Some Have Happy Endings

A/N: Hi everyone! I'm rewriting the chapters of my Liberty's Kids fanfiction so they can be longer and better than before. I was just rereading the chapters when I started correcting small errors so I decided to redo everything. Here's chapter 1: A Suitor for Sarah.


Chapter 1

A Suitor for Sarah

Sarah's POV

Today was a beautiful Tuesday morning. I had sat in a chair at the desk with a piece of paper and quill out. I had been writing a letter for about fifteen minutes that day to send to my dear friend James.

Dear James,

I am writing to once again update on my life here in New York. Life has been fine yet quiet. Father has been sent on business to England so Mother and I have spent our time together sewing and discussing events on other friends. I tell Mother that what we talk about is gossip but Mrs. Radcliff has rubbed off on her.

Mrs. Radcliff has come down from Canada for a visit. She says that she misses sewing circles like the ones that Mother forces me to participate in. Alas I have been submerged in many activities and have not had the time to send you and Henri more letters. I did receive a letter from Henri in France. He says that France has been suffering and food supplies are low there. He says that the Marquis thinks of another revolution only this one will be in France. I pray that Henri shall stay safe in their hard times.

Has life been doing well for you? I have seen your newspaper and can not help but think of the old memories when we worked under Dr. Franklin. I last heard that he was in bed with illness. I too pray for his health seeing as he has aged in the many years that I have been in America. How so much time as passed, I do not know. Send my regards to Sybil, seeing as you live closer to her than I do.

Please write back to me a soon as you see fit. I would also like another edition of your fine newspaper.

Sincerely Yours,


I lifted the new letter up to my eyes and re-read my handy-work. I nodded approvingly and gently placed it in an envelope. I had planned to get the letter into town to be sent off as soon as possible. Unfortunately I was stopped in the parlor by Mrs. Radcliff.

"Ah Sarah, may I have a word?"

I nodded politely even though her mind was on the post office in town. Mrs. Radcliff motioned towards a chair in the room across from my mother. I sat down and placed my hands with the letter in her lap. Mrs. Radcliff also took her seat and nodded to my mother, Elizabeth Phillips.

"Sarah darling, Mrs. Radcliff and I were having a very colorful discussion. It was a discussion about you and your future," my mother explained.

I nodded with a prodding thought of where this conversation was going.

"You have come to the age of where you are ready to settle down with a suitor," she continued.

I did not like where this was going.

"Mrs. Radcliff and I have discussed this and have decided to throw a gallant party in which you shall be able to choose a nice young man for a husband," Mother said with a small smile. "Does that sound pleasant?"

My eyes grew wide. I was not ready to be married yet. I still had many things that I wanted to do, places I had wanted to go. But I didn't want to upset my mother nor insult Mrs. Radcliff by declining her idea.

"Yes, that does sound pleasant indeed," I said with a forced smile.

Maybe I could go to the party and not choose anyone. That did sound like a fine idea but knowing Mrs. Radcliff, she would find me a suitor if my mother did not.

"Will Father be attending?" I asked.

Mother had an unsure and sad look upon her face.

"I am not sure dear. He is away on business which means that he may or may not make it to your party."

I hated it when she says "my party". It makes me feel like all eyes would be looking upon me. Now thinking of why this party was to occur, all eyes probably will be on me.

"That is a shame that father might not make it. When will this party occur?"

"We were thinking this Saturday," said Mrs. Radcliff.

THIS SATURDAY? They weren't prepared to give me time to think or get ready. This Saturday was in four more days.

"This Saturday would be fine," I said unwillingly wit the fake smile still plastered on my face. My eye twitched a bit, but then an idea had just occurred to me that might ruin Mrs. Radcliff's plans on getting me betrothed. If I had friends who I spent my whole time with… I might just be able to slip out of this problem. Great! Now I'm thinking like James!

"May I invite a few friends as well so that I shan't feel surrounded by complete strangers" I asked.

"My dear, who would you invite?" Mrs. Radcliff asked.

"Well I would like to invite my friends Moses and James. Henri would not be able to come since he is in France but maybe Dr. Franklin if he is healthy enough?"

"Th-that would be fine wouldn't it Elizabeth?" Mrs. Radcliff looked to my mother who nodded in liking to the idea. She had met her friends some time ago and knew them to be friendly and responsible of her daughter. Mrs. Radcliff spoke up again, "In fact, I will personally send out the invitations."

"Thank you Mrs. Radcliff. That is very kind of you but I can send them, I'm going in town today." I stood up but so did Mrs. Radcliff.

"Sarah dear, I insist. I will take it to the post later and have it sent as fast as I can to your friends. It's the least I could do."

I looked at her hard but then saw my mother nodding. My mother must have gone crackers but I didn't want to offend her friend. I am not a pushover though. Just too polite for my own good.

I nodded and she wrote up the invitations quickly and out to in her handbag.

"I do need to go into town today mother. May I go?"

"Of course Sarah," Mother said as I got up and left the parlor.

I heard on my way out, Mother and Mrs. Radcliff talking again.

"That was very generous of you," Mother said.

"Oh Elizabeth, it was nothing. The least I could do to help make Sarah comfortable in choosing a suitor. If she is happy, things shall go smoothly Saturday evening."

I smiled and walked out the door to my horse. The ride to town was smooth. I walked into the pot office and was greeted with many hellos.

"Good morning Miss Phillips," said the desk worker.

"Good morning. I have a letter that needs to be sent very soon," I said as I handed him the letter.

"Very well, I will get right on it."

"Thank you sir."

I smiled and walked back out to my horse. It was a lovely day for a ride and I will take advantage of it.