Okay. Here's something I wrote in like fifteen minutes or so. I just thought, 'Hey. Everyone seems to be SO obsessed with SyaoSaku, so I guess Sakura will never be Kurogane's.' So, I came up with this one-shot story, that's told from Kurogane's point of view. Since I'm not well at writing as people like Kurogane, this may be quite OOC. But, anyways. Enjoy.

Ever since the first moment I saw her, I knew she was beautiful. But, I knew something else. She'd never be mine. She loved the kid and the kid loved her. Easy as that. Yet, I still didn't want to give up. I wasn't the type to just give something up without a fight. But, how could I fight to get her? She was just so... so innocent. I doubted that she was the type to be love someone for strength. She probably loved others for their heart. So, I was definitely doomed to fail at that, seeing as how I'd killed so many that I'd lost count. She'd think I was heartless and, for all I knew, maybe I was. It didn't matter. I still cared for that beautiful, young girl.

I remember when I first saw her. The kid was holding her and she was unconscious. I was worried about the poor girl, but I didn't let any of the others know. How could I? I'm not the type to show my feelings and, yet, I wanted to. I wanted to wake her up, see if she was okay, and, strangely enough, I wanted her to live. I'd never cared about life or death before, so I hadn't understood my feelings then.

Then, I remembered Otou Country. When I saw her in that maid costume, I couldn't help but say the mage's word for whistling. She was just so... so cute. Then, I began to question myself. What did I think of the girl? Was she more important than Tomoyo-hime? Was she a good enough reason to never return to Nihon? I still question myself with those, and other, questions. But, I think my answers were that I loved Sakura, she was much more important that Tomoyo-hime, and she was definitely a good enough reason to never return to Nihon.

Then, I thought of this afternoon. She'd nearly killed herself in that Dragonfly Race. I was worried about her. I was... scared. I didn't want her to die. I had to save her, and so I did. I gave up on winning the race, just to save her. Inside, my heart screamed, 'Sakura, please make it through the race okay. I can't help you anymore from here on out. I'm... sorry.' This worried me. I knew I loved Sakura, then, to just give up on winning the whole race.

I looked up at the stars. The Piffle World's version of Tomoyo-hime had left my side. I was grateful. I needed to think some things through. I sighed. Even the stars reminded me of her. I couldn't stop thinking of her. Then, I remembered the kid. She loved him and he loved her. And, I remembered something else. She will never be mine.