Author's Note: This is just a little drabble I wrote a few months ago after I first watched AWE. It's nothing spectacular, but I'm rather fond of it all the same. I hope you enjoy it, for all of it's shortness. Pairings? Well. . . That's a rather difficult thing to say. How about you read and decide for yourself?

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters mentioned within. And trust me, it's better that I don't.


Elizabeth Turner was a cursed woman.

She had kissed three men in her life, and all three of them died afterward.

The first was her beloved husband, William Turner; when she first kissed him she was still innocent and had no reason to believe that she was cursed. The adventure of their lives was behind them; the future was a bright, shining, glorious thing and neither of the two had any idea of what would later befall them.

The second was the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Unlike her other two kisses, Elizabeth knew that her kiss would lead to the death of this man, grown dear to her in a way completely unexplainable. She did not love this man, not like her Will, but being his murderess killed her a little that day, just the same.

The third and final man Elizabeth kissed was James Norrington. Her first fiancé, despite her feelings on the matter; this man had affected her life more than she cared to think about on most days. He had helped her save her love and willingly gave up their engagement, had later betrayed her, and then, still in love with her despite everything, saved her life at the cost of his own.

Three men, three kisses, three deaths.

Will Turner, stabbed in the heart by Davey Jones mere minutes after his and Elizabeth's wedding.

Jack Sparrow, swallowed by the Kraken after returning to his beloved ship.

James Norrington, stabbed in the chest by Bootstrap Bill while aiding Elizabeth's escape from the Flying Dutchman.

Two of these men, by fate or by chance, returned to the world of the living.

Will Turner, to serve as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. Elizabeth would only see him once every ten years, but she would see him again.

Jack Sparrow, to search for immortality so as to continue his pirating career as long as the seas and oceans of the world still existed.

The third man, James Norrington, did not return to the world of the living.

All three of these men were killed after being kissed by Elizabeth.

And as Elizabeth stands with her son, waiting to see her husband for the first time in ten years, she can't help but reflect that even though her kisses are cursed, she is a very fortunate woman.

After all, the only man she will ever kiss now will never be affected again.