A/N: This is my first attempt at a modern Willabeth. This is for the hussies.

The pub was still rather empty and quiet, even though the drink specials had started forty minutes ago. A man sat at his usual table nursing one of the cheap beers sold at the bar. He was waiting for his drinking partner, who was running late for some unknown reason, but if the man had to guess, it probably had something to do with his friend's girlfriend. He kept glancing at the door, waiting for his usual company. The loner took a long swig from his bottle when a figure finally burst through the pub's door.

"Sorry I'm late."

"William! Will! Willy-boy! About bloody time you got here!" The man at the table paused while he took in the other man's appearance. "What the hell happened to your eye?"

The newcomer sat down and mumbled something incoherent while lifting a hand to the ugly black and blue bruise.

"Sorry, didn't catch that."

Will looked at the man sitting across from him and said, "I fell in the shower this morning."

"You need to lay off the drink, mate."

"Don't be stupid, Jack."

The man named Jack took another sip of his beer and said, "So where've you been? Dina get mad because of the shiner? No doubt thinks you've been in a bar brawl. You need to be careful because she barely lets you hang around me as it is. I swear she keeps you under such close surveillance," he paused as he made a whipping motion above his head with his hand, "Whupsshh!"

Will sighed and said, "No. She knows I fell. I got caught up at work. I'm trying to put in a bit of overtime to save up some money. I want to take her out."

Jack glanced at Will's shirt that had the name of the business where he worked: The Chain Gang. There was a man on a sleek bicycle bent low over the handlebars, racing over the words, "Custom Built to Your Satisfaction." He brought a confused gaze back to his friend's face and asked, "You haven't got enough to take her for a bite to eat?"

"No, no. I mean I'm planning to take her on a weekend trip. I've got it all figured out in my head. We'll have a four day, three night stay near the Rhine River. At some point, we'll take a dinner boat cruise."

"You're a sodding Romeo, you are. You really like this girl, yeh?"

Will gave a small nod. "I do like her. She's a nice girl."

Jack stared at him with an incredulous look.

"What?" Will asked.

"You are planning this huge romantic weekend, and all you can say is 'I do like her.' Will, you've been shagging this girl for six months, and the only thing you can manage is, 'She's a nice girl?' No, 'I love her' or, 'She's the one?'"

Jack's friend scoffed. "What do you know about love? You've not stayed with any woman long enough to know her birthday, let alone love her."

"It's my style, what can I say? But you, dear William, are much more committed than I am, which is why you've not had as many women, am I right?"

"What are you saying?"

Jack smiled and ran a finger over the hair growing on his chin. "How long have we known each other?"

Will thought a moment and said, "Since we were seventeen, I suppose."

"And in those seven years we've known each other and the three years we've lived together I've never been aware of any miraculous stories of your sex life."

Will gave him a warning look and growled, "Just because I keep my life private. I don't make it my life's mission to conquer women."

"I doubt you've been with anyone other than Dina." The gleam in Jack's eye was always present when he began to take the piss out of his friend.

"Fat lot about me you know."

"Alright, then William," he said as he swirled the last bit of beer in his bottle, "Tell me when you had your first."

"Had my first? You're lucky you haven't been kicked in the balls by the women you try to pick up."

Jack shrugged. "It's happened before, but you're avoiding the question."

Will looked at his hands, which were still dirty from work. The memory of his first time came flooding back to him as he thought of the girl that broke his heart. She was part of many of his firsts. First kiss. First snog. First love. First time. First heartbreak. Even though he had a lot of happy memories, he didn't like to think about her because he felt the ache inside him all over again every time he did.

He began to pick at the dirt under his fingernails as he considered Jack's question. "Fifteen."

Jack quirked his eyebrows at his roommate's response. "What?"

"I was fifteen when…" he continued to look at his dirty hands.

Jack laughed and shook his head. "No way."

"You don't believe me?"

"Son, I didn't get any till I was sixteen. I just find it hard to believe someone like you beat me to it."

Will grinned, "Someone like me? You're jealous."

Jack looked into his almost empty bottle. "Bet she was uglier than a duck's butt."

"You're wrong again." In reality, she was one of the most attractive girls Will had ever seen. They had been best friends since they were twelve and only began dating at the age of fifteen when he finally realized his best mate was hot.

"So you're telling me that you banged this fox when you were fifteen? What happened to her?"

Will swallowed a small lump that had formed from recalling the memories he had pushed away for so long. "She left."

"Dumped you?"

He shook his head. "No, she moved away from Glastonbury with her family. Moved to Sunderland."

"Shame, then."


"Do I know this girl?"

"No. She left before you moved to Glastonbury."

Will's somber reverie was broken when his mobile began to ring loudly in the unusually quiet pub. It was his girlfriend.

"I'll get us some drinks, shall I?" Jack left without waiting for Will's answer.


The voice on the other end was anxious and a bit shrill. "Will! Where are you?"

"I'm at the pub with Jack. It's Tuesday night specials."

"I thought you were coming over tonight?"

"It's only six o'clock. I plan on coming over, I swear."

"Is Jack getting sloshed?"

Will glanced over at his friend making his way back to their table, already drinking out of his new bottle of beer. "Um, not really," he lied.

There was silence on the other end as Jack sat down and mouthed, "Is it Dina?"

Will nodded, and Jack rolled his eyes. "So, um…what did the doctor say about your wrist?"

Dina's tone softened, "He says it's sprained."

"Did he give you a brace or anything?"

"Yeah. It's ugly though. It's black and attracts lint like mad."

Will gave a small laugh as he asked, "Do you want me to pick up a roller on the way over so you can keep the fuzz at bay?"

He had always been able to make her laugh, and this time was no different. "No, I think I'll manage. Do you think you could come over now?"

Will looked at the full bottle of beer Jack had set down in front of him. "Uh…"

"Just tell Jack I owe him one."

He sighed and said, "I'll see you in a bit."


As Will ended his call, Jack asked, "What happened to her wrist?"

"She sprained it this morning."

"Doing what?"

Will gave his friend a sheepish look. "She fell in the shower."

"You wanker! You were with her this morning, weren't you? I'll bet you were doing more than soaping up her hair when you fell, eh?"

Trying not to let Jack see him laugh, Will stood and said, "I've got to go, mate."

"You're not abandoning me! It's Tuesday night specials!"

"She says she owes you one."

"Dina owes me about five hundred! Fine, go on to your girl, you tosser. I'll just drink by myself like a lonely alcoholic."

Will laughed as he began to leave. "I'll see you later tonight."

As he walked through the pub's door, he heard Jack yell, "You owe me a beer!"

He hopped on his bike and began to pedal down the street, heading towards Dina's flat. The memories that flooded back into his head this evening rode with him, refusing to leave. He hadn't thought about her in so long. Will had moved on and didn't feel like he was fantasizing about another woman because he was definitely committed to Dina. He supposed he had never given himself time to heal from the heartbreak caused by his first love. He decided he would indulge himself and allow his mind to get lost in flashbacks while he made the journey to his girlfriend's place.

He had been in her room many times before because both of them loved to snog. They usually found themselves alone while her parents were at work, and that made him feel more comfortable and less anxious when her father was not around to murder him for groping his daughter. This particular snog session, however, began to get heated and progress further than either had allowed before.

Will pulled himself out of the stupor that had engulfed the couple. He had just realized neither of them was wearing a shirt, and his pants were barely hanging around his ankles. He tried hard not to look at his girlfriend's heaving chest as he struggled to regain control of his breathing.

"Do you think we should stop?" He looked into her eyes to see if she thought they had gone too far. She just gave him a confused look.


"What if your parents come home? I mean, is this really what you want?"

"Are you telling me that you want to stop?"

"No. Not unless you want to."

To answer his last question, she moved her hands behind her and unhooked her bra. In a flash of white material, it was gone. She sat down on her bed, bringing Will next to her as she lifted one of his hands to her recently exposed breast. He couldn't stop staring at his hand holding her. He moved his hand to cup her, and upon feeling the weight in his hand, his hips gave a sudden jerk and a strangled cry escaped his throat.

She looked at him strangely while his face reddened and he pulled his hand away.

"I'll be right back." Will shuffled towards her bathroom, his pants still clinging to his ankles. When the door closed and the sound of water running reached her ears, she knew what had happened, which made the situation even more embarrassing for Will.

Frantically he began to clean himself up with bathroom tissue, cursing himself as he did so.

"Can't even make it to…Way to control yourself, Turner. Dammit!"

Will stepped out of his pants and left them on the floor before looking at the wet spot on the front of his boxers. There was no way to hide it except by placing his hands conspicuously in front of it.

"She already knows," he thought. "I don't suppose it matters now."

He turned off the water and opened the door, surprised to see that she was still topless. She had moved towards the middle of the bed and was now resting against the huge pillows near the headboard. He took it to mean she wasn't grossed out by what had just happened.

"Are you coming back?" she asked, doing her best not to look at his crotch.

He quickly made his way over to her and sat beside her.

"I'm sorry about…"

She smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. I suppose you'll be able to last a bit longer now, yeh?"

Will couldn't help but grin, and they began to kiss again. He had no trouble getting hard again when their clothes began to fly. He awkwardly attempted foreplay with her, but he was unsure of what she liked, and they both fumbled their hands over the other's body while exploring. There was a lot of "Are you okay?" and "Do you want me to…" being said as lips and fingers moved over bare skin.

Eventually, Will found himself positioned between her legs, preparing himself to enter her for the first time. Their first time. He gave her a small kiss before finally pushing into her slowly.

He stopped suddenly when her nails dug into his back. He looked at her and was startled to see a grimaced expression on her face. The sensations coursing through his nerves were immensely pleasurable, and he hadn't expected hers to be any different.

"What's wrong?" He was having a hard time resisting the instinctual urge to push himself further into her.

"You're stretching me. I just have to – " She moved slightly to ease the discomfort.

Her movement caused Will's hips to jerk involuntarily and he thrust himself deeper into her, causing her to cry out.

"Oh gods! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" He was horrified at what he had done. He was sure he felt something tear when his hips rebelled against his self-control.

"Just don't move!" Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut as if she were trying to block out something painful.

Will resolved to stay put, even if it killed him. As her face relaxed, he spoke softly.

"I love you. I'm so sorry."

She opened her eyes and gave him a small smile. "It's okay. I love you, too."

Her hands moved to his hips, and she pushed against them, giving Will her permission to move.

Determined to move as slowly as he could, he began to pull out of her. He felt the pressure building up within him, and he was sure there was no way he could hold himself back for much longer. He managed to move in and out a few times before he exploded for the second time that afternoon, collapsing against her.

One of her hands moved to his shaggy hair and began to brush it out of his face as he tried to catch his breath. Her mouth felt very soft against his shoulder as she placed small, reassuring kisses against it.

Will lifted his head to look into her eyes and quietly asked, "Did you?"

A half-smile appeared on her lips. "No, but I don't think women usually do the first few times." She didn't sound disappointed, but Will could not control the guilt rising up inside him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know it was going to be like this. It should have been better."

Her hands framed his face as she pulled his head closer to hers. "It was perfect because it was you."

He had finally arrived at Dina's flat and looked up at the building. The sun was beginning to sink below the skyline as he began to chain his bike to the rail leading up to the entrance. Giving a great sigh, he made his way up the stairs, leaving his memories chained beside his bicycle.