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Chapter 1:

Tsukushi slammed the door, cracking the priceless doorframe and nearly taking the doorknob off in the process. She threw herself on her bed and began to sob, "I can't take it anymore," she repeated over and over into her pillow. It was the last straw, she remained in the Domyoji mansion as a maid, but Kaede was slowly breaking down her pride and psyche via Tsukasa, saying cruel things like, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you loved my son, I guess not,' as means to control her, to cut her down. She'd become sick of herself, ashamed, 'I'll never seem good enough to her,' she thought. It had been a constant psychological battle, and with Tsukasa busy with college, he wasn't able to be much help.

Tsukushi rolled onto her back, what exactly was she fighting for? To be with Tsukasa? Kaede had long since agreed to back off, but in Tsukasa's absence, she was just as cruel and demeaning as ever. Tsukushi thought back to the most recent squabble, "I agreed only because I know my son, he'll come to his senses soon enough and marry someone worthy of him," Tsukushi balled her hand into a fist and beat into her pillow till the 200,000 yen duck down started falling out, 'How could I not respond to that?' she said, reprimanding herself mentally, she scoffed, 'Because, she'll just smirk and say, as long as you're in my house, you'll treat me with the utmost respect, you already know that,' she reminded herself, the human weed flopped over and stared at a picture of her parents. They were still in that little village and had no intention of returning anytime soon, what's worse is that she still had to go to that blasted academy and there were absolutely no apartments nearby that she could afford even on the Domyoji salary; she was stuck.

Tsukushi grabbed her pillow and screamed into it, "HOW CAN A BEAUTIFUL MANSION LIKE THIS FEEL LIKE SUCH A HELL HOLE!!!"

When she finished her 15 minute rant, she sighed and turned to a picture of she and Tsukasa standing in front of a fountain at the school, it was a rare picture, one that didn't depict them deep in another fight. She took it and gazed at it for a long time, 'Even if we stay together and get married, will she stop? Will she stop meddling in our affairs, Tsukasa is majoring in foreign and domestic business trade, therefore he's dead set on taking over Domyoji corp. and even if he decided not to take the reigns, I could never support him long enough for him to adjust to a middle class life, IF he adjusts.'

Finally, she sat up, setting the picture back down where it was, she walked out the door to her room. The house was deserted, Kaede felt 200 housekeepers unnecessary for looking after only two people and transferred 100 to one of the many vacation houses, this left a lot of work for the remaining staff. Today most, if not all, workers were on the north side.

She walked down the hall to where Domyoji's room was and looked into his room, he wasn't there, naturally. Kaede had him enrolled for 12 hours each day every day, to Tsukasa, it was supposed to help him graduate sooner, but Tsukushi knew the truth; Kaede wanted them as apart from one another as possible. So rare was the time that they actually had together that she never even told him about Kaede's abuse, she wanted his mind in his studies, not worrying about her. She entered the room, picking up a jacket he'd left there the night before, tears began to spill down her cheeks. 'Kami, I miss him so much,' she thought, they hardly ever saw one another, but that wasn't what made her sad. What depressed the warrior of Eitoku was the fact that once again, she was contemplating breaking up with him, and, unlike previous times before, there wasn't a drive to try anymore, she loved him, more than anything in the world, but she couldn't bring herself to want to try. Could she hang on? Or would she go insane before Domyoji's first semester in college was even over?


The doorbell rang. Tsukushi descended the staircase to the front door; she checked herself in the mirror and adjusted her maid uniform. She turned and opened the door. No one was there, she stepped out and looked around; the Domyoji mansion was often frequented by paparazzi who peeked in through the windows, when no one answered the door, she figured it was one of them. Still no one was around.

"Damn kids," she muttered under her breath, Tsukushi walked back into the house and closed the door, she began walking back to her room, when she slipped on something, landing hard on her rump, "Ow," she whimpered rubbing her sore butt. She looked down at what she slipped on. Beneath her shoe was a stack of letters, yellow from age, stacked neatly and tied with a brown string, on top was a new note. Tsukushi picked it up and turned the packet in her hands, she then looked at the new note. Curiosity got the best of her and she opened the folded paper and gasped:

"To Tsukushi Makino-

I've watched your struggle from the very beginning, you're quite the fighter. I think these can help you solve your problems."

She read the paper and turned it over, there was no name on it, she looked around, had anyone walked in when she answered the door? She would have heard if someone was in the entrance way. Tsukushi looked down at the letters, they didn't seem extraordinary, just some old letters, damaged by time and weather; these were supposed to help her with her problems? The writing was faded, but legible, the first envelope's address to:

Takashi Mayuki

1089 Shimayuki

Hiroshima, Japan


Domyoji Koutaku

2658 Domyoji Ave.

Tokyo, Japan

'Who are these people?' Tsukushi wondered. Just then, a great commotion was heard down the hallway.

"Domyoji Kaede-sama,"

"Yes ma'm, right away, ma'm,"

"The mistress is home, hurry!"

Tsukushi gritted her teeth, she was still pissed from their last encounter and really didn't want to have to deal with that woman at the moment, the teenaged girl turned and ran up the stairs to her room. Closing and locking the door, she walked over to the desk in her room and sat down staring at the stack of letters. 'These are supposed to help me,' she wondered. After a long debate, she decided to see what they had to say, she took the first one out of the stack and opened it, a slight stuffy scent floated out from it, Tsukushi sneezed and wiped her nose, carefully, she opened it and began reading.

"Dearest Mayuki,

Today we are in Germany, not a very good area to be doing business, what with the war and all. The meeting was as boring as ever and I found myself thinking of you. I miss you're eyes, your face, your hair, I miss the sweet little pout that graces your face whenever you're angry with me, I even love that stubborn attitude of yours. I want desperately to be by your side, holding you, kissing you. But for now, I suppose, I must keep you're beautiful memory as means of being with you. I plan on returning early, my father can take care of the rest of them without me, I fear he plans on marrying me to some rich fool, I will never be with anyone but you. I care not for anyone but you, if I have to leave the Domyoji family forever, I shall. Please believe in me. I count the seconds until you are in my arms again.


Tsukushi nearly fellout of her chair, what in the hell was going on?!

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