A/N: I wanted to do a one shot, but I was too lazy to come up with a new plot, so I made a second epilogue for this story. The end. Oh, and I must send a thank you to williz who reminded me about life in NCali. Thank you!

Elizabeth sat down on the hotel bed after opening the curtains in order to watch the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean. A contented sigh left her as she stretched, leaving her with a relaxed feeling. In fact, the entire week had been a fantastic getaway given to her by her husband. It was a complete surprise when Will had shown her the tickets. Their honeymoon had been their last vacation together since having their son, William, who was now four. Elizabeth's parents were delighted to keep him for the week, and Jack had once again agreed to look after their aging cats.

The two of them flew to California in order to visit the area described in many novels of one of Elizabeth's favorite authors, John Steinbeck. They arrived in San Francisco and immediately drove to the Monterey area to see Cannery Row. The next few days were spent on the beach, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the National Steinbeck Center. The last day in Monterey was spent biking around the area after Will had found a place to rent a couple of bicycles.

They also decided to spend their last two days visiting San Francisco, as Will was adamant about crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Elizabeth enjoyed the cable car rides around the city, and Will loved the way the hills provided views of the entire area. They were both excited after crossing the bridge and had a picnic lunch on the other side near a stone wall with various messages written and carved into the stone. They occupied themselves with small talk and reading the words left behind on the wall when a rather large squirrel ran towards them. It suddenly stopped when it spotted them, and Will tossed it a piece of his bread. It quickly took it and ate it, much to the delight of both of them. When it finished, it stared at them expectantly, obviously waiting for another bite. Just when Elizabeth had finished saying how cute she thought it was, the squirrel picked up a very small rock and threw it at Will before charging them both. The two decided to end their lunch when two more squirrels wandered into view. They spent the remainder of the afternoon touring Alcatraz.

Their last day was spent enjoying the city and picking up souvenirs to take home to William and their friends. Elizabeth was exhausted from all of the walking and was secretly glad to be back in their room to enjoy the last night of their trip. They had an early flight in the morning, and Will had opted to take a shower that evening to give him the opportunity to sleep late in the morning while Elizabeth got ready. She had already packed their things, and now the waves crashing against the shore kept her entertained. The sound of a door opening behind her made her turn towards it.

Will walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair was still dripping from his shower, and Elizabeth smiled at him. He returned the grin and pulled the office chair by the desk next to where she was sitting on the bed. When he sat down, he took her hands in his and gently massaged her palms with his fingers.

"You smell nice," she said.

"I would hope you'd think so. You buy the soap I use."

Elizabeth stood and moved behind him. Will kept smiling as he watched her with amusement. Soon he felt her hands slide along his shoulders before they stopped at his neck and began rubbing the muscles underneath her fingers. She rested her chin against the top of his head as she kneaded the tightness away. The smell of his shampoo surrounded her, and she couldn't help but laugh at the feeling of happiness that surged through her.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. I've just had a really good time is all."

"You've deserved every mile of our trip."

"All thanks to you."

Will reached up to grab one of her hands and placed a kiss on her fingers. "Shouldn't I be the one giving you the massage?"

Elizabeth squeezed his hand before resuming her work against his shoulders. "You've planned everything. It's only proper you get something nice out of this vacation."

"Oh, I think I've received plenty thanks to you."

She laughed, knowing exactly what he was referring to. The two had christened every bed of every place they'd stayed when Elizabeth had her way with him as soon as they had checked in, saving their tourist activities for later time during the day. There had even been a time she'd been enjoying the view from a picture window in their tenth story room, and Will had insisted on taking her against the wall right beside it, not caring who might have been watching.

She continued her massage, and eventually Will's head began to droop as he became more relaxed and comfortable. After a few minutes of silent rubbing, Elizabeth's hands wandered over the rest of his back, and he leaned forward to accommodate the new path her fingers took. Soon the exploration of this area ended, and her arms wrapped around his ribs, allowing her fingertips to stroke his chest and stomach. Will took her hand and gently pulled her to stand in front of him. Elizabeth bent down to kiss him as she cupped his jaw, allowing his hands the freedom to travel up her thigh and under her night clothes. When he reached her backside, he broke the kiss.

"Elizabeth Turner, where are your knickers?"

She grinned slyly. "I didn't think they were necessary."

"Is the rest of your outfit necessary as well?"

"I didn't want you to come out of the shower and start humping me right away."

"Someone's a snarky little vixen."

"You married her."

Will took a firm grasp on her hips and pulled her onto his lap before moving his hands along her ribs, bringing her closer to him. His fingers rubbed circles against her back when her lips left his and pressed under his jaw. Another mark was created to match the many that were already around his neck from days earlier when she nipped at his skin. When she traced the rim of his ear with her tongue, Will roughly pulled her closer to him, dragging her against his legs, and he grunted against her shoulder when she came to rest against his erection, still hidden beneath the damp towel. Without being asked, she slid her hands down his chest and stomach until they reached his towel. She tugged it out of its knot, and Will lifted his hips, allowing her to pull it out from under him and toss it carelessly to the side.

Elizabeth ground herself against him, already excited that Will was seated. This was her favorite position because it afforded the most sensitivity and gave the best chance for her to reach her climax. It was a perfect way to end their trip. She didn't waste time removing her nightclothes but instead lifted and sank herself onto him until he was completely buried inside. Will pitched forward, and his muffled groan against her skin made Elizabeth smile. He tried to begin moving against her, but she denied him when she stayed firmly still, preventing him from moving.


She laughed and kissed his ear, continuing her tongue's path that had been interrupted. She followed his jawline and moved down his neck before lingering near his collarbone. She felt herself lift a few inches into the air and quirked an eyebrow at her husband.

"Elizabeth, please…"



She pushed herself against him, forcing him back into the chair. Her hand crept along his thigh and slowly drew closer to a particularly responsive spot between his legs, just under his balls. When her fingers reached their target, Will hissed and tried to lift her again, but she continued to hold him down, concentrating all her energy into keeping the strength in her legs. Her mouth returned to his while she tickled him, and as she pulled on his bottom lip, she felt herself relax into his arms that were holding her tight against him. The fabric of her nightgown rubbed against her nipples, and she inwardly moaned at the sensation. A sudden thrust signaled his impatience and forced a whimper from her throat. It sent the familiar feeling the position provided rocketing from their connection down to her toes, and Elizabeth could no longer continue her teasing.

She rocked against him, lifting herself and dropping down on him at a steady pace. His hands left her side and fiercely gripped her waist, aiding her efforts. The only piece of clothing between them began to creep up Elizabeth's torso as the constant up and down motion shifted it out of place. She could feel Will's stomach muscles tense and relax against her own as he lifted his hips to meet hers. It was slick with the combination of sweat and water that dripped from his hair.

She felt herself getting close, and because her orgasms did not occur on a regular basis, Elizabeth lost her self control and began rocking frantically in an almost desperate attempt to capture it. Her arms wrapped around Will's neck and shoulders as their pace increased, and it wasn't long until her body seized on top of his while she gasped and whimpered in his ear.

When he felt her relax, Will removed her negligee and flung it towards his towel. He scooted forward on the office chair in order to stand, and Elizabeth helped him gain his balance by wrapping her legs around his waist. Carefully, he placed her on the bed and bent himself over her body, supporting his weight with his arms on either side of her shoulders. Her legs were draped over the edge until Will fitted them around his waist again. His pace resumed its speed from the time Elizabeth climaxed, and Will kept deep, fast thrusts going in order to retain their tempo.

Elizabeth watched his face, amused with his look of concentration. His eyes were shut tight, and his teeth were clamped down on his lower lip. When she touched his chest, his hands moved to her hips to bring them against his own for a tighter fit. His eyes opened then, and Will watched himself move in and out of her. Her fingers drifted downward to touch him as he did so, and she could tell he had almost pushed himself past his limit from the short, ragged breaths that were escaping his throat. A few more seconds passed, and Will lunged forward as his head snapped up, and his face contorted into the familiar expression Elizabeth had seen countless times before. His eyes were closed again, and his teeth clenched together just before his jaw dropped and his mouth opened slightly. With a few more erratic thrusts, his body tensed before collapsing on top of her.

Will was breathing heavily against her neck, and he muttered fuck very softly. Elizabeth lowered her legs to the floor again and combed her fingers through his hair, twisting the ends of it to wring out the remaining water onto his back. She kissed his shoulder and stroked his spine with her other hand while she waited for him to recover. After a few minutes, he rolled off her and moved them closer to the headboard. His eyes were half closed, and he looked exhausted as he rested his arm over her stomach.

"Will, thank you so much for doing this. For planning everything."

"You're welcome."

"And as much as I've enjoyed it, I'm ready to go back tomorrow. I miss William."

He smiled. "So do I…Although it has been nice not having to rush and worry whether he'll walk in on us and be traumatized for the rest of his childhood."

"True. It's felt like it used to before he was born, hasn't it?"

"Amazing sex. Yes. Sex like the baby-less couples enjoy. Brilliant."

Elizabeth laughed and rested her head against his shoulder, and the two of them drifted to sleep.