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Chapter Four





It's good to be in love

It really does suit you

Just like everything

I'm happy you're in love

'Cause every color goes where you do




He didn't blink when the Hokage reassigned him his old codename. He didn't twitch when he was told he would be captaining a tea, formally under the control of the famous copy cat ninja. He didn't flinch when the woman told him there would be the standard one girl two boys, one being the fox container. But he just about had a spasm when he learned that she was on the team.

Of all the girls in leaf, it just had to be her.

The man once named Tenzo, now Yamato, shivered at the thought of seeing her again after all these years. Reaching a hand up, he dragged it through his messy bark colored hair and let out a long sigh, trying to breath away as much stress as possible.

How much had she grown? Would she remember him? Would she still hate him? If she did, he wouldn't blame her or hold her against it. She probably forgot all about him and her adventures with him as a child. He wouldn't blame her for that either. It was probably better if she didn't remember him leaving her on Christmas day.

With shaky steeps, the shaken man approached the meeting spot where he would have to confront these feeling of remorse, regret, and worse of all, her. Approaching the spot he heard voices ahead of him.



"Naruto…do you knew him?"

"This freak attacked me when I was with Shikamaru!"

His new team...

Hesitantly he steeped forward and cleared his throat, refusing to look away from the two boys and at the single female member of the team. His gaze was hard, but inside he was quivering with fear. He hoped it didn't leak into his eyes. "Umm from now on, team Kakashi will, I will be acting in place of Kakashi san as captain."

"Sorry about before. I wanted to see the new abilities of my new teammate. After all I need to know exactly how much I'll have to help out the looser," Sai commented with that fake smile of his.

"What'd you say?!"

"Hold on Naruto! He's going to be out new teammate, you can't just attack him suddenly. Although you, you're not being all the friendly…"Sakura commented holding Naruto back from attacking the artistic nin.

Yamato noticed how much her voice had matured.

"Ahhh. Is that so? I like your type. Friendly butt ugly girls," Sai laughed, making the leader of their team frown.

Yamato noticed the failure gleam in her eyes and acted before he knew what he was doing. "What'd you say asshole?"

"Hey did you forget what you just said to Naruto?" Yamato cried slipping his arms under her own and held her back from really doing some damage. He was so caught up in the moment he almost forgot to notice that he was holding her.


'Whoa, she most definitely grew.'


After introductions were over and they were a good way a ways more fights began to break out. He had threatened to lock the up in a wooden cage if the didn't behave and they seemed to shape up. So as a reward, he took them to an inn with a hot spring out back. It was night and he was walking outside, alone. Nothing but him and the air around him.


Or at least that was what he thought until he spotted a pink haired medic sitting on a bench a few feet away, looking at him closely.

"S-Sakura? What are you doing out here so late at night? I-It could be dangerous, you should be back inside the inn," he stuttered, not wanting to have the conversation he knew was coming.

Sakura looked at him with half lidded eyes, turning to look away for only a moment before her eyes gravitated back towards him. "We'll? Aren't you going to sit down?"

Yamato looked up at her and noticed she was pointing to the empty seat next to her. Not wanting to deny her, he complied and sat down next to her. He felt the awkward atmosphere as around him, hanging in a thick fog that threatened to choke him up. Sakura, however, looked unaffected in least. It became more than he could take.

"Sakura, I-"


He sucked back a sharp gasp at the pain in his heart. He didn't think it would hurt this much.

"Please…don't say anything. You don't need to….Yammy chan."


The addressed girl looked up and smiled. "I'm a ninja now, just like you. I know what it's like to be called on missions. Don't worry, I forgive you."

"Y-you remembered?"

Sakura smiled ad leaned her head down on his chest resting her hand on his shoulder. "Hai, Yammy chan, I remember."

There a was a huge wave of relief as the dark eyed man felt a huge weight lift off his chest. This was better than anything he would have expected. She not only remembered him, but she also forgave him. Two things he dared not to hope for, despite his prayers. Forgiveness and remembrance.

"Did you really think I would not remember my Christmas wish? Do you remember? I wanted to be with you."

"Ah I remember, I don't think I could forget that Christmas even if I tried. My wish was the same every year after," Yamato replied stroking her hair, ever so gently.

"And what was your wish? You never told me before you left," Sakura asked, nuzzling her head against his rising and falling chest. She was enjoying how familiar this felt, this smelled, this sounded.

His chest rumbled against her ear when he began to speak and she like what she had to say. "…I wished for you…for you to be mine…"

"You mean…?" Sakura's voice was cut off by the pair of demanding lips that crashed down on top of her own.

"Mine, mine and all mine, forever and ever…just mine…all mine."

Despite his hushed murmurings, she smile, returning the gesture of affection.

"Merry Christmas Yammy chan…"




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