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Memory 1.1:

This World

A Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha AU fanfic by James "Ray" Edwards

You are asking me --- oh, sorry; pardon the formality. Let us --- err --- Let's try that again, shall we?


You're asking me about how it all began? Sounds like an interview question from the History Channel to me, than say --- an innocent inquiry? Heh.

Now, now, no need to get flustered. I did promise you ten minutes of my time, so ten minutes you shall --- errr --- you'll get. Um, that is, that's-! How it goes in street vernacular, right? Trying to talk younger than my age vexes me terribly so, as you can see.

Hm, well, never mind. Let's see now... Where did it all began?

I'd say it was ten years ago, yes, exactly ten years ago. You've studied up on the Blastfall Paradigm Shift Incident, haven't you? Oh, of course, you have --- Miss Indie Journalist-san because it is the very reason we live in the world we have today.

The Blastfall Paradigm Shift Incident, a catastrophic techno-magi phenomenon on a titanic scale that changed the course of history for an entire people: Over night ninety percent of the human population had its sleeping magical talents awakened in exchange for an entire star system cut off indefinitely from the rest of the galaxy. The world changed beyond their control, people had to change, as the laws they had held so dear before had been broken, completely and absolutely.

A new world order was necessary for the tumultuous time of chaos reborn for Mankind was trapped on a blue-green rock. The stars were beyond their reach, the Moon once more so close yet so distant, and they were forced to live under the phantasmal light of the aurora blast line that guarded the sea of stars. There was great fear, anger, despair, and confusion.

But instead of uniting together, Mankind chose to make war on itself. Taking advantage of the massive loss in telecommunications and the inability spy on one another due to the loss of their satellites, politicians and opportunists manipulated their nations against each other, for greed, for pride, and for glory. In three years of brutal senseless conflict --- now dubbed The Unsung War ---the planet was scarred by weapons of mass destruction beyond comprehension, giving birth to the Equatorial Winter, a large flaming wall of arcane and physical energies that continues to burn to this very day.

Five billion souls perished...

O' shame on ye...

Humans, thy name is folly.

It was the worst tragedy I had ever seen in my life. The optimist in myself would like to say we are better today for it, but the cynic wonders if my good conscious can justify our present era of peace and --- growing prosperity over the silent screams of the dead?

The governments of the world are certainly still the same, even if there are only some one and a half billion of its taxpayers left. Human culture, the world economy, they way we live in the new modern era; that is what has truly changed the most above all. Compared to the rest of the galaxy, we are a relatively young techno-magi society, but we are no doubt making progress, and crafting our talents into something that is uniquely...

How should I say...?

In our nature?

Now, if there is any age group you ask that I am jealous of in our new world, it has to be the children of this new generation. What was it you media folk dubbed them again?

"Generation MxO"

The world will be watching their every step and breath, like dancing on a razor knife edge. Everyone has their hopes on them that it will be they who will fix all the world's ills through the miracles of magic and science. There is much to do, after all, for starters: Mother Nature has gone completely mad, the weather prone to out of control disasters, much of the land is scarred and despot. She has given birth to strife and monsters from the darkest corners of the human imagination that continue to ravage the Yellow Zones and Red Zones at this very moment. Of course, let us not even get started on the subject of the misuse of magical arts, and Lost Logia --- the famed Black Technology of "God" that have been discovered even here on this world.

But, ah! Look at the time, so sorry, Miss Aya Shameimaru of the fantastic Bunbunmaru Newspaper; it seems our time together is up.

Oh, sorry? I did not mean to slip back into my formal tones. Oh, you are not angry about that? Oh yes, our time is up! Hahaha; now, no need to get offended. To my understanding, journalists --- be they self-styled or paid by the hour --- are a very determined and insatiable species. I am sure you will discover some way to blackmail --- err --- negotiate some more time out of me again, though I cannot swear there will be another opportunity for us to meet.

After all, being the Section Chief of Arkham City's Public Mystic Authority Section 7 is not a job for idlers and fools, though I find it fortunate I am doing a lot of grunt work myself these days, instead of growing fat behind a desk.


Special Enforcer Chrono Clyde Haraoun, AKA The Chief --- to his friends --- and to the enemies of public order, The Blue Breaker, Age: 24, Clearance: Classified, Magus Certification: Classified, Martial Status: Widower.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:

Well, there you have it. Memory 1.1 in all of its glory. Thoughts, feelings, questions: hey, fire away, fellas. And yes, Chrono is --- a little bit "crazy", and there are quite a few subtle and not so subtle hints already sprinkled about in this episode as to why he is so --- eccentric. Don't worry, this is a somewhat linear story, so next episode things will become a little more clearer.

Thank you all for tuning in and remember, I always encourage each and everyone of you to feel free to comment, review, and/or discuss the story. Your comments can really make a difference, I assure you, and if you're up to it, feel free to ring me up on AIM, or even send me an e-mail (although you really don't need to boost my ego too often). You know how to get in touch with the maestro here.