All of His Teachings

Okay, I don't own the characters of Naruto, but I hope that you enjoy this… somewhat disturbing story!!!

Anko looked at him, not knowing what to think of this strange new place. The room was dark, and she couldn't see anything. He smiled at her, his face slightly kind, looking as though he was up to something. He rubbed a hand across her cheek, smiling at her.

"Anko, how would you like for me to teach you something?" he asked, smiling. She nodded, and his smile only widened.

He grabbed her, and pushed her out of the room gently. Walking down the hall, she followed him like a chick follows the mother duck. He stopped at a door and opened it, allowing her to enter before he closed and locked the door. It was pitch black, the lights nonexistent, and as she walked forward, she tripped on something. She landed on something that felt like a bed, and terror raced through her mind.

"I think that I would like to change my mind," she stuttered, but he was already behind her.

"Oh, but it's too late for that, Anko. You should know that by now."

His hands gripped her, and pulled her up. He walked around the bed that had tripped her, and placed her onto it. His mouth was next to her ear, and he stated, "If you wish to keep your life, you won't struggle. Consider this a part of your training, Anko."

She was still as she heard a rustle. Her shoes were pulled off gently, and then his hands grabbed the skirt around her waist roughly. She felt him pull it down past her ankles, and she gasped as he pulled her shirt over her shoulders. He pressed her against his skin as he pulled her undergarments off of her body.

"So, Anko, are you ready to learn?" he mused, turning her to face him.

"No, I don't want to do this, not until I'm older!" she cried. He brought a hand up that caressed her cheek.

She shivered under his touch, and he smiled. Bringing his lips up, he caressed her own, pulling her against himself tightly. His tongue darted into her mouth when she gasped for air, and he danced it around with hers. A single light was now lit in the room, but she was unable to see most of his features.

"Let's begin our lesson, shall we?" he hissed into her ear, throwing her onto the sheets.

She squirmed to escape, but he pressed her into the mattress further, positioning himself between her legs. She tried to kick out, but his knees were on her thighs. Anko tried to move her arms out of his grasp for one good punch to ruin his ambitions.

He moved one hand to her throat and pressed down, constricting her air stream. She gasped for breath, and he finally let her neck go. Tears streamed down her face as she desperately attempted to keep this part of herself that she only wanted to give away to one man.

Anko gasped as he stroked her thighs with his hands, loosening them. She attempted to use her hands to get out of the situation, but found them held there by something that she was unable to see. His hands were now caressing the insides of her thighs, fingers delicate, yet rough.

His lips found hers, and he kissed her again, moving his hands to her breasts. She tried to move her head away, but he had an iron grip on her lips with his own. Finally, he released her lips, and moved his mouth down her neck, causing shivers to ripple down her spine.

He rested his lips over hers again, making her squirm beneath his body. He bit down on her lip, and her squirming lessened. Smirking, he pushed her legs farther apart, and she kicked out, protesting against losing her innocence.

"Anko, answer me truthfully. Are you able to become fertile?" he purred.

"N-no sir, I am not." She whispered, knowing what he was going to do, hating him for it.

"Well, then I guess that I can teach you the rest of the lesson, Anko."

He pressed down on her chest, and lifted her hips higher into the air. She tried to free herself, but her body wouldn't listen to her commands. He positioned himself over her fourteen-year-old self, and then he brought himself forward, pushing into the inner reaches of her stomach. She gasped at the pain, and he pulled out briefly.

Suddenly, he drove himself in repeatedly. After a half an hour, her muscles tightened, and she screamed in pain. Tears flooded Anko's cheeks, and before she lost consciousness, she whispered, "Orochimaru."

I hope this wasn't too descriptive, as I never wrote anything like this before, and I will not be writing anything like this anytime soon. Anyway, please review! I want to hear your ideas about this writing!!!