Title: Sacrifice

Summary: In exchange for Anzu's life, mou hitori no Yuugi will have to sacrifice his own soul. Can Yugi and his friends find some other way to resurrect Anzu or what if there is no alternate solution? Anzu x Other Yugi

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

A/N: I know that this might resemble Clamp's Tsubasa/xxxHolic, I assure you that it's different. For one thing, this story will end within 3 or 4 chapters. If you wanted a happy story, you have come to the wrong story.

Chapter 1: Aine

Are you hungry, dear Selene? Aine mentally communicated to the pure white cat sitting on a deep red cushion. The lazy but majestic cat licked the front of one of her paws and meowed a reply which her mistress understood clearly while normal humans couldn't.

No, Mistress. I have already been fed. There was a particularly juicy rat under the kitchen counter. The pale young woman nodded, her fingers kneading the space between her eyes, her lips were completely white. Her long hair resembling the color of blood covered her face as she almost keeled over but held herself up by grabbing onto the edge of the kitchen table. Selene who had noticed this sat up immediately. Can Mistress not stand human food? Shall I fetch someone to tend to Mistress?

It's been years and years since I have fed on a powerful soul. These human souls I have been feeding on...They're all tainted. I need souls with plenty of power to satisfy my hunger. Selene pawed the side of Aine's face to push her hair back. Every inch of her was completely shaking.

I don't know what to do, Mistress. The loyal cat said with concern. Is there no such human food that can satisfy your hunger for the time being? I cannot possibly attain a powerful soul anytime soon.

No, what I need is...is a powerful soul like his...Her pupil enlargened to see a chestnut-haired girl lying perfectly still, her baby blue blanket covered all the way to her neck. Her chest remained quite still, not heaving up and down silently like all human beings. Her face looked peaceful with its closed eyelids and pallid lips. If Aine didn't know better, she would've thought this Anzu Mazaki girl was sleeping blissfully. She knew the difference between a dead human and a live human. "What I need is your soul, Pharaoh Atemu." Selene seemed to meow in protest.

But Mistress, if your body is this weak, you wouldn't be able to retrieve the ancient king's soul.

Have you forgotten how I obtain my souls, Selene?

The cat was taken aback. Desperate humans seek for your help. You only help them if they promised to let you devour their souls.

Precisely. It is not necessary for me to take it by force. The forgotten King shall come for my help. The cat's blue eyes scrutinized Aine whose green eyes shone with delight. It was a while before she spoke again.

Mistress, do you think it wise to do this? Knowing of your past, I advise you to look elsewhere. This ancient King, the nameless Pharaoh, whose name only you know. He was not the one who...? Selene was not sure whether she should continue or not. Aine didn't make a grunt of displeasure or looked annoyed in the least bit, just sickly so the cautious cat continued. I do not want Mistress to be hurt again.

Dear Selene...you are speaking of him as if he was my lover. Aine said calmly. If you are talking about my- She stopped only to laugh scornfully. How ludicrous of me. 'Mine'. This person was never mine. I had so much abilities that could be done without the aid of a Millennium Item yet the Pharaoh was warned about my plotting to get them. The cat's features contorted angrily at the simple suggestion.

Mistress wanting to get the Millennium Item? H-how utterly ridiculous! Why the power of the combined Millennium Items couldn't beat your power. If Mistress wanted control of the world, she would've already eaten the souls of half the world by now. Selene was positively indignant on Aine's part but the latter seemed amused for one second. Her face changed from sickly to mere amusement to an impassive expression.

Her voice was equally as calm as she spoke aloud. "Most of them have probably reincarnated into present day mortals especially..."

Mistress, Selene meowed softly, nudging her with the side of her whiskered face. Did you love-

She immediately answered before the cat could finish her question. "I may look like them, I may dress like them, I may sound like them, I may eat their kind of food to fool them but I will never feel this emotion called love especially not towards a human." The intense dislike in her eyes at the mention of ever loving a human was burning in her eyes. It was so intense that the normally impassive Selene backed away from her.

Yes, Mistress, I understand. Aine pushed herself along the black walls to will her weak body out of the room. Selene watched the pathetic scene before her. She wished that she could somehow turn into a human to help her mistress. Only Aine had that power; the power to shape-shift into a human.

Her left foot shakingly ascended on the bottom stair. Her white fingers gripped the polished banister to support herself. Beads of sweat appeared on her marble skin. If I don't satisfy my hunger soon, my human form will perish. Her eyelids were even too tired to lift themselves.

She had already met this girl that rested so peacefully on her bed in her vision.

"Hello," Aine said in English with perfect enunciation. She extended her hand towards Anzu, who was bewildered at the strange woman's appearance. She had on a polite smile on her face. The snow white cat resting on the woman's shoulder meowed as if greeting her. "You may call me Aine. This is my dear friend, Seline."

"H-hello," Anzu greeted in English with poor enunciation. The strange woman offered her hand. The girl was at a lost for what to do. She just stared at the stranger's foreign features, long hair the color of blood which fell to her hips. Her eyes were emerald green with large black pupils.

"Do you think my hands are dirty?" Her quietly unsettling voice broke into Anzu's thoughts.

"N-no! I'm sorry but do I know you?" Anzu asked bluntly. The smile, an almost knowing smile, didn't fade from Aine's face.

"No, I believe not but I do always like to meet my clients before I- No, I shouldn't ruin the surprise." Selene stared dully at Anzu with her blue eyes. She never did quite like humans. She just thought that this human girl was another of her Mistress' victims. She used her sandy tongue to lick at a spot of her already clean fur, waiting.

"Clients? Surprise?" Anzu asked with confusion. Without warning, Aine reached out with gracefully thin fingers and ran them through the frightened girl's hair. Her touch was ice cold.

"My, my, isn't your hair silky soft. It is almost like running my fingers across silk. The ancient king certainly has good taste in women." Anzu had to fight a blush from coming on. Furthermore, she was shaken by her unexpected knowledge. 'The ancient king' was most likely referred to mou hitori no Yugi. Could this woman be another enemy? "Not exactly," Aine said in response to Anzu's mental question. "In a way, I am more like an ally though he might think differently. He did, after all..." She had been looking away but swung her head back to face Anzu. This girl is pure. If I wouldn't have to save her, her pure blood would've made an excellent addition to my wine collection. She fought an urge to lick her lips at the thought of fresh blood. Her blood would undoubtedly be delicious as well. Selene calmly licked her front paw, watching her mistress' hungry eyes.

Mistress, why won't you take this human's soul and blood and do as you wish with it?

Selene, I am not like that of a vampire who takes human blood with force nor am I a succubus who does the same with a soul. Besides, this girl is invaluable to me.


Let us go now.

"I apologize for scaring you, Anzu dear." Anzu, who had been so speechless finally found her voice again. She took her hand away.

"Uh, ah, wait!" Anzu cried out as Aine turned away from her. Only the cat turned around to hiss at the girl. Do not bother my mistress, human girl.

"Hey, Anzu!" Jounouchi called to Anzu as he passed Aine. Shizuka walked beside her older brother with a blushing Honda behind her. Aine's smile widened when she caught Ryou's eye with her narrowed eyes.

He looks so beautiful. So much like her...Beautiful on the outside and the inside with an equally pure soul and beautiful blood.

So beautiful that her soul was the color of the moon when it slid down Mistress' throat.

Small hands clasped together as if in prayer as she knelt down in front of Aine, who was sitting on a dark red leather armchair. She had a bored expression on her turned away face. Her fingers were clasped around a crystal goblet full of pure blood. Her long hair draped on her arms, the back and the arms of the armchair. Selene sat on the hearth rug beside a grand fireplace.

"I'm begging you; please grant my wish. My only wish is that he never feels lonely. I'm all that he has and once I'm gone, he'll..." She couldn't finish the sentence. She had suddenly burst out in tears.

"You do not have to speak anymore. I already know everything. However, there is a heavy price. You have to willingly give me your blood and soul. You have to think carefully." Aine interrupted when the girl kneeling on the marble floor was about to open her mouth. "Your death is approaching soon. If-" She stood up, placing the goblet on a side table and looked out a French window. "you give up your soul, you will not be able to descend upon Hell or ascend to Heaven nor can you be reborn. Do you accept?" She asked impassively.

The girl with tears attached to her eyelashes, nodded. "Yes, I accept. You can do whatever you want with my soul and blood."

A smirk appeared on Aine's face as she strolled to the little girl's side. She lifted her face with a finger to meet her eyes. "You are a very selfish girl, aren't you? For all you know, you could've just sold your soul to the devil. You don't really care about what happens to your family, do you? I am a being with many powers, one of them able to grant any wish in exchange for their soul or blood or both. You could've wished for me to cure your disease. I think you are fully aware of this but you, yourself, just can't stand to be alive any longer, can you? Yes, there are many like you." She whispered, looking right into her eyes, into the very core of her soul. The little girl's eyes were downcast.

Disgusting. Selene said simply before returning to her cat nap.

"Very well. I shall grant your wish. I advise you to spend as much time as you can with him. Because you accepted my terms, this means your death will come earlier than expected." Before she opened her mouth to protest, Aine interrupted her again. "You should be grateful. I usually don't wait. I expect you know the way out." Selene got up from the rug and jumped into Aine's waiting arms.

"Bakura-kun!" Shizuka called to him, causing him to break eye content with Aine. "What's wrong?" Ryou looked around to find that Aine had disappeared.

The next morning, Anzu's mom opened the door to her room to find the girl still sleeping away. She crossed over to the window to raise the white curtains. The sunlight flooded half of the room shining on the teenage girl's immobile form.

"Honestly, you're almost late for school. Don't you even care?" The older woman moved to the side of the bed, looking at her daughter's pallid face. "Anzu?" She touched her cheek which was ice cold. "ANZU? ANZU! Wake up!" She wrenched the blankets away from her body, violently shaking her shoulders. There was no response. "No! No!" She ran from the room. Her daughter's body was just a heap on the now messy bed.

Hundreds of miles from the Mazaki household, Aine sat up on her canopy bed, a closed smile on her lips. He shall come soon now that the body's been discovered.

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