the white shiny walls.

The young man stopped, huffing and puffing, in front of the table Dr. Cossack was sitting in. "Oh…good…I've finally… found you…" he stammered out between large gulps of air.

Dr. Cossack peered curiously at the young man through his glasses. "Yes, so you have. Now who are you?"

"Oh! Right." The young man straightened and raised his hand in a salute. "I'm Yuichiro Hikari! I was hired by Scilab only last month."

Recognition sparked in Dr. Cossack's eyes. "Ah, yes! You're the elder Hikari's son! I see the resemblance! You know, I'll always been indebted to your father, m'boy!"

Dr. Hikari blushed. "Well, you know…" Suddenly, he blinked and grabbed Dr. Cossack's arm. "Ack!! This isn't the time! We've gotta hurry to the lab!" He pulled Dr. Cossack down the hall, explaining: "The Netnavi you created—Bass!! Something's wrong with him!"

Dr. Cossack's eyes widened behind his spectacles. "What?" He dashed ahead of Dr. Hikari, leaving the younger scientist in the dust. "My poor, dear Bass! Hang in there! I'll save you!" he cried, disappearing down the hallway in a second.


"As it turned out, Bass hadn't needed saving at all. It was the Navi's guarding the system that needed rescuing from him!" Dr. Cossack gave a little chuckle.

"But why would he do that Grandpa? Why would he attack other Navi's like him?" The light from the computer screen was reflected in April's wide eyes.

"That's the thing! He wasn't like them. One of Bass' main functions was to troubleshoot the systems. He had gotten rid of dozens of dangerous defects and other problems within Scilab's computers. Unfortunately, in the process, Bass deleted over 70 NetNavis and brought down about 25 of Scilab's major programs." Dr. Cossack's eyes misted over as he remembered. "He was too advanced—superior! And he knew it!"


Dr. Cossack could feel the laser beam of the head scientists glares, as they all stared down the table at him.

"This is the limit, Dr. Cossack!" one scientist declared. "Bass must be deleted!"

"I agree! His usefulness is over!" chimed in another.

"How DARE you!" Dr. Cossack yelled, banging his fist down on the table for emphasis. "Dangerous defects have been purged from our systems because of Bass. You know he's different from other Navis! He thinks for himself! He makes his own decisions and acts on them! Bass is a living being!"

The other scientists stole sideways glances at each other. A couple cracked small grins. "Interesting assessment…" one said.

"…For a mass of compiled data!" Finished another. "This is no time for sentiment, Dr. Cossack!"


April looked stunned. "How can they say that? They're just a mass of compiled bones, muscles, and nerve endings!"

Dr. Cossack chuckled. "How I wished I could've told them that. But I didn't want to risk deletion for Bass. He was the one thing I had care of—until I received guardianship for you." Here, he tickled April's stomach. She squirmed and giggled until she was out of breath and he stopped.

"What did happen to Bass?" she asked, after getting her breath back.

Dr. Cossack's face darkened. "The next few days were the worst of my life. I had managed to save Bass from deletion, but at a cost. At all times, he was to be contained in a holding cell, with limiters."

"What are limiters?"

"Little programs designed to limit power. With Bass, they reduced him to one-tenth of what he had been…"


Bass gritted his teeth as the laughing guards finally stopped poking fun at him and turned around. Being locked up and powered down was embarrassing enough, especially when he could normally just escape with just a snap of his fingers. He hated not being able to help his creator, Dr. Cossack, with the task he had been assigned to do.

It was only because Dr. Cossack had asked him to that he was sitting here, now, in this holding cell, cooperating with annoying little specks like those guards. His hands clenched into tight fists.

"How're you doing Bass?"

He turned around in surprise. A screen had appeared, with Dr. Cossack looking sad and frustrated. "Stupid question," the doctor continued. "I'm sure you're miserable. But please understand…it was this, or deletion."

Bass looked closely at Dr. Cossack. Was that fear he saw in the doctor's eyes? Fear for whom? For himself? That option made no sense. Or, as a creator, was it for his creation?

Bass looked away and smiled a bit. "I understand, doctor." He stood up and faced Dr. Cossack. "So…do they suit me?" Dr. Cossack looked at him in surprise. "The bracelets and anklets, do they complement me? I hear that humans think such things are fashionable…so, am I stylin'?"

Tears started to weal up in Dr. Cossack's eyes. Bass was surprised. Had he upset Dr. Cossack somehow?

"You're very stylin' Bass…Fit to…kill…"

As the doctor logged out, Bass sat back down and turned his thoughts to human emotions.

They're more complex than even my own data stream. He thought. If I can't understand them, then who can?


Lightning cracked and thunder roared, but April ignored it, focusing instead on her grandfather's face.

"What happened then, Grandpa? Don't stop talking!" she said as her grandpa faltered in his telling.

His eyes darkened. "I'm sorry, April…What I did next, was…selfish…I was worried only about Bass…I didn't think about what would happen if I granted him greater power…after feeling as though I had betrayed him, I cared only about…proving that Bass was good, that…" he stopped and swallowed back some tears, unseen by his granddaughter. "That I was right; that I hadn't created a terror…"


"H-heat blade…" Dr. Cossack said between clenched teeth. "That, plus the limiters, will render Bass nearly powerless."

"Ah, so that's how it's done." Said the scientist who had just punched Dr. Cossack in the stomach. "Thank you for cooperating doctor."

An amplified voice sounded through the computer speakers and all around Scilab's net. "Bass! For the crime of systems destruction, you are to be deleted!"

With a wrench, Dr. Cossack saw the security Navis ganging up on his poor Bass, and he heard the cries from his creation: "NO! It wasn't me! YOU PEONS!!!"

Dr. Cossack lurched toward an empty terminal in the corner, still hearing Bass' voice behind him.


He typed furiously, searching for the programming of Bass' limiters.

"Dr. Cossack!" Bass yelled over the sounds of destruction. "You must know the truth!"

Dr. Cossack's hands slipped on the keyboard as the other scientists laughed.

"Why haven't you intervened?"

Where is that programming?

"I'm innocent! And you know that!"

There was a ripping sound, a sickening thud, and Bass screamed. Then silence from the computers as the scientists started cheering.

A tear rolled down the doctor's face, unbidden, and he thought: He's not gone yet; I would know it if he was…

Suddenly, one of the computer terminals exploded as the elder Dr. Hikari ran into the room.

"Stop! STOP!!" he was yelling. "The destruction comes from the alpha system itself, not Bass! Jack everyone out NOW!"

Immediately, scientists relayed orders to the security Navis and the sounds of various explosions could be heard coming closer.

Dr. Cossack let out a little cheer. One of the explosions had destroyed several firewalls, giving him access to the programming for Bass' limiters. He typed even faster, rewriting the program with the only defense that came to his mind at the moment.

And, as though from far away, he heard a voice come out of the speakers.

"The order for you deletion still stands, Bass!"

No, no…not yet…I'm almost done…

"You're gone, Bass!"

Dr. Cossack typed the final keystroke.


"Get-Ability Program! Execute!"

Dr. Cossack watched as the limiters fell apart, and flow into Bass' body. He watched as Bass summoned the first ability copied to him, and watched as Bass destroy the security Navi. He watched as Bass looked up; as if he knew that Dr. Cossack was watching, and he heard is dearest creation, his friend, declare:

"I am through with this! WITH EVERYONE!!"


Dr. Cossack swallowed again, as April wiped her eyes.

"That day," said Dr. Cossack dryly, "came to be know as the Alpha Revolt. And Bass—"

"—Became known as the 'Black Shadow' and the 'Messenger of Death', destroying anyone and anything he comes in contact with." Finished April. She looked at her grandfather and asked tentatively, "Right?"

He laughed and smiled at her. "Correct!"

She yawned, and grinned sleepily up at him. "Thanks for the story, Grandpa. I forgot what it's purpose was, but it was good all the same." She gave him a hug, and jumped off his lap. "G'night Grandpa!"

"Good night April." He said as she walked out of the room.


Later, when he was finished with his work, Dr. Cossack went to check up on April. She was sleeping quietly, twitching a little here and there, but with a little smile on her face. She murmered something, and he had to lean forward to catch it.

"I'll call you Nocturne."

Dr. Cossack smiled and crept back to his room and leaned close to the monitor.

"A fitting name for your first Navi, April. Well chosen indeed."

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