I suggest reading this chapter while listening to the song What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts

I suggest reading this chapter while listening to the song What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts. Even though the whole song isn't going to fit the whole chapter but it will towards the end.

Chapter Four: The Memories That Hurt

Naruto then sat up wrapping his arms around Deidara beginning to cry; Deidara tensed but then just hugged onto the younger blond. Naruto began mumbling apologies over and over.

"What's there to be sorry about? None of this is your fault." Deidara smiled smoothing out Naruto's hair tears welling up into his eyes.

"About Sasori…He could have lived, but…but the ambulance wasn't fast enough…We couldn't save him in time!" Naruto cried everyone just sat there listening to him as he went on about how he's been trying to stay strong, but he can't do it anymore.

"Naruto no one ever asked you to be strong…I was just too weak." Everyone then heard Sasuke say, who was clutching onto Itachi's pant leg.

"I should be the one sorry I broke down and gave up. I should have been the strong one…I should have been there to hold you when you were sad and depressed." Sasuke said; Naruto sat up and only smiled at his raven haired lover shaking his head no.

"You're wrong Sasuke." Naruto said walking over to him then held his hand out.

"We need to get out of here…all of us." Naruto smiled, Sasuke nodded and grabbed the young blonds hand.

"We never found out how Hidan and Kakuzu died…we never found their camcorder." Naruto said turning to everyone in the room.

"It broke…but I was there…I hid in the air vent and wasn't able to get to them in time…Both were yelling at each other to run and save themselves…I could understand why Hidan yelled that because he already had a gash in his waist…All I remember is they both hugged each other with some sort of knife in the other hand stabbing each other…The two really loved each other." Zetsu explained still sitting there looking down with a saddened look.

"I couldn't save Tobi and I couldn't save them." He said again, Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other before going over to their split personality friend and hugged him.

"We're glad you're alive though." Naruto smiled, Zetsu smiling back.

"How many of you all are left?" Itachi asked him and Deidara now standing.

"Not sure we split up from the group…All I know of right now is Temari, Kankuro, Lee and Sakura are dead." Sasuke explained taking deep breaths before hugging his brother.

"I'm so glad you're alive Itachi…I'm so glad." Sasuke said, Itachi chuckled and ruffled his brothers hair.

"We need to get out of this room and meet up with Minato." Zetsu said walking out of the shadows.

"My father is alive?!" Naruto asked happiness filling his eyes, Deidara smiled ruffling the boys' hair.

"Yea he's alive and his hair is a lot longer, he's the main reason we're still alive today…Now lets get out of here." Deidara said smiling sadly now.

"Um question….How do you suppose we do that when we're barricaded in by those THINGS out there?!" Sasuke asked impatiently, Itachi only laughed ruffling his brothers hair.

"Minato should be here soon." Itachi smirked with excitement in his eyes, Sasuke shuddered at the look.

Out in the hall MInato was hiding down it looking at the monsters watching them and sighed not knowing what to do.

"We need a plan or something!" Arashi sighed in annoyance; Ino looked down trembling tears running down her cheeks.

"Everyone…g-get into the a-air v-vent p-please." She stuttered clenching her fists.

"Ino?" TenTen asked looking to the girl helplessly.

"I've got an idea but you all need to get into the air vent for me to do it…please." Ino said looking to everyone sadly. Minato sighed this was what Madara had done then nodded to everyone to listen. Shikamaru was the last one to go up.

"Shikamaru…Wait." Ino said turning to him tears still flowing down hers cheeks.

"What, hurry up so you can do what you need…This is so troublesome! You're troublesome and I don't want to loose you." Shikamaru said going over to her pushing some of her hair behind her ears.

"At least now I know that you like me…I'll gladly go to my grave with that." Ino smiled jumping to Shikamaru wrapping her arms around his neck plastering her trembling lips gently onto his not knowing if this was what she wanted, but she knew she had to do it. Shikamaru's eyes widened but then closed them deepening the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist. When they parted Ino and him just smiled at each other.

"Do what you do best and run." Shikamaru joked rubbing his knuckles against her cheeks when Akamaru jumped down walking up to her.

"Akamaru?!" Kiba asked, the white dog looked back at Kiba with a serious look nodding that this was his decision.

"Alright buddy." Kiba said closing his eyes a painful look of sadness upon his features, Ino helped Shikamaru up into the air vent then closed it looking to the white dog who went up to her waist.

"Like they say dogs are a mans best friend…I know you're only doing this to protect Kiba and his girlfriend Hinata." Ino smiled petting Akamaru before walking out to in front of the hall the monsters backs to her, Akamaru right beside her and took a deep breath slowly letting it out.

"Hey over here you lame excuses for monsters!" Ino yelled, Akamaru barking at them all the monsters looked at them barring their fangs and their eyes glowing red like mad. Ino looked back to the air vent one last time with a caring and loving smile before she took off running down the hall Akamaru right behind her. A little bit after all the monsters ran down chasing right after them. Minato and all them jumped out of the air vent and went to run down the dead end hallway when Minato was suddenly tackled to the ground from a hysterical Naruto.

"Oh Naruto, its okay daddy's here to protect you." Minato said hugging his son close to him his right hand on the back of Naruto's head and his left arm wrapped tightly around the boy.

"Sasuke…Sakura told me to give this to you." Hinata sadly spoke handing the teddy bear to Sasuke.

"She said she had a feeling she wouldn't see you again..." Hinata began Sasuke smiled at Hinata and place his hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright we all did the best we could…Where's Neji and Chouji?" Sasuke asked everyone looked down sadly; Sasuke took a deep breath to calm himself; Itachi smiled seeing his brother staying calm for once.

"Alright everyone we need to get out of here now, before more of those things come." Minato stated, everyone nodded and began running the way Ino went and stayed in a straight path down the stairs. Shino carried TenTen and covered her eyes when they passed Neji's body.

"Thank you…Shino." TenTen said softly smiling up at him.

"No problem." Shino simply said and kept on running.

Outside Ino ran out alone after Akamaru had to protect her when she had tripped, she had quickly gotten up and kept running but heard Akamaru's cry of pain and tears had leaked down her face again and out side the tears still were until she saw the bus pull up Tsunadae and the other two grown ups climb out.

"GET OUT HERE!" Ino shouted all three of them looking to her like she was crazy. Tsunadae then screamed when all the monsters ran out of the house.

"So the legend is true." Jiraiya and Orochimaru said with shocked eyes; Ino had stopped when she reached the gate.

"INO START CLIMBING!" Tsunadae screamed Orochimaru hugging the spastic principal to him.

"No Ms. Tsunadae…I know you don't want to see any of your students die, but…This is the path I chose I will give everyone as much time to escape as possible…Tell Shikamaru I love him and that I am sorry." Ino said confidently looking up at the starry sky then jumped when something cold gripped her hand. She looked up to the side of her to see a grown look alike Sasuke standing next to her.

"You're Uchiha Madara…I saw you try pulling Sasuke off the gate." Ino said smiling.

"Yes I am…You're doing the right thing…None of this will be in vain." He said, Ino smiled then looked to the monsters just as they all pounced on her. Tsunadae screamed burying her face into Orochimaru's chest not wanting or daring to watch her now former student being ripped to shreds.

"Orochimaru get Tsunadae and yourself into those fucking bushes now!" Jiraiya said getting back into the bus backing up a ways, Orochimaru obeying his friends' orders hugging onto the woman in his arms and looked to the hotel as everyone ran out. Jiraiya slammed on the petal the bus rushing towards the iron gates crashing through running over almost all of the monsters opening the doors. Arashi pulled the shot gun he had found out shooting all of the monsters that dared try to jump at them or into the bus. Itachi did the same the second he climbed into the bus. All the kids ran on hiding under the seats covering their heads.

"Hold on." Jiraiya smirked backing the bus out of the gates at full speed. Once he was clear Tsunadae and Orochimaru ran out each grabbing one end of the gate and began closing it the remaining monster running out of the hotel coming right for them. Orochimaru got his closed and ran to help Tsunadae seeing hers was refusing to close, Itachi and Minato had to run over and help to. Right as the gate shut, the gates plus the wall that surrounded the compound began to glow a rich dark blue the chain that had once kept the gates lock reapplying itself and locked. The four sat on the ground panting out of breath as the suns warm rays shone through the trees all the monsters disappearing right in front of their eyes. Sasuke and Naruto ran over to them hugging on Itachi and Minato, Orochimaru hugged onto Tsunadae smiling.

"GUYS LOOK!" Hinata shouted, they all looked to see a group of people standing ten feet away from the gate on the inside with smiles on their faces. When everyone looked hard of enough they smiled there stood…(Here comes a huge list!)














And Ino;

all of them were smiling warmly at them waving. Sasuke smiled happy all of them were able to move on tightening his grip from around Itachi's neck placing his cheek on his brothers ignoring Deidara who was hysterically crying yelling at Sasori for leaving him. Everyone froze when the red head began walking towards them, Sasori walked right through the gate walking over to the spastic blond and sat in front of him.

"I'm sorry for all of this Deidara I don't want to leave as much as you don't want me to, but…I have to…Trust me I'll never forget you…Please try and find some one new…But I think you already have." Sasori smiled kissing Deidara's cheek and walked back to the others taking one last look at everyone and Deidara before disappearing with everyone else.

"It's about time." Minato said sighing in relief standing there with his son next to him holding the young boys' hand.

"Yes it is." Itachi agreed standing up, Sasuke dangling behind him before he was forced to release his arms from around his brothers' neck.

"OH! Orochimaru you have one week to get this place bulldozed to the ground." Minato growled giving the pale man an evil look.

"It'll be done in three days I assure you." Orochimaru said pulling his cell phone out and was about to call, but Jiraiya spoke up.

"Okay people lets get back to town and report everything to the police we'll say there was a serial killer and that he died falling through the floor starting a small fire and his bodied burned along with the others who had died here." Jiraiya said holding up three fire bombs; Orochimaru nodded and helped his friend throw the bombs over. Everyone watched as the building began burning to the ground. Sasuke and Naruto stood at the back of the group seeing Itachi and Deidara grab each others hand gripping tightly.

"Joy…wait until my dad finds out Itachi is dating Deidara." Sasuke whispered to Naruto who only laughed.

"When everything is cleaned lets come back and place a cross for everyone who has died here today." Naruto smiled, Sasuke smiled back grabbing the blonds hand and walked onto the bus. In the end everyone had escaped with either minor injuries or major injuries that weren't life threatening.

"Hey Sasuke what made you come looking for me in the first place?" Itachi asked once they were all heading back into town.

"I'm making sure you keep to your promise that you made me which was that you were going to teach me some cool skate boarding tricks." Sasuke said everyone falling out of their seats.

"That's it?!" Itachi yelled.

"Yep." Sasuke smiled and was soon being strangled by his brother.

"So son what made you come rescue me?!" Minato asked looking to his son.

"Well from all the scary movies I've seen you watch you always get scared so I decided that I wanted to rescue you before you pissed your pants." Naruto beamed.

"NARUTO!!" Minato yelled as everyone began laughing.

Three More Years Later:

"Its been three years and no one has gotten over with you all being gone…I'm so sorry we had dragged you all into this and I have a feeling we all had no choice but to go into that house. None of your deaths were in vain I assure you that." A man with long raven black hair slicked straight to his shoulders wearing a complete black suit stood in front of twelve grave stones placing a red rose a white rose and a yellow rose in front of each cross that bore the persons name.

"We have all gotten over the nightmares now and have slightly moved on. My brother Itachi and Deidara are married and are attending college. Shikamaru and this new girl from china named Kin have gotten together and I think they're engaged. Shino and TenTen have been married since the beginning of our senior year now. Kiba and Hinata well they had a baby during Junior year and are still holding strong and getting through everything. Zetsu has married his wife who moved here from New York, her name is Tayuya. My parents have gotten used to the fact of Itachi being gay and being alive. Well you're probably wandering about Naruto, Gaara and I…Well you see…All three of us are somehow dating and are together and are doing well, Naruto and I had both started getting a crush on Gaara you see a few weeks after everything had happened and we thought the other was cheating, so we just sucked up our pride and both asked him so we're all in a threesome...Yea and I'm some how the ultimate Uke and Naruto he's the ultimate Seme…unfortunately. I guess you can say I have finally become happy. I'm sorry you all had to die and I will go to my grave with that burden of guilt but I will not let it ruin my life." The man said before turning and heading towards this black viper where Naruto, Gaara and Naruto's dad Minato stood leaning against it wearing black suits as well.

"You know Sasuke your mother is going to be mad if we're late for you three's graduation." Minato explained smirking.

"Yea, yea I know…Lets go." Sasuke sarcastically stated sliding into the car to the middle seat, Naruto and Gaara on both sides of him both holding each of his hands. The three smiled the whole way back to their school, Naruto and Gaara leaning their heads on Sasuke's shoulders.

'It's truly over.' They all thought closing their eyes smiling.

The End

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