Volume One

A sort of side story to: Insults, Insults from You Know Who

"I can't believe Hiyoshi wrote all those bad things about us..." Choutaro mumbled, "He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do that."

"Yeah, I can't believe he drew me, Mukahi Gakuto, in a SKIRT," Gakuto cried, "That's humiliating!"

"Gakuto, why are you wearing a cap backwards?" Atobe asked; raising an eyebrow.

"To look more like a guy!" He exclaimed, "I'm a boy, darn it!"

Shishido snatched his hat, "I'll take this back, thank you very much."

"Where is my bag..." Choutaro said. He tripped over a book. "Sempai-tachi, did you all leave a green note book?"

The whole room was silent. All the regulars in the room currently crowded to see. All the regulars meaning, Gakuto, Atobe, Shishido, and Choutaro.

"This... must be Hiyoshi's note book..." Gakuto said. "It says one... volume one perhaps!?"

"Gasp! Gakuto is smart! Where am I?" Shishido cried sarcastically.

"Of course I'm smart!" Gakuto cried. He gave Shishido a death glare.

"Sempai-tachi, please don't get too close..." Choutaro said. He was being squished because he was next to the wall too.

Atobe took the book from Choutaro and flipped through the pages. "Hmm... looks like a story book..."

"Or a diary!" Gakuto exclaimed.

"Atobe-san! Don't read it! It could be his diary!" Choutaro cried. He really wanted to know too, but he's too nice.

Atobe started to read a page, "'Shishido-san,' Choutaro cried. He--..." He stopped.

"What?" Shishido cried, "I want to know what Choutaro wanted to tell me!"

Atobe handed the book to Shishido.

"The other boy--..." Shishido stopped and flushed a dark red.

"What!?" Gakuto cried. He snatched the book and read out loud, "Choutaro just told his love to his sempai. After sharing their first kiss... they..." He stopped.

Shishido was still dark red. Choutaro fainted.

"The...guy... writes this about Shishido and Choutaro?" Gakuto started to laugh.

Shishido stole the book back from Gakuto. He flipped through a few pages. "The blue haired boy leaned closer to the other boy. 'Gakuto...' He said. 'I--"

Gakuto stopped laughing and yanked the book away. He read the segment. "What?!" He cried. "This is so NOT true!"

After a few seconds Gakuto cried, "I should be seme!"

Everyone (besides the fainted Choutaro) sweat dropped and almost fell over.

Gakuto flipped a few pages. "Hmm... an AtoJi story..." He mumbled.

Atobe snatched the book away. "Ore-sama likes this story..."

"Child molester." Gakuto stated.

"Ore-sama has to say that Jiroh is older than him. Ore-sama can't be molesting a child."

"Whatever you say, child molester."

Atobe frowned. "Ore-sama hates this story."

"What? What?" Gakuto asked. He took the book from Atobe. "'Marui-kun,' cried Jiroh..." He trailed off. After a few moments he said, "I like this story!"

Shishido took a look. "You're right... this is a good story..."

"But why does every story have us doing IT?" Gakuto asked.

Silence across the whole room.

"Hiyoshi's a pervert." Was Shishido's reply.

"Yeah, probably." Gakuto said.

Choutaro was still on the ground, fainted.

Hiyoshi came in as happy as Hiyoshi could be. He stopped to see that his sempai-tachi had his note book. "Um... hello, sempai-tachi..." He greeted.

Gakuto ran up to Hiyoshi. "You... are a genius at writing stories. Write one for me!"

Hiyoshi was expecting Gakuto to kill him so he took off when Gakuto said "You".

Gakuto threw the book in some random direction and ran after the other boy. He was occasionally shouting, "Come back!" or "Wait!"

A few days later, Jiroh came across the very same book...