Daughter of the Labyrinth

Chapter 1- Epilogue/Prolong

Sarah Williams was 15 when she wished away her baby brother Toby to the Goblin King. The brunette girl was given 13hrs to solve the Labyrinth and make it to the castle that lay beyond the Goblin City that lay in the center of the magical Labyrinth. Sarah had fought through trials unnumbered with a strong will and determination to get her brother back. The Goblin King who had watched the teenage girl for a long time was in love with the young girl, yet in the end he was denied. She had defied him, embarrassed him and made him a fool and still had the nerve to reject him. The Goblin King in twist of fate the King had been defeated by a mere mortal girl at his own game with a few simple words.

"You have no power over me."

It all fell apart right there at his and her feet like the shattered world he had done to please her. Yet through the hardships and friendships one had forgotten the trial of love and determination that was run at that Labyrinth. Forgotten by the one and haunted the other.

Sara Williams was now Sarah Stone; she had moved on after the Labyrinth incident and married a bright young lawyer by the name of Jonathan Stone. The young brunette had matured in a single night her father and step-mother would have thought possible. Sarah had packed away her toys and nick-knacks; replaced the costumes with fashionable cloths of the time. Her mind no longer dwelled in the fantasy realm of the Goblin King and whatever mysterious that place held she had left it all behind forcing away the memories of the Goblin King and whatever had to do with him and his cruelty. She had focused on her dream of becoming a famous actress. And Sarah was brilliantly so.

Her first picture was her miraculous start and soon her name was everywhere on everyone's envious lips. Soon the gorgeous face of the Goblin King were utterly gone from dream and reality; gone forever for the coffee haired girl married. Jonathan and Sarah stone moved to a secluded area on the coast of Virginia. Where there was only green field with a wide surrounding forest and pastures for the horses on their large Victorian mansion. Soon after came Jaden.

Jaden Stone was their miracle child; the doctors had said that having a child was near impossible do too complications, yet here was Jaden. After birth though the doctors found that young newborn Jaden had some diseases that could kill her; she had died 3 times when only a newborn and had come back. Yes, Jaden was a miracle but she never felt like it.

Jaden or Jade as she liked to call herself never felt like she was lucky or blessed; a miracle the Press called her. Jade was a lonely child, a kid that felt always out of place no matter what. Very seldom did she see her parents together other then at the dinner table and that alone was a rare occasion. Raised by nannies and strict maids Jade found peace and comfort alone in her books, drawings, playing with her ebony cat and riding her jet black stallion. But one single story gave her the most comfort as much as it gave her the most grief.

The story her mother used to tell her before bed about how a Goblin King loved a young mortal girl. She had been trapped into babysitting her younger brother when she wished him away. The Goblin King had appeared with some of his subjects in a cloud of flurry blue-black mysterious glitter. He had challenged the girl to solve his Labyrinth in 13 hours and her brother would be returned to her unharmed; she had won. Defeating the King of Goblins at his own game she had truly made him a fool yet denied him still when he pledged his love to her saying a simple sentence that shattered the heart that lay deep and dormant in him.

"You have no power over me."

Jade could not and would not grow tired of such an exotic, fascinating story of magic and tragic love. As the years rolled by Jaden had asked for the name of the Goblin King but every year since she had heard the bedtime tale she had been denied that name; she was devastated. On her 15th birthday she asked her mother at the breakfast table. Still Sarah Stone, once Sarah Williams was hesitant.

"Please mother" Jade begged that morning as she woke to the morn.

Sarah looked down at her breakfast of eggs and bacon, recalling for the first time the face of the Goblin King; still it shook her to the core. 'Those miss-matching eyes…so enticing... 'She thought but let the memory fade looking down at her daughter. Sarah could not suppress the smile that crossed her face at last; so much like she had been at that age. The mother of the child turned her head slowly to gaze dreamily at the tall windows that lined the east wall letting in the early morning light of the day. She hoped as she breathed the name that it would not bring him; she hoped with all her heart.

"Jareth" she breathed louder then the first time so her daughter could hear clearly. "He's name, is Jareth." And she rouse from her chair her habitat gone for the day leaving the ecstatic girl to her thoughts of a cruel yet gorgeous man that her daughter knew nothing truly about.

'I hope that immortal man never comes back' she thought had stopped all thoughts from going further.

It was later that day that Jaden was given her presents. There were three gifts on the table in the middle of the overly large and well lit living room. When Jade walked in her sweet smile beamed like that of the heaven's glow to see her Sarah and Jonathan Stone after so long an absence. The girl now of fifteen opened the first box to find a short furred all ebony soft kitten in which she adored having it had one icy blue eye with a dark brown eye that seemed black pleading into the fur around it. The second present was the second largest and finding inside was a picture of an all jet black stallion that rippled with power and demanded respect but a loyal creature to those loyal to it.

"Jareth and Devil" Jade cried out screaming the names that first came out of her excited mouth.

Sarah mother to Jade sighed knowing now when she heard the name Jareth being yelled through the halls she would have to learn not to flinch and spin around in nervousness.

The last present was the smallest but just barely then the last. Ripping open the wrapping paper inpatient as any child and teenager would ever be found a plan box, but looking inside swept her breath away. There laying softly in a bed of ebony velvet was a music box that had a dancing princess in an amazing dress of the purest white with jewels and pearls sewed to it. All the while as it spun around it spun beneath a circular archway. But laying next to the musical figure was a book that was reasonably skinny with a bright red leather cover that was slightly worn with the title written in gold. As Jade held it up and the living room light caught the reflection of the writing her heart skipped a beat and she swore her breathing had stopped for a time.

Reading the title a load in a breathless voice she looked up at her mother who seemed uneasy and didn't stare at the book in her daughter's hand just her stunned face. "Thank you mom!" And in a flash she was gone after giving her mother and father, an ever thankful hug for the presents. The picture of the horse clutched to her chest along with the little red book while in a single hand she held the music box; the jet black kitten with haunting miss-matched eyes dug his claws into the shoulders of the young girl's shirt.

Sarah had regretted it utterly; the day she had whispered the Goblin King's name because of the years to come there was no end to it. Jade had stuffed her face into that little red and golden lettering book ignoring reality.

'Let's hope she grows out of it differently then I had to' Mrs. Stone thought.

Jade too had thought the same, but she hoped with every fiber of her being that it wouldn't come to be. She had hoped that Jareth would appear sweeping her away from the world that had shunned her and she shunned in return.

After some years Jade's hope had begun to fade with time as thoughts of something adventures happening, but still she hoped silently, slightly she still hoped. As sad and lonely as she had been in childhood the sadder and lonely Jaden became as the years flew by with no since of time and a achievement that had meaning.

But everything changed the night of her 18th birthday. Everything changed with a flash of lighting and the crack of thunder as her balcony doors shook.

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