Puppy Relocation

By: KitsuneArasi

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Part One: Jou

Jounouchi Katsuya was in heaven.

Pure, absolute heaven.

And it had a genuine leather interior.

Of course, Jounouchi would have considered it heaven even if there was a coil sticking in behind, which, thank goodness, there wasn't.

This was because Seto Kaiba was sitting with him in the back seat of his car with the privacy screen up to grant the two some…quiet time.

Quiet time meaning Jou sitting with his legs straddling the CEO's hips with the taller boy's tongue down his throat, making noises that would make a porn star cry out in praise…

Well, maybe that was exaggerating, but when Seto put his hands where they were and squeezed, Jou thanked every deity he'd ever heard of (and a few he made up, like Maybelle, Queen of the Fluorescent Purple and Blue Turtles Jounouchi Katsuya Saw When Seto Kaiba Did -Eep- That With His Hands) that the driver couldn't hear the noise that came from his throat.

It took them about fifteen to twenty minutes to get to the slums where the Katsuyas' apartment was located, and when they did, neither was quite ready to unlock lips and withdraw tongue as the manual for these things must dictate.

The driver-Mikagi Amano was his name, but that's not so important-realized his employer's…preoccupation and cleared his throat softly through the communications speaker.

And all was still as Jou stared at the mighty technology thingy…which clearly meant he had not, in fact, gone unheard. The coloring of the dirty blonde's face went so abnormal that Seto decided to send the driver up first to inform the older Jounouchi that he was hereby relieved of his son.

And so, Mikagi-san went up the stairs to the bottle flinging, child-abusing hole that was formerly Jou's home—and narrowly avoided a bottle of Sapporo being (as mentioned before) flung at his head. Yes indeed, Seto's chauffer is a grandmaster of Bottle-Dodging Fu. The gentleman's eyes grew at the sight of the (amazingly) still partially sober man coming toward him.

"What the hell a' ya doin' in my place? Who the hell a' ya?!"

"You must be Jounouchi-san's father. I was sent up by my employer to provide you with a warning, sir. It seems you are unfit to care for your son any longer, so you are being relieved."

"What the hell's that supposed ta mean?!"

The elder Jounouchi was now standing before Mikagi-san, fist readied for a punch as the other hand reached out to grip the older man's collar.

"It means I'm getting my pup out of this hellhole. Is there a problem with that, Jounouchi-san? Because I'd be perfectly fine with taking this to court, and I do not think they have beer in prison."

"Who the hell d'ya think ya a'?!"

"I think I'm Kaiba Seto. I believe we need to have a little chat. And I know you'll be feeling it in the morning."

Mikagi stayed calm.

Jou was damn near glowing like a giant Lite Brite bulb.

Jou's dad looked like an H-bomb had just made good friends with his living room.

…And Seto cracked a smile that would have sent Marik and Bakura into post-traumatic therapy.

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