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Fools Fall In Love, Enemies Fall In Lust

By: Chibi Neko-Chan2


Thoughts or Emphasis

XXXXX- Scene Change

Brief Last Chapter Summary: Hermione finds herself thinking about the kiss she shared with Draco the next morning, she goes downstairs and finds out from Barbie that she needs to go on a date with Malfoy, telling Malfoy they'll be going on 'a social gathering' Malfoy plays along and agrees, They go see The Bloody Horror AND Malfoy leaves after 15 minutes into the movie, Hermione gets scared later that night and sleeps with Malfoy, the next morning the duo go back to school and Hermione says its back to hating eachother and Malfoy asked when did they stop.

This Chapter:

It was Saturday night, which meant everyone but Hermione were heading out to party and spike their butter beers. Hermione lay on top of her bed, glancing down at a large piece of paper in her hands. The only source of light in the room poured softly from the lamp on her bedside table. The furry, purple book lay beside her on the bed and it moved slightly when Hermione shifted her position. The old bed creaked in the nearly empty corridor.

Hermione's cinnamon brown eyes narrowed as she angled the large paper in her hand.

My perception of him has changed so much. Hermione thought to herself as she stared at the disfigured picture of Malfoy she had drawn out of anger in the beginning of the school year. She could almost feel her past immaturity pouring out of the picture as she stared at it. She had purposefully made the blonde Slytherin look horrible and she knew that this picture was a lie. His lips were thin but not that thin, his eyes (although they could be cold) were not beady, and although his nose wasn't exactly small, it didn't interfere when he had kissed her.

The Gryffindor felt her face flush when the memory of his lips on hers filled her mind. Her heart beat was suddenly more noticeable and the end of her fingertips tingled when she imagined touching his cool, pale skin. Hermione closed her eyes, hoping the sudden feeling would subside or at least die down.

It didn't.

With one last look at the grotesque drawing of Malfoy, Hermione ripped the picture to pieces. If she could rip a picture of him in pieces, how about the deeper feelings that were starting to develop? Hermione wasn't sure what her feelings would classify under, but she knew she was afraid to find out.

After throwing the shredded pieces of paper into the trash bin on the other side of her bed, Hermione grabbed the furry, purple book as she got herself in an upright position. Hermione glanced at the full, silver moon outside her window before pushing the cover back.

When Barbie didn't instantly appear, Hermione felt anxiety build up inside her. What happened to the beautiful blonde? What would happen to Hermione's plan?? If Barbie didn't appear, could she just quit on step eight?

But then her time and effort for the last couple of months would have been completely wasted. Her feelings- Merlin, she was back to that- would be wasted also. Her relationship with Malfoy would falter and although Hermione wasn't sure what she was feeling for the annoying git, she was bloody hell sure that she didn't want that.

Barbie couldn't do this to her. As much as she would like to argue differently, Hermione needed the cheerful blonde friend. Especially now.

"For goodness sakes dear! It's Saturday night!" Barbie complained, appearing on top of the pages with hot rollers on top of her head and dressed in her pink robe. Hermione felt relief wash over her as she gave her friend an apologetic look.

"Sorry to have bothered you on such a busy night. Are you going out with your friends or something?" Hermione inquired and she already knew the answer to her question when Barbie gave her a sly smile.

"No, I'm going out on a date. Which reminds me, how did your date with Malfoy go?" Barbie asked, walking down the book's pages so she could get closer to Hermione. Hermione ran a hand through her hair as the movie night flashed through her mind.

"It went well. We didn't kiss though," Hermione admitted, and she was able to hear the sad ring in her tone of voice. Although she told Malfoy that their date was only a 'social gathering', didn't he know better?

So then, why didn't he kiss her? Did he not share the same feelings-

Damn it, there was that word again.

"Boo! Well maybe you two will share in a captivating kiss after you complete this second to last step," Barbie's face broke out into an excited grin as a sudden thought crossed her mind, "Oh My God, Hermione! The next time you see me, you'll be preparing yourself to have sex with Malfoy!!!"

Hermione's cheeks colored as she watched the miniature woman jump excitedly up and down with her hands clasped together. She would be deflowered by Malfoy after she completed this next step, and although the thought of sex didn't scare her as much as it used to, the thought of having sex with Malfoy made her stomach twist in swelling knots.

It made her a nervous wreck because she knew, because of those damn Merlin feelings she had, that once she got into bed with the blonde Slytherin- she wouldn't only be giving him her virginity, but also her heart.

"Well since the cat's got your tongue on that topic, I might as well tell you your ninth step," Barbie announced as she tried to catch her breath from jumping.

Hermione wondered what step would be between going on a date and having sex with Malfoy.

"Your next step is to tell Malfoy how you honestly feel about him," Barbie stated and her light eyebrow slightly cocked when she saw Hermione's hands turn into fists.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings. Where is an ignore button when I need one?!

"They're that intense, huh?" Barbie asked.

Hermione did the alphabet backwards in her head to calm herself down.

"Don't worry Hermione, that will make the sex only better than it already will be!"

"Barbie!" Hermione shrieked, her voice squeaking into a high soprano tone.

Barbie glanced at the watch on her 'student's' bedtime table and gasped, "Well! Look at the time, I better get going! I'll be completing step ten while you do step nine!" Barbie giggled, winking before blowing her brunette friend a kiss, "Good luck!"

"Thanks," Hermione muttered before closing the book with a sigh. Hermione then placed her hands on her face as she leaned forward and closed her eyes.

How in the Merlin am I going to bloody do this?

Hermione sat up slightly, casually tilting her head to the side to read the clock beside her. The time read nine on the dot. Hermione felt her mouth gape slightly as she shot up out of her bed.

I was supposed to meet the group at eight-thirty!!

Hermione quickly placed her secret book back in her trunk before placing her brown flats on her feet and booking it out of the girl's dormitory. The group wanted to play the muggle game Apples to Apples at Hagrid's place and had agreed to meet right outside the Great Hall. After making her way down the stairs, Hermione ran down the hallway that would connect her to the Great Hall.

The brunette skidded to a stop as the famous Slytherin Trio walked into the intersection where the two halls connected. Crabbe laughed at Hermione's frantic state, Goyle raised an eyebrow at his tutor, and Malfoy simply stared at the Gryffindor with his arms crossed.

"What's the rush, Cinderella? You don't turn back into a bumpkin until midnight," Malfoy joked, and his two accomplices laughed although they didn't have a clue what their leader was talking about. Hermione sneered at Malfoy as she tried to get herself back in her normal state.

"And who are you, Prince Charming?" Hermione chided back.

Malfoy grinned as he casually dusted the top of his green jacket off, "Well, the ladies do say…"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "How do you even know the muggle story- You know what? Nevermind. I don't have time for this," Hermione stated, brushing past them and making her way over towards her group of friends, who had been patiently waiting for her at the door.

Well, that is, besides Ron.

"'Mione! There you are!" Ron's exasperated expression faded and turned into one of disgust when he looked behind her, "Of course, he's the reason why you're late."

Hermione glanced behind her to see that the trio had followed her. Malfoy smirked at the fuming red-head as the other two casually crossed their beefy arms across their chest.

"No, he's actually not Ron," Hermione corrected, turning back to her Gryffindor friend and giving him a slight smile. Harry, Ginny, Luna, and Neville remained quiet in the background as Malfoy took a step closer to Hermione.

"As she said, Weasel. I'm only here to lend Granger my jacket," Malfoy stated as he slid the green jacket off his arms, "She was in such a bloody frenzy to get here that she forgot to grab her own."

"I didn't know Malfoy could be such a gentleman," Ginny whispered to Harry, her hand intertwined with his.

Harry turned his head toward his girlfriend as he whispered back, "He's not. He's just trying to make your brother upset."

Malfoy made an impatient shove towards Hermione when she didn't grab his jacket immediately from his hands. Knowing Malfoy would put up a fight if she didn't put the jacket on, Hermione reluctantly placed the jacket around her. Malfoy's scent surrounded her as Ron glared at her before glancing up at Malfoy.

"You're a bloody fake. You don't give a damn if Hermione freezes," Ron accused, crossing his arms over his chest as his cheeks flushed in anger. The redhead nearly squealed when Malfoy took a step forward and grabbed the hem on his shirt. Picking him up slightly, Draco slammed the Gryffindor against the wall.

"Malfoy! Stop!" Hermione yelled from behind him.

Malfoy ignored her as he leaned close to the Gryffindor, "I'm tired of you questioning my motives and actions, Weasel. So you're going to stop before I personally beat you into a bloody pulp, got it? Now keep your jealous ass out of Granger and I's business."

Malfoy then dropped the Gryffindor and nodded at Hermione before walking away with Crabbe and Goyle. Ginny immediately had her hands resting on her brother's shoulder, asking if he was okay as Harry frowned at Hermione.

"What? I'm sorry. I don't control what Malfoy does," Hermione defended, placing her hands uncomfortably on her hips and looking away from her best friends. She couldn't help but look back when she heard Ron say,

"But you are using him. I can't wait until he finds out how much you played him, he bloody deserves it," he muttered, trying to push Ginny's hands off him so he didn't look so weak.

Hermione blinked. Using Malfoy? She knew that Ron was right; she was doing this whole thing to 'repurify' the Slytherin. But using Malfoy?

Was it possible to make herself fall into her own trap as well?

XXXXX Monday Afternoon

Hermione sat in her last class of the day, her N.E.W.T. course of a History of Magic, and although she was maybe the only person who found Professor Binns interesting, she couldn't focus on today's lecture. With her chin in her upturned palm, her eyes stared blankly at the chalkboard. A thin piece of white chalk was quickly scribbling down notes as the Professor stood in front of the classroom, drowning on about a Goblin War in the 1800's.

Should I really be doing this? The question was pestering her. She hated that she couldn't concentrate on the lecture and she hated the fact that Ron had been right. Her red-headed friend being right didn't happen often, and when he was- Merlin, he hit the sore spot. Hermione knew that she was playing Malfoy, but she didn't start feeling guilty about it until now. Why? She didn't know. Her feelings were running haywire and she felt incapable of controlling them.

Why did she have to feel so guilty? It wasn't fair. Malfoy had tormented her and messed with her feelings multiple times during their past years together at Hogwarts, and he never felt bad. So how was it fair that she was feeling horrible about what she was doing? And it wasn't like she was intentionally playing him for fun, it was for the Order, a great cause. Malfoy would be 'purified', saved in a sense, once she slept with him.

And it wasn't like she didn't have feelings-

Bloody Hell. She hated that word.

I shouldn't care. I shouldn't care at all. Hermione frowned when a picture of the male flooded into her mind. She felt her heart lower in a sickening way.

"Ms. Granger, which influential wizard ended the Great Goblin War of 1819?" Professor Binns asked, shaking Hermione out of her thoughts. She stared at the old professor, realizing that he called on her for two reasons: one being that was the best student in the class and two, she was the only person awake in the class.

"I…uh…" Hermione stammered and Professor Binns' eyes widened as the magical chalk came to a pause.

Great Goblin War of 1819. Come on Granger, who was it?

"Gregory Assalm?" Hermione guessed. Professor Binns dramatically placed a hand to his heart as he stared at the Gryffindor.

"That, Ms. Granger, is incorrect. Are you feeling well? Do you need to see Madam Pomfrey?" The Professor asked quickly, concern on his features as he stared to get the pad filled with blank notes for the nursing office.

"I am feeling a bit unwell," Hermione honestly replied. Professor Binns motioned for her to come to him and Hermione gathered her belongings before doing so. Professor Binns passed her the note.

"Feel better dear," He said sincerely and Hermione nodded at him, although she didn't believe she would be feeling well anytime soon.

Hermione slowly made her way out into the hallway, and she was between feeling sick and pathetically wanting to cry. What in the Merlin was wrong with her?

Hermione hugged her books closer to her chest as she walked down the empty corridor. She was deciding whether to really visit Madam Pomfrey or to just go to her room, when she heard another set of light footsteps enter the hall. Hermione meekly tilted her head up to see the one person she wanted to avoid walking towards her. Hermione swallowed the nervous knot in her throat and concentrated on the fact that he was alone as he met her halfway down the hall.

"Granger, why aren't you in class?" Malfoy pondered, casually crossing his lean arms over his chest as he stared down at the brunette. Hermione paused in her footsteps, unsure if she was able to conjure up words. She managed.

"I'm not feeling like myself," Hermione replied, her cinnamon brown eyes locking onto his slate ones. Malfoy's cocky grin left his face and Hermione watched his shoulders tense at her words.

"What do you mean?" Malfoy asked, his tone unusually warm. Hermione glanced away as she stared moving forward once again.

"I'm sorry Malfoy, I need to go," Hermione muttered.

"Granger," Malfoy replied softly, grabbing her arm gently so she would stop, "I know you have plenty of reasons not to trust me, but you can talk to me. Why aren't you feeling well?"

Hermione gave Malfoy a long look, her eyes full of empathy as she stared at him. She felt the need to tell Malfoy what was bothering her, but she honestly wasn't sure herself. She, however, had a huge clue that it involved him.

Hermione replied by lightly shaking her arm out of his grasp and walking away to the Gryffindor dormitory.

Malfoy felt his eyes slightly narrow as he watched the witch walk back to her dorm, and finding himself sincerely concerned about Granger. Determination to find out filled him as he walked back to his own dormitory.


"'Mione, you look bloody awful," Ginny commented, looking at her friend. Ginny was sitting Indian-style on her bed, staring intensely at Hermione. Hermione, who lay with her back to her pillows, turned her head towards her red-headed friend with a wobbly smile.


"Yeah. You look like Mourning Myrtle has been haunting you for days," Ginny shivered at the thought, "Did you eat something bad at dinner? You didn't look so well then either."

Hermione reflected back at her past meal. She remembered sitting at the Gryffindor table, studying the two couples who sat close to her. Ginny had her head turned towards Harry the whole time, giggling softly at almost everything he said- although most of what he said wasn't remotely funny. Neville and Luna had lovingly shared a bowl of pudding together, and Hermione found the situation a bit too sweet for her liking.

And then, she remembered, staring at Malfoy. He had been really quiet that evening, barely commenting on the conversation Goyle, Crabbe, and Pansy were having. Hermione started to turn away when she found Leigh's eyes on her. The blonde Slytherin smiled before tapping Malfoy on the shoulder, who turned to stare at what Leigh was looking at. Hermione flushed, looking away as she took a bite of her pie.

And when Hermione looked up two minutes later to see if Malfoy was still staring at her, he was.

Hermione shook the image out of her head as she ran a hand through her limp, lifeless hair. Gross, she needed to shower. She hadn't looked this bad since her makeover.

"Ginny…" Hermione turned her head away from her friend, embarrassed about what she was about to ask, and uneasy about what she was about to find out.

She glanced down at her bare arms, which lay in her lap, as she asked, "You're in love with Harry, right?"

Ginny blinked, wondering why her smart friend was asking such a question. Ginny, however, knew that Hermione didn't like her boyfriend in that way, so she shrugged off the feeling of protectiveness that instantly washed over her.

"Yes, I am. Why do you ask?" Ginny asked gently, raising a light eyebrow at her friend. Was Hermione possibly thinking about her brother, or was it possible that she was thinking about her brother's enemy?

Instead of answering Ginny's question, Hermione asked, "When did you know?"

"Hm, well first, it's different for everyone. I don't think anyone falls in love the same way," Ginny said, an insightful expression crossing her face as her eyebrows furrowed together, "I realized I was in love with Harry when I comprehended that I couldn't imagine my life without him, as corny as it sounds. I loved how he helped me love myself and he's such a significant part of my life. And you just feel different."

Hermione blinked, her hands becoming unusually sweaty as she wrung them, "What do you mean?"

"You kind of get on this high, which makes you start to look absent-minded to other people because you can't concentrate on anything else. It gets slightly irritating and you start to hate your feelings because you can't help but link every feeling to that person. You love finding out the things about him other people don't know, and your heart and stomach swell to the point where you feel like you need to vomit…"

Hermione's worried frown increased more in depth at each point Ginny brought up, because she realized that every point Ginny brought up was a relatable one.

As much as she desperately wanted to press the ignore button on the topic, she recognized that she was in love with Draco Malfoy.

And if the situation couldn't be any worse, her step was to tell him how she truly felt.

Oh Merlin.

XXXXX Friday Night

She had successfully ignored him for the remainder of the school week, but she wasn't able to ignore her feelings for him. The constant thoughts and sensations were just as bad as being around him, and Hermione couldn't help but feel hopeless.

Draco would never fall in love with her. Sure, it was obviously possible to make him want to bed her, but to have him be in love with her? There wasn't a chance and that fact simply crushed her. Hermione bit down on her bottom lip, finding herself wanting to cry for the seventh time that week, but she opened her eyes wide so the tears wouldn't spill.

She didn't want to cry over him, and she didn't want to be in love with him.

Hermione pressed her face in the side of Fang's neck as she let out a shaky sigh, "Why do I always get the worst end of every situation?"

Fang whimpered as he turned his head towards Hermione and slopped up the stubborn tears with his fat tongue. Hermione let out a weak laugh and attempted to smile at the huge, gray dog.

"Thank you, Fang. I'm sure you would tell me how foolish I am for crying and falling for someone who could care less about me," Hermione replied, and felt the harsh words tug at her heart. She didn't want them to be true, but she couldn't help but believe they were.

Fang barked at her words and then started to growl.

Hermione raised her eyebrow at his actions, "What is it boy?"

Fang barked again, running in a circle before pouncing on her. Hermione yelped as she made contact with the grass, hard. Fang stopped barking and then started licking her face again.

"Fang! Fang, get off," Hermione ordered.

The dog barked before doing what Hermione commanded. He then started to run towards Hagrid's house, giving the Gryffindor one last look before finishing his trip to his master's house.

"That was…interesting," Hermione remarked, standing up from the grass and brushing herself off. Hermione cringed as she brought a hand up to the back of her head, "Dog really knows how to knock a person down."

Hermione's hand then traced down to her sticky, wet face, "Ick. Better go wash this off."

The bookworm made her way back into Hogwarts and headed straight to the girl's bathroom. Turning on the sink, Hermione scrubbed her face clean with soap and water until she was sure all of Fang's germs were gone. After dabbing one of the towels on her face, Hermione glanced in the bathroom mirror. She didn't look too horrible without her makeup on, but she was definitely supporting the casual look with her maroon Hogwarts sweater and jeans. Hermione retightened her ponytail before stepping out the girl's bathroom.

The castle was dim for a Friday afternoon and Hermione guessed that many of her following students were in their dorms getting ready for their first parties of the weekend. Hermione couldn't help but roll her eyes at the scenario, glad that she never joined the party scene. A good mystery novel sounded very satisfying right now anyway.

When Hermione turned the corner to go up the fifth flight of stairs to her dormitory, she found herself locking eyes with Malfoy, who was currently making his way down them.

Hermione wasn't one to cuss but the first thought that came to her mind when she saw him was: Shit.

Hermione glanced around the fourth floor, knowing her second home wasn't far from where she was. Granger turned her back on Malfoy, who called out her last name when he spotted her. Hermione threw Malfoy a careless wave over her shoulder and started pacing towards the Library. It wouldn't close for another two hours and she could get lost in the huge building if she wanted too.

"Granger, hold on!" Malfoy called again but Hermione disregarded Malfoy's yell. She couldn't face him right now. Well she could've if she had to, but she sure as bloody hell didn't want too. Hermione quickened her pace as she frantically opened the library door and slammed it behind her. Malfoy had caught up and was now ten feet behind her.

"Shhh!" Madam Prince instantly shushed, placing a wrinkled finger to her lips. Hermione mouthed an apology as she ran for the bookshelves. Madam Prince was unable to complain as the library again opened and slammed shut.

"What is wrong with you children!?" Madam Prince complained and Malfoy shrugged the old hag off. Malfoy's slate eyes traveled to the left, and he caught a glimpse of wavy brown hair going behind a bookshelf.

Hermione ran down the long aisle beside the book shelves as quickly as she could. Hermione quickly lunged herself in the twelfth aisle when she realized that Malfoy was probably starting to stroll down the aisle she was previously in. Hermione made her way down the aisle and turned right to go further down the library. She decided that the forty-seventh aisle, which was pretty close to the restriction section in the back of the library, was a good place to hide. She hoped that Malfoy would give up on searching for her when he reached the thirtieth aisle.

Hermione was about three/fourth's down the aisle when Malfoy suddenly passed by her. Hermione felt her heart leap as she watched Malfoy pause and turn so he would be walking down the aisle she was currently standing in.


Hermione, who was still out of breath from walking down all the previous aisles so quickly, knew that she was caught when she heard the swift footsteps behind her. A cold hand wrapped around her forearm and Hermione was tugged back in the middle of the aisle.

"Damn it, Granger," Malfoy breathed out, trying to catch his own breath as he placed the Gryffindor against the bookshelf. Hermione could feel his warm breath tickling her neck as he breathed deeply in and out. His head was tilted slightly down as he caught his breath and his blond hair almost looked white in the dark.

Hermione had to take in a deep breath when she felt herself growing weak again.

"You have some explaining to do," Malfoy stated, tilting his head up only a bit so he was on her level, "So start."

Hermione blinked, glancing to the side as she tried to get her scrambled thoughts together. Well, this was it. Time to spill the Bertie Botts beans.

Hermione glanced back at Malfoy and shook her head, asking sadly, "What do you want me to say?"

Malfoy didn't consider the question the way Hermione wanted him too, "What do you mean 'what do you want me to say', Granger? I want you to tell me why you couldn't bloody leave me alone for months and now, for some reason, why you can't be around me at all. "

Hermione gulped down the knot swelling in her throat as she continued to stare at the slate-eyed male in front of her, "Think about it Malfoy, you know why."

"I don't-" Malfoy paused when Hermione gently placed her hand on his arm. She then traced his arm slowly and looked up at him again.

"I know," Hermione bit down on her lip, glancing away before looking up at him again. Why was this so hard?, "And you know."

Draco sighed as he moved the arm she was lightly holding onto so he could place his fingertips on her neck, "I can't believe it unless you say it."

Hermione nodded at him, unsure if she was capable of saying what they both needed to hear. She took in a deep breath and exhaled.

Her brown eyes were full of sincerity and honesty when she replied, "I've fallen for you, Draco."

Malfoy lowered his lips to hers when the Gryffindor finished her confession. Hermione's arms slowly trailed around his slim body to wrap around his upper back. The kiss, which was so warm in the cold library, continued as Malfoy softly stroked the side of Hermione's cheek.

Malfoy then broke from the kiss, giving Hermione a questioning look. Hermione found herself nodding him at him. She wanted to feel more of him on her, and he was about to answer that need.

Malfoy started to kiss down Hermione's pale neck and nibble on her collarbone as he played with her jeans. This was it, she was going to step ten without talking to Barbie. She was going to purify Malfoy.

She felt herself gasp slightly when Malfoy's hand slipped through her underwear and feel her area of warmth. She heard Malfoy moan in response and she rocked herself against him, wanting him to enter her right then and there. Malfoy kissed Hermione's eyebrow as he started to softly use his thumb to rub her button as his other fingers roamed her wet sides.

"You have to be patient," Malfoy chuckled, teasing her by placing his finger at her rim and then pulling away. Hermione moaned in response as she rocked against him again.

"I have been patient," She attempted to say out loud but it came out in a whispery breath, "Please Draco, please."

Malfoy nuzzled the crook of her neck when he finally let his finger enter her. Hermione instantly bucked against it, and he started to thrust his finger inside her at a faster pace. He could feel her area grow warmer and wetter, and he found himself wanting to release as well.

Damn, was he good to her. He was so good to her and she was using him. Using him. The phrase repeated in her mind at each thrust of Malfoy's finger and Hermione couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't do this.

Not here, not now.

"Malfoy, we need to stop," Malfoy looked up at her questioningly and when she continued to stare at him genuinely, he reluctantly started to pull away. He quickly played with her button in three swift movements before pulling his hand out of her area, hoping to leave her wanting for more.

"Damn, Granger. Promise you won't make that a habit," Malfoy whispered hoarsely and Hermione attempted to grin at him.

"I promise. Sorry. I just don't feel like it's the right time or place," Hermione stated, placing her lips on Malfoy's for quick kiss before pulling away, "I'm glad you know how I feel. I just hope you can tell me where you stand soon."

"I'll let you know soon," Malfoy responded, giving Hermione a sincere look, "I promise, Granger."

With one last parting kiss, Hermione left Malfoy standing there, leaving him wanting to do and say more.


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