Scully sat in the passengers seat in fear for her life, she silently prayed over and over again that Mulder had gotten her message and that the girls were safe and sound. As Jason pulled into a parking spot he got out of the car and walked over ot pull Scully out. They hurried up the steps of Mulder's apartment building, all the while Scully began to pray more, her heart pounding as they entered the elevator and it started the long journey up to the fourth floor.

Once the doors opened, Jason placed Scully in front of him and followed her to the door of the apartment marked with a four and a two. The gun was placed at her lower back and she felt as if any moment it would be fired and she would die or, if by some miracle she lived, she would be paralyzed for life.

"Open the door." He ordered shoving the gun deeper into her back. She closed her eyes to shove the pain away as she began to knock on the door, when no answer came, Jason repeated his demand. "Open the damn door." Scully reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of keys, she searched for a moment before coming across one that was marked by a black 'M'. She slowly placed the key in the lock and opened the door.

As they stepped in Scully searched around the room for any signs of life and when she found the place quiet and empty, her heart stopped the pounding of worry for her goddaughters and started for her own life. She felt Jason place his hand on her shoulder and pulled her further back to him and into the gun, she let out a shaky breath and as she turned to face Jason she found him staring off into Mulder's bedroom. Her heart began it's racing as he moved her towards the room.

As she peaked in she found the room a mess, a pile of Mulder's clothes sat in the corner of the room and something on the bed made a movement. As she stole a glance over to the bed she found Mulder walking towards her. He failed to notice the person hiding behind the wall, with a gun still pointed at her, and he gently touched her face and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"Mulder." She managed to get out, but before she could continue Jason pulled her close, his hand around her mouth as he now pointed the gun at Mulder's head.

His eyes widened in shock and Scully felt hot tears burning from behind her eyes, if only she could find the girls, but from the looks of it they were never even here. That is, until Johnny Cash came running out of the room and rubbed against her leg, Jason picked it up and tossed the small creature on the couch before placing the gun back at Mulder's head.

"Where are my girls!" He yelled his hand shaking.

"New friend, Scully?" Mulder attempted to lighten the mood, but it was found to be useless as the gun was moved from Mulder's head to Scully's. "Try anything stupid, and I will kill her, I promise."

"Ok, just tell me what you want and I'll be sure you get it, nobody has to get hurt." He got out, remembering the basic training taught to him about handling a hostage taker, negotiation, let them believe they are in control.

"I just want my little girl's, that's all. Give me my daughters and you can have Dana back." He said, his voice wavering to the point where he sounded as if he were desperately pleading for his children back, Scully felt her heart feel for him…but only for a moment, the solid death object, now at her back, brought her to reality.

"I would love ot give you your girls, but unfortunately I don't have them here." Mulder said realizing that the words he spoke were a mistake.

"Damn it, Dana, I told you if you tricked me one more time." He said forcing Scully to face him, her eyes now leaked the tears that had threatened to fall, they poured down her face as the gun was once again placed back to her head. She could feel her heart pounding in her head and knew this was the end of the line.

"Don't, the girls were here, I promise they were, but their mother came for them, they just left fifteen minutes ago." Mulder spat out quickly, trying to pull Scully out of the predicament he placed her in.

Jason looked to Mulder and searched his eyes, seeking the truth behind the statement hidden deep. He quickly released Scully and threw her to the floor, he than started pacing back and forth and talking to himself. Mulder rushed over to Scully and helped her off of the floor, her nose was bleeding from the impact her face made to the ground.

"Go clean her up." Jason shouted and watched as Mulder carried her into the bathroom, all the while he made it aware he was watching them and was not afraid to die, but if he did he was not going alone.

"Mulder." Scully said collapsing into his arms as he pulled her close, he didn't seem ot mind her blood was getting all over one of his shirts.

After a moment he pulled her out at arms length and applied a towel and pressure to her nose to stop the bleeding. Once it had stopped he pulled her close again and whispered into her ear.

"They are still here." He managed to get out as Jason paced the part of the apartment furthest from the open bathroom door. Scully's head shot up to him and her eyes widened in fear. "They are under my bed, I told them not to move and all would be good."

Scully nodded in response and hugged him tight again.

"They told me they're scared of him, Abby told me he's tried to…" He stumbled over how to tell her the shocking news the five years old had spoken to him, especially to the woman he loved and knew would kill for the girls. He didn't have to finish his sentence though, she knew exactly what he was trying to say.

"I'll kill him." Scully promised looking Mulder in the eyes, he knew she was dead serious and that by the end of the day somebody's dead body would be hauled off to the county morgue. "I have to use the restroom." Scully said pushing Mulder out, but loud enough for Jason to hear.

Mulder closed the door as he exited the bathroom and left Scully alone with her thoughts.

Once alone Scully searched through Mulder's cabinets for anything that could be used as a weapon. After a few minutes of searching she came across a gun taped to the back wall of the counter beneath the sink and held the metal object in her hands.

"Thank god for Mulder not being able to keep his gun." She mumbled to herself closing the doors before opening the bathroom door and exiting the safe confines of the bathroom.

The next few minutes seemed to go by in slow motion and appeared to last for hours. Jason had seen Scully exit the bathroom and pointed the gun at her head, but all the anger and truth pushed Scully to raise her gun and start firing. Mulder rushed into the bedroom and managed to get the now crying girls to quiet down, but it was all too late, Jason had heard the cries of Audrey and was heading towards the bedroom.

One shot penetrated Scully's leg and she fell to the floor in pain, but she fought off the pain and need to stop in order to save her goddaughters. Mulder jumped over the girls and used his body as a shield to protect them from any loose fire. One gun shot going off could be heard followed by the falling of a lifeless body to the floor. Then moments later another gunshot and another drop.

Abby let out a loud noise that was half scream and half cry. Mulder took the moment of silence to look behind him and find Jason laying on the floor in a pool of his own blood while not that far off Scully sat resting against the door frame. Blood leaked from her leg, but other than that she seemed fine.

He offered her a smile and she returned it before throwing the gun to the side of her and closed her eyes. Mulder rushed to her side just in time to catch her limp form in his arms. He gently placed her on the floor before rushing off to get his cell phone to call the paramedics.

Audrey and Abby sat in the corner of the room huddled next to each other as they stared at the now covered lump in the middle of the floor, they knew to be their father. They hadn't moved in a while and watched as Scully was placed on a stretcher with an oxygen mask and hauled off while a man placed the covered lump in a large bag and left with it.

They thought they were alone until Mulder re-entered the room with a familiar agent hot on his trail. Mulder knelt down to hug the girls tightly before picking up Audrey while the other agent picked up Abby. Together the four of them headed down to the car where the girls were sat down in little car seats and Mulder bid farewell to the agent.

"Thanks, Matthews, I really appreciate all your help." Mulder said as he got into the car.

"Not a problem, just take care of the girls and the Mrs." He joked as Mulder started the car and drove off.

Little to nothing was said for a good few hours as Mulder sat with the girls in the waiting room and he seemed a bit upset that the girls had to witness what they did. The death of their father, the injuries sustained to their godmother and all the blood that would forever stain Mulder's carpet.

After a few hours Mulder walked both girl's into Scully's hospital room where they found her leg bandaged up and her wide awake smiling at them. Their sour faces turned happy once again as they were embraced in a deep hug by her and Mulder.

"How are you feeling?" Mulder asked once the girls had managed past the images that clouded their minds and had fallen asleep on the bed next to Scully. Despite objection from both burses and doctors, Scully made room for both the girls on the bed, she was only disappointed Mulder couldn't join her.

"A lot better." She said honestly showing a smile to prove her point.

"Good." He said placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"I talked to the girls' mother about everything about an hour ago." She said referring to her conversation she had had with her friend while Mulder had been out with the girls to get them something to eat.

"Really?" He asked stroking the hair back off of Audrey's face.

"She promised to be here tomorrow morning to pick them up. She said there is no longer a reason to run…" She trailed off again, before her whole demeanor changed and tears fell from her eyes. "He tried to rape them." She choked out and let the tears fall freely.

"I know, but he didn't succeed and now thanks to you, he never will." Mulder said holding her face in his hands from the chair he sat in next to her bed. He wiped away her tears with his thumbs and kissed her lips once again. "Don't think about it any more. Just sleep, I'll be here when you wake up." He said taking her hand and stroked the top of it with his thumb. "It's all over now."

Early the next morning, Crystal appeared at the hospital and was reunited with her children once again. She thanked them both and swore she honestly didn't know about Jason's failed attempts, but that she would never let her children leave her side again. After their goodbyes Scully was released and Mulder took her home, where he stayed for the next six to eight weeks while her leg healed, of course, they really didn't need that excuse for him to stay.

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