Oh. My. Lord. This has been on my hard drive for FOREVER. I mean...Like...At least a year...Wait, when did Kingdom Hearts 2 come out? I think I wrote this on the same day it came out.

Warnings: One-Shot, Drabble-ish...I didn't count the words. Organization-centric, Pre-CoM...I think. Mild AxelNaminé (if you REALLY want to see it that way...Implied AkuRoku, and Demyx being cool.

Disclaimer: I'm REALLY not in the mood for this. The title comes from the Fall Out Boy song, but it's really got nothing to do with the fic.


It was a rare, quiet moment; a moment between battles and missions no one understood. It was a moment when Vexen had abandoned his lab to sit quietly in the corner and read a book, his pet clone kneeling stoically at his side. Larxene, for once, was quiet, sprawled out on a sagging couch that was too small for her lanky frame. Naminé sat quietly, sketching, between a dozing Axel and an almost-relaxed-Roxas. Almost. Demyx, sprawled in another chair in the corner opposite of Vexen, let out a heavy sigh before falling back into his uncharacteristic silence.

Everybody in the room tensed slightly, preparing for whining that would most likely ensue, but Demyx surprised everyone by simply picking up his sitar and starting to play softly. The musician was hesitant at first, playing a new melody and expecting one of the others to rebuke or throw something at him. When no one did, he continued playing a little more confidently. Soon his soft, slow song took on the steady beat of a waltz and soon after that, Axel's foot began tapping to the beat.

Naminé let out a quiet "eep!" as Axel shoved her sketchbook and pencil out of her hands and into Roxas' lap and then swept her up to dance in one smooth movement. Like a father dancing with is young daughter, Naminé's tiny white shoes balanced on Axel's large boots as he whirled her around in circles. A wide and uncharacteristic smile split across her pale face and she let out an involuntary giggle at Axel's antics.

Vexen sighed irritably and turned a page while the Riku clone tilted his head in confusion. Larxene rolled on to her side and smirked at Axel, who was now doing some sort of tango with Naminé and making a very big fool of himself. Roxas let a nearly invisible smile tug at his lips as his red haired lover lifted the girl and twirled her before depositing the breathless blonde back into her seat.

Demyx looked up from his sitar with a broad smile on his impish face before striking up a faster tune. The musician had known Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames, would rise to the silent challenge. The music became more complicated, and Demyx soon had to glance at his fingers to keep from making mistakes. Because of this, he missed Axel offering his hand to the other blonde on the couch.

Roxas stared blankly at the redhead's gloved hand. Axel loved to dance, but he had never asked Roxas to dance before. Green eyes, so light and happy at a glance, darkened faintly with an unspoken question. The blonde glanced up at Axel before accepting his hand and being pulled into a wild, fast dance.

Hearing the sound of two pairs of heavy boots on the floor, Demyx smiled to himself. If Axel loved to dance, maybe Roxas could learn to love it too.


So...It's my first AkuRoku. Hurrah. I like Axel dancing...And after watching numerous videos of Hips Don't Lie featuring Axel...Haha...I'm listening to Hips Don't Lie right now. I so randomly love that song.

I like that bit with Axel and Naminé there...Reminds me of me and my dad before he got fat and I got...Assets.

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