Howdy second fic here decided to do it on Naruto Bleach Crossover. Tough choices I had from my bag of ideas but I'm thinking of having three or four fics. Anyway looking through the archive I've only found one fic with Naruto as a hollow, pretty good by the way it's called Life after Death for Shinobi by Sirge good stuff check it out if you can. Only one complaint though, Naruto turned back 'good' sort of. I decided to do a fic where Naruto is a badass Hollow who kicks some major ass and gets the girl. That's right I'll turn it into a Naruto Harem just need some time and all that. Of course Naruto's character would fight himself becoming that way to the end so I'll make him a little darker yeah. Can't have him boinking the girls while he's a monster either right?

Anyway on to the fic, pre disclaimer type thing this will be alternate Universe type stuff so I get some liberties if it doesn't follow canon completely and there may be some OOC

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'NO NO NO!!!' Naruto screamed in his mind. He dodged another sword swipe that came at him from the side. It was a trap Naruto realized, to late. A hand went through his chest. Naruto stared into the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha, both there faces held no emotion it was inevitable they both thought. When Sasuke made that choice all those years ago to abandon Konoha it was the signing of an unwritten agreement, either Naruto would die Sasuke's hand or vice versa. Naruto learned the cold hard truth of life those two years away.

Blood came out of Naruto's mouth, he chuckled a little. 'It was only supposed to be an escort mission.' Naruto thought back. 'Then again I was supposed to be a better ninja by this time.' Naruto chastised himself for his carelessness. He spent two years training with that pervert Jiraiya, two years to defend himself from Akatsuki, two years to surpass Sasuke all wasted. He heard a scream who was it? It sounded…feminine Naruto thought for a moment, Sakura. 'That's right Sakura and Kakashi were on this mission to.' Tsunade had assigned team 7 to escort a young noblewoman back to Grass Country, after meeting she had a meeting with the Hokage. Tsunade had said some nonsense about refreshing there stale teamwork. 'Ha as if those two ever wanted to be on a team with me.'

Sakura had always rejected Naruto in favor of Sasuke same as Kakashi. 'The only reason they ever helped me was because the Uchiha left.' He hated the name, he hated the person the name belonged to, and he hated everything about his existence. Sasuke was just like Naruto in a sense he wanted power and would do almost anything to get it, and yet Sasuke was the closest thing to a brother Naruto ever had. The difference was Konoha appeased Sasuke in every sense of the word. Sasuke was given everything he wanted, and yet he still ended up leaving. Naruto had to work for everything he had gained, maybe that's why he respected Lee so much, and to a lesser extent Jiraiya.

Naruto coughed up more blood it was becoming harder for him to see, the only thing standing out where Sasuke's transformed eyes shining brightly with the cursed power of the Sharingan. The mission had gone south fast, halfway to Grass Country team 7 was ambushed by Sasuke and Orochimaru. There client was slain instantly as Sasuke took off her head, Kakashi and Sakura's eyes widened at the spectacle. Naruto scoffed at there reactions, surely they realized that Sasuke wouldn't just offer his apologies and return to the village when they met again. Naruto rushed towards his brother and began battle with him. The other two were snapped out of there shock when Orochimaru almost decapitated Kakashi. Shortly into the battle Naruto saw the difference in training immediately, he had a hard time keeping up with Sasuke's movements and when he did go on the offensive Sasuke wasted no energy dodging. Naruto had had enough he didn't want to use his trump card now, but it seemed he had no choice. Red chakra engulfed Naruto lighting him ablaze with power, Sasuke smirked. Naruto disregarded it, last time he used her power against him he was a novice. This time was different he charged Sasuke in the blink of an eye ready to tear his throat out. Before he could, however, he was pulled from the battlefield and placed into the damp darkness of his mind.

He was in front of the cage of her, her chakra filling the entirety of the room. The one who's power was slowly becoming his. He was about to question the interruption when he felt another presence behind him. Turning quickly he found Sasuke there Sharingan activated. He quickly took a battle stance. "Ah I see one whose chakra is more vile then mine." Naruto turned around there she stood in her glory. The fox bared it's teeth into what could be called a threatening grin. Sasuke said nothing, but Naruto knew that something was wrong. The red that flooded the room reluctantly made its way back to her. Sensing something wrong she immediately tried to manipulate the Uchiha "If you kill my vessel you'll regret it." Sasuke said nothing and dissipated. Naruto turned back to her intending to receive some guidance. Unfortunately Naruto was pushed back to the battle to find a sword coming at him from the left.

Naruto's eyes closed he found it amusing what people think about before they die. He had heard that some people's life flash before there eyes. He couldn't chuckle anymore he could barely breathe as it was. His last thoughts went to Jiraiya he didn't want to blame him for his predicament, but Naruto could only imagine the training Naruto got opposed to Sasuke's. He was sure that Orochimaru didn't abandon his student for the local brothels leaving poorly written training manuals in place of an actual teacher. Those were Naruto Uzumaki's last thoughts before he died.

Naruto's eyes opened to see Sasuke. His eyes widened and he immediately resumed his stance. Seeing no indication that Sasuke noticed him Naruto looked down to see what was so important. His eyes widened, Naruto's body was there on the ground a hole in his chest, blood dripping from Sasuke's hand. He heard screams and shouts he turned around to see Sakura yelling obscenities rushing towards Sasuke, leaving Kakashi to face Orochimaru alone. He looked back and forth seeing no one noticing him 'Wait…' Naruto looked between the action and saw a man a bit taller then him staring straight at him with an eerie smile. 'Brown hair, glasses, brown eyes… dressed like a samurai.' Naruto searched his memories trying to figure who this guy was and how come he didn't notice him before the fight. The man started walking towards him, that eerie smile never seeming to move.

Naruto tensed, the battle forgotten, he would kill this man if he tried anything foolish. "Relax I do not wish to fight if that is what your thinking." Naruto stood tall "Who are you? Why didn't I notice you when the battle started, why is it my body is there visible in front of me." The man chuckled "Relax I am Sosuke Aizen. You didn't notice me because you cannot see while alive, and to answer your last question your dead." Naruto scowled "I see, and why is it I'm not in the afterlife?" Aizen eerie smile became even more bizarre. "That's because you need a death god to send you there, I happen to be a death god." Naruto frowned "Alright then send me." Aizen laughed "I'm sorry I can't. Luckily or unluckily I'm the first one to find you, and I can't let such an interesting spirit go to waste." Naruto readied himself for a fight. "What's that supposed to mean?" Aizen waved him off "Something's different about you, I can sense the spiritual pressure you have is the most impressive I've ever felt for a recently deceased. If I sent you to the Soul Society no doubt you would be made into a Shinigami, you would become great maybe even make captain but then your potential stops there." Naruto scrunched his face in confusion Aizen chuckled at the boy "The energy I sense coming from you is different from anything else I've ever felt because of this I've decided to help you." Deciding enough was enough Naruto lunged at the so called 'Shinigami'.

As he was about to connect with the grinning man's face a roar, unlike anything Naruto ever heard before, came from the woods. He looked toward the woods trees were groaning as they were ripped from the earth giving way to a monstrous humanoid. It was easily over three times Naruto's size, a creature whose skin was as black as the darkest night veins threatened to burst on his massive arms. The trait that stood out the most, in Naruto's opinion, was its head. It appeared to be a skull Naruto couldn't tell if that was his actual or not, though, noticing a second set of teeth inside of it. A split second later the beast was charging Naruto letting out an inhuman roar as its footprints ripped into the earth with each step. Even those amongst the living took a brief pause from there battle to gaze curiously at the phenomenon.

Naruto jumped back as the creature smashed one of its hands into the ground. Naruto quickly formed hand seals "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Nothing happened Naruto didn't feel the familiar rush of chakra build up and exit his body. He tried it again same thing, he looked over to Aizen expecting an answer the man merely smiled at him "Your dead the abilities you had in life won't work the same now." Naruto cursed and looked back at his attacker. It made another swipe at him he ducked under it and jumped back again. He cursed without his jutsu he was practically defenseless going hand to hand against this beast would be suicide. He resorted to the only thing he could do… run away. He almost made it into the woods when something ensnared Naruto he turned his head around to find the monster's arm had become a tentacle. The monster made a squelching noise signaling its joy in capturing it's intended pray. "Food, food, food, the most DELICTABLE OF DELACUSIES ALL MINE" the beast shrieked. Naruto became determined and started struggling against the beasts vice grip on him for all he was worth. Dead just a few minutes and already Naruto was going to be devoured by a monster because some stupid Shinigami wouldn't do his job right. Well he wouldn't give up he was Naruto Uzumaki dammit, and when things looked there bleakest Naruto would come out on top no matter what!

The beast's arm was cutting in deeply to Naruto he growled in pain. It felt as if his energy was being drained from him. It felt as if barbs had sprouted and started digging deeper into his skin. The fire in his eyes quickly diminished replaced with fear and panic. He started struggling even harder damaging himself in the process. 'Kyuubi, KYUUBI… DAMMIT FOX IF YOUR THERE YOU NEED TO HELP ME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BECOME THIS THINGS NEXT MEAL!!!' Then he felt it. The power he learned how to use course through his body. It was different more vicious then the last time he had used it. It began to burn to scorch his entire being as if he had been set on fire. Naruto started screaming the pain unbearable. The power burst forth from Naruto's body ripping his skin to free itself from it prison. The creature started howling in pain as the blood red energy started to disintegrate the creatures arm. The beast pulled what was left of the destroyed appendage away in hopes of alleviating the torturous pain.

Aizen stood there a manic grin graced his face. He knew this boy was special, but even he didn't expect this. The amount of energy the boy was releasing was enormous. It wasn't only that; this energy was dark, malicious, and evil. His chain of destiny practically disappeared when that energy started enveloping him. He marveled at this young boy's transformation into a Hollow Aizen pondered which type the boy would become. He could become useful later. Aizen looked around there it was the Hollow that attacked the child. It began to back away, the beast shaking from fright at the new energy. It was then that Aizen noticed something most interesting about young Uzumaki's strange energy. The Hollow's wound from contact with the energy didn't seem to stop the damage. The beast's arm continuously dripped more and more of its 'essence'. Aizen chuckled yes this Naruto Uzumaki is most interesting.

The Fox's power was starting to overwhelm Naruto's senses. He could feel everything, see everything, hear everything he had awareness unlike anything he had ever had before. Euphoria ran parallel with pain. He could feel his body change tear and rearrange itself, he was beginning to see new growths sprout from his body bone white substance that tried to wrap itself around Naruto. If he didn't do something Naruto would lose himself within the bittersweet taste of this power. He fought against it tried to force it back within his body. He hammered his head into the ground, desperately trying to focus on a pain less severe then the one that ravaged his body at the moment. Slowly Naruto forced the demon's power back down into its dormant state. The bone like appendages started to recede slowly back into his body. Naruto was succeeding he the pain began to lessen his senses returning to normal. He smiled a little to himself at his accomplishment. He was about to stand and beat the Shinigami so bad he would wish he was alive, when he felt the familiar burning sensation. Naruto's body exploded into red energy once. The amount coming out seemed to be double the last.

Aizen's eyes widened slightly, this boy had surpassed his expectations ten fold. His spiritual pressure at the moment was greater then some of the captain's back in soul society, and it seemed to be continuing. The area around them seemed to become distorted it came to the point where even the humans began to take notice. Orochimaru was standing over Kakashi when he felt it. Killing intent of such magnitude that even he had trouble breathing Kakashi would've pressed the advantage if he wasn't in a similar state. Sasuke and Sakura weren't doing much better the feeling in the air that you absolutely wanted to die just for remaining in the area to long, brought them to there knees. Each of the individuals turned toward the source. They couldn't see anything, yet the killing intent remained. The air around the area began to distort slightly, it seemed like a person was coming into view. The image was blurry and the red that surrounded the individual made it harder to see. Suddenly something burst forth from the person's body and began to wrap around him.

Sakura started to tremble with fear she had never felt anything like this before. She stared at the person that seemed to be engulfed in flames as his body transformed. He began to thrash and screamed an inhuman scream. She wanted to turn away she tried with all her might but she couldn't pull away from the disgustingly enticing sight. Kakashi had to get out of there fast the massive amount of killing intent seemed to have distracted Orochimaru now all he had to do was pull himself together grab Sakura and get out of there. He would grab Naruto's body later and hoped an opposing village wouldn't stumble onto it before hand. He took several deep breathes and steadied his heart beat he would only get one shot at this. He got to his feet and dashed to Sakura's position. The closer he came to the source, he realized, the worse it became. Pushing through with his will power he managed to throw Sakura over his shoulder and head off into the woods. Orochimaru realized his opponents were gone and cursed slightly. He wanted all three of them disposed off. 'No matter as long as the blonde died that's all that mattered.' He turned to Sasuke to find that he was trembling on his knees. He appeared in front of Sasuke grabbed him and headed off in the opposite direction.

This time it was much worse Naruto thought. His mind screamed for it to stop to do something anything that would relieve him of the pain, Naruto's memories slowly began to leave him everything that happened in his life forgotten. He could feel his body bend, rip, and crack as it reshaped itself. He fell on all fours the Hollow mask forming on his head in the shape of a fox. His skin seemed to melt off reform and became covered in black fur. 'Armor' covered his body over the fur on his back, sides, and legs. Naruto's hands and legs became paws. Jagged 'spines' started growing from his neck and proceeded down his body until nine tales sprouted with each tale colored black with a white tip. A hole formed in his back. Creeping up from the hole were seals that set themselves in place on Naruto's back. When finished the seal cracked. The transformation complete Naruto let loose a roar that shook the trees.

Smelling something that was most appetizing Naruto turned to see his fellow Hollow on its knees. Before it could react Naruto ripped off its arm. It screamed in pain as blood flowed freely down the wound. It fell on its back, trying to move away from the fox. Naruto dropped the arm and bit into the Hollow's neck thrashing, ripping, anything to shut it up for good. Naruto started devouring it in a grotesque display of an animal that hasn't eaten for sometime.

Aizen looked on in interest. 'A Hollow who eats other Hollows' he had indeed heard of such a thing, but a deceased who became one during his transformation? Aizen would chalk it up to the strange energy put out by the boy. The weird seal like markings on the Hollow's back also brought up many questions. After they appeared the flow of Reiatsu from the boy stopped when it was clear that he had much more. The Hollow Naruto had finished his meal and turned towards Aizen. He didn't know why but the sight of that man's face enraged him to no end. He wanted to rip off in a most painful manner. He growled at the Shinigami. Aizen smirked. Naruto charged at Aizen at an incredible speed. As he was about to rip the Shinigami's throat out he was kicked in his side. Naruto back several feet and righted himself in the air to make a decent landing.

The man was dressed in a similar state to Aizen save for the White Haori he had on. "Aizen what's going on what happened to the Hollow we were supposed to be chasing, what in the world was that energy I felt!?" Aizen regarded his captain for a moment, most incompetent he was. He only had his position because he was from a noble family, and some asinine sense of justice. "Taicho I had tracked down the Hollow to this location, he was drawn here due to the high spiritual energy of one of the recently deceased. I arrived too late as the boy had started transforming when I arrived I would have intervened if not for the strange energy the boy seemed to have." The captain regarded his vice-captain for a moment. He sighed in frustration they needed to take care of this new Hollow now, then continue on with there original mission. "Aizen after this battle is over your going to tell exactly what happened here." "Yes Taicho." The two Shinigami drew there swords and got into battle stances. Naruto readied to charge the men. Two Shinigami against one Adjuchas class Hollow.

Alright finished chapter one. Just going to explain a few things here, reason why Naruto is an Adjuch Hollow is because of Kyuubi's power. I figure he has enough raw power to transform Naruto into one quite easily, as for the whole made up of hundreds of Hollows thing I'll deal with that in a couple chapters. Two, reason why he's not more powerful is because the seal still exists. Reason why seal still exists well I like the Kyuubi thing, also Aizen is still a Vice-Captain at this point. Why, because I want Naruto to have some adventures in Hueco Mundo maybe meet Grimmjow that sort of thing. Definitely including Soi Fong and Yoruichi in this Harem along with Halibel, that chick Espada you guys can tell me if there's anyone in particular you want in the harem yeah. Other then that hope you enjoyed this first chapter.

Oh and other ninja, well I'm going to say this. There won't be the entire ninja populace replacing all the Shinigami. No I think that if you're a good ninja in life doesn't make you an automatic candidate for being a good Shinigami. Also I would think some would like to live peacefully in the afterlife. There maybe one or two that become Shinigami during the Soul Society part but that's about it.