Bold is narration. Narration is in Sharpay's voice.

Italics are action/ what is seen

Normal is speech.

You might know me

Sharpay and Ryan walk down a school corridor with people moving out of their way.

They used to call me the Ice Queen, a Mountain Lion

Shows a black tattoo of a moutain lion with an S in the middle.

This is my story

Shot of a top of a cliff with a figure standing on top of it.

My name is Sharpay Evans.

Shot of cliff zooms in to just show Sharpay's face. A single tear falls from her left eye.

This is the story of how I died.

Quick montage of images shown over rock music

Shot of a teary Gabriella trying to stop an very angry Troy from punching something off screen.

Shot of Taylor and Chad shouting at each other.

Shot of Ryan standing, looking totally defeated and with no hope.

Shot of Gabriella punching Taylor. Hard.

Troy with blood on his hands, looking down at his hands in horror.

This is your fault.

Shot of Sharpay huddled in a corner shaking her head and crying

No (whisper)


Shot of Sharpay grabbing and swinging a thick piece of wood towards the camera. Before it hits the screen goes black.

Close shot of half of Sharpay's face. Someone whispers in her ear but all you can see is their mouth as they are facing the side of Sharpay's head.

Everybody dies (whisper)

Sharpay's eyes widen and the screen again cuts to black.

It's just a question of when (shot is heard)

Story of a Mountain Lion