This is Book 2 of my Kakashi Trilogy. Book 1: Abrupt Childhood occurs before this. Now, before you go and read them PLEASE read below, or you are going to be VERY confused:

I started off this story a long time ago, and then people wanted a sequel to it, and that's how Hidden Memories of the Past was born. However, after that started getting underway I realized that there was a third part that needed to be told and that is why there is a story before this. And so, this story is completed while the ones before and after this one are not complete. I really apologize for it being so confusing, but these things happened. Had I known, I wouldn't have started this story when I did, but whatever. If that confused you, please read below. This might make more sense:

Abrupt Childhood— Kakashi's childhood (working on it)

The Truth— You'll see (DONE!)

Hidden Memories of the Past— [spoiler] (working on it)

And so, I hope I didn't scare any of you away with this! I promise once you read it you'll understand. It's a great story!

"Well, what do you want to tell me, Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto had been leaning against the tree with his hands behind his head for a couple minutes while Kakashi stared off into the water before them.

Naruto had been at his apartment, getting ready to take a long deserved nap after having defeated the Akatsuki member Kakuzu with his Rasenshuriken when Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke at his open window. The copy ninja said that he had something incredibly important to tell him, and Naruto had never seen Kakashi that solemn and serious before. What is it that he wants to tell me?

Now they were sitting in the grass, the moon shining brightly above them. There was a small lake in front of them, and Kakashi sat near its edge, his legs crisscrossed and hands resting limply in his lap.

Kakashi sighed. "I was told to tell you this at a time when you were ready." Silence. Naruto felt his childish impatience kick in, but he could tell this was not a time to be rushing his sensei.

"After your performance on the last mission and accomplishment with your newly developed jutsu, as well as the rescue of Gaara and little meeting with Sasuke, I daresay that you are grown-up enough for this." He smiled warmly at Naruto.

"In fact, I'm actually surprised that you didn't ask me this question when you were younger, to tell you the truth."

"Huh? What question?" Naruto leaned forward. He couldn't help it; he had to know! Why was Kakashi taking so long to bring it out?

Kakashi glanced at Naruto sadly for a moment before shifting his gaze to the moon in front of them. A gentle breeze slowly blew his silver hair around before he said quietly, "Who your father is."

Naruto's eyes opened wide. My . . . my father? It was true; he had never asked Kakashi that question. Come to think about it, he had never asked anyone that question. He guessed that he had gone so long without parents, he didn't really care who they were, because he was usually dealing with all the hateful glares and whispers that came from the villagers wherever he went, until a couple years ago when Iruka-sensei taught him love, soon to be follow by Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi, slowly followed by more people than he could count at the present time.

As Naruto struggled to grasp the concept that he would soon learn the identity of his father, the thing he had been wanting to know for as long as he could remember, his mind grabbed ahold of one thing.

"Hey! You knew all along and it never crossed your mind to tell me?"

Kakashi gave a slight chuckle. "I told you Naruto, now is that time that you are old enough to know."

What is he talking about? How come I gotta be a certain age to know who my father is?

"Remember when I said that you were likely to surpass that Fourth Hokage when you were developing your new jutsu?" The blond nodded. "There was a reason for that."

Naruto frowned and cocked an eyebrow in confusion. Does that mean—

Kakashi nodded and sighed sadly, "You're right. Your father was the Fourth Hokage, otherwise known as Yondaime, or the Yellow Flash."

The young blonde just sat there with his mouth open. He found he couldn't breathe, he couldn't think, he couldn't do anything, but listen to the echoes of what Kakashi said reverberate in his head. Your father . . . Fourth Hokage . . . Fourth Hokage . . . Yondaime . . . your father.

The copy ninja turned his attention to the young boy to his left, waiting for the explosion he knew would happen.

"But . . . bu—but the Fourth Hokage was the one who sealed the Kyuubi inside of me right?" Before Kakashi could answer, Naruto began screaming, "If he's my father, HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME!" He jumped to his feet and began snarling, fists clenched.

"Did he have any idea of what would happen to me! Did he know that I would go through years of feeling like I didn't belong? That I should just die? LIKE I WAS A MONSTER WHO DESERVED TO DIE!" His eyes began to turn red, threatening to unleash the fury of the one that was sealed within him.

At this, Kakashi closed his eyes as if in pain and buried his head in his hands, shaking softly.

Naruto's anger quickly subsided and his eyes returning to their normal shade of blue. He had never seen his sensei cry before!

"I'm so sorry, Naruto! It's all my fault!" he said, his voice alarmingly shaky.

"What do you mean?" Why is he sorry? He didn't do anything! Naruto inched towards his sensei and sat next to him, unsure of what to do. Usually, the only ones he was around that cried in despair were younger, and he would usually ruffle their hair to make them feel better. He couldn't do that to his sensei. What could he do?

"To answer that question, I should probably tell you about the night the Kyuubi was sealed into you," Kakashi answered, steadying his voice.