Author's Note: I've been considering this for a while now, and I've decided to pull out an old project. A few years back when I bought my beloved Emery CD, I heard a story in the songs. I began to write it with original characters, but stopped half way through and never finished. Well, recently I've been listening to the old CD and saw my favorite couple, their story being quite a bit different to my other characters'. This is NOT a song fiction, nor a rewrite, but based on similar concepts as my other work. There will be ten chapters, one lyric-influenced theme to each. At the end of the chapters I will post the lyrics. I hope my readers find pleasure in the direction that I will be taking this couple, which differs greatly from my usual fluff, and stick with me. Thank you all for reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, its characters or any of Emery's songs.

Chapter 1: Walls

The sun cracked over a dull horizon, the crawling fingers of dawn scarcely touching the solemn face of the city. It illuminated the dark clouds cast over the sky, wind picking up as the breath of the storm that showed no signs of breaking. Frost chilled the still ground, preserving hibernating life beneath. It would be a lovely scene were it held in the confines of a frame, the world seeming monochromatic grey inside and out.

As the sky lightened, though no sun to be seen, the village stirred from within their comfortable homes, creating a soft din that projected a muted hum outside of each household. It was the same routine as any other day for most. Rise, bathe, break fast, and so on. Though there were a few that had risen before the illumination of day, neglecting the weight of fatigue in their bloodshot eyes and prepared for another battle. Each day was a war within itself for the soldiers being trained for protection and destruction. To each their own conflicts were raged: to keep up, remain emotionless and drown out any identity that may prevent them from duty. Strength and ability was all that was needed, and after much struggle, no one continued to resist the inevitable. It was all routine. Konoha shinobi, that was their identity now.

There had been one, so long ago, that had fled this place, following in the footsteps of his kin to abandon the village they had all sworn to protect and serve. At first, the man had been hunted, a fire lit under those who cared. But now the memory was only a shadow, hope for his return extinguished behind files and paperwork, other more pressing matters taking precedence. As for those who had tried to recover the lost man still and went against orders, the little notions they held were pounded out of them until they became numb again.

Shut down, little warriors, they told them, and lock away the pieces that keep you from unity. Unity? Conformity. It wouldn't matter now, they were all bound to this one place, threaded together to form a single, indestructible mass by blood-streaked strings. They were Konoha. And as on body they seemed to move, to congregate in barren fields to wage battles with each other under the orders of their superiors.

There was one shinobi in particular, a healer, a killer. She moved in perfect sync with her partner, neither landing a blow in their choreographed dance. It had taken the most effort for her to lose her will and hope, but had earned her equality. She scaled the ranks as if they were no challenge once she let go, and now she commanded a few under her both in and off the field. The woman never seemed to lose her cool, her specialties deemed invaluable.

But what no one knew was that she still retained a part of herself. The little girl she had once been remained in hiding in the dark corners of her mind, and was the only thing keeping her humane. Every so often, when the weight of her obligations was too much, the girl would break down, bawling inside her head at the top of her lungs, releasing emotion that the exterior kunoichi only wished she could let escape. The only sign in her physical body that something was amiss was the tick she got in her fingers, fidgeting uncontrollably. Few ever saw it.

Even her sparring partner, the Hokage's successor, failed to notice how her hands twitched as she blocked a complex combination strike as she has done countless times. But it came as a stark surprise when she blanked out on the next motion of their practiced brawl, finding herself slammed into a deep crater in the cold earth.

"Sakura!" Naruto called out in alarm, rushing to the young woman who rose from the ground.

Brushing herself off as if she had just stumbled carelessly into the dirt, the pink-locked kunoichi waved off the male's concern.

"I'm fine," her voice was blank, though not unfriendly, "My mind had yet to sharpen, I didn't partake in my usual third cup of coffee this morning."

The blonde stared at his colleague skeptically, but nodded. Sakura had been acting a little off as of late, this not being the first occasion that she supposedly skipped her daily dose of caffeine. Perhaps she didn't notice her extensive use of that particular excuse, but then she didn't seem to notice a lot of thing. She had been spacing out more, lost in thought she said, but then the male would make note of the way her fingers quivered. She assumed he was so oblivious.

"It's around that time, huh?" the fox interjected softly, starting on a very sensitive topic.

She blinked at him, "I don't know what you're talking about, Naruto."

"Yes, you do," he held sympathy in his cool blue eyes, the silver sky clearly reflected in them.

"No," Sakura stated firmly, her mouth taking on a hard line, "I don't."

And that was the end of the conversation before it even started. But despite her denial, there wasn't enough concealer in the village to hide the deep violet smudges under the woman's eyes around this time. The time when she had lost her love, her hope and her dreams. The time when Sasuke abandoned them.

Had the people of Konoha learned nothing since his departure? One would think that after the past invasions security would be more dependable, but then what should be expected? The shinobi were most likely out training, the villagers bustling with their everyday tasks and guards grumbling for the clock to advance at a quicker pace so their shifts would end. This place was timeless, really. How quaint.

It was as simple as taking a leisurely stroll in the park, masking his identity and waltzing through the boarders. They assumed he was a tradesman; the male scoffed to himself. Yes, it was as if he had never left.

Making his way down the market streets, the occasional pedestrian would stop to glance at him, a wrinkle predictably creasing their brow before he was dismissed for other business. He stopped once at a stand to inspect fresh produce, but when the farmer start to stare too long, the dark male crinkled his nose and left, heading for his final destination across town.

Standing outside the threshold to his previous residence, the warrior gazed almost ironically at the yellow tape surrounding the gaits. Everything was left untouched, now overgrown. The weeds had taken over the land, ivy devouring what could once be called homes. The worth of the once prestigious land had now most likely become a refuge for rats and other small wildlife. Perfect, right where he belonged.

Stepping through the tape, the Uchiha ignored the rustling in the tall grass, traveling down the familiar path towards a place he once called home. Little flashes of memory flickered in the back of his mind, but were soon suppressed as he walked on, eyes growing unfocused. He didn't need correct vision to recognize the large, washed out grey house he used to reside in as it rose with a sense of faded dignity, reflecting what was lost to himself.

Pausing once again in the doorway, Sasuke inhaled deeply and even in the outside air, he could smell the must from within. Whimsically, the male wondered if that old, deteriorating odor would come from his interior as well. No, it would hold the stench of bloodshed. But then, don't these walls hold the same?

Embracing no reverence for himself or the memories represented in that house, Sasuke strode inside, his shoes leaving prints in the dust. Each step echoed over the hard wood, even though his foot falls were almost silent. Quietly he reexamined each room, paying respects to the familiar surroundings and belongings that never changed. His fingers itched to tear the place apart, smash the happy photos hanging from the walls, shred the paintings his mother had created herself. But he didn't make any move to disturb this place.

Walking into his old room, Sasuke rummaged the creaky drawers for spare sheets, draping them over barren curtain rods to block out the dull silver light trickling through the dirt-caked windows. Once the artificial night was strung, the male collapsed with a cloud of mildew and grime onto his bed, exhausted.

It would be days until he woke again.

If at all possible, the sky appeared to grow darker over the span of four days. The man predicting the weather said that it was just the season, that snow could fall at any time. So when Sakura saw dark forms moving through the trees at the training grounds where she practiced solo, she blamed it on the odd light that barely pierced through the clouds. It had to be the light…

Her education told her to investigate the surrounding area, scout for possible intruders and eliminate them, but the faint cry of her instincts told her to stay put. Biting her tongue sharply to suspend a gasp in the back of her throat, Sakura's pulse began to race in her ears. There! Her swift green eyes flicked to the movement on the left. She swore that black eyes glittered back at her, but when her head turned to focus fully on them, there was nothing, not a leaf out of place.

Grinding her teeth out of frustration at herself, Sakura sunk her clipped nails into her calloused palms. She was not doing this again, not after the first incident where she felt that chilling gaze upon her. Tightening her fists, attempting to focus on the piercing of her flesh, the woman forced her thoughts away from her memories of the breakdowns and the way her hands would not stop spasming.

Trembling with the efforts at control, Sakura let off a throaty scream as she launched a kunai into the forest where the eyes had once been, finding no satisfaction when the attached tag ignited and obliterated the unsuspecting tree. It took all of her remaining energy to stabilize her ragged breathing before she attacked invisible victims with full, unbridled force.

Yes, she would drown it all out; smother every last emotion with each kick and thrust of her fist. She would beat it out of herself and things would return to mechanical, mindless normality. She wouldn't let this get to her again, no one was there. He wasn't there!

The shadows in the back of her mind started to take shape to Sakura's eyes, the rage at herself personifying. The faceless enemies blocked her blows, sending few in return, which were dodged easily by the experienced shinobi. The images that she combated drove her further, pushing her past the fine line of sanity as she attacked thin air to any who might have been watching. But when the invented shadow bestowed a face, Sakura's breath hitched, though only for a second. The frigid onyx eyes that glared back at her propelled the kunoichi into a frenzy, all stops pulled as she went in for the kill. Each punch was infused with lethal amounts of chakra, intended to shatter anything it came into contact with. She wanted the face that haunted her gone forever, its reminiscence ground into the soil and buried alive.

A thick shout resonated from the unstable soldier when her fist connected with that unforgettable image, sending it skidding into the distance. Her shock didn't even have the time to register before Sakura was pinned securely to the ground, long needles protruding from her outspread hands, painted with her blood.

The sky was smothered out by the darkness that shrouded her, the one person she never wanted to see again, but secretly dreamed of reuniting with, staring sadistically down at her. Bottle-green eyes wide with terror, Sakura's mind raced. This can't be happening! she shrieked in the back of her psyche, though the only audible sound the passed her pale lips couldn't even be classified as a squeak. The hot blood staining the grass to her sides said otherwise. She couldn't breathe…

Smug gratification filled Sasuke as he watched the woman beneath him hyperventilate. She looked as if her worst nightmare had become a reality as his weapons held her. With her blind fury, it was so simple to slip into her private skirmish and capture her, the dislocated jaw a small price to pay.

"Miss me, Sakura?" he said with a low, smooth voice and casual air.

The trapped girl make an odd gurgling noise as she began to struggle, clenching her teeth against the pain of her flesh tearing away from the needles. Seeing this, Sasuke bent over her, his hands securing her wrists in place as he glared at her.

"Stop," it was an order.

The pink-haired fighter snapped her teeth in his face, her hands still maneuvering for freedom. She recoiled when his hand made contact with her cheek, effectively postponing her thrashing. She looked and responded like an ensnared animal, Sasuke realized, watching as her face drew back into an aggressive snarl, eyes turning hard as glass, the lines around her mouth more apparent.

"What happened to you?" Sasuke muttered under his breath, knowing exactly what it was. It happened to them all.

She grew up.

"You're the only one who knows of my presence here," the male said, his voice dropping as if the trees had ears.

"Why me?" Sakura didn't skip a beat, cutting to the chase.

Why her indeed.

"I don't feel inclined to divulge that information," he smirked. In actuality, he had no idea.

"Let me go, Sasuke, I want nothing to do with you," she growled low, her composure restored.


It didn't take long before Sakura had dislodged her hands from the man's grip and needles, forcibly tearing them out, leaving gaping holes through her palms. Holding them limply to her sides, the shinobi make to kick the man in the chest, springing to her feet in one swift motion. Sasuke merely stepped back and out of the way. The significantly shorter female glowered up at him, fire running through her veins.

He thought he knew her so well, knew her abilities and her limits. Ha! The traitor knew nothing of what she could do, a glowing chakra already sealing her hands.

The two stared each other down, analyzing, memorizing. It had been so long…

The kunoichi's hair was kept short as testament to her dedication to her work and lack of vain weakness. She had grown, but not by much, mostly in muscle mass. A few curves marked her as female, but with the intensive training and fighting lifestyle, they weren't abundant. She also seemed to favor the color black.

The criminal before her had sprouted immensely since their last meeting, towering over her by at least a head. His hair was kept longer in the front, but the stubborn colic in the back remained. She could tell just by his stance that the body under various layers of dark clothing was well fit to the life of a warrior, tightly wound and ready to spring at the blink of an eye.

Everything was so familiar, yet so far off from what either remembered.

Sakura knew she needed to capture and turn this man in as soon as humanly possible. Maybe they won't laugh this time when the girl proclaims that she spotted the missing nin. So what was stopping her?

"Leave," she said coldly, her fingers twitching at her sides.

He scoffed, "Why should I?"

"Because I'll kill you if you don't!" she yelled, not caring if anyone heard a mile away. Sakura's blood boiled when the man had the nerve to laugh.

"You couldn't kill me if you tried. And if you speak of seeing me, who's going to believe you? They'll more than likely sedate you like the last time."

Her gasp of horror went unchecked, "I was right! You were here two years ago!" It took but a moment for wrath to fill her, "Do you know how hard it was to accept that I was just imagining things? How long I was in therapy?!"

The tremble of a chuckle wasn't even allowed to escape his mouth before she slammed it off his handsome face. He only smirked in response.

"It'll be interesting to see what will happen now. I hear that history tends to repeat itself."

Sakura lunged herself at the cocky man, but to no avail. She met the earth again with an undignified thump as Sasuke disappeared, leaving her alone as fast as he had come back into her life.

When the medic opened her mouth again to let off her aggravation, the last thing she expected was to be greeted by sobs. Anguish flooded her and poured from her stinging eyes, soaking the ground. The girl within her wailed from the inside-out. On the exterior, Sakura choked.

Not knowing what else to do, she beat the damp ground until her blood once again mingled over crystallized grass. How was she supposed to go on now? What was she supposed to do? No one would believe her, even if she did say anything. Sasuke should have just finished her off instead of signing the warrant for her commitment.

The broken girl remained crouched in the field, her sobs growing silent as her pride kicked in. Looking through blurry, tear-encrusted eyes, Sakura gazed at the newly formed scars in her palms. Surly the marks would fade over time, right? But the fact that the chakra she handled regularly left burns. No, they wouldn't heal. These were Sasuke's marks, and just as every other one, they remained permanent. The pain was his calling card.

Sakura peered up into the sky, a simple, pure wisp of white landing in her lashes. Just for a moment, the girl ignored the rules of shinobi and allowed the snowflake fill her with the sense of innocent happiness. The feeling was fleeting.

She stood outside the Uchiha estates, not knowing that the male she was seeking had been in her exact location. Small, white teeth worried her lower lip as she thought on her journey. She had searched the entire village before coming here thinking he wasn't in such an evident place. Apparently she overanalyzed the situation.

Stepping through the old plastic barriers, Sakura made her way through the overgrown, beaten path. She hadn't really been back this way before now, having inadequate social standing and no other reason to visit. Looking at each house she observed how long it had been since there were residents. Some windows had been broken, there was outside damage on almost every building, be it paint chipped or parts missing. She swallowed a bought of pity as she noticed the faded bloodstains marring exposed wood. She knew of the Uchiha massacre, but never saw its outcome. And this was so minimal…

Blinking, Sakura was struck out of her musings when she saw the dull flicker of light behind the curtains of a house not too far. Sasuke.

He was so obvious when he tried to be elusive. Banishing any soft emotional lapses that had slipped by her better judgment, Sakura hardened herself, eyes narrowing just slightly. This man was a traitor, a convict. A smug bastard that refused to make life in any way pleasant. Setting her shoulders back, the determined woman stomped her way to the old, rundown house and hammered her fist against the door.

The soft light that illuminated a few rooms away from the door didn't move and the pink-haired nin couldn't hear any sounds of life behind the threshold. Sakura knocked again, calling out loudly to the male.

"Sasuke, I know you're in this house. Come out her!"

"Can I help you?" Sasuke's flat tone came from behind the young woman, sounding fairly annoyed.

The unsuspected response made Sakura jump a foot out of her skin, leaving an arrogant smirk on the man's pursed mouth. Sakura fumed.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" she gave him a firm shove, making his lips curl more at the corners, taking too much pleasure in her discomfort. "You're supposed to be in the house so I can confront you and rant your ear off."

Sasuke blinked. He considered avoiding sneaking up on Sakura again only to prevent her thoughtless rambling; something in alarming her must have short-circuited the girl…

"I'm here, rant away," his countenance went blank again, black eyes turning void as if the hint of sensation had never occurred.

"Well," she started, her mouth opening before shutting again. Gaping once more, her eyes cast downward and to the right. Where could she begin? Sakura hadn't actually planned what she wanted to say when she knocked. Her mind became vacant.

"Why did you come back? Now, two years ago?" she knew she sounded very small which was far from her intention. Her fingers fiddled with the hem of her coat subconsciously.

"I told you, I don't feel it's necessary to provide that information," Sasuke deadpanned. "Try again."

The growing anger started to etch itself in Sakura's face, but beyond grinding her teeth, she remained complacent.

Compressing her fists around the coat's edge, the simmering girl shot a hot gaze at the stubborn male, attempting to remain calm, "What else am I supposed to say, Uchiha? You've been screwing with me for years apparently. I've been through Hell and back on numerous occasions because I held onto you, and you're oblivious to it all the majority of the time," the pitch of her voice slowly inclined with suppressed feelings and Sakura hated herself for it.

"What's that supposed to mean to me?" Sasuke watched the green-eyed medic's face drop, any straws she had been grasping lost. "Listen, little girl," there was almost the notion to keep his manner away from being demeaning. Almost. "Keep to what you know, the scant amounts of training, the separation between self and whole. You don't need to see beyond your pretty little nose to survive here. Know the line and your place."

"Why you son of a- " the door of the house was slammed in her kunoichi's face.

From inside, Sasuke listened to the raving behind the walls. Sighing to himself, he rubbed the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger, attempting to block out empty threats from the girl. What business did she have to even care that he was back? She should hate him, and he assumed she did from this afternoon's events, but now the male had his doubts. But so what if she let him get to her, what's changed from years ago? Nothing but her damnable determination and the degree of anger she released on him.

That in mind, Sasuke slid the deadbolt in place, not wanting to deal with Sakura further. This action in turn urged a rare curiosity in the stoic man and he couldn't help but gaze through the peephole, hoping that silence was a cue that the obnoxious woman had given up and retreated.

Growling with irritation, Sasuke noted her presence still on his property, seating on the front step, curled over her knees as the snow drifted down around her. The girl's back was to him, head down in the nest of her arms, but he knew her expression as well now as if she were looking him in the face. She was confused, irate, but most of all depressed.

He knew exactly what he did to her, and part of him did it on purpose. The destructive nature that was genetically enhanced by blood fed on her distress, finding ecstasy in it. Maybe it was because she was so easy to read, to control and manipulate as he desired. Or perhaps he just wanted the one relatively decent thing hovering around him to disappear so that he could feel no remorse in losing his humanity. Too bad he hadn't eliminated her entirely. Yet.

But he had been close not so long ago, when he showed up out of whim the first time and toyed with her mind. He would never forget the frantic rant she went around spilling to anyone that would listen, which eventually lead her to higher authorities. When Sakura told them that she had encountered the notorious Uchiha prodigy, they had rolled in hysterics, saying the girl was delusional. After her persistence of the tale, they grew concerned for the girl's mental and emotional health, sending her to the best shrinks. The therapists went to extreme measures to convince her otherwise of her supposed imaginings, some of the treatments by far unnecessary, bordering on abusive. Sasuke would never forget her howling into the night.

How much further would he have to push until she finally snapped? How long until there were no lingering traces of her former self? It had to be done, she couldn't continue to loiter with him when he stood over those he was assigned to kill and gaze at him with those sad, sparkling eyes. He had to overpower the memories of her laughter and those tiny things she did that she wasn't even aware of. The little things that caught his breath in his chest and made him forget who he was.

She was the one person that saw him, looked right through and read him like a book. It couldn't go on. Why am I here..?

Wasn't this the same confrontation from two years ago? Weren't these the same feelings, the same questions? I guess history really does repeat itself.

When Sasuke awoke the next morning, he listened silently as the remaining winter birds sang softly, muted by the door he leaned against. Eyes focusing beyond the blur of sleep, he peered absently at the streaks in the filth on the floor where he sat, where he had been. Ever since he shut the door on Sakura, the cold male hadn't moved, lost in endless thoughts and recollections.

With the girl in mind, curiosity once again struck. There was no way she could still be around, it was hours into the night when sleep fitfully stole him. Rising slowly, Sasuke supported his stiff weight on the door, pressing his face almost lazily to the wooden slab. It took extensive will power not the gawk at the small kunoichi as she lay still on his step, a light layer of snow blanketing her. She had been there all night.

Opening the door, Sasuke barely held his temper in check, "Get in here, you stupid girl," he growled gruffly at the female.

When she made no move to even respond, he snapped, "Sakura!"

Nothing, not even a twitch.

Panic struck the male without warning or prevention, and Sasuke found himself lifting his ex-teammate and carrying her into the slightly warmer house. Setting her on a dust-coated couch, he checked her pulse. It was faint but present.

Sasuke took a moment to stand back and glare down at Sakura's small frame curled up on his furniture. He was tempted to shake her until her pitite neck snapped or she woke up, whichever came first. He settled for draping a blanket around her, not intending the tucking motions to be a tender gesture.

There was a long period where all Sasuke could do was stand there, cursing the rose-haired woman who just wouldn't let him alone. Once he ran out of things to scold her foolishness for, he came to the ever present question that was as persistent as Sakura. What now?

The soldier and medic made a low sound in the back of her throat, twisting deep into the warm cocoon that surrounded her. The impression of comfort spread like a salve to invisible wounds, bringing security within its protective folds. Sakura buried herself up over her ears in the blanket. In the endless space of her consciousness she was being held in the possessive arms of the man she longed for the most. He whispered sweet incoherent syllables in her ear, balmy breath sending tingling sensations down her spine, her toes curling. It was a bittersweet tease, one that lingered always in the depths of Sakura's mind, even during waking hours, a reminder of what she'll never have.

And as every morning starts, her love is torn from her grasp ruthlessly by the rays of the sun, and the ache sets in its permanent residence in her chest. Groggily, Sakura's eye flutter open and for a moment she doesn't know where she is. Fear began to overcome her as the confusion of her location didn't dwindle. Clutching the blanket to her torso, the disoriented woman's eyes darted over the old, spacious room.

"Get out," a hard, unyielding voice hissed from behind her, and to Sakura's astonishment, the man of her nightmares and fantasies was sneering at her from behind the couch.

"Sa…suke?" the reminiscences of the day past have yet to set in.

"You're alive and awake, now remove yourself from my house," he said again with a piercing tongue almost dripping acid. When the woman remained in place, the towering male grasped her elbow roughly, dragging Sakura to her feet. "You are the most dense, idiotic person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing, Haruno. What could possibly incline you to remain on my property after our frequent horrendous encounters; why do you stay?"

Sakura whimpered as he thrust her against the front door, pinning her by the shoulders, his normally black-as-sin eyes bleeding scarlet. Not knowing how to respond, all of her training in self-defense fleeing in the very moment she needed it, the only thing the kunoichi could whisper was, "I don't know…"

"You have to!" Sasuke roared, his grip on her toned shoulders tightening. He gave her one good shake. "Give me a single reason why I shouldn't just make you another smear on these god-forsaken floors?"

Tears began to form in the woman's eyes, the weeping she could not control, the source being the young girl inside her. The only response she could muster now was to crush her mouth to the demanding male's, a desperate move from a woman with nothing to lose or gain. She kissed him fiercely, on the brink yet again of losing herself and all she knew.

A wave of uncertainty struck Sasuke as he forced his tongue into her pleading mouth, sweeping it before shoving himself away in disgust of himself. He couldn't let her infect herself like this.

Covering his mouth with the back of a clenched fist, the hollowness of his crimson eyes swirling, Sasuke couldn't look at the bruised woman before him. Despising himself and Sakura alike, he whispered low and deadly, the hand at his side balling.

"Go. The next time our paths cross, your life will be mine."

The slamming of his door resonated throughout the house and echoed in the crevices of his tortured mind. Sasuke silently prayed they would never meet again, he didn't hold enough self-restraint to keep her intact.

This place, this cage he locked himself within, it was where he belonged. The outside world was in grave danger were he ever to escape again. The blood-soaked walls were everything to him.

Emery – Walls

Are you listening?
We write a thousand pages, they're torn and on the floor
Headlights hammer the windows, we're locked behind these doors
And we are never leaving, this place is part of us
And all these scenes repeating are cold to the touch

My hands seem to deceive me
When I'm nervous or when I'm healthy
The scenery's all drawn...

They hang here from the walls dear,
Painting pictures, bleeding colors,
blanket the windows...

Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
Your eyes see right through me.

These fights with your arms left beside.
One thing and one more says goodnight.
You've got the map come get to me.
These knuckles break before they bleed.

Tear out these veins that own my heart.
This skin that wears your lasting marks.
I've built these walls come get to me, come get to me.

Is this your lesson, a slight discretion,
The lines that keep you, the lines that sweep you.
Lock the doors from the inside...

Your face is so contagious, it wears announcements,
It leaves me breathless, I won't forget this. I won't forget.

Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
Your eyes see right through me.

Let the walls have their say.
Let the walls have their say.
Let the walls have their say.
Let the walls have their say.
Let the walls have their say.
Have their say.

There's no conversation, words without remorse
And this television drowns the only source
Wake from these dreams of you in my arms
To the staircase where you hold my heart
This place, these walls mean everything to me.