Summary: Three years later, Clopin and Kara have a child. Lavender, who is now married to Frollo, had two miscarriages but third times the charm! When she becomes pregnant she must hide the fact from everyone except three people. Why? Because her father's old enemy is in town and he's promised to kill her. When the child is born, Lavender is forced by Frollo to give her child to Kara to raise as her own. When the old enemy finds out, she must choose; protect he husband or her child?

"Are you nervous?" A tall dark skinned woman asked me as we watched the flower girls go down the aisle. She wore a dark green dress which matched her eyes perfectly. With a golden ribbon, her jet black hair was tied into a ponytail.

I inhaled shakily, holding tightly onto the purple lilies in my hands. "No! Of course not! I'm just planning to marry the man whom my father promised me to for a job before breaking his word and hiding me away in the Court of Miracles for five years! No, no, dear Esmeralda, I'm not nervous at all!" My tan skin had turned almost as white as my long dress.

She gave me a dull glare, placing the hand which held lavender flowers on her hips, "Oh yes, so much sarcasm! Be happy, Lavender, you are getting married to Judge Claude Frollo!" She made it sound like such an honor.

Many gypsies were outraged at the thought of one of their own marrying the man who killed them with a passion.

Her green eyes met my dark purple ones. It still amazed me how such a cold hearted man such as Frollo could be in love with me…me, a gypsy freak! My long black hair was covered with a thin white veil. I must have complained a million times about the corset I wore, saying it hurt like hell. Finally Quasimodo, who was helping me wit the flowers, say that if I kept talking, I wouldn't be able to breathe at all in this horrible thing.

I always wanted a wedding in April when the flowers began to bloom and the sun shine brightly with warmth.

When I was five years old, my father Arthur Black promised my hand in marriage at the age of fifteen to the Judge for exchange of becoming captain. My mother, a famous gypsy named Lilac Hellrose never knew of it and was killed for being a "witch". Shortly afterwards, I found myself living with the King of Gypsies himself; Clopin.

By the time I was fifteen, I disobeyed him and went to the Feast of Fools, where I met Frollo once more. After such a long tragic journey, I now find myself about to be married!

Just a month ago, my friend Kara and Clopin got wed…we heard they were enjoying their honeymoon but it disappointed me to know they couldn't come to see this. "Come on, I'll walk you down the aisle." Esmeralda said softly, grabbing my forearm to lead my numb self to my fiancé.

"Do you Lavender Hellrose Black take Claude Frollo as your husband?" The Archdeacon asked with a smile, bible in hand. My purple lips curled into a smile, looking at the man before me. His gray hair showed without his hat but he looked handsome. His eyes glittered with happiness.

"I do." I managed to get the words out in a half whisper. Frollo's smile grew larger at this.

"And do you Claude Frollo take Lavender Hellrose Black as your wife?" The Archdeacon questioned.

Claude spoke in that dark voice, "I do."

He stepped forward, closing the space between us. Wrapping his arms around my waist, his lips met mine in a soft passionate kiss, a sign of love that would last an eternity and the next.

Seven Months Later

It turns out that I was pregnant from our erm… "visit to the beach". It was my seventh month and I felt moody! While I was happy that a life was inside me, it also annoyed me to my wits end that I looked enormous! Clopin, whom I had spoken to often, said that this was natural and I still looked beautiful. Kara and I got together every other day and walked around or traveled back to the Court of Miracles. It turns out she was pregnant too!

We spent so much time together, talking about our children, that we felt they would be as close as we were when they were born. It was just an amazing feeling to know my friend who was like a sister lost at birth was going to have a child in the exact same month!

When we walked to the Court of Miracles, most gypsies just smiled and talked to us, accepting my choice of husband. Others shunned us altogether. But that was fine for we knew we had friends still. Esmeralda and…what was his name…Doofus….Sonny…Bobby…No, wait, Phoebus! They had went on their honeymoon and still not returned.

One night it stormed horribly, the thunder making not only people shake but windows as well. I sat in front of the fireplace that Frollo had once collapsed in front of. He never told me about why he sang "gypsy it's your turn" or whatever…oh well! "Lavender…my wife, why aren't you sleeping?" My husband's voice echoed in the big room.

Shrugging, I stared into the dancing embers, "…Just thinking. Plus my stomach hurts, the baby's been kicking. Come sit with me, Claude." He sat next to me and put down a small plate of purple grapes and strawberries. Curse these cravings!

"I love how your eyes and this fruit look alike…" Frollo muttered, eating a grape. I glared at him. Lately he had been strict and picky about my diet and how much I roamed in the sun. He claimed it wasn't safe for the baby…psh. There was no way in hell that he'd let me eat a strawberry this late at night…unless…

Pointing behind him, I gasped, "Did you see that lightning strike?!" His head turned just as I grabbed the biggest red fruit. Frollo turned and grabbed it, shaking his finger at me as if it was a crime. "Tsk, tsk tsk." He said playfully.

Crossing my arms, I pouted, "You're mean! You're doing this on purpose!" Okay so maybe I had no right to be outraged by his teasing…I've done it many times before as well. Frollo chuckled and kissed me.

"My dear, if you really want it…" He started in a playful tone. Suddenly I gasped and felt a sharp pain in my stomach. It felt like a white hot dagger had pierced my skin. "What is it, what's wrong?"

Dagger after dagger, it felt like, stabbed me again and again.

Twelve hours later, I felt exhausted and the idea of sleeping was tempting me. "I'm sorry Judge Frollo, but your wife had a miscarriage…" The words from a doctor echoed in my mind. Miscarriage…my child was dead…

Lying in bed, I stared at the ceiling, silent as a grave. "Lavender…" Frollo whispered, sitting next to me. I didn't speak; I didn't even want to look at him. It had to be my fault why my child died. "Lavender, are you okay?"

Turning my head away from him, I felt tears slide down my face and onto the pillow. "Why? Why did God take away our little one? Was it because we had sinned before marriage?"

Claude didn't speak for he thought the same thing…Was it punishment? Or just sadistic coincidence? Gentle as can be, he lay next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. The city would whisper behind our backs now…

Kara glared at Clopin. "I want cherries!" She exclaimed, ignoring her husband's attempts to hush her.

He looked distressed, "Dear, don't shout, you'll wake up everyone. You know no one is selling cherries this late at night!"

Her eyes, which got redder every time she felt an overwhelming emotion, grew dark, "I WANT CHERRIES!!" Clopin dodged a bowl thrown at him and ran out, saying he'd get some.

As he walked the streets of Paris, he couldn't help but glance at the Palace of Justice. At one time it served as a symbol for unfair death…but ever since Lavender's presence, it was a fair court with hope. "I wonder if the judge has to deal with his wife's cravings too…" Clopin muttered bitterly.

Suddenly a young girl about fourteen came running to him. "King Clopin, Kara's in labor!"

Jumping a foot in the air, he gaped, "What?! But this is her seventh month, how could it be?"

She shrugged, "Early birth, perhaps. She's requested you, quickly!"

What felt like an eternity later, Kara held a beautiful baby boy in her arms. He had his fathers black hair, his mothers brown eyes, dark skin with his mothers smile. "He's perfect…" Clopin whispered in his Queen's ear.

"What should we name him?" Kara grinned kissing her husbands cheek.

It was quiet, both lost in thought. "Joseph…" Clopin said, watching his son smile at the name.

Frollo and I walked to the edge of the market, waiting to see Clopin and Kara. It took forever for me to get my love to join us, but they said they had a surprise for us. One week had passed and I felt a little better…it still saddened me to know we were childless.

"Lavender!" A familiar voice shrieked. Looking up, I saw Kara and Clopin jogging up to us, a bundle of blankets in their arms. What was it?

"Kara, my friend! Clopin, dear, how are you two? What's the surprise?" I smiled while hugging both. Frollo simply rolled his eyes, crossing his arms in an annoyed manner.

The brown haired woman grinned ear to ear. "We had a baby boy!"

This got Claude's attention, making his head snap towards them. My mouth dropped slightly, amazed. "Already? But it's our…your seventh month." Although I could not see my husband, I felt rage and jealous glow off him. He took a step closer, towering over the small child.

"Yes, we had an early delivery. This is Joseph, Prince of Gypsies!" Clopin explained, pride showing in his eyes.

"Where is your child?" Kara asked with ignorant curiosity. The only news Paris had heard was I had been in labor the week before. Inhaling slowly, I looked at Claude and grabbed his hands.

For once, I couldn't even look at Clopin or Kara. "…I had a miscarriage, it died." As I spoke this horrible truth, I felt Claude's arms wrap around me tighter. Before they could go on about how sorry they were, I insisted we go walking.

As Kara and I gossiped about new weapons around the world, odd yes but then again so are we; Clopin and Claude were walking behind us. Frollo looked over at the Prince of Gypsies and sneered. He felt jealous that they had such a beautiful son…I suppose as much as it shames me to admit it, I did to.

Few Months Later

"Claude, we need to talk." I whispered, tugging his arm to drag him away from the Feast of Fools. I wanted to see who would dance this year but this matter was MUCH more important.

"What is it, my dear?" He asked with a light tone, his eyes roaming through the crowds with disgust. It was obvious his mind was absent.

Taking a deep breath, I watched him carefully. Two months had passed since our failure and Clopin's success. "Claude…I'm pregnant."

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