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My eyes burn naked,
My black cold numbers,
My insecurities,
My devious nature,
Make it go away.

The walk to the door was strained, Yuki was quaking in my arms and for a while I struggled to hold him. We got to the door, the light blinding us both momentarily, and we stopped.

"you need to tell us where to go. I don't know my way around" my voice shook the way his body did.

He seemed to be empty. His eyes blinked absently, wide, as he looked up to the light bulb that stunned him so. I gave him a moment and then he seemed to come back to himself.

"window." He croaked. "we need to get out of a window. The doors will be too dangerous."

"ok." I started walking, then it hit me. where on earth would I find a window in this maze?

"next door, go next door. There will be no one in there." It was as if he could read my mind, and although the idea of an escape filled me with joy, I was nevertheless dubious that we would make it to Shigure's. Part of me doubted that Yuki could even make it out of the window without help.

I stuck my head out into the hall, looked along the corridor and saw that we were alone. We rounded the corner into the next room, it was open. this surprised me greatly. I was expecting it to be locked tight, like both mine and Yuki's door.

My rest between rubber,
My spider shadow,
My shattered dancer.

The door swung open without a creak, and looking around, I was stunned to my very core. The room was full of photographs, some colour, some black and white, but all of the Sohmas. There were pictures of Ayame, Hatori, and Shigure in their youth, as they god older, looking at them, looking at their faces, as they got older, they all got sadder. I thought about the possible events that led them to lose their happiness and their freedom, some of them I knew, others I could only imagine. There were pictures of an infant Yuki, smiling and wide-eyed. I saw them all, my family, the people who share my genetic code, who share my curse. It made me feel sick to the stomach, queasy and unsteady on my feet. Yuki broke away from me, and slowly and shakily closed the door behind us, then he found a desk to lean against.

I continued to look at the pictures, not only were there some framed on the walls, but there was boxes stacked high, filled to the brim with negatives, with prints, and with pictures in broken frames. It hit me very suddenly, my stomach gave a lurch at the realization. There were no pictures of me. I was truly the outcast, the dirty secret of the Sohma family.

"there are none of me" I sounded like a spoiled child.

"be thankful" Yuki sighed, picking up a photograph of him when he was about three.

I walked over and looked at it.

"you were a beautiful child Yuki" I ran my fingers through his hair, I loved the adult Yuki, his beauty, his stance, his person. But I felt cold at the thought of the younger Yuki, the Yuki I had met once, and that I had disliked intensely. I looked at him in this image, although I still felt that cold, I saw him as I know him in the present.

"no one like me could ever be beautiful" he looked to the floor, there was a lamp on in the corner and it cast deep shadows across his face, I noticed shame upon his features.

"how wrong you are." I smiled, it ached, the bruises were coming out.

"you're wrong too" his voice was nearly silent.


"about the pictures. There are photographs of you. There are hundreds of them. But Akito won't allow them to be put up"

I should have known, and I should have expected it, but it still stung me somewhere deep inside me. Yuki, looking very small and very tired shifted over to a cupboard I had never been aware of before. He pulled the door open, it creaked loudly and leaning down, he found a box. With an audible heave he pulled the box out onto the floor. In an elegant script, my name was written across the top flap 'Sohma Kyo'.

I felt queasy, I was about to see my life in front of me, printed in pictures. Yuki opened the box, kneeling carefully beside it. He pulled about a stack of pictures, as many as his hands could take. He began to flick through them, and although he smiled at them, calling me cute, a sadness filled his eyes that slowly broke my heart.

He handed them to me. what I saw sparked memories in me that had long laid dormant. In one picture I was smiling, laughing with Shishou. In another I was in the bath, splashing about, smiling. In the next I was about eight. And my eyes were beginning to look like Shigure's, like Hatori's, and like Ayame's. They were beginning to look sad.

From along the hall I heard footsteps, our curse allows us the extraordinary hearing that comes with being something other than human. I jump, spilling the photographs and snatching Yuki's hand.

"we have to leave." The blood pumps unbearably fast in my ears.

Moving to the window I search in the half-light for the catch, it slips easily in my hand and I lift the window open, the cold air blasts in, a gale that almost knocks me off my feet, it catches my breath and takes it away for a moment, regaining my faculties I look to Yuki, he stands closer to me than I had thought and looks at me worriedly.


Beautiful, broken,
My crystal fingers,
Beautiful, broken,
My crystal fingers.

He nods. He sits on the thin window ledge hoisting his legs through the window, he struggles, and so I help him, supporting his aching back. With a pained groan he lands standing outside the slightly raised window. His arms raised up as if to catch me, but with the state he was in, he would probably struggle to get out of his own way.

"Yuki, just stay low to the ground"

He did as I asked, moving to the side to allow for me to get out. I took one more sad look around the room and then threw myself out of the window.

Cats always land on their feet. This is not true of me, when I used to get beaten by Yuki, I would land unceremoniously on the floor in a heap. This was the case now, I was so panicked that all semblance of thought left me. I had literally hurled myself out of the window in a way that should have been reserved for a much higher jump. In all, the only thing I had accomplished was making myself look very stupid. Yuki helped me up, brushing the powdery snow off of my knees and shoulders. I smiled at him, I could feel my cheeks reddening. But still my stomach churned.

"let's go" we looked side to side, it was eerily silent in the gardens, the only thing that moved was the snow, endlessly static. We moved through it, and already I was consumed with a chill. I looked to Yuki, he seemed to be turning blue. Our footsteps were clumsy, and I was nearly blind for the falling snowflakes, but he told me to continue walking, not to stop until I find the wall. It turned out that the wall found me. the snow fell harder and thicker, I could no longer see. As soon as the wall came into view, it was too late for me to stop, with a smack I hit it. Yuki laughed quietly, and for a moment, just a split second, I hated him again. But he leaned to me, and kissed my forehead, all his sins were atoned and my heart belonged solely to him.

"follow the wall, along to the right. We'll go behind some bushes, so it'll be bumpy. Don't trip-" he began to laugh again, obviously thinking of my interaction with the wall, before I could snap at him he continued: "but at least we'll be covered" it all made perfect sense.

We walked, I felt may way along the wall with my hands, I could only assume he was doing the same. I could hear him gasping for breath behind me and I worried, I thought of Yuki's lungs, the way they were weak, their equivalent was brown paper bags and brown paper bags would not survive this weather. I turned around and looking at him, my suspicions were confirmed and I panicked a little, I would lead him to the nearest covering, and we would rest, he would calm himself enough to breathe and I would help him do so. We walk about 100 yards, the bushes were thick and heavy with snow, perfect protection. As I ducked to enter, I took his hand, guiding him down to sit on the cold but dry ground. He looked confused but he didn't argue with me. he leant against the wall and I knelt in front of him my hands upon his shoulders.

"it's ok. It's ok, just breathe, breathe deeply" watching me intently he tried his best to do what I asked, his breathing was still painful to listen to.

My hands cupped his face, held him close to my chest, only now did the true extent of my fright come to the surface, I began to shake, my eyes filled with tears, and whether it was through sadness or relief I do not know, but all I could do was cry. He wrapped his arms tight around me, he was now breathing as I had told him to, deeply, slowly, I could feel the warmth of it in my chest.

I kissed the top of his head, his hair smelled of cold, of the outdoors, I wanted to curl up and go to sleep with that smell, but I knew we had to carry on. I missed it as soon as I moved from him, but he looked up at me, the image of innocence and he smiled, it was all going to be ok. I leant down and kissed him chastely upon the lips, as long as we were together we would be alright, I hoped. Part of me winced at my own cliché, but the other part of me was reassured by it.

My glass like rain,
My illumination,
My cracks are sliding,
Shaker, feather,
Rubber, duster,
Cold, cool,

Taking a deep breath, I for once, had to be the strong one, the one that took care of someone else, and I pushed myself into it with all the force I could muster. I held my hand out, and he took it, his grip was weak, but I knew that to him, he was squeezing with all his might.

We left our cover, and were once again out in the open, but only briefly, incandescent light pouring from the windows of near-by buildings showed us our path, but as much as it helped us, I was also fearful that it would be our downfall. Buildings with lights on, usually indicated that there was someone in them, had they found out we were missing? Were they looking for us? I walked a bit quicker.

I turned as we entered another bush.

"where are we going?" the walking in front of me seemed endless, the snow was getting thicker, and I was beginning to turn blue.

"keep walking. The wall runs out soon, it will turn to wood panels, one of them comes off easily."

I stopped, like a car slamming it's brakes on.

"how do you know?" irritation prickled my skin like the thorns I kept encountering.

"I grew up here, Kyo, don't doubt me."

I was put in my place, and so I continued walking. My feet were wet with snow, the damp rising up to my knees. I hate the rain, and now I'm older, I hate the snow. I hated it especially now. I felt the wall, waiting for what Yuki had promised. And after what felt like an eternity, I found it. The surface felt less dense, but cold with frozen water that had seeped into it when it last rained.

"keep going" he whispered. And I did.

His hand on my shoulder made me jump, he had stopped. He was pulling at a long, thin fence panel with his shaking fingers.

"it's ok, it's ok, let me do it." I held his hands in mine for a moment, finding that they warmed his if only a fraction. I pulled the panel free, wondering what to do with it, if only for a second, and then dropping it to the floor. He slid through before I could invite him to. I followed struggling slightly. And there it was, with the help of some unknown person and Hatori, we had escaped. The sense of relief swept over me for a moment, although it was wiped away by the realization that we had to make our way back to Shigure's there was no safety until then, no relaxing.

I ached, my limbs becoming heavier and heavier with every step, but I carried on. I knew I was in better shape than Yuki, as he was once again rasping for breath, but I didn't know what exactly was wrong with him. I wasn't going to tell him, but I was willing to carry him if he needed me to.

"Kyo, please, please can we stop for a minute?" he was gasping loudly, as if the very oxygen he metabolised was drowning him. I took him by the shoulders and guided him to a tree stump, it was covered in a thick blanket of snow and was difficult to identify, but I swept the snow away, making room for him. He sat, clutching his side and wheezing so badly I thought he might be dying.

"are you ok?" he didn't reply. "Yuki, Yuki, are you ok? Talk to me" I tried to keep my voice low but panic was setting in, and on reflection I think I was shouting.

He shook his head, his head lolling and his hands gripping at the tree stump. I moved to catch him before he knew he was going to collapse. And then his weight was on me, his head falling on my shoulder. Panic stopped me breathing for a minute and as I got myself together I started to move him. I laid him down in the snow, his skin was almost the same colour, his wounds, the scratch on his face the welts around his eyes. Everything else was under his t-shirt.

Your fingers, broken,
Beautiful, wonderful,
Paper flaps,
How you love,
Love to love,
Love and stitch,
Shaker, rubber, striper.

I dropped to my knees, putting my ear to his chest, amidst the rattling of his beating heart I could hear the air uneasily entering and leaving his lungs, he was alive, just out of it. I cried, a prickly chill ran throughout my whole body and as I tried to shake it off I pulled him up from the floor and hugged him close to me. his back was wet with snow, I knew it would mean trouble for him when a chill took him and it began to freeze. I pulled the shirt up over his head, he was a dead weight and I struggled with him, but soon, he was free of it. I leant him against the tree stump and removed the shirt I was wearing. It was still damp, but drier that the one he was wearing. I slipped it onto him with much struggling. I was doing up the buttons as he came to, he sat bolt upright and grabbed at my hands, I had never seem panic such as this, and it threw me completely.

"I-it's me, Yuki, it's me, it's ok"

His eyes were veiled with fear, for a second he didn't recognise me at all. These seems to be a click in his mind, and he came back to me, wrapping his arms tight around me.

"I'm sorry" he could barely talk, we were in dangerous territory now.

I knew I would have to all but carry him the rest of the way. It seemed impossible, but it needed to be done.

I ran my fingers through his hair as he rested his head on my shoulder. The silver wisps were dampened by the snow, somehow it seemed fitting for him, the ice prince. I looked about us. There were trees as far as the eye could see, which wasn't very far, it was pitch black with the light from the windows now completely gone.

"Hatori." He coughed.

"what?" I had the same mixed feelings every time I heard the Dragon's name.

"I need to see Hatori" he choked into my chest.

"no, y-you can't. You can't go back in there, it's too dangerous." I knew his condition was bad and so I couldn't possibly refuse him treatment, however I was seeing sense, if we went back in there, we were almost sure to be caught.

"I can't carry on Kyo, I'll die" he was crying, I could feel his tears turning from warm to cold on my skin, prickled with Goosebumps.

I didn't know what to do, suddenly the world was falling away from me again. I learned a valuable lesson that night, never allow yourself to become comfortable, because comfort can never last too long.

"I'll go and get him. I'll bring him here." It was the only thing I could do to keep Yuki safe, or as safe as I possibly could.

He nodded, too weak to even talk now. I put the wet shirt on, it smelled of him, and it smelled of tears.

Beautiful, broken,
My crystal fingers,
Beautiful, broken,
My crystal fingers.