Are We Too Different?

Chapter Nine: Happiness

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And so, we left off with a car crash

He smiled and kissed the top of her head and headed for the door and she followed. He got into the crappy looking sports car and began to drive off, just as he turned the corner a big truck smashed into his tiny sports car. "VICTOR!" Raven's eyes widened and she screamed his name and ran to the car.


The Del sol was pushed back by the momentum of truck. The truck looked like it had just been dented but the Del sol was in far worse condition. The tiny car was smashed, the windshield was broken and windows all broken and cracked, the tiny car looked much smaller than before. Victor opened his eyes his vision was blurred. He saw Raven running to him in a zigzag line. Soon his world became no more than a dark sea of nothing.


Raven was pacing the waiting room, her arms wrapped around herself. They had rushed Victor to the ER and had made her wait offering her coffee and something to eat but she refused. She wanted to see him just so she knew he was alright. She watched the sliding doors open and Victor's mother and father rush in and went right to the desk. The nurse spoke to them and pointed to the waiting area. They soon spotted Raven and his mother ran to her and hugged her. Mrs. Stone cried as she squeezed Raven tightly, Raven began to weep on the older woman's shoulder. The time seemed to tick by, a minute was like an eternity. Raven lay on the couch her head on her mother's lap. Her eyes closed as her mother's hand petted Raven's head. 'When did she arrive?' she asked herself. Her thoughts were everywhere and anywhere all at once, she was tired but she couldn't sleep. Her mind kept playing the accident over and over again.

People rushed out of their houses to see what all the commotion was about. Raven screaming and crying as she ran to the car. "Victor!" She ran into the car and placing her hands on the broken window not caring that the glass seeped into her skin. Her eyes fell upon the unconscious Victor. His face was in the air bag, blood rushing from several deep wounds. "Oh God, Victor" She looked around to all the people who where gawking at the site in front of them. "Someone call 911!" she screamed as they all stood still, frozen like deer looking into headlights. Finally someone ran into their house to call. She turned back, and heard a few guys running to the truck to check on the driver.

Her eyes opened to find herself staring at her mother's sleeping face. The slack expression on her face and little wrinkle lines around her eyes and forehead gave away her mother's true age. Raven had never noticed how tired her mother had looked before now, 'Has she always looked like this?' she pondered. She turned her head to look around the waiting area, a few other people Raven had never seen before walked around and slept in the other chairs. She glanced at the clock she had been in the hospital for over 4 hours and neither Raven nor Victor's parents had heard a thing from the doctors or the nurses. She smiled at Kori who was sleeping on Richard, Garfield was getting yet another snack from the vending machine. She sat up, her mother's hand falling into her lap. She sighed and ran her hand threw her unruly hair. 'If there is a god, please I know I've asked a lot from you, but please, if you could grant any of my wishes, make sure Victor comes out of this alive, I beg..' her thoughts were cut off when Mrs. And Mr. Stone stood up and went over to the doctor who had just called out their name. The doctor spoke in whispers and Mrs. Stone chocked out a cry of joy. Raven let out a breath of relief; she hadn't noticed she was keeping in.

After an hour Mr. Stone walked out and took Raven to see him. Her heart thumped nervously as they walked down the quite hallway. Mr. Stone stopped Raven outside the door. "Raven, he's pretty tore up..." He placed his hand on her shoulder and lightly squeezed, "Nothing too serious now, broken ribs and right arm." He smiled, "He was bleeding pretty badly by the time they got him to hospital, but it's better now and they have him hooked up to those machines to make sure nothing else goes wrong." Raven nodded.

They walked into the room, Mrs. Stone was holding her son's hand and he was smiling. She was stunned; he wasn't as bad she thought he might look. She was afraid he would look more like her mother after her last beating from her father. She smiled and a few tears unwillingly rushed out of her eyes. She chuckled when he grinned his lopsided smile at her. "Hey, Rae, that had to be one of the wickedest rides I've ever been on." He smiled and chuckled a bit and winced in pain.

"That's you Victor, the thrill seeker." She smiled and Mr. and Mrs. Stone went to talk to the doctor in the hallway. Raven sat down in the chair Mrs. Stone had just gotten up from. Raven fidgeted in her seat, she didn't know what to say. Victor looked at her, he touched her hair and smiled, she smiled back and tears gushed like a waterfall down her face.

"It's okay Rae, I'm fine now."

"I know, I'm just so happy you're okay." She wiped her tears away. "I thought," he cut her off.

"It's just a car accident Rae, you worry too much like my mom." He smiled.

"But you could have, and.."

"Rae, I'm not dead, I'm here in the flesh." He was silent for a moment and then spoke again. "Do you know the score of the basketball game?"

Raven blinked in confusion. "You just got out of a car accident and you want to know the basketball game score?" Victor busted out laughing but winced and settled for a chuckle. "That's just like you," she smiled and told him that Richard and Garfield would know the score. They talked for a few moments about nothing in particular. Raven looked around the room, there was flowers and get well balloons, chocolates and candies of different varieties. He grabbed her hand and squeezed.

"I know it's not easy being here.." Victor said softly. He watched Raven's facial expressions, tears fell down her face yet again, he hadn't seen her cry this much since her dad had been living with them. "It's not exactly the happiest place you've been.."

"He called." She stated tears falling down like rain. "He says he's changed." She scoffed. "Prison has changed me." Her anger increased with every word she spoke. Her eyes locked with Victor's "I hate that man with every being of my soul."

"Don't, as hard and as stupid as this is going to sound, you must forgive him." He looked at her shocked face. "Not for him, God not for him, but for yourself." He saw that she was biting her tongue to let him say what he was saying. "Because he has power of you when you hate him, don't let him wield that power of you." Her face softened at his words.

"I remember that speech." Raven said as she smiled, "When I went I use to go to church with you every Sunday and Wednesday." Victor laughed and Raven did too.

"No wonder it came out so smoothly." He looked at her. "Why'd you stop going to church?" He looked at her.

"I stopped believing in god." She looked out the window.

2 weeks later.

Raven picked up the sushi roll with her chopstick and ate it. Victor looked at her, "Come on, I can't use my right arm!" he complained as he watched Raven stick another tasty sushi roll in her mouth.

"Fine whiney baby," She picked up another and he opened his mouth and he felt nothing as he watched her almost stick it in her mouth and she laughed and gave it to him.

"You're so mean to me." He said after he finished chewing. She laughed and he smiled.

"God, you two make me sick." Garfield gagged as he sat down with his salad.

"I'm sorry Terra shot you down," he took another bite that Raven fed to him. "But, don't take it out on us." He laughed and Garfield glowered at him.

Richard and Star joined them, "Wrestling is not the same without you Vic." Richard said, he was sweating and still in his practice clothing. "Coach is always on our ass now." He added.

Victor laughed, "Maybe if you guys worked and stopped goofing off."

"Yeah and stop fondling each other." Garfield scoffed.

"Ha ha, very funny," Kori nudged Richard to make him shut up.

"Christmas is just around the corner, what would you like?" Kori looked at Richard.

He grinned, "Only you."

"Oh come on guys!" Garfield stretched his face out. "Do you have to be so.. UGH!!" he screamed.

All of them laughed at this, the lunch bell rang and they went their separate ways. Victor walked Raven to her class room, people seemed to gaze at them when they walked together. Raven laughed at Victor's joke, "Garfield would do something that stupid." He smiled he bent down to kiss her when there was a hand in his way he opened his closed eyes to see a peach colored hand and Mr. Slade attached to it.

"No PDA, it is in the student handbook, section D 23 part A Mr. Stone." Slade glared at him and Victor shrugged it off. "You of all people should know the student handbook Ms. Roth." He folded his arms.

Her pale face turned a light shade of pink and Victor laughed, "You should teach me how to do that." Raven hit his left arm and he laughed and wondered off to his class.


He rolled his eyes as he listened to the Mad Mod, as he liked to call him, talk away about the British. He glanced out the window and noticed the dark clouds approaching. "Something wicked this way comes," he murmured.

Karen looked at him, "are you and Raven really going out?" Karen whispered.

"No, we are just friends with benefits," he glared, "Yes we are, gotta problem wit that?" Victor snipped at her.

"Geeze, don't get your panties all in a bunch." Karen said.

"Sorry, the weather is irritating me."

"It's okay." Karen looked at Mod as he looked at the class that obviously wasn't paying any attention to him. He sighed and continued discussing the British and Indian writers. "I'm glad you to are going out, you seem so." She seemed to search for the words. "Right, almost like puzzle pieces."

He smiled at the compliment, "Thanks K."

She put in her headphones and turned her MP3 player down lower and nodded.


Soon they were finally free of the prison known as school. Raven held on to his good hand and listened to him chatter away about wrestling. She nodded and added a comment every now and again. Raven wasn't a huge fan of sports which was obvious, but she liked to listen to him speak. She watched as his expression would change when he would talk about something he didn't like or liked. She loved how dark he was compared to her, how tall and lean he was. She felt her cheeks turn a light pink, it burned, but in a good way.

Victor glanced at Raven and saw her face was flushed he grinned, "What are you thinking about?"

"You.." She answered, he was dumb founded again, he didn't know what to say to that.

After some time he broke the silence, "Want to come over?" he asked his eyes on her as her house came into view.

"I want to spend some time with my mom, maybe tomorrow." She said.

"Okay," they reached her front door and she unlocked it. She opened the door and called for her loyal companion who came bounding out from behind the house.

"Malchior, what are you doing already outside?" she asked as she bent over to scratch her dogs head. The dog barked happily and wagged its tail as it ran around the yard. Raven stood up and smiled and Victor kissed her. Her hands rested on his shoulders and she was on her tip toes. The kiss was broken and she remained on her tip toes and spoke, "Why are you so tall?"

"Why is the sky blue?"

"Because I like it that way," Victor chuckled and kissed her again, this time he went a little further than lips on lips. His tongue opened her mouth and she gasped in surprise and pushed him away. "W-What was that?" she asked her voice slightly higher and louder than normal.

"Sorry, French kiss?" He looked down as if scolded. She smiled, she couldn't stay mad at him, not over something so petty.

She smiled and with both hands lifted his face up and kissed him, this time it was her tongue that invaded his mouth, she smiled and they continued to kiss until Victor ran out of air. "Wow…" Raven said out of breath.

He grinned and his forehead rested on hers as they just looked at each other. "You're perfect."

"Not in the least."

"Too me you are."

"Stop being so corny,"

"Stop being beautiful,"

"Shut up and kiss me."

This bitter sweet argument ended when he did as commanded, they kissed for a good minute and he left to go home. She walked in through the door and turned on the lights and sitting on her favorite chair was the man she feared and hated, her father.