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Kairi Manami is a highschool girl dealing with her parents' divorce. Living with her dad is awesome, but things start to get a little hectic when her dad meets a new woman who has a son that is the king of cool with a best friend that starts a band ..

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Lock the doors 'cause I'd like to capture this voice.
It came to me tonight,
So everyone will have a choice.
And under red lights,
I'll show myself it wasn't forged.
We're at war,
We live like this.
.:We Are Broken:.

-- - --


Rock and Roll, Baby

-- - --


Sora had opened his eyes now and found Kairi right away. He continued singing with as much passion as he could muster, slapping the heel of his shoe on the floor to the beat of the music. He smiled at Kairi, and reached out a hand, though she couldn't reach it.

"I will never let you fall.

I'll stand up with you forever.

I'll be there for you through it all,

Even if saving you sends me to heaven!"

And with one last smash on the drums, the song ended.

-- - --

The audience went crazy. Still keeping eye contact with Kairi, Sora bowed slightly in thanks to the applause. At the corner of his eye he could see Riku, Tidus, and Roxas jump off the small platform served as a stage, so he followed suit. Once it was quiet again, Takara began to speak.

"Wow .. That was just .. wow .." she said breathlessly. "You guys .. Aww, come here!" She beckoned with her hands, arms outstretched. Tears were falling down her proud face. The four boys grinned at each other. They jogged over to her and welcomed her big bear hug. Isamu patted each of them on the back and even gave Riku a fatherly hug as well.

As they headed back to their table, there were still a few last minute claps and cheers. Each of the boys had sheepish grins plastered on their faces. Sora began observing at the floor as he walked back, scratching the back of his head. He had just become aware of how many eyes were watching him and how many minds were critisizing their performance - whether good or bad. After all, he had just sung his heart out ..

Suddenly, he felt something brush past him and when he looked behind him, he found Namine engulfed in Roxas' arms. Sora smirked at them and remembered his unfinished song .. Then he turned back, only to find Tidus and Selphie awkwardly standing beside each other. Tidus was blushing and kept glancing at Selphie. Selphie twirled her hair around her finger and was pointedly trying to look cute and innocent.

But Sora had eyes for only one person. No, not Riku. He was probably trailing after some girl that enjoyed the performance a little too much. Sora glanced towards their table. Kairi was sitting by herself, a silent tear sliding down her admiring face. As blue met blue, they both smiled.


Sora was locked up in his room again. He had just come home from the wedding and even though he was exhausted from the late night, he was having trouble sleeping. So very mentally awake, he was determined to write more songs. With words floating around in his head, he needed to string them together and form something. Anything.

Sora began to mumble the lyrics. "Please just don't play with me .. My paper heart will bleed .. This wait for destiny won't do .. Be with me please I beseech you .. Simple things that make you run away .. Catch you if I can .."

"She started crying, Sora. Crying! Can you believe that?"

Sora didn't bother responding and instead waited for Roxas to continue reliving his experience.

"But .. it had this weird .. affect on me .. ya know? Namine was crying .. because I made her sad. I made her sad. It broke my heart seeing her that way .. Which made me realize that I really, really was over Olette. 'Cause I cared so much that Namine was hurt, I didn't care that I said I didn't love Olette anymore. Namine really makes me feel like a whole new person .. And I love it. I love her."

As Sora recalled his conversation with Roxas, certain words and phrases became clearer in his mind.

- started crying -

- this weird .. affect on me .. -

- made me realize that I really, really was over Olette. -

- I didn't love Olette anymore. Namine really makes me feel like a whole new person .. And I love it. I love her.

He slowly began to form lines and shapes onto the battered piece of paper. Soon enough, the first verse was no longer missing.


"So Tidus .. You never told us what happened between you and Selphie that day we all seperated when we were actually supposed to be practising," Riku grinned cheekily.

"W-what? Nothing happened .. Hey! You haven't asked Sora either!"

"I asked you first."

"Nothing happened!"

"Whatever dude. But you so dig her. Just admit it."

"I-I don't .."

"Yes you do Tidus," Roxas grinned as well. "It's pretty obvious. You always choke when she's around."

"Sora! Help me out here!" Tidus pleaded.

Sora looked up at Tidus. "If you like her .. You can tell us."

".. Wow, you're such a great friend."

"I'm trying to help you. So tell us more."

Tidus sighed. "Fine, I give up. I .. like .. Selphie. Happy now?"

"Umm .. We kinda already knew that," Riku chuckled.

"I said tell us more Tidus," said Sora.

Tidus opened his mouth, shut it, and then opened it again. He seemed to be giving a lot of thought to his choice of words.

".. I .. I don't know you guys. It's Selphie we're talking about here. Crazy, insane, hyper, sugar loving Selphie."

"But bottom line, you like her."

"As weird as she may seem .. she's like .. perfect .. To me, at least. But she would never like me .. She's always .. hanging around other guys and stuff .."


"Well, what am I compared to all them?"

"Why don't you ask her that yourself?" Roxas offered.

"But I have problems talking to her!"

"You were talking to her the other day, were you not?"

"She was initiating most of the conversation .."

"I heard a girl laughing downstairs. And from what Roxas told us, it couldn't have been Namine," Riku said.

"Maybe she was off .. Like she took medication that day and she was all woooo in the head or something and -"

"Isn't she always?!"


Sora awoke early one morning to the sound of his mother banging on his bedroom door. He groaned and glanced at his calendar by his bed. It was exactly one week before the start of the school year. He attempted to muffle the noise from under his pillow, only for his mother to barge through his door without permission.

"Sora, honey! Wake up!"

"What?" Sora mumbled from under the heap of pillows and blankets.

"I have amazing news! But come down to the table first, I made breakfast. I'm going to get Roxas!"

She ran out of the room and could be heard banging on a door down the hall. Sora slowly rolled out of bed and landed on the floor. He lay there for a few seconds. I forgot to ask her about Kairi again ..

Sora slowly got up off the floor, rubbed his tired eyes and trudged out of his room without a second glance at his unmade bed. Heavenly wafts of bacon and eggs made its way up the stairs and drew Sora and Roxas to the bright kitchen. Magically, their mother was already there with an enormous smile on her face, presenting their filled plates and cups of orange juice. Sora and Roxas glanced at each other, uncertain of what their mother's intentions were. They sat down slowly and stared hungrily at their delicious food, but waited until she began to speak.

"Boys, I have amazing news!"

"Mom .. You told us that upstairs .." Roxas muttered.

"It's no fun without suspense!"

Sora smirked. "Well the longer you make us wait to eat our food, the grumpier we'll get."

She frowned for a split second, but seemed to decide against punishing Sora for talking back.

"I got a call this morning."



Kairi awoke with a start. What in the world .. ?


Kairi groaned. I am gonna kill Riku when I get downstairs. How dare he interrupt my sleep with his meaningless yelling!

Renewed with reason to get out of bed, she slowly got up and made her way to the living room. Both Isamu and Takara were standing in the doorway that lead to the kitchen, curiously peering at Riku on the phone.


Finally reaching her destination, Kairi walked up to Riku and punched him on the back. Hard.


The crackling on the other end of the phone stopped. Riku moaned.

"Dang, Kairi .. You throw a mighty punch for such a little girl .."

Kairi got ready and aimed for yet another punch. Unfortunately for her, Isamu and Takara had already made their way over. Takara put one hand on Kairi's shoulder, causing her to jump in surprise.

"Kairi .. control yourself please," Isamu warned. Kairi scowled and glared at Riku, who finally hung up the phone.

"Riku, what happened?" Takara asked, her face filled with worry.

"Mom," Riku started. "Remember when I was young, I told you I'd be famous one day?"

Kairi's eyes widened.

"Why, Kairi used to say that herself!" Isamu grinned.

Riku smirked. "Well she should forget it. Because only one of us will get his dream to come true."

Kairi growled and reached for Riku's throat. Isamu quickly held her back.

"Kairi .."

"Riku, be nice to her. You'll need my permission to pursue whatever you want to pursue, so remember that," Takara scolded.

Riku's smirk faded, but he quickly replaced it with a chuckle.

"People are interested in signing our band."


"Alright boys, to start this meeting off .. Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Michi."

"And you guys can call me Susumu."

"Our company name, as you probably already know, is Ongaku Osanago, O&O for short."

"We're very interested in your band, Kokoro."

"That's right. We saw a recorded video of your performance at a .. wedding, was it?"

The four boys nodded, although they didn't understand just how Michi and Susumu got a hold of a video.

"You guys are amazing live."

"And if you did write that song yourselves, we could really work here and make an awesome record."

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you need time to think it over or talk it out, just tell us and we'll tell you details."

"You guys could seriously benefit from this."

Sora, Roxas, Tidus and Riku all glanced at each other.

Riku, bold enough to speak what everyone was thinking, asked, "So what's the catch?"

Now it was Michi and Susumu's turn to glance at each other.

Susumu spoke first. "Well .. We truly are interested in you guys. We believe that you guys could pull this off."

"But," Michi continued, "We're just a tad worried that a simple boy band won't make it too far."

"Sure, you'll have all the raging fangirls out there, totally in love .. But as an authentic rock record label, we need the real deal."

"So in other words .. Our music?" Sora asked.

"Exactly. So how exactly do you guys go about writing?"

"Sora writes lyrics. The rest of us take care of the music, Sora helping out when he thinks something should be changed for lyrical purposes," Roxas explained truthfully.

"Do you have your songs on you?" Michi asked Sora. He nodded and pulled out folded paper from the back pocket of his jeans. He had typed them up the night before, thinking that it would look just a bit more professional than flimsy, battered scraps.

"Thanks. Okay, so we've heard 'Your Guardian Angel'."

Susumu peered at the papers, "Mhmm ... 'My Paper Heart' and 'She's So High (Above Me)'."

"I wrote them in that exact order," explained Sora.

"Hmm ... Looks good, you guys. I'd love to see you perform for us one day. But for now, we should go over what we expect of you and all that jazz. So not to disappoint you guys, but we'd like to remind you that this deal isn't for sure, although we're deeply interested."

"We understand."

"Okay, we'll call you guys sometime soon to schedule another meeting."

"Sure thing. It was nice meeting you," Sora said as he held out his hand. Once they all shook, the band left.

At the sound of the door clicking closed and their footsteps fading away, Susumu spoke.

"So what did you think Michi?"

"I like them. They seem like well behaved young men. You?"

"I agree. But ..."

"... But they're still so young."

-- - --

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