Horror Filled Eyes

Summary: This is Naruto modernized! Sasuke, Naruto and their friends decide to investigate the haunted hotel where close people to them went missing in. Rated M for major character death, OCness, psychotic ness and other crap like that! (Warning the Sanins plus some other really old people are either in their twenties or thirties!)

Prologue: The Beginning

Uchiha Sasuke woke up with the alarm clock next to him going off with that annoying beeping groaning in annoyance and slapping it off. It was Saturday and it was also the day Itachi was leaving for his little adventure with his high school friends. They were going to a haunted hotel. Sasuke was in sixth grade while his brother was a freshman in high school. He, himself, was not looking forward to it, his brother has never gone anywhere without bringing him along. To tell the truth he was really upset and kind of angry at Itachi, but none the less he couldn't stay mad. Once dressed in white shorts and a black tank top he walked downstairs to see Itachi and all his friends planning and packing things.

"Hey Sasuke how are you?" They all chimed at the same time leaving the young boy in sweat drop. Sometimes he wandered how his brother even became friends with them!

"Are you guys sure you don't want me to tag along?" Sasuke asked, he still had the childish voice. Itachi then sighed getting up and leading his brother to the back yard where their humongous pool laid along with a basketball court and a trampoline sat.

"We went through this already Otouto. I can not risk you getting hurt if I brought you along. Where we're going is very dangerous. So far everyone who's gone into that abandoned hotel mansion has never come back alive. That place isn't fit for a junior high fish like you. I'm sorry Sasuke…" Itachi began joking with his brother just to get the young one to change his mind then sighed once he saw his younger brothers' look of sadness and knelt down to in front of the little one. Yes, Sasuke was extremely stubborn…as was Itachi; they both got it from their father Uchiha Fugaku.

"How about this when I get back I'll take you skate boarding and teach you some really gnarly tricks." Itachi suggested tickling his little brother a little.

"You promise? Oh and the word gnarly…is not in anymore Nii-San." Sasuke asked giving Itachi the pouty face.

"Hehe I promise. And since when was gnarly not in?!" Itachi laughed

"Since the late 90's!" Sasuke laughed and then hugged his brother before running to go tell his best friend Naruto. Itachi shook his head in amusement before going back into the house where his friends were.

"So he still wants to come?" A boy with long blonde hair and blue eyes asked.

"What do you think Deidara? He's been complaining all week!" Itachi laughed, the others joining in.

"Hey Hidan you didn't forget your Jashin bible did you?!" Deidara joked a boy with purplish gray hair throwing a pillow at the blond everyone erupting into laughter.

"Sounds like you boys are having fun as usual!" A woman with long black hair and carefree black eyes smiled walking into the room wearing a pink sundress.

"Yes we are Okaa-San. Is father back from his business trip yet? I want to tell him see him late on Sunday before we go." Itachi asked, his mother giggled a bit.

"He'll be out in a bit my son. You know I really don't want you boys going, but since Minato and your uncle Madara are going with you I don't see the problem. Just promise you all will be careful and not do anything stupid." Mikoto said crossing her arms giving her son a stern look.

"I promise mother we'll be responsible." Itachi reassured her.

"You better be. Now do you boys have everything?" Fugaku asked walking into the room with his arms crossed.

"Yes Tou-San. Sasuke will be back with Naruto in a bit. Can you guys make sure they don't follow? Sasuke still isn't over the fact that they can't come." Itachi asked, a man with spiky blond hair and a look alike Sasuke in his thirties walking in.

"Brother look who we found in Minato's ice cream freezer." The man said pointing at the older blond holding Sasuke and Naruto up who had ice cream cones.

"Boys!" Fugaku said agitated already.

"Uncle Madara you didn't catch us you gave it to us!" Sasuke giggled then the two boys ran up to Sasuke's room.

"Don't worry Itachi they won't be following you guys. Now all of you get going before they start getting ideas." Mikoto said none of them seeing Sasuke and Naruto climb down the side of the house and sneaking into the trailer hooked to Madara's truck. Both hid in a hidden compartment only they knew about…Since they secretly made it a week before this little trip. Everyone piled into the truck some riding in the very back as they left. It was a two hour drive so for the time being the two boys climbed out of the hidden compartment. They were sitting there when Naruto began bouncing up and down.

"Naruto stop bouncing you'll attract attention!" Sasuke whispered worriedly looking through a small whole seeing that his brother, Deidara and two others were the ones in the pick up area.

'Kisame and Sasori are there to…Uh oh Deidara is beginning to look this way.' Sasuke thought then tackled Naruto to the ground quietly.

"I have to go really bad!" Naruto whispered wriggling.

"Hey Itachi, tell your uncle to stop at the next rest stop I think something is in the trailer!" They heard Deidara say both boys scampered when they heard Itachi say no and began climbing to look inside the trailer. Sasuke got the compartment door shut and covered Naruto's mouth watching as his brother peered inside.

"Deidara tell my uncle to slow down his driving I'm climbing in." Itachi began.

"Itachi your mom just called Sasuke and Naruto are missing!" Minato then yelled from the window.

"Do me a favor and call Sasuke's cell!" Itachi yelled back, the two junior high boys looked at each other then pulled there cells out silencing them before turning them off. The two nearly yelped when Itachi jumped down into the trailer.

"Sasuke, if you're in here you better come out now. I'll make sure I won't take away the promise I made you if you do." Itachi said calmly, Sasuke and Naruto covered the others mouth. Sasuke was scared shitless, because if Itachi wasn't going to be mad Madara sure as hell was going to be.

"Sasuke Uchiha!" Itachi yelled causing both boys to jump and bang their heads, the two cursing in their heads as their world went black.

"Madara has fucked up driving…It was just a rock." Itachi said climbing back out and sat next to Kisame.

"So were they in there?" Sasori asked looking up to Itachi.

"Nope the two idiots are probably at their secret base…Hehe my parents still don't know those two are dating…It was funny when MInato found out." Itachi laughed as the car turned onto a dirt road. In the secret compartment the two boys heads bonked together but it still didn't wake them from their unconsciousness.

"We're here boys!" Madara cheered hopping out of the truck as well as everyone, the group of ten walking up to the chained up eleven foot high iron gate which surrounded the hotel. The hotel had twenty floors and was made of white brick. The grass looked to be knee high and was about to take over the paved path that went up to the place. Vines covered the bottom five floors and was about to reach the sixth floor. Everything was dying is what they noticed.

"Alright I want Kakuzu and Kisame to climb over the rest of us will grab the bags and then throw them over." Minato smiled.

"I'll climb over with them." Hidan said, everyone nodded and went to what they were told to do. Most of the bags were grabbed but two when Deidara walked up to the trailer, when began moving after hugging onto them he noticed a black cloth jammed in something.

'Sasuke and Naruto…I won't say anything since they won't be coming in with us.' Deidara thought standing up and used his feet to shut the trailer doors. After the last two bags were thrown over they all climbed over. Deidara was quiet the whole time, Sasori became a bit cautious and kept an eye on him.

"Are you getting scared Deidara?" Itachi teased, everyone looking to the long haired blond.

"Of course not…Why would I be I'm just tired from the long ass trip!" Deidara snapped.

'But I can't help but worry for those two idiots in the trailer!' Deidara thought as they walked into the hotel.

"Kisame come with me lets get the power on before it begins getting dark." Madara said and the two walked off, Deidara kept himself busy buy setting all the camcorders making sure everyone's bag had one camera/camcorder, two flashlights, four packages of batteries, four guns, a walky talky, equal amount a food that will last a week probably, and lucky Buddha charms.

'Don't know why I'm putting them in there but I have an odd feeling something bad is going to happen.' Deidara thought closing everyone's bag just as the power came on Madara and Kisame walking back.

"Okay now we just wait until nightfall…Minato what are the groups?" Madara asked.

"Itachi and Kisame,

Sasori and Deidara,

Kakuzu and Hidan,

Zetsu and Tobi,

Then you and I will be together." Minato said reading off this list.

"We're splitting up?!" Deidara freaked out before being smacked in the back of the head and thrown his bag.

"Lets go blondie!" Sasori chuckled heading up the stairs.

"What floor are you two taking first?" Madara asked.

"Top floor." Sasori simply said before dragging his companion with him, everyone else splitting up upon floors.


Itachi and Kisame- Floor 10

Sasori and Deidara- Floor 20

Kakuzu and Hidan- Floor 15

Zetsu and Tobi- Floor 5

Minato and Madara- Floor 2

Tobi and Zetsu:

With Tobi and Zetsu they covered only four rooms of their designated floor.

"Tobi is tired Zetsu! We should take a rest now!" Tobi complained, for the hundredth time already. The sun had setted ten minutes after they were in the first room.

"I…Don't…Care! The faster we get this floor done the faster I get away from you!" Zetsu growled everything going quiet when something ran past them from behind.

"Whatwasthat?" Zetsu said all at once turning around pulling the flashlight out when the power went out seeing nothing was there.

"Tobi to Minato…Tobi to Minato!" Tobi panicked staying right by Zetsu.

'Did the lights go off up there to?' Came MInato's voice.

"Yes and something is up here with us!" Tobi squealed.

'Then you two get back to the first floor…We'll tell everyone else.' Minato said, Tobi then shut his walky talky off.

"Well lets start go…..AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tobi yelled when he suddenly was being dragged down the hallway.

"TOBI!" Zetsu yelled chasing after the hyper active boy who was pulled into a room the room locking. Zetsu crashed into the door and tried getting it open. He heard Tobi screaming in pain from the other side when suddenly sharp ends of the knives came through from inside covered in blood no more screams being heard the door slowly creaking open. The power coming back on, Zetsu hesitantly stood up and walked in and froze in fear for what he saw. Tobi hung on the wall knives all in him his abdomen cut open and his intestines spilled out. Zetsu ran out and threw up in some old plant pot. After he grabbed his walky talky turning it on.

"Everyone get to the first floor by the front door now…There is a….emergency." Zetsu said completely distraught.

'Zetsu what happened?' Minato asked.

'Yea what's wrong?' Sasori asked.

'Who screamed?' Itachi asked.

'Are you two alright?' Kakuzu asked.

"Something is in here…Tobi's he's…he's…" Zetsu began but then had to throw up again.

'Okay everyone just get downstairs…Zetsu you stay there Madara and I are coming.' Minato said then everything was quiet. Zetsu sat by the pot when MInato ran over to him grabbing his shoulder Madara ran into the room with the knives through the door then froze.

"Zetsu what happened?" Madara asked walking back.

"I don't know something ran behind us Tobi then spoke to Minato then after wards he was being dragged into that room….I couldn't get to him!" Zetsu yelled, Minato let out the breath he was holding.

"Let's go." Madara said the two grown ups helping Zetsu to where everyone else was, the others looking to them.

"What's happened?" Deidara asked.

"Someone or something murdered Tobi." Minato said slowly, Madara helping Zetsu sit down.

"What?!" Everyone shouted at once and were then motioned to sit down by Madara.

"Right now we have a different objective and that is…To stay alive!" Madara said after seeing Itachi fail at trying to get the door open.

"The cell phones don't work either, so there is no point trying to call anyone." Sasori announced taking a seat next to Deidara, who was shaking now.

"Oh god." Deidara gasped out getting up and walked over to a wall hitting his head on it shaking in utmost fear now.

"Deidara what is it?" Itachi asked knowing how the blond usually protected people from getting caught.

"I'm worried about the trailer!" Deidara whispered collapsing to his knees in shock.

"Deidara, why are you worried about that, we have better things to worry over?" Minato snapped.

"Sasuke and Naruto are in there aren't they?!" Itachi hissed, Deidara only nodded his head. Kisame was barely able to catch the older Uchiha sibling.

"Okay now we defiantly need to get out of here." Madara sighed as Deidara broke down in tears mumbling apologies. Itachi calmed down after that, he couldn't be angry.

'It's not his fault we didn't know this would happen.' Itachi thought walking over to the now spastic blond helping him stand.

"Okay we'll be splitting into two groups to find an exit." Madara began everyone turning to him.

"Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Zetsu and I will go looking up the stairs for any fire escapes..." Madara explained first.

"Minato; you, Kakuzu, Hidan and Kisame look for any exits!" Madara said everyone nodded and went their ways.

Group Madara:

They started on the very top floor trying to break open the door to the roof but something was keeping it from opening.

"I'm so sorry Itachi…I never meant for this to happen." Deidara cried beginning to panic again.

"Dei listen to me you need to stay calm, I bet they are fine. If I know my brother he's just fine." Itachi cooed softly when the lights went off again, you could hear Deidara's rigid breathing. He was far from calm. Suddenly a creaking noise and what sounded like bones popping was heard from down the hallway. Itachi, Sasori and Madara pulled out their flash lights and shone it down to where the noise came from and saw a person with one arm ripped off carrying it in the other hand. Deidara had peeled away from Itachi and threw up. They were all frozen for what seemed like eternity to them.

"RUN!" Sasori and Itachi yelled the four running, Sasori had to stop and run back lifting Deidara into his arms and began to run again, more of the what seemed like undead monsters came out screaming and chasing them.

"Minato we're under attack by something!" Madara yelled.

'I know so are we!' Minato yelled back.

"We're all going to die!" Deidara then said crying….

The next morning Sasuke and Naruto woke up to many sirens going off the two looked at each other and shot out of the trailer seeing police men everywhere carrying out six bloodied bodies from the hotel. Sasuke covered his mouth tears welling up in his eyes, Naruto placing his hand on his friends shoulder.

"Maybe Itachi and my dad are alive." Naruto tried reassuring when suddenly Mikoto ran up hugging both boys.

"Are you two alright?" She asked she looked like she.

"We're fine." Naruto said.

"Itachi, Minato, Zetsu and Deidara are missing… Sasori's severely injured and he wants you two to accompany him…the others are dead. You all have been gone for four days." Mikoto explained very slowly to them, Sasuke then collapsed breaking down into hysterics.

"SASUKE!" Naruto yelled hugging onto the boy.

'Oh Sasuke, I'm upset to…At least we still have each other…I love you Sasuke!' Naruto thought beginning to cry as well.

Well there is the prologue, don't worry through out the story I'll be putting flash backs of how the other Akatsuki's died.