Chapter 11


"So…this is what happens after death!?" Starshooter called out into the blank blankness. She really didn't expect there to be a reply but she hopefully waited for one. She peered though the darkness and tried to work her inner radar to check for any near by life signatures.

Wait...WHAT? Her radar wasn't working…

Starshooter frowned and decided to reboot her programming.

What? That's not responding either? What in the name of Primus is going on?

The femme tried a number of different programs to check or reboot but it only ended in the same result. They were not working.

"GAH! I feel like…like…" Starshooter didn't know how to end her sentence. She felt very lost and even handicapped. "Like…a human!" Starshooter optics could barely see though the darkness. She didn't take the chance in moving any where. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

"I hate being deactivated." Starshooter sighed and let the realization take hold of her body. Dead…that really sucks. She wanted to do more things in her life! She wanted to be there when Megatron and the Decepticons would crumble against the Autobots. She wanted to see more of Earth and possibly go back to Cybertron. And there was her secret goal. The goal which some day she hoped would turn into reality.

Well…it was probably every femme's secret goal, Transformer or human. To find the right mech and live happily ever after. Starshooter knew just, one day, she'll find her happily ever after. But sadly, she can't do that now since she's dead. Depressed now, Starshooter sighed and stared off into the darkness.

This really sucks.

"Starshooter?" The femme jumped from the sudden voice. Where did it come from? Who said that? Why did it sound like it came from everywhere?

"What?" Starshooter said a loud. She circled a couple of times to try and find the owner of the voice. Why did it sound so…so…?

"Familiar?" Yeah! Wait…WHAT?

"Who said that!?" Starshooter took a step into the darkness and placed her hands in front of her face. She started freaking out. She was dead and now someone was talking to her. Was her CPU alright? What the hell did Megatron do to her!?

"You're getting warmer…" said the voice. Starshooter suddenly stopped moving and frowned. She turned around in a circle to try and locate the voice. She made a left turn and walked at a not too fast speed.

"No! You're getting cooler…ah! Freezing cold!"

Starshooter sighed. What was the meaning of all this anyways? Hot…cold...freezing? "Just go the direction you where heading before."

Silently, Starshooter changed her course again and ignored the little comments that the voice shot at her. Though the thick darkness she saw the outline of a figure…

She stopped pondered her next move.

"It's good to see yah, old friend."

Alexis sat at the edge of the shelf and looked down at her friend. Starshooter was alive. If the twin's hadn't got her sooner she would had died and she was thankful for the twins. Ratchet had repaired her but didn't bother to find the source of what caused Starshooter to retaliate against the Autobots.

She was deep in recharge and wouldn't come out of it for a while. But it felt good to see her again. Alexis spent most of her time beside Starshooter, perched on the shelf. But today was different.

Alexis was in the middle of painting her fingernails black and blue when the medbay's doors opened. She looked up from her master piece and leaned forward a bit, trying to see who came in. Alexis looked down at her finger nails and blew on them. She was done her left hand and needed to do her right.

The shelf underneath her shook to the loud boom booms of giant robot feet. Carefully, Alexis tightened the top of her newly bought nail polish. Sunstreaker stood beside Starshooter. Alexis tensed up a bit. She had a feeling that something was going own between those two. She just couldn't tug that information out of Starshooter. Sunstreaker frowned and pulled up the stool that was next to the recharge berth. Alexis watched silently and blew on her nails. He had his hands in his lap and was sort of leaning forward. He was staring down at Starshooter for about a moment.

Alexis smiled to her self.

It looks like someone has a crush on Star.

Alexis didn't move from where she sat and simply started to paint her right hand finger nails. Once and a while she would glance up to see Sunstreaker watching Star. Alexis's eyes shot up to see Sunstreaker pull his arm out of his lap. Carefully he raised a finger and stroked Starshooter's cheek.

Alexis's lips curled into an evil smirk. When Starshooter is awake, she's going to tell her this for sure! It reminded her of the time when she was at school in the girl's washroom. She had spilled ketchup on her shirt and was trying to take off the stain with a wet paper towel. Two girls were talking to each other at the side, not quietly either.

One of the girls had the biggest crush on Alexis's guy friend. Once out of the washroom, Alexis went straight to her friend and told him the news. Alexis couldn't help it. Secrets were hard to keep for her.

Alexis fanned her hand to dry the nail polish. Sunstreaker still didn't notice the organic watching him. She eyed Starshooter and smiled to herself. Giant robots had feelings for each other? That's cute. Sunstreaker pulled his hand back when Starshooter's arm twitched.

Alexis was now carefully using the brush to paint the nails of her thumb, middle finger and pinky. She didn't see the mech frown deeply and slowly raise his hand again. He traced his index finger in a circle on her hand. Alexis glanced up and stared at the two love birds. She glanced up to the side to see any sight of Ratchet or any other Autobot in the room.

Nope…just Star and her lover boy. Where did Ratchet go anyways?

Alexis frowned and continued to paint her nails.

"Cosmic!?" She rubbed her optics and blinked a couple of times. Maybe something was wrong with her optics…

Nope, Cosmic was still standing in front of her, with that goofy smile she always had on.

"That's my name, don't forget it."

"Why would I forget you?"

Starshooter advanced Cosmic slowly but her emotions took a hold of her actions. She pulled her friend in a strong embrace and memory upon memory flooded Starshooter's mind. She was right there, so close to her. It was like how she always wanted. She was back with Starshooter!

"I missed you too," Cosmic chuckled and finally pulled from Starshooter's tight grip. Starshooter didn't know what to say…she was so over whelmed with sudden events. She was bummed out because she was dead but now overly happy to see her old friend. She would never get to see the faces of her other companions. Wouldn't see Rumble or Frenzy ever again and share one of their lame jokes.

Wouldn't hear Starscream's high pitched voice or even find out why he had kissed her. She couldn't go back to the Autobots and lurk in the lounge with that human female. She didn't have the chance to get to know Sunstreaker a little better which made her feel worse. Being dead really did suck. Her spark dropped to the floor and her optics dimmed.

"It's not all bad…being deactivated." Starshooter eyed Cosmic. "Luckily for you, Star. You are not dead."

Starshooter huffed. "Uh-huh, and Megatron and Prime are best friends."

"Ah, I miss your sarcastic remarks. But right now they are unnecessary." Starshooter smirked. "You are not dead."

"How's so?"

Cosmic sighed and rubbed one ruby optic. "Just trust me okay?" Starshooter nodded.

"You have to decide which side to take. The Decepticons or Autobots. Picking one side will get you killed, and the other, well…" Cosmic smirked. "Well…delay you from getting killed and possibly survive."

Starshooter frowned. "What?"

Cosmic groaned. "Just pick a side!" The strong words drifted from Cosmic and were pulled into Starshooter's audios. But it didn't completely download and understood by the Mini Cooper. She knew it was a simple question but her mind was curtained by her emotions.

She looked down at her hands and saw the doodle that Alexis had made. She smiled. She wasn't dead after all.

"I'm not dead?" Starshooter muttered. Cosmic smiled and walked up beside her.

"Nope. You're safely in the medbay and you're in recharge." Starshooter looked up at her friend.

"How do you know that?" Cosmic grinned.

"That's a dead femme's secret." Starshooter grinned and playfully shoved her shoulder.

"Common, you can tell me!"

"Seriously Star…I can't."

Starshooter frowned and shifted. "So what's all this then? Why am I talking to you?" Cosmic looked hurt. "It's not that I'm not happy to see you. Heck, I'm overjoyed to see you again, Cos. But…life...Lately…has been very confusing."

"I can see that. That is why I am talking to you." Starshooter frowned but nodded. "You need to pick a side, Star. You need to pick the best side and stick with it."

"I know." Starshooter frowned and closed her optics. "What do you think?" Cosmic rubbed her head armor and have a cheeky grin.

"I can't really help you on that. You need to decide on your own."

"But can't you gust give me a little hint?"

"Sorry Star. No can do."

Starshooter groaned and began to think. The Decepticons were bent on domination over the universe and hated everything that wasn't their own kind. The Autobots wanted freedom for all and would fight to the death for it. Both sides were very passionate about their rights.

But did Starshooter really wanted to go back and work for Megatron again? Not really. Yeah…she would miss Rumble and Frenzy and possibly that stupid mech Starscream. The thoughts of going back to the Decepticons set off big flashing warning signs in her head.

Going back to the Autobots made her smile. She was going to see Alexis again, see Prime and all the loyal Autobots. She was going to see Bluestreak again, Bumblebee, Jazz, Mirage, Hound…the twins.


Starshooter smiled. Cosmic settled a hand on her shoulder and nodded. They looked each other in the optics briefly and then broke out in smiles.

"Remember the time we were stuck under that bridge when it was raining acid?" Starshooter giggled and instantly the memory was pulled out of her banks.

"Who doesn't remember that?"

They began to talk…and talk…and talk…

Alexis admired her work and all the while smiling broadly. Sunstreaker still hadn't realized that she was watching him. Starshooter still hadn't awakened from her recharge. Sunstreaker was now gently tracing Starshooter's armor with his finger.

Alexis was getting pretty board and so she stood up and shook out the numb feelings in her legs. Sunstreaker's optics lifted from their position on Starshooter's face and to the human.

"Hi!" Alexis grinned widely at the mech. Sunstreaker only glared at the friendly human.

"When did you get here?" he demanded.

"Hound dropped me off before his shift started. That was a while ago…before you came in anyways."

Sunstreaker's optics widened a bit and then narrowed. Alexis only smiled sweetly and moved her bangs out of her face.

"You must be one of the twins. Uh…Sunstreaker is it?"

"You got it."

"Hi…uh…my name is Alexis."

"What ever."

Alexis was taken aback from his straight up rudeness. Starshooter had briefly told her about one of the twins being kind of rude.

So this is the rude one ha? There was an awkward silence between machine and human. Alexis couldn't decide to continue talking to leave it at that.

Alexis looked down at her dirty shoes and back up at the mech. He watched her silently without blinking…or even moving in that matter. Alexis blushed and opened her mouth.

"Uh…Starshooter…had told me about you guys. I mean you and your brother. Twins…right?"

Sunstreaker's lips curled into a smirk. "She talks about us?"

"Yeah, well not all the time…sometimes she tells me brief things and sometimes she tells me…everything". His optics dimmed.

"Mostly everything." Alexis confirmed.

They both looked down at Starshooter. The femme engine was purring quietly, like it always did when she was relaxed.

"Does she talk about me?"

Alexis grinned at the mech and sat down again. She glanced down at the offline femme, thinking that she'll spring awake when she started spilling the beans. She looked back at the mech.


Sunstreaker had his full attention on the human and took his hand away from Starshooter.

"Sometimes?" he questioned.


"What does she say about me?"

Alexis stole another glance to make sure Starshooter was still sleeping and back at the mech.

"Let's just say…she think you're attractive." Sunstreaker snorted.

Getting that little piece of information was a mission. Starshooter never really talked about who she liked. It took Alexis an hour and a half to bug it out of her.

"Attractive?" Alexis nodded and stared at her sleeping friend.

"Yeah, and from the way she acts around you, you should know that by now. I see you two flirting. It's not hard to see!"

Sunstreaker gave her a smug look but didn't say anything else. Alexis pulled her self up and swayed a bit. Starshooter's arm twitched again and relaxed. Sunstreaker looked back down at Starshooter. He smiled to him self and looked over her offline body.

He couldn't hide the fact that he felt the same way for her. He chuckled and slid his hand over the femmes.

Authors Note: AH! I'm sorry this took so long for me to get out. I had a writers block so I took a break. So Star is back with the Autobots! Would the next couple of chapters fallow Star and Sunstreaker and as they slowly show their affection for each other?

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