Did Mother really love Jake? Was there really some twisted love triangle? Did my father force mother into marriage? Am I a product of rape? Did the betrayal of the Court of Miracles, the only family he had known, send Jake over the edge? Could I forgive him for terrorizing us all this time...after what's happened to him?

Or did he see everything in his own little way? Did he twist and turn events to make them please him? Perhaps he loved mother so much that because she didn't love him back, because she was smitten with someone else who was richer and handsomer than himself, perhaps he felt…so angry…that his hatred corrupted him. That pushed him over sanity. That made him want the offspring of Lilac Hellrose dead. Maybe it was his anger and hatred that developed into suicide…to once again be with my mother.

That led to the same question; did mother love him as he loved her?

As I stroll through the graveyard and church of Notre Dame, I can't help but wonder if father was really that bad of a person. He was captain…of course he had promised me to Judge Frollo but it all turned out good. He protected his family and friends and even people he didn't know. Father couldn't have been that bad because unlike more guards and soldiers, he didn't have a prejudice against gypsies…he married one. But Jake had claimed that it was a forced marriage. Was it true?

Looking up at the sky, I allowed a tear to slide down my face. I wanted answers…

"Claude…" I started, getting interrupted as he pulled me through the streets.

"I was thinking if we did buy…"

"Claude I'm pregnant." I bluntly stated.

He seemed unfazed. Was that good? "…That's wonderful, my dear; now anyway; if we buy a house instead of staying in that…I'm sorry, love, please repeat what you just said."

"I am pregnant." I emphasized each word.

He nodded carefully, "That's what I thought you said. Now then, the house would have to be near the Palace for work and…you're pregnant?!" I grinned…same old Claude.

Holding her baby Snow, Kara grabbed Clopin and pulled him down a bit. A few days ago, Kara had her child at last. Although the child had her father's black hair, she had red eyes so in honor of her dead sister, she named her Snow.

I looked over with curiosity glittering in my eyes, holding Claude's hand. Aimée was running after Joseph, too happy to care about the adults.

A few moments passed as Clopin's handsome dark face turned slightly white. He looked calm and stood straight as a stick. His twig like arms was crossed, looking thoughtful.

"…You okay?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Kara looked relieved at his calmness.

With a nod, he closed his eyes. As if he was hit by a brick, he shouted with huge eyes at his wife, "YOU'RE PREGNANT AGAIN?!?!?" Claude and I looked at each other and laughed.

"I suppose this isn't a good time to tell you both I'm pregnant as well?" I grinned, watching Clopin fall to the ground in a dead faint. Frollo laughed fully at this and kissed my forehead.

I'm thinking of making another story following this. Summary: Aimée is now 15 years old and she searches the town for the man she wishes to marry. Frollo wants to make it an arranged marriage while Lavender objects. While she's roaming with her dearest friend Joseph, she finds her grandmothers journal.

Something like that lol.