This first story is about Demyx getting his big break. Unfortunately, things don't go quite according to plan...

Nobody's Allowed

I was completely psyched for tonight. It was my big break, the one I've been waiting forever since I became a Nobody and I wasn't going to let anyone ruin it for me.

After many incessant pleas and auditions on my part, Al, the owner of the popular club Nobody's Allowed (clever, huh?) agreed to let me play my sitar or one night, kind of like a test drive I suppose. If people liked me, then I'd get my license, or more accurately, a weekly gig.

When I informed Organization XIII of my major accomplishment, I didn't quite get the reaction I had expected. Sure Axel was gung-ho about watching me, but if wasn't gung-ho, then he just wouldn't be Axel. And I told him that Roxas agreed to go. I hadn't even asked Roxas yet, but it didn't matter. Axel would do whatever Roxas wanted. (In truth, Roxas probably wanted Axel to leave him the heck alone, but Axel never quite seemed to grasp that.)

"Did you write the music you're going to play?" was the first thing Zexion said when I told him. It was probably the longest sentence he said to me within the last month, with the exception of: "Will you stop playing your sitar and pass the salt?" So you can see why I was a little surprised that he asked.

"Uh, yeah, I did," I was proud to say. He looked genuinely impressed.

He mulled it over for a moment before he said, "All right, Demyx. I'll be there."

Xemnas agreed to come, mumbling something about hopefully finding "the source of" my obsession with music. He wasn't likely to find it at Nobody's Allowed, but it was encouraging that our leader had agreed to come watch me perform.

I'd cornered Luxord, Lexaeus, and Roxas in the living room where Lexaeus was watching American Gladiator and Luxord was teaching our young friend to play Texas Hold'em. Interestingly enough, Axel was nowhere in sight.

The three of them agreed to come readily enough. It was the last five that put up resistance, all with ready-made excuses. Marluxia had to "get those plants in the ground before they die," and Larxene claimed her hair gel just couldn't stand up to the club's atmosphere. Saix just flat out refused and Vexen said he had to study. And apparently, Axel stole Xigbar's eyepatch again, as he wouldn't even answer his bedroom door when I knocked.

I figured I just had to be grateful for those who were coming, but I was a little disappointed that certain members of Organization XIII had better things to do that support me. One of the main reasons I joined was because there seemed to be such a strong emphasis on unity, on teamwork. (Right. Most of the time it was just Xemnas giving orders and the rest of us tripping over ourselves to execute them for fear of suffering Xemnas' wrath).

I'd decided to spend more time on my appearance tonight than usual because I just had to look good for my big debut, even deciding to wash my robes in a real washer. Most of the time I just went outside with a stock of dirty clothes and commanded water to soak them. It finally occurred to me (after years of listening to Vexen's speeches on hygiene) that my clothes weren't truly getting clean. Just festering.

After causing the washer to overflow twice, followed by mopping sessions, Lexaeus took pity on me and showed me how to use the strange, box-shaped contraption. I realized that it was fairly easy despite all of Larxene's claims that she didn't have the knowledge to work it. I always figured that if she didn't have the brainpower to use a washer, then I certainly wouldn't. I know now that she's just lazy.

Lexaeus also showed me how to use a drier, which was even easier. When my robes were dry, I pulled them out and proceeded to iron them. Ironing was also new to me. I thought I did a very nice job, as the burn hole is only visible if you stare at my feet.

I then showered, towel-dried my hair and body, and pulled on a pair of moogle boxers. I quickly brushed my teeth and picked up my bottle of hair gel. After squirting a glob into my hands, I ran it through my semi-damp hair, styling it to its usual perfection. Only, when I went to pull my hands away, they stayed there, plaster to my head. I screamed, trying to pull them off, but it hurt like hell. They were completely stuck to my scalp. I screamed again, running out into the hallway.

Roxas must have heard me because he came running out of his bedroom. He was the only one who came to aid me in my distress. I knew there was a reason I liked the kid.

He gave me one look before shaking his head sadly. "I told you not to use your hair gel," he said.

"When?" I asked incredulously. For the life of me I couldn't remember him saying anything of the sort.

"Yesterday after Axel put super glue in it."

"Super glue! Oh no..." How was I going to play my sitar with my hands super glued to my skull?

Roxas, as if he had heard my thoughts, said, "Nail polish remover helps break up super glue."

Which was why, two minutes later, we were at Larxene's door, Roxas knocking and me standing in my underwear.

"What?" Larxene snarled as she opened the door.

"Do you have any nail polish remover?" I asked.

"For what?" she demanded, looking at me with anger.

"Axel up super glue in my bottle of hair gel," I mumbled, looking away.

She must have sensed a victory because she said, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you."

I cleared my throat. "Axel put super glue in my hair gel."

She roared with laughter, her face turning bright red. I grew impatient, switching me weight over to my left foot. "Please, Larxene. Do you have any nail polish remover I could use?"

"Nope." I could tell she was taking a lot of pleasure in watching me squirm. If my hands wouldn't have been glued to my head, my shoulders would have been slumped in defeat.

"Please, Larxene," a voice said. It was Roxas. His face shifted slightly, frowning a bit. His eyes met hers, but you could see they were filled with sadness. Roxas was giving her is totally emo, you know you want to save me from me look. And it was working.

Larxene's eyes softened and she smiled slightly. She couldn't resist Roxas any more than the rest of us could. He was just too innocent and pure.

"Okay," she said in a soft sort of voice that I had only ever heard her use when Roxas was around. She left and came back a moment later with a full bottle of nail polish remover.

Roxas smiled brightly as she handed it to him.

After she closed her bedroom door and we were headed back to my bathroom, I smiled at him. "You, my friend, are that master of manipulation."

His brow furrowed. "I don't know what you mean, Demyx," he said. Either he was manipulating me right now or he was obviously oblivious of his gift. Man, what a waste.

I arrived at Nobody's Allowed an hour later that I wanted to arrive but still long before my act. I waited back stage for roughly an hour and a half until I was to go on.

Butterflies in the stomach didn't even begin to describe the nerves I had while I waited for my turn to go on. But it did finally roll around and by then, I convinced myself I was ready to go on.

"And now, for your listening pleasure... Demyx, the number nine!" Al said into the microphone. I heard some clapping, but not a lot. It was a little disappointing but I forgave them because they had yet to hear me play.

I strutted out onto the stage with a smile on my face. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins after seeing so many faces in the crowd.

I took the microphone and said, "I hope you all enjoy the show," and put it back into it's stand. Putting my pick to the string and letting the music flow through me, I began to play.

I joined my fellow Organization XIII members after my gig an hour later. All those said they'd be there were, clustered in a small group at a round table, with the exception of Luxord, who was engaged in a poker game on the other side of the club.

"Well done," Zexion said, looking satisfied that he said his two words of the night before turning back to his book. He was reading Great Expectations. Again.

"You play exceptionally well," Xemnas said.

I felt myself smile. Axel, in his usual flurry of excitement, offered to go get pops of those of us too young to drink. He came back a few minutes later and handed Cokes to Zexion and me.

"Here you go, Roxy my boy," he said, hand Roxas a cup as well.

I saw Zexion lean close to Roxas and say, "I wouldn't drink that if I were you. I saw him put something into your glass. Probably a date rape drug, I'd say."

Roxas blanched, quickly setting his cup down. Axel looked disappointed.

We decided to leave a while later, just as Luxord's poker game seemed to have wrapped up. He walked towards us, his eyes downcast.

Already knowing the answer, Xemnas said, "You lost, didn't you?"

Luxord solemnly nodded.

Xemnas pulled out his wallet with a sigh. "How much to you owe?"

Luxord shook his head. "Money won't cover my debt."

Xemnas looked puzzled for a moment, before groaning. "What did you gamble away?"

Luxord raised his eyes for a moment, but apparently thought better of it. "Thegasselle," he mumbled.

"Say that again," Xemnas commanded, his face growing red with anger.

"The castle," Luxord repeated precisely a second before he was flung out a bar window.

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