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Sharpay stood there, frozen like the ground beneath her feet.

She wasn't aware of the passage of time at all. Someone told her it had all happened a week ago but she couldn't pinpoint when somebody told her that, it could have been yesterday or a week ago.

She didn't know and she didn't care. There was no point to her life anymore.

She didn't really see people anymore, only blurry outlines. Someone would talk to her and she could only tell who it was by the sound of their voice. Not that she cared in the slightest who it was who talked to her. No-one and nothing was important to her anymore.

Her Rose was gone; wilted, blackened, dead.

Her twin was much the same way. Not wilted but blackened and dead.

She felt like her heart had died with them both.

She had a vague memory of standing beside a ton of people dressed in black. But beyond that was all a jumbled mess. At least that was how it appeared it her mind. She couldn't differentiate the day before yesterday as too something that could have happened a month before.

Eventually everything dissolved into a haze as she gave up on life. There was no sense for her in the world. That was probably why everything looked like an Impressionist painting to her.

She had no idea how she got here. She didn't even know where here was. She had taken to going for random walks where she had no control over her feet and where they took her. Usually someone would come and get her but she saw no blurry outlines amongst the smudgy green that surrounded her.

Not that she looked very hard.

She had no clue how long she was stood in that spot but after a while she noticed her vision start to slip into focus. The smudges congealed into one big green mass before splitting into separate stalks of grass.

If she had shown emotion she would have been standing there open-mouthed in shock before jumping up and down in delight now that the world had returned to her.

But she didn't. Not because she didn't have the energy because she hadn't eaten for as long as she could remember, but because what point was there in seeing the world now?

Every colour was darker and more washed out than she remembered it to be. The green was not a luscious green like she knew it should be. She turned to see a spot of red on the horizon.

Not a normal red, but a vivid red that stood out from the dull green around it. She started towards it, a hope building in her heart.

Her heart beat faster and faster as her walk turned into a run. Her heart swelled with hope as the dot grew more and more. Her heart hammered against her ribcage until she was sure it would break at least one of her ribs. She couldn't remember her heart beating like this. Then her mind thought back to the last night she actually felt alive.

She felt her heart soar as she remembered the euphoria she had felt that night and how she felt in her heart then.

It had been like a missing piece of her had returned to her. They had joined and Sharpay had never felt more complete. Everything had felt right, then and there in her lover's arms. She had wanted to stay in that moment forever.

But nothing lasts forever.

For every happy moment, it seemed there were always two bad moments to even it out.

But still she ran, her heart still soaring as she came closer and closer to the red that had been on the horizon.

She didn't think it possible for her heart to travel higher but it did when her hopes came true. She stopped and stood still a foot in front of it.

A single red rose.

She couldn't take her eyes off it.

She stepped towards it and knelt down before it.

She reached out and grasped the stem, ignoring the stinging sensation as the thorns pierced the flesh of her soft palm.

She also ignored the red rivers that now ran from her hand and down the stalk.

She brought the rose to her nose and inhaled, closing her eyes to let the smell consume her.

There, in that moment, kneeling in a field of green grass, it was if she was there with her. She imagined that it wasn't a rose she smelt but she instead had her face nestled in her loves dark trestles. That was when Sharpay did the one thing she had not done in a long time.

She smiled.

She heard the crash of waves near her and opened her eyes to find her love not there. That was when reality drew her back in and her smile faded.

She stood back up and looked around for the first time.

She looked at the rose before clutching it tightly to her. She stepped forward to stand at the very edge of the cliff.

She let a single tear fall from her left eye. She now understood what she had to do.

She took a deep breath, drawing herself up to stand tall. Still with the rose in her clenched fist, she spread her arms wide as she lent forward.

I love you Gabriella...

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"They say it could be months until she wakes up," a boy wearing a light black fedora hat which went perfectly with his velvety black shirt said turning to the raven haired girl stood in jeans and a white wife beater beside him.

They both stood in front of a panel of one-way glass. Beyond the glass lay a blonde girl in a bed. She was mostly covered by a white sheet. All the monitors' surrounding the girl were silent by specific request of the doctors. Nothing was allowed to disturb the seemingly sleeping girl.

"But she woke up this morning you said," the girl whispered, desperation evident in her voice. "You said she woke up and spoke to you."

The boy nodded solemnly and brought his hand to his chin. "Remember what they said though, we aren't meant to have any contact with her. Whatever she's going through, she has to do it on her own."

"But you helped her! You whispered to her! I know you did, I could see you!"

He reached out to hold her firmly before pulling her body to his. She tried to wriggle free of him but his strength won in the end.

"Gabriella calm down!" he spoke into her ear. The girl stopped her struggle. "Remember what they said. You can't have any contact with her, me this morning was just a fluke. I wasn't even meant to be in there!"

"She talked to Ry! You talked to her! I just want to know what happened."

The boy sighed and pushed the brim of his hat up. "She tried to talk but I wouldn't let her."

The girl opened her mouth but the boy silenced her with a finger. "I didn't let her talk because she tried to tell me what was wrong. I didn't want to know what was wrong because I knew I would try to help her and that's exactly what we're not supposed to do."

"But you talked back to her. I saw you whisper!"

The desperation in the girl's voice was heart breaking. The boy let her go and looked down at his black leather Italian shoes.

"'Twelfth Night'."


"That was what I said to her."

"Wha... Why?"

"It's her favourite Shakespeare play. As a kid she would always say that we were the twins from it and that if we ever lost each other we didn't have to do anything, we would just keep on living our lives and we would find ourselves back together again."

He smiled to himself as he thought back to the times when they were young. Just as he was becoming doughy eyed he shook his head to shift aside the memories and to clear his vision.

"I thought if I said that to her it would help her come back to me quicker..."

He trailed off as his voice cracked as his throat swelled with emotion and tears came to his eyes.

Now it was the girls turn to step forward and to take the boy into her arms. His nose burned as the tears threatened to fall. But he sucked it up. He wouldn't let himself cry. He pulled himself out of the girl's arms and composed himself. He turned to look through the glass at the prone form of his sister.

It was an unbearable sight for him.

He couldn't stand to see his once strong sister with all kinds of tubes running in and out of her body. His eyes locked on the thick tube that went down her throat to help her breathe.

She's just sleeping... that's all it is...

He told himself that so many times he had himself fooled. But still he couldn't stand to look at her for too long. It was too distressing a sight.

He turned to find an afro with a head attached sticking around the door.

"We have to go," the afro said.

"I know," the boy replied.

The afro came out from behind the door to stand in front of both the girl and boy. He stayed there for a moment, gazing past them at the sight behind the glass. With a slight frown he stepped forward to take the girl in his arms.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to her before letting her go. "If I had gotten to you guys in the corridor sooner none of this would have happened. I would have been able to stop Troy and he wouldn't have..."

He didn't finish his sentence, to overcome with emotion. His boyfriend came up behind him and turned him round to hug him.

"It wasn't your fault," the other boy whispered.

"Yeah," the girl said stepping forward to run the boy's back which was now heaving with sobs. "There was nothing you could have done Chad."

The two boys let each other go and the boy in the hat gently led the other boy to the door by having a hand placed on his lower back. "You couldn't have stopped him killing Taylor."

At the mention of that name, tears welled up in the dark haired girls eyes.

With one boy out the door, the other hung back to look over at the crying girl. "Are you sure you're not coming to the funeral?"

"No, I'm ok. I'm just going to stay here, in case anything happens."

The boy gave her a sad smile before reaching out to hold her face. He used his thumbs to wipe away her tears. "He isn't going to be there you know."

"I know."

"It's ok if you're angry at him. We all are. If he is there, he better hope he has protection."

She smiled up at him for saying this. It was a pleasant sight, one he had not seen in over a month.

"That bastard put me in a coma, killed Taylor and did heavens knows what to my sister. I promise you, he's not going to get away with this."

At the mention of the girl's name, tears again flowed from her eyes. Again they were brushed away by the boy's thumbs.

He gave her one last hug before turning to go. He got as far as the door before he turned back to tell her, "Remember what they said, time will pass differently in her head. If she does wake up, she'll be disorientated."

She only nodded in response.

When the door closed, she chuckled to herself lightly. It was funny how people could confuse tears of sorrow and tears of guilt.

She turned back to look out of the glass. It had been a month since Sharpay had woken from her comatose state and had been questioned by the police. She remembered when she had been told that she had woken up only to go into what they called PVS when she had been shown the knife...

She sighed.

Her brother had woken a day after she had fallen 'asleep' again. The worst thing was, there was no rhyme or reason as to why she was like she was.

A month she had lived with this guilt eating her up inside. A month without anyone to talk to. A month and a week technically.

She couldn't do it anymore. She just couldn't.

Her eyelids fluttered open.

"Gabriella?" she tried to say only to find there was something sticking down her throat.

She gagged before reaching to pull it out. She sat up, choking on air. She looked around her to find herself in a white room.

Confused beyond belief, she found wires protruding from her. With a second thought she yanked them all out.

As she pulled the last one from her skin she heard a door click shut. She looked up to find a familiar face looking at her with smiling eyes.

"Doctor Kirby?"

"Yes," the smile turned to a look of utter puzzlement. "How did you know...?"

"Never mind," she grumbled. She moved to get up but found that her legs wouldn't support her.

"Miss Evans," Doctor Kirby said, rushing forwards to help her young patient back onto the bed. "You have been immobile for a month now, a little over. It is not advised that you attempt to stand so soon."

"What happened?" she demanded.

"After waking up and seeing the knife you went into a state of shock, after you calmed you didn't respond to any tests so we thought you were in PVS."

"Persistent Vegetative State?" she questioned.



"You have been rather popular let me tell you."

It was a pathetic attempt to change the subject, but she allowed it nonetheless. She said nothing, letting the doctor continue.

"There have been three regular visitors for you. Your brother, a girl and another boy."

"A girl?" she asked, excited.

"Yes," the doctor replied as she rummaged through her pockets. "She left something for you."

She felt her heart drop out of her chest. The last time she had heard these words spoken by this woman, no good had come of it.

At the same time the doctor was rummaging through her pockets, a girl was sat across town in her dark room. The curtains were drawn and the lights were out. The usually bright room had been reduced to something similar to a dingy hovel.

She sat down on her sheets and reached for the gun she had set down there earlier.

"Here it is," the doctor said, brandishing a little envelope with a flourish. She handed it to the sullen faced girl before turning to leave. "I'm just going to get your charts, I'll be right back."

The girl on the bed gulped as her fingers fumbled with the envelope, sliding it open.

She reached inside, her fingers finding a wisp of paper.

There the girl sat, on her bed alone in a dark room.

Tears stained her face as she brought her hand up to her head. She faced forward not being strong enough to watch the hand, the hand which brought the gun up with it.

She drew in a quick breath as she clicked the hammer.

Sharpay's heart stopped as she read.


You must be awake. Good. I can't do this Sharpay. I can't see you like this and I can't stay here. Not after everything that has happened. Know that I will always love you my Mountain Lion.

Forget me



And with those words, so short and few, both girls worlds came crashing down.

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