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Confusion, panic, and desperation all of these emotions passed through Naruto as Ojos charged. The most disheartening thing about it was the guy's spiritual pressure was practically non existent, but that couldn't be possible considering Ojos was glowing with an eerie black energy.

"SEE I TOLD THIS WOULD FUCKING HAPPEN! WE SHOULD'VE MADE A RUN FOR IT, BUT NO YOU HAD TO GIVE ME THE 'I MADE A DEAL' SPEECH!" Grimmjow's mind moved at a frantic pace in an attempt to come up with a plan.

Too late, in an instant Ojos cleared the distance between the two Hollows and himself. He gripped the hilt of his Zanbatou and, faster then either Grimmjow or Naruto thought possible, brought it down between the two Hollows. Black energy erupted from the blade, seemingly cleaving the sands in half, forcing Grimmjow and Naruto to jump to the sides. Ojos smirked "Just as planned" he muttered, he let his blade go, made fists, and crashed them together in concentration. Eyes started to open up all around his body, each one glowing with black energy, "I haven't done this in over a thousand years. Let's see if I still have my edge shall we?" The excitement that Ojos exhibited made his last statement sound more vicious then he intended.

Naruto and Grimmjow both landed in the black sand, on opposite sides of each other. Both of them examined the wound in the dunes that Ojos sword had created. The sand poured into the dark abyss as a small gash was literally cut into the ground; the two looked behind them to see it stretch on for what seemed like forever. Grimmjow charged, soon followed by Naruto, "THE FUCK MAN!? HAVEN'T DONE WHAT IN A THOUSAND YEARS!? CAUSE IT SURE ISN'T WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU'RE THINKING!"

Naruto sighed at his partner's statement 'He really needs to work on that' he thought to himself. The world stopped after that thought. Naruto's vision started to grow hazier, the air became wavy, and the ground started to quake. It felt like it took every ounce of strength Naruto had to just move his head. Finally he stopped on the imposing figure that was Ojos. Naruto had to close his eyes from the blinding energy that started to gather around Ojos. "How is this possible!? I can't even feel your power!" Naruto shouted out in frustration 'Not even those three Shinigami made me feel like this!' Cracking his eyes open Naruto was able to see a smirk on Ojos face.

The atmosphere was intense and exciting, Ojos had decided. The fact that his newly chosen sources of entertainment were so panicked help matters immensely. "It's quite simple really, why you can't sense my Reiatsu. Do you remember when I told you that the sand was constantly draining away my Reiatsu? Did you honestly think that being released from my prison for less than five minutes would allow to be back at my full strength?" Ojos let out a small chuckle when he saw Naruto's eyes widen "Do you get what I'm trying to say then? I told you I had complete mastery over this sand be it manipulation, absorption of others Reiatsu, or even manipulating that very same Reiatsu as if it were my own. Combining these aspects is allowing me to use more Reiatsu then you can comprehend at the moment, and lets me conceal it at the same time. Of course merely manipulating this sand is boring, therefore." As he said this, Ojos body started to absorb the black Reiatsu that covered his body. "I'm going to help my recovery along a little and absorb the collected Reiatsu from the sand until I'm one hundred percent!"

Slowly but surely Naruto felt it. Small and inconsequential at first, it soon grew to a power that made breathing a nearly impossible feat. The Reiatsu swirled around Ojos, going from small whirlwind to large size tornado, picking up sand and earth. Yet, Grimmjow and Naruto stayed rooted to the ground. The Reiatsu ripped and crushed him at the same time, so much so that Naruto thought he would pass out. Then it all stopped, the sand landed back onto the ground and the land looked as if nothing had happened to it at all, save for the gash that Ojos had created earlier. Even Ojos looked like nothing happened, his body was no longer covered in eyes and his body stopped glowing with black energy.

Ojos cracked his knuckles "Alright now let me show you what a real fight is!" That was the last thing that registered in the fox Hollows mind before a pain, unlike anything he had ever felt, exploded from his abdomen.

'The exhilaration of completely destroying someone… HOW I'VE MISSED IT!' If it wasn't childish and disturbing Ojos would've giggled like a school girl when he felt Naruto's bones crack from the force of his kick.

Grimmjow could only look on in shock as the legendary Hollow delivered a kick to his partner's midsection "motherfucker… I didn't even see him move. Tch… and he's ignoring me to. Bastard, you don't ignore Grimmjow Jeagerjaques!"

Angling his leg upward Ojos lifted the fox off the ground and sent him airborne. "Oh yes, these two have quite a bit of room for improvement. Honestly that kick wasn't even strong even to cleave a Menos Grande in half. Yet you waste time Grimmjow when you face someone who outmatches you every second of the battle counts." Turning around Ojos found Grimmjow to be charging up a Cero. "You are also quite predictable. Do you really think a simple Cero will stop someone like me?" Allowing himself fall into his long unused combat rhythms Ojos utilized the technique 'Sonido' to appear in front of his second opponent. He smirked at Grimmjow's pathetic attempts to readjust his attack and swiftly punched his head down into the dark sand. The Cero exploded prematurely engulfing the two combatants in its destructive energy. "See it was that simple to counter your attack." Ojos, unfazed in the slightest, knelt down to check on Grimmjow's injuries. 'His body seems fine, his face is… perhaps I should've thought of another course of action.' The Arrancar sighed when he finished checking Grimmjow's injuries. The cat Hollow had half of his face blown off and a good portion of his mask. Grimmjow breathing at all was a miracle in Ojos opinion. Before Ojos could even attempt to aid him he was forced to dodge as three spear-like objects attempted to impale him. "Really Naruto I didn't injure you that much did I? A young strong Hollow, like yourself, should've been back earlier. Maybe then little Grimmjow there wouldn't have had to suffer such a grievous wound." The only response to Ojos question was an increase in Naruto's spiritual pressure.

Naruto retracted his tails and stared at the two across from him. His five tails swished angrily as he realized his partner wasn't moving. "Bastard don't you dare think I'll let you walk away from this alive!" Using speed he didn't know he had, Naruto charged in for Ojos, and using the momentum from his sudden burst of speed crushed his hand against Ojos' jaw. He gripped his wrist and let loose a howl of pain as Ojos was knocked back by the force of the blow. 'IT'S LIKE PUNCHING FUCKING IRON!' Naruto thought to himself.

Digging his feet into the sand to slow his momentum, Ojos finally managed to stop. Looking at Naruto already regenerating his damaged arm Ojos chuckled, 'Incredible! His Reiatsu grew again with the release of two more tails. His height decreased as his energy became more compressed, and he almost managed to break through my 'Hierro'. The boy's potential is unbelievable, yet he's still holding back. Heh but he still has a ways to go, better make sure he knows that.' "Bravo young Naruto bravo. You almost made me feel that one. Though I must confess I was expecting you to at least make me bleed a bit, but alas I feel I should make you aware of who you're dealing with." Using Sonido Ojos appeared in front of Naruto before the fox Hollow could react. He took hold of Naruto's arms, crushing his wrists, "Naruto lets see how far your regeneration has come along." Grinning manically, Ojos kicked Naruto viciously in the gut. An ear-splitting ripping sound accompanied as Naruto was again knocked away. Ojos looked at the arms he still held within his grasp, blood dripping from them.

Naruto skipped along the surface from the sand, shouts of pain echoing in the desert. Finally stopping at the base of a dune, Naruto felt the full effects of his lost arms. The pain burned through his entire being. Finally after a small delay his red Reiatsu covered the bloody spot where his arm used to be. Slowly his arms began to re-grow. "Stupid bastard, it'll take a lot more then that to deal with me!" Even as the words came out Naruto's eyes betrayed the pain he was feeling.

Ojos smiled a bit "Hmm… obviously you still need to work on your regeneration abilities, and Grimmjow still needs to work on his stealth capabilities."

Grimmjow, undeterred, clamped his jaw down on Ojos shoulder. Growling, he attempted to rip off a chunk of flesh.

Ojos let out an annoyed sigh "Grimmjow, if your partner didn't hurt me what makes you think you have a chance?" Looking at his fist for a moment, Ojos speared his hand into Grimmjow's newly reformed mask. Ojos secured a grip and ripped the cat Hollow off his shoulder.

The two Hollows had regrouped after that, causing Ojos to let out a small chuckle. "Honestly I haven't even started fighting seriously and you two are already tired?" Ojos feigned a disappointed sigh "What am I going to do with you two? If you're defeated by me not even taking you seriously; how am I supposed to be confident enough to tell you the secret of becoming Arrancar hmmm?" Ojos finished.

The hacking coughs that Naruto and Grimmjow had exhibited blocked out most of what Ojos said, but the two were able to garner the last phrase of learning to be like him, and hearing this both Hollows willed themselves to stand. It was Grimmjow that was the first to speak "The hell you talkin' bout? What the fuck is an Arrancar? Something like you? You smell like a Shinigami and a Hollow."

Ojos smirked at the two Hollows before him "You both have much to learn. Essentially what it boils down to is an Arrancar is a Hollow who has removed his mask. It prompts a change in a Hollow down into its very core, essentially changing it so much that it can no longer evolve as a Hollow. Of course the advantages easily outweigh the cons. Your mask becomes a Zanpakuto." Ojos pointed to his sword "It unlocks a spirits latent Shinigami powers. What it boils down to is that you become part Hollow part Shinigami."

The two stared at Ojos as if he were crazy. They turned to each other, Grimmjow snorted while Naruto shrugged. It was the cat Hollow who broke the silence "Fine lets say we believe Hollows who take of there masks get Shinigami powers. The fuck does that matter, I've fought them before they're all weak except for there bastard Captains."

The grin that appeared on Ojos face chilled the two Hollows down to there very core. "You're thinking far too close-minded little Hollow. Imagine a Shinigami's capability to seal there abilities coupled with a Hollows natural ferocious power." "What's your damn point" Grimmjow growled out. Ojos chuckled "Little Hollow, don't tell me that you don't know what the nature of a Hollows mask is. You don't do you? Truly you've never questioned why it is Hollows must feed on spirits? Well then its time to enlighten you isn't it. A Hollow's mask is a source of its power. It provides every Hollow with special abilities that make it different and unique from every other Hollow, much like a Shinigami's Zanpakuto. Unlike the Shinigami, however, we can't seal our power into swords'; hence they continually eat away at our Reiatsu. That's what makes it so hard to gain power as a Hollow to move up the evolutionary ladder, but that's also the reason why when some Hollow does accomplish this his power jumps to levels that Shinigami can only imagine. Now imagine, if you would, what you could accomplish with that ability to seal your powers and then train your body. Your power would jump by leaps and bounds."

The prospect was definitely appealing in Naruto's opinion. "Ripping your mask off huh? There's gotta be more to then that Ojos otherwise there'd be nothing but Arrancar in Hueco Mundo." Even if it was appealing Naruto wanted to cover all the bases.

Ojos nodded to confirm Naruto's question. "Right there, are indeed, some requirements that must be fulfilled if you are to attempt this. Not every Hollow had this potential only some do those that do not have the potential that try this end up destroying themselves by separating there mask from there body. Don't just try and rip your mask off like a jackass either. Even if you do have the potential the required energy could easily drain you away to nothing. To better explain imagine it like this. When you're half way through the process your mask will attempt to drain away every last bit of you. Your body, of course, will attempt to compensate and start producing more Reiatsu. If you manage to survive the process you may end up weaker then you were before; that Reiatsu your body produced will have been completely devoured by your mask. That's why you need an outside catalyst to supply you with the necessary energy, that way you can keep your power even with your mask out for everything you got. Of course there are ways around that isn't that right little fox?"

The two tensed at Ojos cryptic words, but couldn't but be intrigued. Grimmjow, ever wanting a new way to kick someone's ass, decided to press Ojos about the issue. "Hey Ojos what kind of catalyst is needed?"

The emperor of eyes was picking up his Zanpakuto when Grimmjow had asked the question; silently wondering is he should've explained Arrancar to the rookies so soon. Grimmjow's voice crashed into his ears "Eh… definitely should've waited…" he muttered to himself. He had finished strapping his sword back onto his back before answering Grimmjow's question "I don't think I'll tell you just yet. I mean I just got free and you want me wasting my time walking you through the stages of power? I don't think so. Tell you what, you actually get strong enough to stand in my presence when I flaunt my power and then we'll talk. Besides this place has been without my presence for much to long, and I think it's time I revealed myself again." Before Naruto or Grimmjow could respond he disappeared in a blur of speed.

Grimmjow growled in annoyance "You believe that bastard!? He gives half an explanation then just fucking disappears!? I don't think so; yo fox I'm heading after him do what you want." Then in an instant, Grimmjow sped through the dunes.

'Hmmm… an answer to our problems may soon present itself.' Naruto's head snapped up "What'd you mean?" Naruto couldn't be sure but he could've sworn that the voice snorted. 'Didn't you hear Ojos? You need a catalyst to undergo a transformation, and I believe, in my humble opinion, that you have the greatest tool to help you achieve this.' Shrugging his shoulders Naruto asked "What'd you mean?" The voices laughter rang throughout Naruto's body 'You'll understand soon enough.'

The voices, Naruto mused, just who did they belong to? Well the females at least remained a mystery; he was almost positive the male's was that annoying ass Captain. He hadn't heard the brutish one in a while either, not that it bothered him. The only one that he gave a damn about was the females and he still didn't know why. He didn't know how long he stayed in that spot, but finally decided a change of scenery was in order. Focusing, he gripped the 'fabric' of reality and ripped it open creating a portal. He walked in and the portal closed behind him, leaving no trace that he was there at all.

The void between dimensions was oddly comforting for Naruto. The blackness of it all, absolutely nothing but him, it allowed his mind to wander. Things started moving excessively fast for Naruto. Ojos, Arrancar, and his new den; Naruto smiled beneath his mask "My den." Then there was Ojos, the Hollow was incredibly strong, at least from the impression Naruto had of him, However, he was also incredibly knowledgeable "Something that'll come in handy later" Naruto whispered to himself. Finally there was the lose canon that was his partner Grimmjow, that one stopped Naruto for a bit. Quite frankly Naruto didn't know how to classify the cat Hollow. At times Grimmjow would seem to want nothing more then to fight the strongest enemy around the area. Yet Ojos caused the seemingly fearless cat to want to flee. "Could it be a power thing? Wishing to fight someone on his level? No Grimmjow wouldn't want that he'd fight regardless, but if that's the case that means that Ojos power must be greater then what I felt. Even then the bastard managed to floor us with just his presence!" The fox Hollow started to growl, unconsciously letting his Reiatsu rage about "That sucks! I can't let this happen, how can I make everyone recognize my power when I can be beaten so easily? Hmmm… maybe I should look into this Arrancar thing after all." Naruto had started walking again, no particular destination in mind. Not even registering it, Naruto walked out of another portal into the human world.

The lone Vasto Lorde set down into a village. Naruto looked on uninterested as the children played in the streets and civilians went about menial tasks. He walked through the village, an inkling in the back of his mind telling him he should know this place, "Hmm… quite a boring place if you ask me." That's when he saw something that drew his attention. A man dressed oddly, yet familiar, walked past him. An urge raged inside of him, and immediately his body walked on its own following this supposed stranger. Naruto tried to reign his body under control. He used every bit of strength he had, yet failed. 'What the hell, why can't I control my body' Naruto tried to scream, but found even his voice to not be working. Being forced to watch the mysterious individual, Naruto couldn't help but examine the man in front of him. The red vest and white hair of the stranger swayed lightly in the wind in an almost hypnotizing fashion. 'Wait… this seems familiar. Do I know this man? I can't if I did surely I would remember.' The fox Hollow wasn't to sure about the last part.

It seemed like an eternity before the man stopped. Naruto was quite interested when he saw the stranger turn his gaze on a small building, and giving a decent view of his face. Red paint went down his eyes and a small wart was on his nose. Suddenly the wind picked up, blowing dust into the man's face, forcing him to cover himself. The movement allowed Naruto to gain a full view of his features.

He saw now that the red paint ran down the bottom of both his eyes and he had a headband that read 'oil'. Naruto also noted this man was in his later years 'Heh… better pray you don't kill over today Ero-Sennin' he stopped. The nickname sounded so natural too him for some reason 'Why did I call him that?' "Ero-Sennin…"the word escaped Naruto's mouth. 'WHAT THE HELL, THAT WASN'T ME!'

The old man's eyes widened, quickly he looked around himself as the wind continued its assault. "Naruto... I'm sorry." The old man whispered before he started walking again.


The fox Hollows mind was filled with a scene of a blonde haired child in an orange jumpsuit making a proclamation to those around him. 'Who the hell is that?' The scene shifted to showcase the young boy training in the forest, training for what the Fox Hollow didn't know. Apparently the boy was trying to channel energy into a controlled sphere which he would then use to obliterate his enemy. 'Shit I didn't come here for this! This is my damn body and it'll take a whole lot more then some pathetic memories to slow me down!' Using every last bit of willpower he had, Naruto attempted to regain control of his body.

He just stood there not moving an inch yet one look into his eyes and you would know something was wrong. The fact was another presence had made itself known in Naruto's being, and this one actually had enough will to affect him. Not only that but this new presence apparently had knowledge about this place, and even had the audacity to force Naruto to witness its memories. Naruto started to feel it, the presence slowly losing its resolve to fight him for his body. He gave the presence no time to regroup itself and with a final burst managed to take back full control.

Before moving on Naruto made sure everything was working properly. He started to growl when he finished, even now he could still feel the presence in the back of his mind. "Look I could really care less who you are, but he next time you pull a stunt like that I'll destroy you! I don't care how far in my mind you do hide, and keep your pathetic memories to yourself!" Naruto could only snort as he felt the presence exude a feeling of despair. "Weakling…" he muttered before he went started off again.

Continuing on his task didn't help distract Naruto from those memories fully. Even if he did firmly believe that the blonde kid named 'Naruto' wasn't anyone he knew it was still disturbing at how familiar the scene was. "Tch why did you have to ruin my day" that's when he felt it, almost an echo, a burst of Spiritual Pressure, it was only there for a moment before it was quieted, almost untraceable. "Huh… that wasn't there before and it was strong. Maybe this day is still salvageable." With a laugh, a bit on the insane side, Naruto went off.

He nearly lost the scent a few times, yet every time it was a dead end there was another flare. It was in front of a tower that Naruto found his prey "Huh… Hokage tower? Wait… how did I know that? Tch no time to be thinking about stupid shit." With a growl he jumped up to the upper levels of the tower.

Unohana Retsu and Yoruichi Shihoin were bored. They were the next lucky pair charged with patrolling the newly designated Red Zone. "Unohana-chan I'm bored! Really what was old man Yama thinking! Putting me on such a boring assignment; I mean what are the odds that that stupid Vasto Lorde will show his face again." Yoruichi groaned and fell back onto the ground. Unohana smiled at the younger Shinigami "be patient Yoruichi-Dono our shift is almost over." She stifled a laugh when she heard Yoruichi give a un-lady like snort.

Even though Unohana had put on an outward appearance of someone who was calm and collected individual her current emotions were far from it. Even now the words of what the Fox Vasto Lorde said haunt her "Who do you think killed him?" She never really got to Saito beyond anything other than a passing acquaintance, and yet she's told he was attracted to her. The thoughts constantly plagued her mind certain little things she never realized until now about the dead Captain. Almost every Captains meeting he would take the same path as her even though it was several minutes out of the way. Even several times she would go looking for herbs in the mountains he was there, and every time he would always act like he didn't know she was going to show up there. The depression built up within her for some reason, though she didn't know why. She didn't care for Saito in a romantic sense, yet she couldn't help but feel like she lost her best friend.

Yoruichi herself wasn't fairing much better. True she did believe the job to be boring, but she thanked her luck that it hadn't turned into anything else. She had witnessed the capabilities of the new Vasto Lorde firsthand, and even though she didn't have access to her full capabilities she was strong enough to engage at least a Vice-Captain level Shinigami without much difficulty. Even with her full power allowed, thanks to General Yamamoto declaring this a Red Zone, she still felt quite uneasy. Not only that but she was paired up with Captain 'Mom', as termed by everyone not in division, possibly the most boring individual she'd ever known. It wasn't that she thought any ill will towards the Medic its just that when it came to anything entertaining she was always the last one you wanted to go to. When it came to conversation the only you could possibly get out of Unohana Retsu was a chiding for 'Wasting time when you had work to do'. 'However, she was one of the ones to meet up with the Hollow wonder what she thought of him.' Yoruichi turned her head towards her fellow Captain and asked "Unohana-Taicho, you met that Vasto Lorde right? What did you think of him?"

The Captain of the Fourth division nearly jumped when she heard her name called. She finally regained her composure and turned to regard Yoruichi. "I'm sorry what Yoruichi-Dono? I wasn't paying much attention." Sighing Yoruichi repeated her question "I asked what you thought of that new Vasto Lorde that made himself known?" For the faintest of moments Yoruichi could've sworn she saw Unohana's eyes narrow into slits. "Yoruichi-Dono he is a Hollow, and the most powerful type at that, what I think of him doesn't matter. What is important is that should we encounter him we eliminate him." The venom in which she spoke her words actually made Yoruichi flinch a bit. 'What's her problem its not like…' both Shinigami's thoughts stopped cold when they felt it.

"That can't be possible" Yoruichi whispered. The spiritual pressure she felt was undeniably the Fox Hollows, but the last time it wasn't as powerful. She turned to Unohana, who already had her Zanpakuto drawn. "You felt it to didn't you Unohana-Taicho." Yoruichi's only response was a quick nod from Unohana. Digging her hands to ground, Yoruichi back flipped from her current position just as the Vasto Lorde crashed into the area she previously occupied.

"Heh… looks like we meet again ladies" Naruto said. His tails swished behind him as he crossed his arms "Looks like you're both ready to go all out… any particular reason for that?"

Unohana wanted nothing more then to rip the bastard Hollows head off, forget performing a soul burial she wanted him utterly wiped from existence. Still it wouldn't do any good to just charge into a fight with an opponent as powerful as, not to mention the consequences it would have on the real world if she just went all out. Curiosity also made itself known in her mind 'He wasn't this strong before, and he only had three tails the last time. This is bad, if his full capabilities as a Hollow haven't matured yet there's no telling how strong he could become. Not to mention that I have one of the weaker Captains as backup' she sighed. This situation was getting worse by the second.

Yoruichi wasn't fairing much better. She stared down at the Fox Hollow before her. He had changed a bit in outward appearance but she still knew it was him. "Well at least you're not as tall now." Yoruichi muttered under her breath. She turned to Unohana to gauge her reaction. Yoruichi cursed when she saw the older woman looking at the ground. 'Is she even paying attention to the situation? Dammit looks like she's gonna be useless for a while.' "Well since Unohana-Taicho seems to be out of it for a moment how about I make the first move then?" Yoruichi grinned before charging to deliver a kick to Naruto's mask.

Naruto chuckled at the bronze skinned Captain. She was fast he would give her that, but after what he just went through against Ojos she didn't stand a chance. Waiting until the kick was mere inches from himself, Naruto gripped Yoruichi's leg, and using her momentum threw her off the top of the tower. He turned back to Unohana and was to dodge as a Katana was thrust at him. Displaying acrobatic movement seemingly impossible for his size, he managed to avoid the attack. Before Naruto could retaliate Unohana pivoted on her foot and shot forward like a bullet towards Naruto. In response Naruto's tails started to harden and shot out towards Unohana.

Being a veteran Unohana wasn't that surprised that the Fox's tails could be used as weapons. She had encountered similar attacks before in the past and they all had the same weakness in that once dodged the attack couldn't be re-angled and had to be retracted for another attack, and at the range the Vasto Lorde was attacking it would take some time to recover. Timing it right she dodged each tail with a grace that was honed with years of practice.

Naruto resisted the urge to laugh when he saw Unohana continued her attack. 'She's underestimating me' He smirked under his mask he would just have to show her you didn't underestimate the future King of Hueco Mundo. With a little more concentration Naruto's tails bent back around and came at Unohana from the back.

Yoruichi had recovered from the throw easily enough. The problem was how far he threw her. By the time she re-gained her bearings Yoruichi had discovered the Vasto Lorde had thrown her clear to one end of the village. When she did finally arrive she wasn't surprised to see Unohana had already engaged. As it was the battle looked like it was still getting warmed up. She made her move when she saw Naruto's tails come around and try to skewer Unohana from behind. Getting behind the Hollow without being was the easy part, she wasn't Captain of the 2nd Division for nothing. With her Zanpakuto Yoruichi severed all five of Naruto's tails in one slice. The scream that accompanied her attack was loud enough to shatter glass causing Yoruichi to almost cover her ears because of it.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Naruto screamed out. He had gotten careless. Naruto hadn't expected Yoruichi to be stealthy enough to sneak up on him like she did. Blinded by his rage Naruto made the mistake of taking his attention away from Unohana and focusing on Yoruichi.

No longer under the threat of Naruto's tails and with the Vasto Lordes attention focused on the younger Captain Unohana finished her attack with little difficulty.

Naruto felt Unohana's blade go through his back and out his stomach. Letting out an ear-splitting scream, Naruto gripped the sword's blade in an attempt to push it out. His attempt was futile as he felt the blade twist in his gut and force it's through his ribcage and out the side of his body. Naruto's blood stained the top of the tower as it erupted from him like a fountain, so blinded by the pain he never noticed the axe kick aimed at his mask until it sent him through the roof.

Naruto landed in a heap. His chest area was on fire and his mask had been massively cracked. Still he wouldn't give up, especially to any Shinigami. He reached his hand out for anything to balance him while he stood up. It hurt everywhere and the gaping wounds in his chest and stomach had only start to close up. Wobbling a bit he placed both hands on the table to keep from falling, and soon came to realize he was in an office. He looked around halfheartedly, his vision slightly better due to the holes still in his mask, and noted it was rather simple. He was about to leave to finish regenerating when he was stopped by a gasp. Quickly he looked for the source 'Is it another ambush' Naruto dispelled that thought from his head. Looking down at the front of the desk, he saw something that nearly caused him to gasp back in surprise. It was a woman blonde hair, two ponytails, well endowed, brown eyes, and the remnants of drool all so familiar. The presence that Naruto had fought off before was back in his mind full-force.

Tsunade had in a state of depression ever since the news of Naruto's death reached her ears. At first she denied it with tears in her eyes and begged Kakashi to tell her it was a lie. When the Copy-Nin turned his head away from her it was like a mirror breaking. What little hope she did have died when she saw the blonde's body. After that she just didn't care anymore she didn't talk to anyone and her position as Hokage didn't mean anything to her; drinking and sleeping were all she seemed to do anymore. Tsunade just wanted her Naruto back. Now this monster stood in front of her desk, oozing with the essence of Kyuubi, with Naruto's face, it was either some sick joke or a monster. Yet there was still that small part of her that held out hope that somehow Naruto had survived. Still she had to be sure this wasn't some kind of dream or attack. Finally, she couldn't take the tenseness of the situation anymore, and before she realized it she had whispered the name "Naruto…"

It was a raging battle for control of Naruto's body. The presence in Naruto's body desperately wanted control, even if it meant getting himself killed. Naruto just couldn't have that 'FUCKING IDIOT! STOP IT THERE'S TWO SHINIGAMI ON OUR ASSES THAT HAVE NO QUALMS WITH KILLING US! WE CAN WORRY ABOUT THIS WOMAN LATER, AND BESIDES IF WE BOTH DIE YOU'LL NEVER DO WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS YOU WANTED TO DO TO HER!' Naruto slowly felt full control returning to his body. He was rather curious how this female in front of him related to the foreign familiar presence in his body, but he still had some Shinigami he needed to pay back. Spiritual Pressure flared, as if in answer to his thinking, making Naruto look up. Two feet planted themselves firmly into Naruto's face, the wooden floor groaned in protest before giving way to the force of the pressure on it. The two fell through the tower. Any attempt made by Naruto to regain his bearings resulted in another savage kick. 'Shit she won't let up' Naruto thought as another kick landed on his side. In a desperate attempt Naruto lashed out with his arm.

Yoruichi smirked 'He's getting desperate? Maybe he's not as tough as we thought.' With the skills honed as a master martial artist, Yoruichi wrapped her arms around Naruto's wrist and, twisting around Naruto's body, put her knees at the base of his shoulder. Using the leverage Yoruichi pulled back on the Fox Hollow's arm until she heard an audible snap. Letting go of his arm, Yoruichi kicked off his back as he crashed into the bottom of the tower.

From the healing tails to the broken arm Naruto tried to find any part of his body that wasn't hurting. He tried to chuckle, instead only blood leaked from his mouth, as he slowly got to his feet. 'Shit, I'm getting fucked up pretty bad. Heh… almost as bad as that fight with Saito, cept' this time it's a girl. Tch… speaking of girls where the fuck is that voice? You'd think she'd be offering words of wisdom by now.' Naruto stopped thinking asthe red Reiatsu covered his body again, slowly closing his wounds and piecing back together his mask. "Heh you gotta love the fast healing eh Shinigami?" Naruto said as he turned to see a smirking Yoruichi.

Naruto let out a threatening growl, seeing this Shinigami so smug made his blood boil "I'll admit you caught me off guard, but don't get to smug. I won't underestimate you again." 'ALRIGHT BOY, SHOW HER WHAT YOU'RE CAPABLE OF! DON'T HOLD BACK ANYMORE! GO FORWARD AND SHOW THEM WHAT THEY SHOULD FEAR!' The voice made fueled Naruto's rage as something inside of him snapped. Every wound closed, every mask fragment reformed, and arms set back into place as Naruto's Reiatsu built up in a pillar of power that extended well above the tower, the village.

The whole of Konoha felt it. A presence that hadn't been felt in sixteen years; the one being that nearly destroyed there entire village. Civilians broke into chaos trying to escape the malicious feeling of dread that had overtaken them. Parents abandoned children, children cried and fainted, and the ninja raced toward the source.

Yoruichi was taken back. 'This much power should be impossible! Even old man Yamamoto doesn't have this much Reiatsu! Even if he did evolve from Adjuchas to Vasto Lorde in record time he should've stopped his growth! Unohana and I can't take this by ourselves anymore.' As fast as she could Yoruichi reached for her Soul Phone.

'THIS IS INCREDIBLE! No holding back no limitations I can do anything!' This wasn't like when he fought Ojos, Saito, or even when he nearly killed Yoruichi. This wasn't showing off anymore, testing the limits of what he could do, this was raw unbridled strength. He stared at Yoruichi as she pulled out the instrument that forced his retreat last time. The very earth couldn't withstand Naruto's speed as he moved to intercept Yoruichi. It was pure bliss when he crushed her hand and in the process her phone. He wanted to chuckle at the look of pure fear that appeared on her face when she realized what happened. "Still gloating is what got me in trouble in the first place." Naruto whispered. His body tingled when he felt her 'Looks like the second one decided to act then… wonder why she hasn't helped till now?' With a hold on Yoruichi, Naruto quickly scanned the tower for Unohana. '…There' he found her, two floors up, putting away a phone. With a growl, Naruto threw the Second Division Captain towards Unohana. Not wasting any time, Naruto opened his maw, as Reiatsu gathered in it, and released a Cero.

'It's not real' she thought to herself. The body was there in the casket Tsunade remembered the day when she saw it, when they buried it. Yet she saw it with her own eyes, a monster that had her Naruto's face. It didn't answer her when she called out to him. Then that woman had attacked him, smashing him through her floor and down to bottom of the tower. Tsunade wanted it to be a dream; she would've given anything for it to be a dream. Yet the hole in her floor remained and the sounds of combat could be heard from below. Then, like everyone else in the village, she felt it. The malicious Chakra of the Kyuubi. It teased her, antagonized her, and dared her to say it was still a lie. Still the leader part of her, one she thought had long since died, begged her to take charge once again. To defend the village that her little Naruto loved so much. Tsunade steeled her resolve, whether or not that monster was Naruto she had no doubt that he would still fight to the death to protect this village. Moving with speed and precision of a legendary Ninja she made her way to the bottom of the tower.

Unohana screwed up, something she didn't do very often. She allowed her desire to make her friend's killer suffer blind her. Moving quickly she managed to catch Yoruichi and avoid the Cero the Hollow had fired. With Yoruichi in hand, Unohana fled from the tower. Now with Yoruichi seemingly crippled in one hand and the Seireitei saying reinforcements may or may not be coming, 'Hold for Orders' she had been told. Unohana was left with a very angry and very focused Vasto Lorde to contend with. Immediately she went over every Kido spell she knew, most took time and even then she wasn't sure if they would do enough damage to the Hollow to be worth it. She thought of her Shikai and Bankai then immediately dismissed the thought. The reports that Aizen had submitted stated that this Hollow had no qualms in eating Zanpakutos, and every attack Minazuki had was slow to build up. Unohana shook her head Minazuki would just be a giant meal to this Hollow if what Aizen had witnessed true. Then there was the issue of the amount of Reiatsu the Vasto Lorde was emitting. 'The last time such a thing occurred was… the Quincy' so many people in one place being exposed to such massive Reiatsu. Unohana wanted to curse, 'Is this the reason Seireitei is hesitant in sending reinforcements? Still these people use Chakra, the essence of life, if it were mixed with Reiatsu… it could prove to be fatal and the ones lucky enough to survive would no doubt be hunted down.' A disturbing roar broke her thoughts. Again her attention was stolen as she felt her fellow Captain struggle against her "We must hurry, we need time to regroup Yoruichi-Dono."

Reiatsu thrashed around, reflecting Naruto's anger towards his prey. They had run, he'd seen them, and before he could give chase he was surrounded. Surveying them Naruto came to one conclusion, they were human. They all wore the same clothing, more or less, 'Probably Military' Naruto thought. 'There she is again' Naruto thought to himself. There four floors above him stood the blonde woman. A tingle stirred in the back of his mind, weaker then the previous times, and was utterly squashed, the last thing Naruto wanted right now was to fight over control for his body. "Tch I don't have time to for this shit right now" he made to walk out of the tower, he was sure the Shinigami couldn't have gotten to far. Sound reached his ears, something moving through the air he deduced, content to ignore it Naruto continued walking. Something had pegged him on the back it didn't hurt, yet something did feel odd about it. Another sound this time sounding like something was just lit, a memory appeared in his mind a little piece of paper yet still produced an impressive explosion, "Explosive tag…" he felt the air heat almost instantly, the tags reaction to the chakra focused into it was always delayed, small shards of metal were released due to the tags seals, combined with the heat this was devastating to living beings, and with its final release created an explosion, utilizing the nearby air as fuel, that engulfed the Fox Hollow and a good portion of the room. It didn't hurt, it didn't even pierce his skin, but the fact remained, they had attacked, they had underestimated him, and they thought him a fool. They spoke, Naruto could hear it, he understood the words "STOP", "MORON", and "GAVE ORDERS". The Fox Hollow growled not only did they try to destroy him with that pathetic attack, but they also thought to ignore him.

That tore it, if they wanted to die so badly he would be happy to oblige. "Naruto" that woman had said that name again. A roar tore its way from Naruto's throat, instantly the chatter stopped. The tension was thick, everyone frozen from fear or anxious as to who would make the next move, Naruto ate it up, the intoxicating fear the humans let off in waves. "Which one of you bastards threw that explosive tag at me?" Naruto asked, looking around he noted most of the Ninja seemed surprised. Seeing that no one answered him he asked more forcefully "I asked which one of you bastards threw that explosive tag at me! Answer and I may not kill everyone here!" 'Well… maybe I'll kill most of them, but they don't need to know that', again no one answered him, and this time most of the Ninja started to take out weapons. 'Tch… that's it' he held up his hand, a sphere of Reiatsu formed around it, with the intent on atomizing everyone in the tower.

"WAIT!" Tsunade yelled, she had heard and seen enough. The voice, the energy it emitted, and the monstrous fox-like appearance it all pointed to being Naruto in some sense. A sigh of relief was released when she saw the fox monster had stopped momentarily. Hesitant to approach but still anxious to confirm her curiosity, Tsunade jumped to the ground floor and approached the fox Hollow slowly. At this point Tsunade could care less about protocol protection of the village she just needed to ask this creature a question "Is that you…Naruto?" She tensed when the beast growled at her and became weary when he started to advance on her. Tsunade mentally went over several scenarios should the need arise to defend herself. Not that it mattered in Tsunade's mind anyway, after that horrifying display of power that had practically half of Konoha's military in the tower with her, all sweating bullets; she doubted they could last at least five minutes. The Hollow stopped right in front of her, and slowly brought its mask inches from her face. Two bluish orbs stared into her eyes, its hot breath blowing against her skin, Tsunade could faintly make out the outline of a person's face within the fox-like skull. Seemingly done with his inspection the Hollow pulled its face away and looked at everyone surrounding him. Tsunade was about to give up on it when he spoke, in that same voice that she had grown to miss, "Lady I wanna kill all of you, I really do, but the only reason I haven't is because something keeps holding me back. It keeps telling me you're important, and I don't know why. It's fucking annoying! Fuck, this stupid Naruto kid who you probably think I am… no fucking clue. I got a couple fucking memories of him wanting to be this pussy thing called Hokage and then he goes about it like a god damned jackass. Honestly caring about gaining peoples respect? Bullshit reasons, he should've wanted them to fear him for his power. Tch… I don't even know why I'm telling you this! I should be killing those fucking Shinigami and feasting on their innards right now, but no one of your jackass ninja had to go and throw a fucking explosive tag at me for no fucking reason." Tsunade stood there shocked. This monster was Naruto, or at least partially. More questions flooded her mind she desperately wanted to ask, she took a step forward. Before she could do anything else Naruto again talked "You know what? Forget it forget the whole fucking thing! I'm to fucking annoyed right now to deal with anything." A black portal opened up behind the agitated Hollow and he slowly walked in. Tsunade raced to catch him, desperate to make him stay, but to her misfortune she merely touched the outline of the dark void. That small contact with the afterlife, however, affected her in a way that would forever link her to Hueco Mundo. Her body stiffened, it felt like her entire body was on fire, and she promptly collapsed. The very last thing she was aware of was several shouts of 'Hokage-Sama'.

"Something is wrong" Unohana muttered. Initially when she retreated she had fully expected the Hollow to follow her. "Perhaps those whose spirit powers have awakened drew him away." She shook her head again. That seemed highly unlikely considering there were two Shinigami Captains he had forced to retreat. She turned to look down at the unconscious Yoruichi, her hand had been completely crushed, easy enough to fix, the true problem was the Hollow's Reiatsu. It seemed to have done some more extensive damage then she was capable of healing without the proper equipment. That in itself was odd, the Reiatsu she did manage to remove from the wound was rather poisonous. Unohana had never encountered anything like it. "Yamamoto-Sama will need to be informed of this." "Informed of what Unohana-Taicho?" The 4th Division Captain, startled, turned to the source of the voice. Unohana let out a sigh of relief "Yamamoto-Sama you are aware that Yoruichi-Dono and I have encountered the Vasto Lorde Class Hollow codenamed "King"?" The old man nodded allowing her to continue "Upon engagement we have found his power has grown substantially." Yamamoto stiffened a bit before nodding again "During the battle the two of us managed to do substantial damage, however, this Hollow has displayed some troubling abilities. Its regeneration factor is phenomenal it managed to recover from a shattered mask, broken arm, nearly severed torso, and several other breaks and lacerations within minutes. Its Reiatsu also appears to be poisonous, and with all due respect Yoruichi-Dono needs medical attention." The 4th Division Captain made to move Yoruichi back into the Soul Society. The old Captain stopped her, and motioned for several Shinigami dressed in medic garb to care for the tan skinned woman. Before Unohana could protest she was cut off "It will take some time before you are truly needed Unohana-Taicho, but for right now I wish to inform you of your new assignment." Unohana blinked, it was quite odd for Captains to be given assignments "One of the Central 46's agents has reported in this incident. The general consensus was there would be another Quincy disaster, and almost immediately we speculated a report to slaughter this entire village. However, seeing as how this Vasto Lorde is seriously becoming a nuisance, and fear of losing our own men. They have decreed that this village, should they wish to continue existing in the realm of the living, will have to aid in the purification of said Vasto Lorde. Yes I know it's a moronic idea, but Central 46 believe that these peoples training for the military will allow them to adapt to their new powers efficiently, but they still have decided a liaison is necessary you will be it." The news kept getting worse and worse Unohana thought. "Yamamoto-Sama these people will be slaughtered! We can't allow this to happen…" "CAPTAIN UNOHANA, KNOW YOUR PLACE! The fact remains whatever Central 46 has decreed we must follow it!" Instantly Unohana sobered up "Understood Yamamoto-Sama" with that she followed to the infirmary.

Yamamoto stared at the Village of Konoha and sighed before turning and walking back into the gate.

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