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The Beginning of the End:

It was relatively cold in Konoha. The leaves were slowly dancing in the wind, falling from the branches of the trees in a swirl of light. All was quiet in the streets, until a solitary figure, dango in hand, walked past the gates, her eyes peeled for the slightest movement. Footsteps that left no noise in their wake walked along the path, following the dream, seemingly in a trance.

She stopped as the air grew thicker. The curse mark on her neck throbbed, and she knew what was coming. A pair of amber eyes glinted in the trees, and yet she stood completely still, watching, waiting. She knew that they were coming closer, but she dared not think of what was to come. He had summoned her, given her a choice, and she had come of her own free will.

Stupid! Why did you have to be so obedient? Couldn't you have left well enough alone?

The voice inside of her mind was suddenly snuffed out as she blocked her thoughts of doubt from her mind. The only thing that mattered now was staying alive, and she knew what the price would be. The curse mark suddenly sent piercing pain through her body, and she winced, her knees buckling. She had only been this weak once before, and she had regretted that weakness every day.

She felt someone grasp her arms gently, holding her weight. Anko didn't need to look to see who had rescued her, she already knew. He picked her up, and carried her off into the night. The last thing she remembered before the curse mark took its toll was his reptilian gaze fixed upon her.

She groaned as she woke up, still feeling her body being held tightly against something. He gazed at her, and a smirk spread across his lips. Anko knew from the breeze that wafted across her skin that she was naked, and the fact that she could feel EVERYTHING on him told her that he was too.

"You remember our last lesson, don't you?"

She melted at his purr, nodding her head, just barely. He smiled as he noticed her eyes close lightly, and brought his lips brushing against hers. Her eyes opened to just slits, and she relaxed, squirming on the hard ground to find a comfortable position.

His tongue flicked out and parted her lips, his (surprisingly warm) hands rubbing the insides of her hips as they had ten years before. She wiggled, trying to find where she could get the best position, in case he was suddenly eager to finish what he started.

His lips moved away from hers. He saw a small glint of fear in her eyes, and he whispered, "This is a surprise, Anko. Last time you didn't want me anywhere near that, and now you want me to go there so soon?" His giggle sent chills down her spine, a warmth cascading through her lower body.

"You know as well as I do that I've grown a bit, and that what I want is different from ten years ago. If you really wanted to drag me here, just to tease me, then you should have killed me when it was all said and done LAST time."

Fingers brushed over her breasts, finding them to be hard. He smiled and rubbed her cheek. "Ah, but are you sure you're ready for this?"

"You're the one who knows so much about when people are ready. You tell me."

He maneuvered his hips, and pushed himself in, hearing the delighted giggle from her as he did so. His mouth sank over hers, as she timed her rhythm to match his. Her moans were silenced in the kisses that they delivered, his hands running over her body, feeling what hadn't been there ten years ago, finding ways to get her to speed up, or to slow down. Only the piercing jab of her teeth biting into his lip in pain and the clenching of her hips stopped him from exploring her innards further, and he sighed, a few more getting in before her nails dug into his back, her eyes clenched tightly shut.

He sighed and pulled out, holding her trembling form tightly against himself. She fell quickly into sleep out of sheer exhaustion, he following shortly behind her. There they slept- sensei and pupil, united inside of her unsuspecting form.

She stayed for a few days, the pleasure flooding her mind. They ate, they slept, they loved. Anko knew that if she went with him, she would be considered a rogue shinobi, but wasn't this just as bad as leaving Konoha? Bile filled her throat, and she raced out of the cave, falling into the nearest bush and vomiting.

Hands caressed her stomach and her breasts, causing the now-familiar warmth to spread through her body. A cloth was held out to her, and she used it to wipe her mouth clean. His hands grasped her stomach and helped her to lurch to her feet.


"Yes, Anko?"

She coughed, following him back to the cave. He placed her on his lap, entering her body again, a process she had grown used to. The sweet warmth flooded her senses as she replied. They continued, his lips brushing her breasts every so often, her joyful giggles interrupting the silence. He pushed into her, quickening his pace every so often, while she met him as quickly every time.

At last her hips clenched again, and he purred, "You were saying, Anko?"

She gasped, and whispered, "I think we may have a problem."

His lips brushed her neck, and he asked, "Oh? And what might that be?"

"I… I don't know. But… you don't think… I could be PREGNANT, do you?"

Orochimaru didn't respond. He just stood and dressed, handing her clothes to her swiftly. She dressed and grasped his shoulders lightly. Her brown eyes were pleading.

Sighing, he embraced her, his kiss overcoming her senses. She pushed away, and had just enough time to turn before she vomited, her body swaying. It was night, and the new moon left all dark. He walked her to the pool in the back of the cave, and undressed her quickly, letting her slide into the cool water.

"It's- a distinct possibility. We HAVE been here for two weeks."


Anko woke up in her apartment. The sunlight flooded through the windows, and she groaned at the pain in her stomach. That man had left his mark, and she had been given orders- by him- if it turned out that she was, indeed pregnant. It had been a month, and she had been given an appointment with Tsunade the day before. A quick rap on the door brought Anko to her feet, and she walked over to the door, opening it. Tsunade stepped inside and closed the door quickly, locking it behind herself.

"I need you to tell me what happened those two weeks while you were missing." Tsunade's voice was urgent, and Anko stumbled backwards.

"Why?" She was suddenly frightened, afraid of what Tsunade was about to tell her, yet anxious at the same time.

"Because, Anko…because- you're with child."

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