"Vampires, definitely."

Ed blinked, looking up at his superior officer a little bewildered. They were hiding in the back of the car, curling awkwardly to keep themselves from sight as they waited for their target - a rogue state alchemist said to lead a ring of illegal alchemy - to come out of the warehouse. It was one of the ugliest sides of Central, but both, Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel felt more than safe with their own skills.

It was the part where they were forced to crowd in such a small space that kept their nerves highwired and adrenaline running.

Roy was actually pleasantly surprised by the Ed that came back from beyond The Gate. Older, more mature, less prone to verbally abuse him for the horrible sin of existing... but still Ed. He hadn't been joking when he had told him he wanted him to stay in the military; he'd only lied a little about his motivation. Ed was a great support for his continuous struggle to rise through the ranks - but what Ed didn't need to know was how much Roy had missed him while he was gone.

The sheer awkwardness of being huddled so close together was had prompted Ed to start the debate, which, much to his chagrin, Roy found himself enjoying.

"No way, old man, werewolves are definitely the worst evil there's out there." The golden eyes danced almost mirthfully as Ed raised his chin arrogantly. "Vampires are fucked in the sun, and they can't be subtle. Everyone knows there's a vampire around, what with the trail of blood and the lack of a tan. Not to mention, a good pasta dinner, and they're dead."

"They are already dead, Ed," Roy pointed out in a hushed voice, amusement clear in the light in his eyes, "undead, regenerating evil bastards. They're worst."

"Hn," Ed pouted cutely, "I still say werewolves are best - eh, worst. Nothing beats a ball of claws, teeth and fury from hell."

"A handful of cutlery would, though," the Colonel pointed out a touch smugly, "kind of sad, that your greatest evil is defeated with a spoon."

Ed glared, which only managed to make Roy's smirk wider. Both chose to carefully ignore the fact they were glaring - and smirking - at each other from barely inches away. From the close distance, Ed was plunged deep into the scent of Roy's cologne - and that part of the scent that was simply Roy; smoke, ash and a dash of sweat - and Roy had a perfect view to analyze the different shades of golden and the specks of amber in Ed's eyes.

The silence prolonged itself, and awkwardness rose once more as their faces found themselves nearing again, dangerously close to each other.

"Oh, snap," Ed grinned, a bit too goofily, a bit too forced, "do you know what's really, really evil?"

"What?" Roy was grateful for the distraction, blinking away the sensation of being embraced in golden.

"Zombies." Ed paused for a moment. "Well, technically, they're chimeras, but then, they're real, so they're the absolute worst, right?"

He was close, close enough to kiss, and damned be the consequences. He was perfectly within reach, Roy's treacherous mind told him seductively, just a little stretch. He wasn't a kid anymore; he wasn't naive or a brat. He was Ed, at the tips of his fingers, and all he had to do was to pull him in.

Do you know what's truly evil? You and me, here, stalling, because we're too fucking scared to do anything. Roy grimaced at his own thoughts.