A full day passed before Harry encountered the Dark Lord again. After he had received his mark a house elf had brought him back to his room where he stayed the remainder of the day brooding. He sat on his bed, all forms of food brought in untouched, as he stared vacantly at the wall fervently hoping to awake from this nightmare that he was caught in.

He knew he would have to learn whatever Voldemort taught him, the difficult thing would be keeping himself in check so he didn't start using dark magic on his own. He had heard multiple times from Hermione how a powerful taint followed and soon controlled those who dabbled in the dark arts. Harry could only assume that was Voldemort goal. To have him perform dark spells enough that he eventually began to turn back himself.

With a slight shiver, Harry remembered how it had felt that night in the Department of Mysteries when he had used an unforgivable on Bellatrix. It had terrified him, even made him sick to his stomach later that night, but also there was a residue left over, deep in his soul, that craved to taste that power again. And it was that small desire, that he thought he had hidden so well from everyone, including Dumbledore, that now terrified him.

"What am I going to do," he groaned softly, pulling his knees up so he had something to bury his face into.

"Well if you asked me, the first thing I would do if I were you is take a shower," came a snide voice from the doorway which now, to Harry's dismay, stood wide open. A certain annoying and very unwelcomed mini-deatheater-to-be-stood glaring in disdainfully. "Potter I know you lived with Mudbloods so I shouldn't expect too much, but surely even they taught you how to bathe."

Glaring, Harry dropped his legs back over the bed, but continued to sit. "Malfoy, you're one to talk, your hair looks like you style it with grease. Or is that oily look natural? I bet your parents are so proud that you take after your dad with the grungy look."

"Shut is Potter," said Malfoy taking a step into the room and simultaneously pulling out his wand. "Your filthy halfblood mouth had better now mention my father ever again or you will seriously regret it. "

Lying back against his pillows just to infuriate Malfoy more, Harry let out an ovelyr exaggerated sigh before slightly shrugging his shoulders and arching a brow. "That funny Malfoy, the way you're talking about my blood I would almost think you didn't like half bloods."

"Like half bloods?" Exclaimed Malfoy, "they're just as bad as Mudbloods if you ask me. If you put dirt in clean water, still makes the water dirty right? Same with parents, once you filthy up the blood once, there's no cleaning it. Kids will be forever ruined."

Catching site of a shadow behind Malfoy that was remaining just out of sight, Harry only barely managed to hide a smile that was threatening to come forth. If he was stuck in this place, at least he could still mess with Malfoy.

"So what do you think should happen to halfbloods then?" Asked Harry carelessly.

"They should all be stricken from - "

"Young Malfoy," spoke a soft voice from the shadows, Draco jumped with fright, whirling around and dropping his wand in the process. "If you value your life I would not finish that statement." Said Voldemort, stepping up behind the terrified teen and looking disdainfully at the dropped wand. "And I hope you can handle yourself better than that if you ever see battle. Otherwise you would be an embarrassment to your name as well as useless to me."

Quickly, Malfoy dropped to floor in a position of submission. "Master I did not-"

"Silence Malfoy." Immediately the blond ceased speaking. Harry could see a fiery anger in his peers eyes, but whether at being scolded by the Dark Lord, or because he had fallen into Harry's trap, Harry did not know. But with the Dark Lord quickly advancing to where he sat, Harry found that he suddenly cared very little about Malfoy's discomfort, and a lot more about his own predicament.

"Why have you not been eating?" Asked the dark wizard, stopping directly in front of Harry. Shrugging, Harry looked towards the opposite wall. He wasn't trying to starve himself, if that was what the Dark Lord was thinking. He just could find no motivation strong enough to bring him to eat.

"You will look at me when I speak to you and you will answer me," said Voldemort dangerously, advancing a half step. Harry felt a throb began to build in his scar. Already he had started off on the wrong foot and he certainly did not feel like repeating all of their other encounters. Since he was stuck with the monster, he may as well try to make this easier on himself until he figured out a way to escape. Taking a resigned breath, Harry forced his gaze away from the wall and on to the man he had promised to obey.

"I just haven't been hungry," he said in a soft voice, adding another small shrug.

"Well, see to it that you become hungry. I won't have you passing out because you haven't eaten."

Nodding fractionally, Harry turned his eyes back to the wall. He could sense the Dark Lord shuffling through his robes and by the time he turned back, the older wizard had found whatever he had been looking for. Gazing at his hand, Harry saw a very familiar wand. One that had been in his possession not long ago. With an arched brow, a Harry gazed from the wand help carelessly in the long spider white hands, up to the malicious red eyes and then back to the wand.

"If I give you this, you must agree to only use it to do what I allow and you will not use it to try and escape."

Staring hard at the wand, Harry could feel his thoughts in a whirl. If he agree to such a thing, then that would basically mean he was giving his word not to escape. He could not conceive any plans of escape that would not require the use of the wand. But if he did not agree, then he would lose the wand and any trust Voldemort was giving him. By refusing the terms, that would be a sure way of telling Voldemort than he planned to escape, or at least would not give his word not to escape.

Looking up, Harry could see Voldemort's eyes staring upon him intently. There was a strong calculating air to them and with a sickening realization, Harry saw exactly what Voldemort was doing. This was a test to see if Harry had truly given himself to Voldemort. If Harry did not take the wand, that would prove that he was still resisting. And Harry did not want to even imagine what Voldemort would do to him or his friends if he thought Harry was going to go back on his word and against the mark he had taken. Knowing he had been backed fully into a corner with only one route to take, Harry stuck out his hand as confidently as he could.

"I agree," was all he said. Though very faintly, still all in the room heard them as if he had shouted them from the top of Astronomy tower.

A slight smile that sent shivers down Harry's spine lit the Dark Lords pale face. Extending his hand, Voldemort returned the wand to its owner. Harry felt the familiar wood in his palm, and a small warmth that had been vacant returned briefly as Harry gripped the wand.

"Good, not to business. We will begin in 30 minutes. I want you properly bathed, fed and clothed before I return, other wise there will be sever consequences, understood?"

Harry gave the briefest of nods at the pause, knowing the Dark Lord wanted his words to be acknowledged.

"Potter," said the Dark Lord. "Since Lord Voldemort is always generous, I will grant you a small favor for now and you do not have to address me as Master," Harry eyes flashed vehemently at that, he would rather die than ever call that evil murderer master. "But you will show proper respect and respond, with words, when you are spoken to. Is that understood?"

Glaring, Harry clinched his fist roughly around the wand, forcing the words out of his mouth. "Yes," he responded in a barely audible voice.

"Good," said the Dark Lord, turning on his heels. "I will be back in half an hour, be prepared Potter and come ready to please me. If not, we will just have to figure out a way to motivate you." Glancing back as he reached the door. "I can be very creative when it comes to finding motivation; I have yet to find someone unable to please me after I had to spend time motivating them." Turing, he disappeared into the hallway, leaving an angry and flustered Harry and a still bowed Malfoy behind.

As soon as Voldemort was no longer near, Malfoy pushed himself up from the floor with a hump, grabbing his wand while refusing to make eye contact with Harry the whole while. He just remained standing there, as if attempting to glare a whole though the floor with some new found power.

"Well," said Harry after a few awkward moments of silence, "not that you company is enjoyable, because I promise you that it is not, so why are you still here?"

Still glaring fiercely at the floor, Malfoy grounded out in what sounded more like a bark than anything, "my job is to make sure you please the Dark Lord as much as possible," he spat. "And that means making sure you're presentable when he returns."

Letting out a laugh, Harry slowly slid off the bed and approached the wardrobe. He decided earlier that day that he would have to pick and choose his battles with the Dark Lord. He felt sure they would be butting heads enough in the days to come, so he might as well give in on the little things such as eating and looking decent. Then hopefully he wouldn't leave all his encounters with Voldemort with such great headaches. "So you've been assigned to be my babysitter? Really fitting for a Malfoy. Oh how you've achieved such greatness in your new dark calling." Shaking his head, Harry let out another bitter laugh. "You father must be so proud."

Looking and putting on his best Malfoy air, the blond shook his hair slightly to the side before drawling, "at least I have a father to make proud Potter, you can't say the same."

Harry's body tightened up in anger, and he could feel his fist involuntarily clinch, but otherwise he made no response to the comment. If he didn't react, Malfoy wouldn't get half the pleasure out of his cruel words.

"Why don't you go and play with your moronic friends ferret boy and let the big kids get ready by themselves."

"Touch a nerve did I Potty?"

"No grease ball, I just prefer to not shower and change with an audience," he paused as if in deep thought. "Unless you secretly want so smog me Malfoy. And if that's the case, definitely not interested either, so you can go ahead and leave."

He glanced back in time to see a slight flush in Malfoy's cheeks. At least he could still get on ferret boys last nerves even if he was stuck in this hopeless prison.

"Get over yourself Potter, and get ready. I will not have my hide on the line because you can't make your appearance decent."

Sighing dramatically, Harry shook his head, "so not only am I suck with the big bad Dark Lord, I also have a miny stocker at my side, how could this day get any worse?" Opening his drawer to pull out a new set of clothing, he felt his spirit sink with disappointment. "And of course the color of the day is snake green, just perfect." Dropping the overly soft clothes onto his bed, Harry headed to the bathroom, praying either Malfoy wouldn't be there when he got out, or that Voldemort would miraculously forget that he was there. Yet he doubted either would happen.

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