Chapter 1

"Backpacking shouldn't be like this"

The only companion Alexis had though out her backpacking trip to the States was her trusty black video ipod. It was protected in the black velvet pouch and fitted nicely in her jean pocket. But recent events entwined with fate would land Alexis in an emergency.

Giant robots from outer space trashed her hotel and everything that she owned in her room. That meant that Alexis didn't have her skateboard for traveling, her camera for taking pictures, her laptop for internet and writing if she got bored, and her ipod charger.

There were more things on the list, but most of the important things were inside her very small backpack. For the past hour and a half she has been walking on the side of the road. Alexis's first plan was to stick out her thumb for someone to give her a ride.

But she really didn't want to risk of getting kidnapped and raped, or anything else her imagination might muster up. The sun was setting slowly, glaring down at her like an angry eye. She glared back and raised her hand to shield her eyes from the radiation.

Both sides of the roads were empty, very much like her stomach and her stomach ached and twisted as it complained. Alexis placed her free hand on her stomach.

"Shhh…Food will come" she muttered, calming the beast. Alexis was running low on money and supplies since most of her things were in the hotel. "More then 3000 bucks lost." Alexis growled and gently slid her ipod out of her pocket.

Good, batteries are still on green, Alexis thought. A humid dry wind came from the west and struck her along with dust and dirt. Alexis squinted her green eyes as she put her ipod back into her pouch and slid it into her pocket. This is going to be a long night. She heard a vehicle revved its engine and Alexis whipped backwards. A small shadowy vehicle was speeding its way towards Alexis.

This is my only chance! Alexis thought gleefully. If this person doesn't pull over…I don't know that I'm going to do. And I am NOT sleeping in a dirty ditch some where. Alexis stopped walking and stuck out her thumb and stepped on the road making it possible to see her figure. I am not camping out another night.

The car turned out to be an attractive Mini Cooper, one of Alexis favored cars. It was on her list for 'cars I wana buy in the future'. Above the Mini Cooper was the 2005 Shelby WCC Mustang.

Please, please, please, stop for me. Oh god, if it does, I'll stop downloading free music.

Well... cut down on the free music downloading…and free movies…and games. Oh, I can't forget free-

Alexis was cut off by the cooper zooming past her, inches away from ripping off her thumb, or possibly her whole hand. Alexis's was windswept or more like wind slapped. Dust and dirt and other things engulfed her from behind the cooper.

"Douche Bag!" Alexis made sure the foul words floated in the air to the car. Alexis inhaled the matter and exploded in chokes and coughs. Tears came into her eyes because some dirt had entered them.

I thought backpacking would be way better then this! Alexis thought sourly, she fanned away the dust cloud. She spotted the cooper speeding away and finally out of sight. Backpacking shouldn't be like this.

30 songs later, and the whole first album of Static-X, Alexis made her way up the road. She was still in a bad mood since the incident from the cooper and her temper was starting to grow as her batteries started to die. Alexis saw a parked car up ahead, about 50 feet or so.

Maybe the driver is taking a rest, or listening to music. Hopefully they can give me a ride to the nearest town, or the nearest McDonalds to the nearest McFlurry. Alexis's insides bubbled with happiness when the thought of a McFlurry popped in her head. Thanks to her best friend, she was addicted to the frozen treat since the seventh grade.

With every long stride of her legs, she game closer and closer to the unknown car and its owner. She could now see that all four car doors were open. Alexis thought that was odd. Her feet hurt with every step and the weight of her backpack was taking a toll on her. She needed to rest just as the car and its owner was.

10 minutes later she came upon the same rude Mini Cooper that showered her in dirt and dust. Her eyes were still irritated from all the rubbing and tearing. She strolled over to the front and peered in to take a look. There wasn't anyone in the car. Alexis scratched her head and looked around. There wasn't anyone around except her. So where was the owner of the car?

"Hello!?" Alexis called out. She waited for an answer. "Where is the owner of the Mini Cooper?" She waited for a reply.

No reply. Only wind from the west.

"Owner of the car! HELLO! You're the one that freaking almost took my arm off!" Once again there wasn't a reply.

"Well. I'm staying in the car until you come back!" Alexis closed the two backs and the driver's side. She slid into the passenger's seat and shut the door. Since the sun was set and replaced by the moon, it was cool inside the car. She looked at the back and saw good looking interior.

The car had a weird atmosphere to it though. It made Alexis feel weird.

That's because it's someone's car. But still, it was better then walking. Alexis looked at the wheel and saw a weird symbol in the middle of it. It kind of looked like a robot. It was red.

Kool, thought Alexis. She leaned back into the chair and turned off her ipod from her jeans.

I'm just going to take a nap until the owner gets back from what ever they're doing. Maybe they're using the can…or something like that.

The silence was soothing, and sooner or later Alexis fell asleep.