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One: The Piercings

Fuck my life.

Those were the words floating around Naruto's head as blue eyes glanced at nothing in particular as he laid on his couch. A soft smile touched his face when a little blond fox took a seat on his stomach, amber irises intently focused on Naruto.

Naruto sighed and ruffled the fox's fur. "I fucked up Kyu." Royally, he mentally added.

He was grateful that his fathers weren't home because he wasn't in the mood to explain to them why possibly the entire Hyuuga clan was going to slaughter him. He would only have himself to blame if the Hyuuga clan really did come after him and he probably deserved the maiming. Naruto heaved another sigh and rolled onto his side, snorting when the little fox growled at him for moving.

He thought about Hinata and buried his head into the cushion. Where was his self-control?

How had he let the shy Hinata Hyuuga seduce him?

Naruto truly didn't understand it.

He had planned to go over to Hinata's house for a study session because she was always his "go to" person when it came to studying. She kept him in line and on task. In retrospect, he should've known it was a setup when Hinata had orchestrated the study session. She never organized hang outs herself because of her anxiety and that was fine with Naruto. He was more than capable of taking the lead in their friendship to the point that the girl's forwardness about studying should've surprised him.

It'd gone right over his head.

But Naruto thought nothing of the odd behavior and had promptly showed up at her house, books in hand.

He couldn't stop the smile that formed as he remembered showing up at her front door to see Hinata and (dear God) was she gorgeous. He'd always thought she was cute, shy girls always were, but a few hours ago Hinata Hyuuga was downright sexy. Who knew she'd had it in her? Naruto had stood on her doorstep for a full five minutes openly gaping. It was only when he dropped his history book and it fell square on his foot that he'd been able to snap out of it.

Naruto had never pegged himself as a hormonally, uncontrollable, teenage boy like others (Sasuke) that he knew but everyone has their moment of weakness.

The afternoon with Hinata was going to be his first, last, and only slip.

The minute he glanced from her rosy cheeks down to the halter-top that showed its fair share of cleavage and a smooth ivory stomach with a bellybutton that had an earring dangling vicariously from its cleft, blood began to rush southbound like it was enchanted. Hell, it probably was. By the time his baby blue irises noted that she was wearing a tiny frill skirt that was an inch or two from showing her panties, he was as hard as a rock.

He'd thanked god for sweatpants.

A miserable laugh was muffled by the couch. How had he not once thought that any of that was suspicious? He growled as he sat up, his mind still playing images from when he'd been with Hinata and, faintly, Naruto could hear Sasuke calling him a moron.

Suffice to say, no studying had been achieved.

None whatsoever.

A few harmless touches here and there, enough flirting to fill a jar with corny one liners, and several awkward pauses had ended with he and Hinata going at it like rabbits on speed. Everywhere. They had sex in her study, in her bathroom when they were supposed to be cleaning up, in her bedroom when they'd tried to go change, and in the shower when they cleaned up for a second time. But that wasn't the bad part of the day, not by a long shot. The thing to end the afternoon/evening and cause Naruto to start his weekend as the most horrible weekend of his young life was when Hinata had asked if they were now considered a couple.

And he'd stuttered out a no before getting the fuck out of dodge.

The end result: Hinata wouldn't answer his calls, his texts, his messages of any type, and Naruto felt like shit.

He sighed for the umpteenth time and sat up to lean back into the couch. "What should I do Kyu?"

The little golden fox tilted his head to the side and looked as though it shrugged before trotting off of Naruto's lap and out of the room.

"I'm such an asshole…" Naruto kicked his feet up onto the table and frowned. Being an asshole was so not his thing.

He was supposed to be the fun one, the goofy one, the charismatic charmer who had a heart of gold, the admirable moral fool who preached of love and friendship until he was shitting daises... not the asshole who slept with girls and dumped them all in the same day.

That was Sasuke's area of expertise.

It royal sucked that he'd placed himself and Hinata in such a situation because he had no idea how to rectify it or salvage it before it got worse. And he just knew that it would most definitely get worse. Hinata wouldn't answer his calls (granted, if he were her he wouldn't answer either)! But was he supposed to keep calling Hinata? Texting her? Maybe it would be easier for the both of them if he just kept leaving private messages on her HOTplace page…

If there was ever a time when he really needed the sardonic, yet thoughtful, Shikamaru Nara to bail him out (because honestly, Shikamaru bailed him out of everything), now would be it.

Naruto glared in the direction of the door when the doorbell rang and pretending to not be home was an option at the forefront of mind. He didn't feel like getting up and if he wasn't careful, he could be letting his executioner into his home without even putting up a fight. Still...

"COME IN!" It was now or never and he'd rather be punished now than to be paranoid and skittish about it later.

He listened as the door opened and shoes were kicked to the side and he smiled when Sasuke walked into the living room with an eyebrow raised. Naruto had never been so happy to see Sasuke in his life (which wasn't exactly true but, well, technicalities).

"Idiot, what are you smiling about?" Sasuke glanced at Naruto before smirking when the boy's smile was quickly replaced by a scowl.

"Bastard. See if I greet you nicely the next time I invite you into my home, if there'll even be a next time."

Sasuke shrugged and pushed past Naruto's outstretched legs to sit on the other side of him. "See if I waste gas on coming to see you a next time."

"Of course you will!" Naruto waved his hand dismissively. Sasuke always made threats that he couldn't keep... "Now, what the hell do you want?"

Sasuke scoffed and turned to glare at the blond. "You'd know if you answered your fucking phone or checked your fucking messages. Seriously, it's getting fucking ridiculous that every time someone wants to get a hold of you they have to go out and find you. Why do you even have a phone if you're never going to answer it?"

"I just don't answer for you because you're so sexy when you're all worked up like this and you know how much I love angry sex. Rawr!" Naruto laughed and winced when Sasuke punched him in the arm- hard.

"I don't know why I bother with such a moron." Onyx irises were fixed in a glare but it faltered after a second or so and a smirk took its place. "What the hell were you doing here by yourself anyway, jacking off?"

"No jackass. I haven't been here all day, I was at Hinata's..." The words died in Naruto's throat as he flushed and looked away from Sasuke.

He wasn't sure if he should even tell Sasuke about the incident with Hinata lest he wanted to end up even more confused and pissed off than he currently was. Even if he did tell the boy he just knew that he'd be given crap advice and the wrong type of encouragement. It was a lose-lose situation. Sasuke was good at a lot of things but affairs of the heart just weren't one of them.

Briefly Naruto wondered how Sasuke had become his best friend in the first place when he was so useless.

"At Hinata's? It's Friday. Why would you need help studying on a Friday? Unless… you wanted to be alone with Hinata…" Dark eyes widened slightly before Sasuke began to outright laugh when he got a glimpse of Naruto's "dear caught in the headlights" expression.

Naruto flushed a brilliant shade of red as memories of him "being alone" with Hinata flooded his mind. Damn Sasuke. "I- We- Uh..." His brain chose that very moment to malfunction because really, there was nothing for him to say.

"Thought so." Sasuke held the assumption that the two were just friends but maybe he was wrong.

There was a first time for everything.

"It's not what you think." Naruto huffed and folded his arms over his chest. "I don't even wanna tell you…" Pink lips pursed as he wished to the stars above that Shika had walked into his living room instead of Sasuke.

At least then something useful would come out of the impending conversation.

"Go ahead. I won't say anything until you're done talking."

Naruto slowly turned back to face Sasuke, scarlet still tinting his cheeks as he eyed the boy suspiciously. "I went to her house expecting to study but, you know, there was no studying. We kinda…" He couldn't say it out loud because that would make everything so- so real? Serious? Naruto wanted to scream into a pillow.

"You kind of what?" Ebony eyes twinkled with mirth as they watched Naruto's blush deepen with each passing second. It was that reaction that had easily answered Sasuke's question.

Naruto and Hinata had fucked!

"You know…" Naruto knew that Sasuke was a bastard but why- why was he trying to make him say it?

"You fucked her." The littlest Uchiha chuckled heartily because Naruto was officially redder than a tomato.

And Sasuke couldn't believe his luck. He went to Naruto's house to see if the boy wanted to hangout with him but this- this was more than enough to pass the time with. It was priceless. He couldn't buy this kind of entertainment and thought it was at the expense of his best friend, he couldn't help it. He laughed harder as he thought of the shy Hyuuga heiress and a clumsy, naïve, Naruto fumbling around in a bed together and trying to figure out how to lose their virginity.

Sasuke's laugh increased tenfold when he thought of his father and how ashamed the man would be if he saw how much his "Uchiha mask of indifference" slipped whenever he was around Naruto Uzumaki. The man would surely shit bricks.

"It's not funny bastard. I think I really hurt her feelings."

Sasuke's laughter slowly came to a halt when he sensed that things were about taking a turn in a serious direction. "How? Did you break up with her afterwards?" Sasuke almost smirked, almost, but then he noticed how guilty Naruto looked. "You're shitting me." The day was getting more interesting by the minute.

"We were never a couple, I mean, this just sort of happened. She just looked so… well… I don't know how to explain it but when we were talking we were kinda flirting… Clichéd one thing led to another clichéd thing and… yea. Afterwards, she asked if we were a couple and I had to tell her no because I don't like Her in that way… I don't know what to do Sasuke." Naruto sighed in defeat as he leaned forward, his face meeting his palms.

He'd fucked up and saying it aloud was only confirmation that yes, he'd royally fucked up.

Sasuke took a moment to stare at Naruto before he loosely wrapped an arm around his friend's shoulders. He knew that Naruto wasn't the type of person who slept around. That was the type of shit that he did on a regular basis. Naruto, on the other hand couldn't so much as glare at someone without feeling guilty about it until he made things right. Sasuke didn't always understand because he never had any regrets about his actions, nor did he ever feel guilt for doing what he did. Life was too short to dwell. But he supposed Naruto's empathy was one of the reasons he valued him so much as a friend.

Sasuke sighed and glanced at Naruto. He wouldn't really be of any help in this particular situation because his opinions on relationships and the like always clashed with Naruto's. Especially when it came to their views on what the right reaction or response to do was. "If I were you, I'd chalk it up to one hell of a first time and get started on the next best thing." Because that had been what he'd done after he lost his virginity. There were just too many other options out in the world to settle on one person. "But I know that that's not your thing so I don't know what to tell you."

"You're absolutely no help." Naruto bit his bottom lip in frustration. Again, he had to wonder why Sasuke was one of his best friends?

"I have an idea… get up loser, we're going out." Sasuke stood and stretched, his joints popping as his shirt rose to reveal his taut midriff.

Naruto stared appreciatively before he shook his head. He blamed the offset of his hormones for his leering… that had to be it. "Why? What are you trying to make me do now? And how the hell is going out going to help me?" Naruto stood up anyway and cautiously followed the youngest Uchiha.

He was always wary of Uchiha outings, more so when it came to Sai or Itachi than Sasuke but still… For some reason, Uchihas always took him to weird places with even weirder people. Naruto shuddered. Some of those places still haunted his dreams. He thought about the last time he'd went along with Sasuke and Itachi when they'd attempted to "cheer" him up after he and Kiba got into a fight. It was made very obvious then that their idea of being "cheered up" was completely different from his.

Or anyone else for that matter.

Sasuke opened the door pausing briefly as he thought about telling Naruto where they were going. Nah. "It's a surprise but trust me, it'll take your mind off of this bullshit." He knew Naruto would follow regardless.

"Damn it Sasuke, if you're taking me to some fucked up hole in the wall then I swear on my Anime collection that I'll kick your ass and tell your mom about your porn collection?"

Sasuke pretended not to hear Naruto and unlocked his car.

"I'm serious Sasuke." Naruto didn't trust the boy when it came to easing away his worries like any normal person was capable of doing.

In fact, he doubted any Uchiha was a normal person because they all had quirks that the average person avoided. Sasuke's quirk was his choice in being around crazy people, shit-hole places, and indulging in questionable activities, all of which were odd, dark, or insane- sometimes a mixture of all three. In fact, Naruto didn't know where or what Sasuke would be doing with his life had they not met. Which, granted, Naruto was glad that he was there as the voice of reason except for one minor detail about Sasuke's odd habits: he was always the one who ended up in some kind of trouble whenever he was dragged along for the ride.

Whether it was being chased by Sasuke's psycho ex, getting stranded at a strange drug themed party, or chilling at a cemetery where Naruto just knew there would be ghost- he always got the short end of the stick.

Life was so unfair.

Azure irises watched as the scenery rushed by and Naruto cringed once he realized where the were headed: Oto. He hated going to that crime infested, run down city. He wouldn't even wish for his worst enemies to get stranded there. But, for reasons he couldn't quite fathom, his best friend loved Oto and spent a lot of time in that particular city when he wasn't with Naruto or their other mutual friends. Naruto didn't know why the hell a smug, rich, bastard like Sasuke enjoyed such a disgusting place but he assumed it had something to do with the boy's personality. Sasuke was a rebel in every sense of the word and, if he could, he would bring Naruto down with him.

Naruto shook his head of such thoughts and his eyes widened when Sasuke suddenly drove into an alleyway.

Was he trying to make it easier for them to potentially be ambushed and killed? Sure, they could both hold their own in a fight but Oto people fought dirty.

"Relax Naruto. You'll be fine." Sasuke parked and climbed out of the car with Naruto hesitantly following suit.

Naruto scowled as he followed Sasuke. The only reason Sasuke was able to relax was because he was used to this dump. Naruto didn't know how many times he'd thought it since they passed the sign that said "Welcome to Oto" but, he truly, truly, loathed being in the city. He followed Sasuke down the alleyway until they paused outside of a door at an old rundown building. Naruto read the bright red and black sign nailed above the door carefully: "Suigetsu's Art Shop."

Who the hell was crazy enough to put an art shop in such a crappy part of Oto?

Sasuke reached for the door and stopped as his dark eyes gazed down at Naruto. "This is it… but I'm not sure someone like you can handle what I have in mind." He'd laid the bait and it never took Naruto long to bite.

"What? Why?" Naruto huffed indignantly. Anything that Sasuke could do he sure as hell could and he knew he'd do it ten times better.

Sasuke inwardly smirked knowing that Naruto had taken the bait. "You might chicken out and it might be best if I saved us the time now." But, knowing his friend, the boy would go through with this no matter what.

"You wish, jackass. I can do anything that you can do and I'll do it better. Come on, let's go inside." The younger boy quickly walked into the building with Sasuke following behind him.

"Your choice."

Naruto nodded. "Yea, it is."

A man with silver hair wearing a tight fitting white shirt and black leather pants stared at them- or rather Naruto. "May I help you?" And then he noticed the boy standing beside the blond. "Sasuke, my man! Ya here to get some more work done?"

"Not today Suigetsu, I just want him to get a few things done." He nodded towards Naruto who stood beside him, blue eyes glancing around the room. "Can you do it for me?"

Suigetsu walked over to them and looked Naruto over.

Naruto was confused. This guy, Suigetsu was it, was looking at him like he wanted to eat him and it was freaking him out because the guy actually looked like he could eat him. He was tall and slender with silver hair, shark like teeth, a lot of piercings but, worst of all, he had a perverted leer. Naruto knew a pervert when he saw one. More so after years of hanging around his uncle Jiraiya and his papa Kakashi. He'd even developed pervert "senses".

And they were tingling.

"He's already cute but what did you have in mind?" Suigetsu eyed Naruto again before he looked over at Sasuke.

"His right brow, tongue, and four in his left ear, he'll look fine with that right?" Sasuke stared at Naruto to make sure those were all the things the blond would look best with. Suigetsu was right, Naruto was cute but with a few changes, he could be sexy.

Wait… what?

Naruto just stared at the two still as confused as he was when they'd first walked in. What the hell were they trying to do to him? "What the fuck is going on?"

"I'm getting you some piercings dumbass? Where'd you think we were?"

Naruto gaped. Piercings? When the hell had he agreed to that? Oh… the minute he'd opened the door to the "art shop" he'd already sold his soul to the devil a.k.a. Sasuke.

"Hmm… Yea, he'll look fuckable. Alright gorgeous, I'm Suigetsu and you can follow me to the back." He smiled and walked behind a curtain.

Cerulean eyes glared in the direction of the swishing curtain. "He said I'd look fuckable!" He'd heard people say a lot of shit about him over the years but fuckable? That was kinda new…

Then again, Gaara told him quite often how fuck worthy he thought Naruto was but that was different. Gaara had no filter when it came to separating his thoughts from what was appropriate to say aloud and Naruto liked him that way.

Sasuke was glaring in the same direction as the boy beside him for his own reasons but he quickly shook his head and stared at Naurto, smirk playing at his lips. "You scared?"

"Nope." Naruto was lying through his teeth but Sasuke didn't need to know that.

They entered a room with a dentist chair, needles, and other things Naruto couldn't quite identify, all he knew was that he didn't want to be anywhere near them. Sasuke had conned him into a lot of things over the course of their friendship but this- this was an entirely different type of con. He was definitely telling Mikoto about Sasuke's porn collection. That would teach the bastard a lesson.

Suigetsu adjusted the chair a bit and looked at the boys with a toothy grin. "Alright blondie, sit here and in about 5 to 10 minutes you'll look like a new person."

Naruto sat down and cautiously before his gaze drifted to Sasuke. He wondered if the window of opportunity for him to run away like his gut was telling him to was closed.

"I'll be right here so just relax." Sasuke smiled a reassuring smile and Naruto began to do as he was told.

How couldn't he when his best friend asked him something like that using a foreign gentle tone?

"Alright." Naruto sighed. It wasn't too often that Sasuke held such an expression. So, when Sasuke smiled, he knew everything would be just fine… "I'm ready." Naruto looked up at Suigetsu signaling that he was ready or at least as ready as he could be.

The man grinned and began to mark Naruto's face. "Good. Just be as calm as you can and this will be over in no time."

Eleven Minutes Later

Naruto looked in the mirror at his "new" face and decided that he liked it so far. He wanted to smile (he really, really, wanted to smile) but he was in pain. He had a ear spliting headache and a pulsing numb tongue that felt huge in his mouth. He sat down in the waiting area and watched as Suigetsu and Sasuke talked about- about something. His head hurt too much to really pay attention. What Naruto could focus on was the overwhelming urge that he had to throttle Sasuke and then hug his lifeless corpse. The notion was knawing at him as seconds ticked by.

How was it even possible for Sasuke to be both a blessing and a curse?

Naruto sighed. At least the youngest Uchiha was paying for the makeover. It was the very least he could do. But was all of the pain truly worth it? Naruto rolled his eyes and laid his head back against the chair because he knew that yes, it really was. He let eyes shut and his mind wander. He was tired and he didn't want to think about anything besides falling a sleep in his big comfy bed.

Dark eyes glanced at Naruto and Sasuke's lips quirked ever so slightly. It was apparent that the boy wasn't thinking about anything, least of all Hinata. Mission accomplished. "Thanks Suigetsu, I owe you one. Let Juugo know that I'll be back next week to get my outline filled in."

Suigetsu smirked as he handed Sasuke all the necessary cleaning supplies for Naruto's piercings. "It's no problem. I didn't have any customers scheduled for now anyway." He followed Sasuke's line of sight. "So… is that kid one of yours?"

"Naruto?" Sasuke openly laughed. He and Naruto? A couple? Sure, their friends teased them about it on occasion and sure, sometimes they played things up a bit to tease everyone else but Sasuke had a girlfriend and Naruto… well, Naruto had his own thing going on. They were just friends- best friends- nothing more and nothing less. "No, he's not. Besides, you've met Sakura." Sasuke smirked as he thought about the girl.

Boy did he have a girlfriend.

"Yea, well, that's never stopped you before." Suigetsu shrugged. "But, since he's not yours, I think you should let me have a go at him." He grinned as he continued eying the blond seated in the lobby.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed and Suigetsu would've sworn that the temperature drop several degrees. "Watch your tongue, I wouldn't want you to lose this business." Sasuke's frosty tone and glare were enough to make anyone ball into themselves and Suigetsu was no exception.

He held up his hands in surrender. "Sorry, Sorry… didn't mean to push any buttons." He smiled apologetically. "Now, remember to tell him to leave his earrings in for at least 6 months, the tongue ring for a year if he wants to make sure it'll stay, and he has to apply these daily so they don't get infected. The sea salt is for his tongue and the disinfectant is for his ear and brow. No solid food for the next week or so and I'll see you next time you come in."

"Cool." Sasuke walked over to Naruto and shook him lightly.

Naruto cracked his bright blue eyes open and smiled a bit as Sasuke helped him up. "I'm gonna kick… your ass…" Naruto slurred out as they walked out of the store, he'd sworn on his Anime collection that he would do so and he didn't want anything bad to happen to it.

"You'll thank me later." Sasuke smirked and helped Naruto down the alleyway. He had to admit that Suigetsu was right about one thing: Naruto looked nothing short of fuckable.

They drove back to Naruto's house with the sun setting behind them. If the youngest Uchiha was a romantic and Naruto wasn't moaning in pain, he'd deem their little car ride amorous.

Naruto, on the other hand, just wanted to go lay down somewhere and fall asleep so he could forget about being in pain. Sure, it probably wasn't that bad but his tongue was throbbing and numb and... yea. He wanted to go to bed.

Sasuke smirked as he pulled into Naruto's driveway and handed the lithe blond some Tylenol and a bottle of water. "Here, take this. It should help with the pain."

"You're so handy."

Sasuke snorted. Of course he was. It was important to keep such things handy, especially with a brother like Itachi and a cousin like Sai.

Naruto took the pills and downed the water. "Thanks. This shit hurts but, if I'm not any sexier than usual, I'm gonna kill you for lying." He forced a painful grin as Sasuke got out and walked over to his side of the car to help him.

"You'll like it when the pain goes away, I promise." Hell, Sasuke liked the piercings on Naruto more than the blond probably did. His mind was already imagining what Naruto could do with that tongue ring or how it would feel if they kissed and he had the chance to suck on that cold- whoa, whoa, whoa… Sasuke paused in that train of thought and shook his head ruefully.

What the hell was wrong with him today? Sasuke honestly wanted to know.

Naruto was his best friend and just because the boy had a makeover it didn't mean that it was okay to fuck around with him. Physical attraction or not. Sasuke blanched again. He'd thought it… he was physically attracted to Naruto. He could live with that. It was nothing new. There was so much potential in Naruto being a great lover and if he wasn't so loud, obnoxious, and naïve, Sasuke just knew that he'd be a deal breaker with all of the ladies… and men (though he never seemed to have any trouble in that department).

"I don't see you with your fucking eyebrow or tongue pierced, just a million fucking holes covering your ears. I knew you were responsible for Sakura's nose ring." Naruto unlocked his front door and went inside. He flopped down on the couch, too tired to even think about crawling up the steps.

Sasuke sat down beside Naruto and turned on the TV. "No, she wanted it done and I encouraged her to do it. The reason I don't have my brow or tongue pierced is because it wouldn't look right on me. Seriously, could you see me with my eyebrow pierced?"

Naruto was expecting some sort of haughty reply and he got one. Sasuke never just let him win. "I guess I look alright but I'll know tomorrow, won't I 'Suke?" Naruto yawned and laid his head on Sasuke's shoulder, his bright eyes blinking tiredly.

Sasuke turned to answer him and wasn't surprised when he saw that the boy was asleep. "You're such a bad host Naruto." The young Uchiha glanced at the boy he called his best friend and he smiled.

Sasuke thought Naruto was gorgeous, with or without the piercings but the little bit of edge he'd gained... it was nice.Next time they went out, he'd convince the boy to get his belly pierced. He could see it now and the image was a welcomed one. Gently, Sasuke stood up and laid Naruto down on the couch. He grabbed a spare blanket from the side of the couch and put it over Naruto before he left the house. Who knew what would have happened if he would've stayed there any longer just watching the boy sleep.

And to think it all started with a few piercings…


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