Series: Stargate: Atlantis

Title: How Do You Tell Them?

Rating: K+

Pairing: Carson/Teyla

Summary: How do you tell some one what they mean to you?

(POV: Teyla)

I knew from when I first joined this expedition that this kind man was different from the others. I felt this connection that I had never before felt with any one else . I had never felt this strong of any thing with any Athosian nor any other member of the Pegasus Galaxy. This gentle medical practioner from Earth was unique. He is always putting others before his own needs, often forgetting to eat and sleep. I find myself ending up in the infirmary just so I can gaze in to those beautiful eyes of his. I want to caress his gentle yet rough face every night as we lay in bed next to each other. But alas, those are fantasies. If only they could become realities. I know that Colonel Sheppard has had an interest in me, but I do not feel for him as I do Carson.

I could never feel for any one else as I do for Carson. This man has touched my soul in ways that others have not. I do not know him very well, but I believe that if we sit down to talk to each other, then we will find out that we have very much in common. I do know that he is a man of very simple ways, as I am a woman of very simple needs. But I am certain of one thing, I need Carson. I need him deep down to the very core of my being.

(POV: Carson ) (Bear with me, I can't do accents)

Aye, I really wish I had the nerves to tell her. She has come to mean the universe to me. Nay, she means the entire Pegasus Galaxy to me. If I were to perish right now, I would regret that I didn't have at least the chance to express my feelings for her. When the expedition first started, and I saw John put a move on her, I fretted that hope was lost. I nearly shouted at the top of my lungs when she turned him down. I silently thanked whatever higher power is watching over me that I may have a chance with this angel that was sent down to me. I can finally admit it to myself. I love her. I fell head over heels in love with Teyla Emmagan. I never knew that such profound feelings could ever exist. She is truly heavenly.

I will tell her how I feel. Eventually. Every time I want to tell her, things go to hell around here. One thing after another springs up. All I want is to find myself within her arms and never let go. I want to claim sanctuary inside her forever. She is the very definition of nirvana and I intend to capture it. I wonder if she knows what she does to me? How do you tell someone what they do to you every time they just waltz in to a room? How do you tell them that their smile brightens even the darkest of hours in your life and for that you are perpetually grateful? Simple. You admit to them straightforward. You tell them everything that you want them to know and more.