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Spinning Straight For Chaos

Chapter 1: The Plan

It was a sunny day on September 1st. You could hear arguing coming from Hermione's and Ginny's compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Ginny was trying to coax Hermione into helping her with a little plan she had thought of over the summer. "Come on, Herm," she pleaded. "You're the smartest student in Hogwarts. Plus you know way more spells than I do." Ah, flattery should do the trick, Ginny thought.

"Ginny, I told you no." said Hermione. This year she was going to try and stay out of any plans or schemes, unlike her previous six years at Hogwarts. Don't get her wrong she did enjoy those little adventures, but this year she just wanted to relax and take it easy. Little did she know that she was going to get the exact opposite Come on, don't do this to yourself! Hermione thought furiously. This shouldn't make me feel guilty for not helping her. Stop! Stop! I deserve some relaxation and rest this year. Besides I'm Head Girl. Hmm... I wonder who's Head Boy. I hope it's that cute one from Ravenclaw What's his name--- but Hermione's thought were interrupted by Ginny.

Dangit! I thought that would work. Ok Hermione what's your weakness. Oh I got it! I'll annoy her so much that she'll agree to help me. I hope this works. "Please! Please! Please! Please help me." begged Ginny with a puppy dog pout, but Hermione just shook her head indicating no. Fine! Then I just can't stop until she says yes. I saw the look in her eyes when I was begging for four seconds and I knew she didn't like it. Let's see how she likes non-stop begging, after all I need her if I'm going to make this plan work. Here we go. "I'm not stopping until you say yes. Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Pleas..."

After ten minutes Hermione couldn't take it anymore. I know what she's trying to do. She's deliberately annoying me unless I give in to her plan. Ow my head hurts... I would be fine if she would just "SHUT UP!" Crap! I yelled that out loud! Hey at least Ginny stopped. Ginny indeed had stopped begging and was looking at Hermione, not in dislike or anger, but triumph. "So you're going to help me then?" asked Ginny.

"Well...I guess it .. it couldn't hurt..." she said feeling slightly guilty for yelling at her best friend.

"Thanks soo much, Hermione!" said Ginny gleefully. Now she has to help me because she said she would. Oh this is going to be one exciting year!

Uh oh! I know that look. What is the plan again? Shoot she didn't tell me and I already agreed to help! What have gotten I myself into?! Wait Maybe she'll tell me the plan. I'm not so sure about this...but I have to try. "Gin...Gin wha...what exactly is the...plan?"

"We'll have plenty of time for that later. For now we can discuss something else like...dating. So who do you think is cute?"

What the heck? One minute we're talking about the plan the next she wants to know who I like! She's purposely staying off subject. Why? "Um... I think that Ravenclaw boy is cute. You know the one with dark hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, about 6 feet, in my year. You know the one I'm talking about right?"

"Oh yeah! His names John, no...Ja..Jake something...Oh, I got it! Jake Taisho. You like him?" Ginny had a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Yes and Ginevra Weasley don't you dare do anything!" Hermione said sharply.

"What are you talking about?" she asked innocently.

"You know what I'm talking about and if you do anyth---"

"Chill out, Mione, I won't tell him or anything. Geez."

"Thanks, Ginny." she said with relief.

"No problem. So how are we going to get Jake to notice you?"

"Ginny I---"

"No, Hermione, listen you deserved to be noticed for once, so I'm going to help you with Jake. Besides it's the least I can do since you're gonna help me with my plan. So let's start with your look." I love giving makeovers. I hope Hermione's ok with it.

"What's wrong with my look?" asked Hermione insulted.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong with it." she reassured her. "It could just be better that's all."

"Ok well...fine, do whatever you want, but don't get excessive."

An hour later Ginny said, "Almost done. Just let me add one thing...ahh...Perfect!" Hermione's hair looks awesome! "So do you like you hair?" Ginny asked handing her a mirror.

"Oh my gosh, Ginny! I absolutely love it! It's gorgeous!" Hermione said in awe and excitement. "Now can you help me with my outfit? I really want to impress, Jake."

"Sure. Here you can wear this" she said holding out a blue jean skirt with ruffles that came a few inches above her knees or so. "You can also put on this hot top," said Ginny holding out a red and black racer back, that didn't show any cleavage, but showed an inch or so of her flat, toned stomach. To top it off she gave Hermione a pair of black stilettos to borrow until she bought her own. Hermione put on the outfit and looked amazing. Wow Hermione looks so hot! Harry and Ron aren't gonna be able to keep the boys off her this year! "How do you like it?"

"It looks nice, but I'm not so sure about me, Gin--- "

"Hermione are you kidding me?! You look hot! Stop denying it! You are on every guys top ten list for hot girls at Hogwarts! Now that that's settled, you got to learn the essentials. You've got to have the boys chasing you and you have to have the at-ti-tude. If we have to we can resort to make him jealous, but hopefully we don't have to go there. Also don't be too eager we don't want you to seem desperate…Do you got all that?"

"Yeah I think so." said Hermione trying to memorize everything she said. Don't seem to desperate..um...have attitude...don't chase him, make him chase me. I think that's everything.

"Now for some make-up," said Ginny flicking her wand. "I'm so glad that six years and above don't have to wear robes anymore. They were so itchy." she said as she put on black skirt, that also went a few inches above her knees with black boots that laced up her smooth legs and a red spaghetti strap top, that didn't show any cleavage either. Now the fun begins thought Ginny as the Hogwarts Express came to a stop.

When they got out on to the platform at Hogsmeade Station they heard a lot of cat calls and whistles. Hermione blushed at some of the comments, directed at them. Part of her liked the attention, while the other part thought that they were disrespecting her, so she decided from now on she would make sure she was at least covered up this much. Hermione had a distinct view of how woman were treated as objects. She thought it was disgusting and that your body shouldn't matter really, only your heart and what's on the inside should truly count.

"Looking good."

"O she's so hot it burns."

"By the way it's not hot in here it's you."

"I see you two had a good summer." said Blaise Zabini attempting to flirt with them.

"Dream on, Zabini, not interested." said Ginny and they walked off to find a carriage. As they got near the carriages Hermione ran and smacked into Jake Taisho. After he looked her up and down he said, "Have a good summer, Hermione?"

"Um... Yeah I..I had a pretty nice one. What about you, Jake?"

"Mine was fine. So do…do you want to ride in a carriage with me and my friends."

"Uhh..I'm not sure...Ron ...Harry..." suddenly Ginny nudged her. "Go on," she told Hermione at the corner of her mouth. "Um...Sure I'll come, just hang on a second alright." she said smiling at him.

Hermione went over to Ginny and gave her a quick thank you and went back over to Jake.

"Can I carry that for you?" he offered pointing to her trunk.

"That would be great. Thanks." she told him blushing a bit. Aww...he is so sweet and thoughtful. Then they went over to the carriages and entered one with four other Ravenclaws, which Hermione assumed were Jake's friends. Oddly enough Hermione was the only girl and Gryffindor in the entire carriage of seventh years.

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