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Mortals are haunted by the uncomprehensible vastness of eternity; and so we ask ourselves: Will our actions echo across the centuries? Will complete strangers from distant lands hear our names long after we are gone and wonder just who we were, how bravely we fought, how boldly we believed, how fiercely we loved? Will we be remembered by history as who we truly are, or distorted by the vastness of time?

The most powerful of all the many types of magic in the world is not Dark magic or nullification or defensive magic; the most powerful – somehow the most common and yet rarest type of magic is – beyond any doubt whatsoever – love. A magic that can be worked by wizards and witches and non-magical people alike. And if love is the most powerful of all magic – friendship is the magic that leads to it. There is no love without friendship; no friendship without trust; no trust without kindness; no kindness without love: an unbreakable circle of magic. Love is a contradictory magic: it is the most wonderful force of nature and yet the most terrible; the harshest power and yet the gentlest; it heals some hearts and breaks others; it forms friendships and tears them apart. It was friendship that caused two wizards to become great friends in history; yet love tore their friendship apart. It was an incredible friendship that caused a great alliance between Greece and Troy; one man's love began the devestating war between them and the destruction of a marvelous city. It was friendship that caused two witches and two wizards to become the greatest friends of the age; it was love that bound them together and made them great; love tore them apart again and again; yet friendship always brought them back together: an unbreakable circle of magic. This is that story – the story of the four Founders of Hogwarts: Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, and Helga Hufflepuff. This is that story - told with truth and fact as it should be and not distorted by the time and opinions of history.

History forgets quickly; Salazar Slytherin was not the cold and heartless stoic man without a touch of pity or remorse in him. In actuality, his guilt and grief overwhelmed him and eventually broke him. Born the only son of Lord Slytherin, a prominent member of the Council of Magic, magic sparkled at his fingertips as a child. History forgets that he controlled water and waves as easily as he did his magic; history forgets the great deeds he accomplished. History forgot all goodness in the Slytherin Founder.

History rewrites itself; Godric Gryffindor was not a perfect man; brave, bold, and kindhearted he was, but not perfect. Determinedly stubborn, headstrong, and with so much zeal in protecting loved ones that it might be called a fault, Godric was far from perfect, but a good man who controlled flames and fires. History rewrites Godric and Salazar as enemies, leaving out that they were once best friends, leaving out that they were cousins. History rewrote Godric Gryffindor into a man that he has never wanted to be.

History exaggerates; Rowena Ravenclaw was intelligent and sharply witty and mistrusting at times, but not the snappish and brusque women remembered centuries later. Creative and competitive, Rowena loved books and learning, but history exaggerates that love, not mentioning that she loved her friends more. Rowena was brilliant – but she had many other good qualities besides brainpower - control of winds one amongst many. History exaggerated Rowena Ravenclaw into a woman with interest only in intelligence.

History leaves things out; Helga Hufflepuff was never the dim-witted and overbearingly motherly woman she is thought to be. Clever and exceptionally perceptive in her own right, Helga was an extraordinary witch whose gift with plants and herbs were exceptional. History leaves out that Helga was the darling of the group; leaves out the great deeds Helga did; leaves out the bravery and incredible loyalty that defined her as a person. History left out most things of worth in the matter of Helga Hufflepuff.

For history is nothing but the belief of man. Whatever man believes, whatever man wants to believe, so it shall be done; so it shall be remembered as history. Everything else is discredited; thought of as lies and idiocy; while the real lies remain and are called the truth. History has a cruel sense of humor, leaving out so much, changing events so drastically, and twisting arguments and such until the truth is barely recognizable.

For did ever in the pages of history mention the four rings of the Founders? A ring made of gold for Gryffindor set with a ruby engraved with a lion; a ring of silver for Slytherin set with an emerald engraved with a serpent; a ring of bronze for Ravenclaw set with a sapphire engraved with an eagle; and a ring made of Tahitian (black) pearl for Hufflepuff set with an opal and engraved with a badger. Four rings by itself and combined into one ring when set directly on top of each other – forming a ring made of electrum set with a diamond engraved with the Hogwarts school crest. An object of incredible magical importance and power, yet forgotten by history – an object signifying the friendship and love between the four Founders. Four rings that combine into one – a never-ending circle of magic.

This is that story – the true story of the four greatest witches and wizards of the time – the Founders of Hogwarts, the story that history forgot; a story of romance, hatred, betrayal, loyalty, arguments, tears, laughter, war, peace, love, magic, and above all – friendship.

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