Ok...although there are quite a few amazing stories about our dear Yuki and Kyo on think its time they had some happiness!!!!

Almost all of the stories I read end in tragedy...or don't end at all screams

Sooo...I decided to give them, and you, some good old fashioned fluff.
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Its funny really,when you think about it...how all these things happen. That shake at the foundations of your life, until everything is unstable, but suddenly you have two of you to put it together again, and what you build up, is love.

You don't really think of it as it's happening. But when things are quiet, and things everywhere are still, like in the forest that yuki now found himself. He cradled a head of orange hair in his lap, and when he looked up to the sky, which he could see through a near clearing, he found that the two colours matched.

This bought a smile to his face, a loving smile, which he knew, spread over his whole face, to his eyes. It used to be impossible to bring such emotion forth from him, before Kyo.

He ran his fingers through the silken hair, the action caused a pair of vermillion eyes to slowly open, and look up with adoration. A tanned hand crept up to a paler face, to touch the paler skin.

A voice that sounded like it had just been roused from sleep, whispered:

"I love you, yuki, my yuki"

"i love you too...forever"

I don't really know where to begin. Or, for that fact, how it began. It just did. I was writing in my journal. By the light of a desk lamp. After another fight with him, which I of course, won. I was analysing him, I had been doing that a lot, around that time, everybody had a section, in which I would write about then, and what I thought of them. Kyo's, was uncannily larger than the rest of them. I obviously had a lot more to say about him than the others. I was trying to figure out what it was that made him the way he was. I couldn't figure it out. But perhaps I first had to figure out what he was like. I knew him. But I never really KNEW him. He was a complete stranger. So I began from the beginning.

He was competitive. More so than anyone I had ever met, other than myself. He had his moments of being highly confident, and then e was make a complete u-turn, and be too scared or feeble to make it out of the house. He was very private. Hardly letting anyone in his room but Tohru, and that was only when she had to drop clothes off.

Physically, he was extremely fit, training every day meticulously. He would be more able bodied than myself, had he not had the curse weighing him down, and making me more powerful. He was very hygiene conscious. Very clean. And he was also very beautiful, although he thought himself disgusting. All of the Sohma's were beautiful. But he had been graced. Because he didn't look weak and pale, like a lot of them did, he inherited the feminine beauty, but he had that shot of masculinity that almost all of the others lacked.

I didn't mind making this observation, he was not childish enough to scream at himself for calling the cat beautiful. Unlike a lot of the family, I had not been brainwashed by akito into thinking that the cat was disgusting, i live with him, and I see him everyday. i could accept that he was very attractive.

It was strange that i didn't really know Kyo, because when i came to think of it, the feline was the person i had most physical contact with, even if it was violent. So in conclusion, Kyo was not that unlike myself.

Of course, if he had read this, god only knows what would have happened, other than yet another fight. So, I kept my journal, unsuspiciously on a shelf in my room, which had a dozen or so similar books next to it. Therefore, he would never see it when we were fighting, and thus, never get curious as to what this highly guarded book might have been.

So I was safe. Not that I really had anything to hide, but the cat was really quite childish when it came to things like that, so I would have hell to pay if he found it.

Over the next few days, I found myself analysing Kyo even more, almost every night I would sit, and argue with myself about why he was the way he was, about why he was always so defensive. I was afraid to realize, that I found him rather intriguing. He was a new obsession of mine, in a purely psychological way. I would remember everything that he said during the day, and then write it down, and think about why he said it, and I would replay it in my head, just the way he had said it.

i also noticed that he was looking at the cat a lot more, looking at his actions, how he reacted to certain situations, how he looked at people. i learnt from this, that you could discover a lot about Kyo, from his eyes. If you looked into them, you would see a whole world. But i didn't get a chance to do that often of course, because the cat would catch me.

i had pages and pages of notes about kyo, i put this down to the old adage 'know your enemy'

But why did i hate kyo? It wasn't because of the whole 'the cat must be hated and excluded' thing. It was only because the feline was just so annoying! i wasn't going to take all of that abuse from him, because it would just make me look weak, and he would try to walk all over me.

I found myself watching him at times when I would have normally completely ignored him, like when he was eating, when Tohru would ask him questions he would eat quickly, as she would begin to annoy him, but when he sometimes sat alone at school, he would eat very slowly, and seemingly carefully. He seemed calm when by himself. I liked to watch him when he was thinking too, because he was so readable, even though he my have seemed out of it to anyone else, I could see what was going on behind his blank expression, because, as I have said, Kyo spoke with his eyes.

I wanted to watch him when he slept. I wanted to see what the unconscious Kyo was like. So that there would be nothing making him act any way he didn't need to, the sleeping kyo would be the raw kyo. I didn't know, of even think about how strange this must have been, to anyone who found out, or even to me. The thing was, it didn't strike me as odd. I didn't really think about it, it just happened steadily, but very quickly.

I planned to creep into his room, about five days after the whole obsession began. I would wait until I could hear nothing in the house. And then, carefully, I would make my way to the bathroom, if nobody stirred, especially kyo, I would then make my way over to his room.
I was unfortunate, because as the cat, kyo had very sensitive hearing. So I would need to be especially careful. I wrote all of this down in my journal, meticulously planning each step I would take, reminding myself of creaks in the floorboards, and doors that had hinges that needed oiling.

The plan was to be carried out the next night. I tried to put myself into someone else's frame of mind, because I know if I didn't, I would bottle out. I was in my nights clothes, they were an off white, that was almost the same shade as my skin, if they were close-fitting, people may have thought I was naked.

So, I padded down the hall, to the bathroom, it was just opposite his room, maybe to the right a bit. There was a dim light coming from under Kyo's door, it would have panicked me, however I have known for a long time that kyo sleeps with a light on, he still does, when he sleeps alone that is. So I went to the bathroom, I stood there, calming my breathing while sitting on the edge of the bath.

When I was ready, I lightly stepped towards the door, opening it, and sliding through, across the hall, I pressed my ear to Kyo's door, and I found silence, I placed my hand on the cold wooden door handle, and slowly turned it ...